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the trip

the trip for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Henry Gosuen (warchild14) located at Rua Homero Barbosa Sandoval 14409021 Franca, SP. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Super cute and simple~ love the basic graphics, I'm not really a fan of overly detailed things so this was amazing for me! 😊 It also has a simple concept and controls.
This game is a fun little time killer with addictive gameplay. The power ups can be a little annoying at times though. Also, the rules of the game as you go along are tricky to learn to begin with. 5 stars :D
Very rough on a Galaxy Nexus, freezes constantly which makes it unplayable. But 5 stars for sound and graphics and I'm sure you will be able to boost the performance.
This game is so fun to play!! I don't know how to describe it but something about it makes it so fun! Keep up the good work! (*˘︢˘*).q*β™‘
I like this game :) Simple but aesthetic. I haven't seen any bugs lately. I played this game longgg time ago. Very nostalgic. Also, I love how the developer is still reading the reviews πŸ˜Šβ˜•βœ¨ Would 101% Recommend.
YES YES YESSS, i just download it at first it was confusing but now i know how to play it!, I totally recommend, This is 100% Amazing!
Such a relaxing game,and great to pass time.The opsticles aren't that difficult and the game has nice simple animations.In all a really good and cute game I recommend
The game was really great, very cute, very relaxing and perfectly awesome on wasting time. But there are some problems, I would like to turn off the music because there are some relaxing music I downloaded on my phone and it would be annoying if hear 2 musics playing. So, -1 star for not having a settings, -1 star because I cannot turn off the music. And -1 star if you won't respond. I would be very greatful if you respond and perfectly disappointed if you won't. Edited: Andd... that's -1 star.
Honestly, amazing game..never had any issues or any trouble! Defentily recommend you to play this game! Thank you Devs for this amazing game!🌸
When bus is high like on staircase(second picture here), and this bonus ends when I have a bus on bottom, I'll die :( I can't jump
Amazing !! Maybe next update add some custom our bus like pick a new car and also maybe we can design our bus / car. And pick a new biomes ? (I'm so sorry for my bad english)
Pretty good! I will say, what does the black power up do? Also I don't really like that it takes long to crouch down if you have the ladder thing power up, because I often end up crashing.
Moderately fun but not relaxing at all. In fact quite stressful and intense. Not a game for unwinding, as advertised.
Its a good game, but i would definetly like if there was a pause button and a button that mutes the BG music and SFX
10/10 recommended! The only issue with me is I can't pass the really massive car. But certainly, I highly suggest this.
wow!this game is awesome!the drawing the music,is so chill!my best run 331M im trying to get to 400M!i really like this game!
super cute! i love the aesthetic, and the effect on how it looks. i could play this for hours and wouldn't get bored of it. would recommend 100%
Honestly a great game. I have to admit I was worried at first because I couldn't see any bad reviews and was skeptical of the game but its good. The color pallet is astheically pleasing and the game is pretty straight foward. There was a issue when trying to sign into my google games account but other than that it's great.
One of my favorite games at the moment I would play this game all day If I could. Highly addicting love it!!
This is so fun and challenging, I like the little cars or vans, and I like the music. There is nothing much about it, but its so cute! Thank you for making this!
this app is one of those fun waste your time games. it's also an endless runner or I suppose an endless "driver", anyway it's a fun free app and I love that there are no ads or purchases! overall I had a good experience with this game ,it's not even buggy !
This game is really fun, a great time killer, and it's entertaining plus it free so I would definitely recommend it.
I love this sooooo much!! i play this every day and kinda got addictive- (sorry i dont know how to spell) keep up the good work! :D
I really like this game,its really peaceful and cute I love how you made the song its cute. I loveeeee this game.✨✨✨✨✨❀
I love this game so much it's so addicting and the graphics are so adorable but why is not available for IOS anymore? :( It sucks having to play it on your old Android please get back to me when you can. Hopefully you guys come up with some other cute apps like this. :)
I got to 116M! I really like the game, and the aesthetic of it. I really recommend it to people who are bored and want to play a game, or a aestheticly pleasing game! This is a Simple game, it's really easy.
This game was pretty chill. I love the fact that I could find a decent game with no ads. I love how the creater of the game ACTUALLY cares enough about their game to reply to the reviews. All in all, I highly recommend this game.
