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The Spike - Volleyball Story

The Spike - Volleyball Story for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by DAERISOFT located at #1013,10F,Byucksan Digital Valley 5-cha Gasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 08513 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is so amazing and fun to play... controls are easy and user friendly. there is one more feature you can add which is friends and private room this feature will take this game on different level of fun and friendly competition please consider this idea... I'm looking forward to your new features and improvements. thankyou!
Lots of minor tweaks should be done. As of day one it has some glaring bugs but it sure looks promising. This game is a blast when you manage to play it right, which requires practice. I think the movement speed as it it right now is too fast, it makes lining up for spikes and dives hard. Other than that I think it has massive potential withing the volleyball loving community. Giving 5 stars to boost.
Good game, good controls, Graphics are okay but first, Idk if its already in the game or not but I want to be a player to set the ball as well, spiking and receving are cool but it would also be nice to set. Also, there is a problem with the blocking, I try to time it perfectly but it always fail no matter how good of timing, the tutorial works when blocking It would also be nice to add more serves, and diffrent types of spikes in the game. Overall good game and can't wait for more updates.๐Ÿ‘Œ
The game is very challenging especially stage 19 in the story mode which appears when you 3 star all previous stages. The all star team in stage 19 is very OP, I haven't beat it yet even when I have a team with almost A grade already. I hope that the devs can improve the game faster. Will be waiting for more stuffs soon.
The gameplay is nice but the constant camera movement makes things so difficult. I can't tell where the ball is when serving cuz it goes out the screen. During spike training the screen keeps shaking up and down even though I turned that setting off. When the opponent serves I cant even see my side so I dont know where I am and if I can receive. If not for the camera this game would be a lot better.
Really good game. Best mobile game about the sport so far. Just some minor problems like: -How some skins look weird. (Aesthetic dude here sorry). -Camera angle being insufficient. -Blocks becoming unpassable and it takes timeouts to beat them. -Also weird how it suddenly becomes my turn to serve upon substitution of a special position player. -Finally, found a bug where my character wouldn't stop diving LMAO. (Forgot to take evidence coz I suddenly left).
This game is awesome. As a volleyball player myself this game is fun. Going against the CPU teams, they actually put up a good fight. You actually win some and lose some. Which makes the game fun. Only issue I see is that when you upgrade or take away you have to spend so much money. I am not a fan of that. We just want to play volleyball. But plz!!! Add Local/multiplayer!! I want to go against my cousin and friends!
Its a nice sport game but it still need much fixes like the char movement are too fast so to balance the timing with the ball is little bit hard ,the settings ,the currency to buy costume it would be better if it use coins and then the training it is annoying that u need to enter again and again the training session ,it should be no time limit because the training session purpose is to train yourself better not to earn more coins. It would be a very great game if u fix this problem dev ^^.
Controls are neat once you get used to it. But i think there's a bug when the enemy team serves, they kinda go slowmo and stuff but yeah the game is 100% cool and pls add more levels and increase the difficulty of the certain levels because once you get strong players, the game will be less challenging. But overall, its a really cool game i hope it gets more downloads.
Fun asf. Controls are pretty hard but you get used to it. That's why it's so fun lol. Highly recommended if you're a die hard Volley fan :). P.s I wish there was more story mode levels. And if there was another way to level up
3/5 for now. It has a lot of potential. The pause menu is a bit wonky and bugged for me so I hope it can be fixed. I also hope to have more variant of the characters because they're faceless, it's a bit hard to distinguish them and I sometimes forgot their name a lot (because it's in Korean). Overall, a good game and I'm looking forward for this game improvement.
I'm a basketball player but I've always loved volleyball. When I saw The Spike's pre-registrations my brain went ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿคฏ. I expected it to be a decent game but it is MIND BLOWING. It's a bit difficult if you play the manual mode but once you get the hang of it, the game is dope. A salute to the developers and if the developers are high school students, you guys are awesome๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜ŽKeep up the good work. The game has a ton of potential. P.s. I've been playing it non stop from the moment it was released๐Ÿ˜‚
Very good game. However, the slider is a bit too sensitive. Also, I would suggest adding more levels and adding more sophistication to the game. Other than that it's a fun game. Very fast paced. Skill-wise, I suck at timing jumps for spikes and jump serves but with blocking I'm very good. The enemy tries to decoy me but I see through it. Suggestion. When doing jump serves I would like to see where the ball is in the air. Not just little dots. So can the camera be zoomed out when jump serving?