I love this game! The graphics are so simple yet cute. The game itself has easy controls. I mean you would think you'll get bored of the same things over and over again but I've had this game for a while and I love it! It's a great time killer and I play it on a daily basis :) I don't think this game needs any updates as it's great as it is! Definitely one of my favs β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ
This is a really fun and surprisingly addicting game. It has a great and simple aesthetic to it. The music was also pretty good. No bugs till now and I can play it pretty smoothly. Love the game !!πŸ’œ
I really love the app and I ts really cute and fun but i only have two complaints 1. next time can u do like a tutorial about the game id really like that 2. It would benice if we coulf put or own music that wouod be cool but overall i like the gameβ˜Ίβ™‘
I really like this game! It's super simple, yet very entertaining. It's a great stress reliever too! I also like the fact that there are no ads :) 10/10
This game is more entertaining than i thought it would be! The art is so cute and before installing this i thought it would be boring but now i'm addicted πŸ˜ΉπŸ’•πŸ’•
good graphics! it's relaxing at the same time it's challenging that's because when it gets faster, hoho. the game was smooth, I like the aesthetic vibe. the music was also good. I've been playing this game before. I really love this game!!! OwO
this is so cute! I love playing it and for me, it's sorta a stress reliever! it's not to angering for me when I lose, either. and it's pretty easy to get far in the game :D very aesthetically pleasing, too πŸ˜„ cars jumping are too cute πŸ’— the only thing that's very minor is if you could possibly add a pause button? it's sad when I get an itch on my face and loose because of it hehe. my highest score so far is 176M! I love how there is different music and as you go on it doesn't repeat. love πŸ’—
Ok... Let me just say.. Awesome gameπŸ˜šπŸ‘Œ! I'm having so much fun never gets boring! But I would really appreciate it if there was a pause button. Sometimes I need a break lol. Thanks!!!
Stimulating and therapeutic with challenging levels. The art is just wonderful alone. Bravo on such a lovely app. I have been playing it for years. My little boy has been enjoying it very much lately. Thank youπŸ’š
It's super fun, super cute, and super simple. I love the graphic with its impression that it is simple but sweet but pretty aesthetic. With such a simple concept and control, it makes this game as good as its best with the genre regardless quite hard by the way.
Thiz is a really good app, it's just like the dinosaur internet thing in chrome! This app is perfect for my folder, keepthe hard work!!! <3
For a game that's good without ads or in app purchases.. Devs like you need support from android users to rid the play store of the terrible in app purchases...
I loved this so much! It was calming, has good graphics, and all! Im glad i found this, Great Work developer!
This app is amazing I have only been playing this for 2 min and I already love it. If your a aesthetic person like me you will love it even more I won't definitely recommend this app
Cute little game, good mechanics and idea but the jumping doesn't always work and is even more annoying than when you know you made that gate in flappy bird :) fix the jumping and you have a winner on your hands
Everything is fine with this game, but portait mod would be handy! I appreciate the crazy and simple visuals this game has!
This was a soft sweet app and I really love it. Its smooth and I get kind of crazy over the app. And I dont suggest any updates because its great how it is. :))
I really like this game because it's easy to play, it's super fun, it's adorbaly cute and when I lose, I don't get mad. Also, I like how the music changes as I go on and it dosen't repeat. Great game! I would 10/10 reccomend.
The best part was the whole game, it was actually fun. Based on past reviews 😹 the developer was too real for me. Smooth, easy, nothing problematic. It gets harder! I won't make it to zoom class XD
I really like this game!It's so fun to play and it's so basic.Everyvone should dowloand it!β™‘And sorry im really bad at speaking english.
Love the aesthetic. Hope you are doing alright Henry. I had played this game in 2016 or 17... I don't remember why I had uninstalled it but recently I had flashbacks to this game so I went searching in my library for it. Lovely design πŸ‘Œ
I love it!!! This is the cutest and coolest game ever!! The sounds and animations is super cute, I downloaded this game 10 minutes ago!! And im already addicted to it!! Unlike any other games i downloaded in my phone this is the first one to not always lag!!πŸ’– Sometimes it lags but sometimes it dont! I super love it!!! Great game!! βœ¨πŸ’–