I was completely addicted to this game on PC and was excitedly awaiting the versus update to be added. when I heard there was a new game I was excited, but when I got it it seemed a bit worse than the original. I'm not sure if it's just mobile controls and I'm not sure if its even on PC but movement is way too clunky. Not to mention there are now ads AND the price for volleyballs has been increased New art is good tho
As a volleyball player(somehow) and as a big fan of the sport, I absolutely loved this game since I discovered it. I would love to see more updates like options to switch your role. Because i want to be a setter or the middle blocker. Also, options like multiplayers and more tournaments on story mode. Overall, this game is awesome. Hoping for more. Edit: I would love to see also if you will add offline PvP thru mobile hotspot.
5 Stars despite a very cheesy and buggy story mode ๐Ÿ˜‰ because the volleyball gameplay is actually very enjoyable! What I don't understand is the player selection screens..it seems I can play only with Siwoo (?) .. I'd say the game has a great potential but it could really use some updates.. keep up the good work ๐Ÿ‘
Awesome game,I wish you could add more game modes (like quick match) and also more sources to get gold and volleyball. There are also some bugs like the game becomes slow and it sometimes makes me miss spikes. Edit: After completing the story mode, there's basically nothing more to do, the tournament is really hard and volleyballs are hard to get (you have to watch ads for just 2) while recruiting players requires 50+ of those. I suggest making coins be used to buy everything instead.
I can still spike the ball right after receiving it. I can either fake the spike, make the enemy blocker jump and let my middle blocker spike it or I myself can spike it. I don't know if this is a thing or not but it's overpowering. Also I think wing spikers with height below 200cm are not good, mediocre at best. I feel like I can block a ton more and jump earlier with super tall players. And another thing, sometimes by timing my spike correctly, I can spike my team's serve. MULTIPLAYER PLS!
This will game deserve more attention and I would like to suggest to make online multiplayer games so that we can play with each other as a enemy with friends and if u can make more story mode It would be absolutely great!!! I would like to suggest when we doing serve I hope the camera will zoom out much in a bigger screen. When doing jump serve or serve we cannot see the ball but only sees the dot so I hope it will fix thank you for this awesome game!!
This game is way better than i thought but it can be so much better the story is really short but i liked it (maybe a 2nd chapter) i cant play as anything other than a spiker which is annoying i dont know if there is a way to play as setter. to i see the AI's doing things i cant do while spiking like hitting the ball lightly if there was a move list that would make it so i wont get shut down all the time by the block. The game is in early realise so i hope that some of these things can be added
The game is really fun. Really enjoyable and you feel great playing. The did a great job with the feeling spiking. Is a 2D game look ok. The gameplay is fun enough to make you forget it. 3/5 because as right now is really unestable. Crash down at lot and a couple times make me feel like my phone is gonna die and never turn on again. The potential is definitely there. Just hoping this fix this issue and i would be changing from 3 to 4
An interesting concept. It's a unique but great gameplay model, but for now this game feels very dry. It definitely needs some tweaks for a more professional look on the game, and some fixes for text running out the screen. The character designs are cool, but not during gameplay. One thing I would like for this game is to have a free play mode where there are 5 players on each team. I feel that would be way more exciting. It would give a vibe as close as the real thing!
One of the best volley games out. I would have given it a 5 star but there are a few issues I would like to point out. 1. This game isn't a online game making it not as interesting cause after getting used to playing winning is easy and there are no true challenges 2. The game isn't controller supported like on PC 3. Kind of impossible to get a good S tier player without having to spend money or be super luck 4. Can't play as other positions like the setter 5. I actually don't have a no.5 thx
The game is fun , it had decent control , good gameplay , but i would recommend up the animation and graphic. Thats all the cons , the reason i put 3 because is , u guess it , pay-to-win / watch-ads-to-win , in the final ,you literally can't win against giant people , or people that jump higher than you , it will instantly block you , its so annoying playing against bigger player , and not to mention the dig success rate? Unbelievable. The only way to win is watch ads to get points to buy player
Great game! Just need some bugs and content 1. The camera movement! It's kinda annoying with shaky and not focus camera 2. Drop fps. When opponents or our team doin serve, sometimes the fps drop and make miss timing for jump serve 3. Are we really need to win 5-0 or 10-0 to get 3 star? Even 10-1 i get 2 star... I will rate back if you guys fix that. But yeah, this game have good potential. I enjoyed it
I personal haven't have any shutdowns or log-out. I do agreed that this game have a lot of potential. You really get synced into the game soo u wont have any other difficulties. The ads ain't really annoying because its only 4 seconds before u can closed out of it. I would recommend to auto-mode till like stage 3 then try to get synced with the buttons before u go to the next stage. I think that all I have of it rn I update this in 2 months so yea.
I haven't yet played it but when I was accepting the Ts and Cs I saw the Google drive one and I clicked no because I didn't want it to go to my drive but then the game wouldn't load and is stuck on a green loading circle. Please fix this or reset my game data, I've tried many times of uninstalling and redownloading but it's still the same.
Amazing concept for gameplay, not bad for first release. However, I have and I am encountering some bothering features - some of the A.I have 100% block percentage, which is I understand the concept since one of those players inare story mode is really built for blocking, however, if every single team in the tournament mode will have at least one player that has 100% blocking accuracy, it's bothersome.
This game is amazing!! I love volleyball and this game makes me feel like it's so... Real! Please add pvp so we can Vs our friends. I recommended this game to my friend and he loves it, we just both wish for PvP where we can Vs each other so please add that feature! Other than that, amazing game!
Please release updates for this amazing game. Thanks a lot for creating this stupendous game. If you could add more sophistication that would be much appreciated. Most importantly, if players could play with others( multiplayers) using wifi or hotspot connections that would definitely turn this astounding game to the greatest game of all times. Last but not least, the prices for buying new players is high and ads don't get loaded.
Overall fun game. On some of the later levels, blocks are impossible to get through, so I had to stop hitting because if I hit them I'd get blocked. Getting three stars is nearly impossible, I may just be bad, but it took me multiple tries to get three stars on the first level. Getting the ball things is way too hard. The controls are sensitive so I'll end up pushing the button I didnt actually press sometimes. Still good, needs improvements on things, but the idea and animations are really good
I very like this game. The control easy when you switch off the beginner mode and auto mode. This will make the play challenging and more controllable spike and block. Just 1 thing i need. If you could make multiplayer this will surely get popular.
challenging in the manual mode but very satisfying every time you block or spike well. controls are fine but could be a bit more smooth. There was a bug on my tablet where everytime i won or lost a match, every time after the ad the game froze and i had to restart the game. also, every time a match started, sometimes the areas where the screen zoomed in were all over the place. finally, the idle animations after a point for both teams is a bit screwed up as well. great game over all though.
Best volleyball game!! This game is not only fun playing on mobile but it also gave me insights to grasp the timing of how to jump and hit the ball during spiking and also the jump time in blocking in real world volleyball....I don't know if its the game or my own efforts but I feel like my game has improved a bit. What this game lacks is also obvious... MORE STORIES Every volleyball(storyanime/manga/game)is only limited to his journey from high school to the nationals. Always the case.
I would say that the game is very nice it has a lot of fun to play the only problem is the store its so expensive can you make it a lot of easier to buy. And second thing can you add more levels or story mode. Third thing can you add different positions that can we play if you add that the game is becoming popular for sure.Thank you.
Its alright, main complaints i have are that most pictures look a bit janky (kind of streched and pixelated), controls are not very consistent (i spike when i hold and release but also double tap? Better if there was an option to do either/or), and movement feels a tad too fast, it feels like theres no point to the slide function. Also ads feel a bit excessive, make it like 1 per three games, but it is good that you can skip it fairly quickly.
Game is very good. But All time when i go to store and recruit a new wing spiker , they give me very low quality player, it is wrong , All time waste of ball and gold. It's my request when all users go to store and recruit a new players you people should be give a new high quality players, if you are not doing this then all users are not interested to play this game. And give us to new update version, multiple options. New league.. ..
This game is actually better than I expected! It's very fast paced and quite enjoyable. Suggestion though. Please make it an option where you can switch players and not make the camera move so much cause it hurts my eyes. Overall it's a great game, I understand that this game is still new so hopefully it will improve.
This is a really good gane but has alot of bugs. For example you cant recieve the ball when close to the net and it costs me alot of points. Also when your playing good and have a lead of 5, 6 consecutive points then some time the AI will make a mistakr and then the other team will start playing so much better, like they would get 0 blocks before and after they would block every single spike and overrall become 10x better. I love the game but this really makes me not want to play the game.
A very good for first release. The gameplay is amazing. There are some bugs, like whenever you finish a story stage, you're taken back to the menu. The player should normally be taken back to the story menu to replay or continue the story. There's this problem that whenever a match starts in story mode, the ball falls into the court from above and the system counts it as a point for the opponent. I'll definitely continue to play and see how this improves. Keep up the good work, developers!