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The Sign - Interactive Ghost Horror

The Sign - Interactive Ghost Horror for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG located at Waldstrasse 23 66333 Völklingen. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Drug Use, Scary Content, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty interesting game so far! I just dont like the fact that I have to pay for some of the responses, but other than that its rated a 4 from me.
Amazing game! I love the design, the characters are amazing, the story line keeps you on edge, I can't stop playing this game! Although I do find the mini games a bit difficult, but I still get through it. I will say that the actors expressions are not fully real in a situation like that, but it could be because they are from a different place than me, as I am from the USA, they do not sound from the USA. Well amazing job with this app! By far the best on the app store.
It's fun but I'm uninstalling it because I can't hear the videos and when I tried to contact the content creators, nothing is in English so I can't communicate with them.
So I haven't used any real money to get the things stared to see or use those options but the game has been just fantastic without using them. I play duskwood which I'm obsessed with and this is right up there with it. I wanna give 10 stars. Thanks to the great souls who put this together. I bored fast but I can't put this down oxox
Starting out fun but then all the premium stuff starting to get in the way. It kind of takes away from the story & ruins the experience for me.
I really love this kind of game!!! The characters are fun and the affects are spooky. The only problem i have with it is that it keeps stopping and going black screen. I have to keep exiting out of it then open it again. I like the game so much though I keep doing it.
This game is very time consuming it draw you into the story 1st before the games begin... So it does need your time to capture your mind. The only negative to this is there isn't any ways to earn stars ⭐ ✨ you have to pay which not every person can do that so I feel it should be equal opportunity by watching videos or playing a certain amount of time to receive a free star. But over all pretty decent game.
Really want to finish this game. Get half way through group chat & it throws you off. You have to keep repeating the same cover satin over & over again. It also keeps freezing wen your trying to watch videos. Please fix these blips ASAP. Would be a 10 but only 2 stars till problems are fixed. Thank you.
I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised how how great this game is. It is pretty much a take off from 'The Ring' but I like how you can choose what path to partake. Most interactive games have a ridiculously limited amount of choices to where the story isn't effected at all; however, this story has a wide variety. I didn't play long enough but so far, this game is well portrayed and consists of great dialogue. Very detailed compared to most interactive games. Very well done.
Im loving it and it feels so real as a pyschic it really gives you so many choices..for something hauntingly different this is the game for you
I just finished episode 3 and I love it so far! The storyline is great and there is a lot of conversation in between the minigames. I have also seen a lot of reviews about how "impossible" it is to complete the minigames, and I completely disagree. They increase in difficulty, but I was able to finish episode 3 in two days. I have also purchased the extra content, and it is definitely worth the price. It gives you more understanding of what is going on and it supports the game devolopers.
I played into the 2nd part and was enjoying it. I was hacking to get information after a pretty big event and the app sent me way back to hacking in part 1. Frustrating. Not sure if anything can be done. I tried contacting the developers, but the form is in German. Hmm... I hope they see this here and reply. I'm not going to play a huge chunk over again...
I gave this app four stars; because even though I find the app interesting, since I like interactive games the mini-games are pretty hard to pass. I wish there was more help available when it comes to the mini games.
I paid for the game (the star option) and still im still playing the free one. And no option to get a refund and I really liked the game
Its a good solid immersive game however the puzzles are a little too hard and the amount of coins you need to unlock more lives are way too much please improve this as id love to play the game more but now im forgetting the story as ive tried for so long to get past the hacking stage where your looking for the boy in the video i really dont want to uninstall the game but because its been so long trying to complete the hacks i feel i will do today
Hair raising and thrilling I have been trying out various interactive games without any luck until I found this one. If your a fan of Duskwood then you will love this game. Very similar puzzles but with Hans the helpful hack bot who was built by Wolf. You have 7 days to live after watching a video, help to hack files to find out the secrets hidden inside the programming of the video. Premium is £8.99 and it allows you full access to the game otherwise it won't be as much fun. The Sign is Fab.
Eh not bad but not done yet,.. kinda lost but ok I guess other than this sucks to ask for too much for a novelty 5$ Maybe but then again the actors must be paid but nice warping effects though 🤔
It was awesome. The storyline is great the interactions between characters were cool. The different ways you can interact with the story was well done. Being able to see pictures and videoes and phone calls. The whole chapter was creepy but addicting to see what you had to do next. Awesome job.
I like this game because there is never a dull moment. Good story and good characters makef or a good experience, Thank You.
The story is intriguing and it uses different media platforms throughout. The actors are great and interesting. It holds your hand a little when it comes to adding people to chats but it isn't that bad. I don't mind paying for the game, but I absolutely HATE the minigames. It takes away from the story and most of them are just frustrating because it feels like you run out of moves so quickly. I just want the story. Not spend time on meaningless minigames. Without them, five stars all around
This game is amazing. It's got great story line, and pretty interactive. I would have given this 4.5 stars, mostly because the "hacking" can be a bit difficult. But other than that, it's a great game. I feel like this is way more advanced than their other games. Can't wait for Chapter 4.
So this is based on a text story development method. The THEORY is pretty good, and the videos are O.K. However, the BOMBARDMENT of ads after paying for the 'premium' content makes it 100% NOT worth the price of admission. The mini 'hacking' games are designed for you to fail, thus having to sit thru ad after ad after ad after af after ad after ad.....after worthless ad. I will describe this game to be as dissapointing as the generation that spawned it.
Bro love this game so much. So cool. Really makes you feel things. Its fun to put some of the characters to people you know in real life. That impacts your decisions a bunch too. The minigames are way fun as well. All around great job!
A little too dull for me. I've been playing for about 45 min and almost nothing has happened. Game creators, you need to get the action moving much sooner. Being forced to engage in trivial chat is tedious & boring. I'm sure there's a story here eventually, but it takes far too long to get there.
Most of the game is fun. I actually really like it. But the stupid hacking sequences are just frustrating and irritating and unfun but you can't skip them unless you're willing to Fork out cash because it cost a lot of the coins. I wish you could just pay once and skip the hacking sequences forever. And the fact there are so many of them and at such pivotal points of the story greatly hinders my ability to enjoy this game.
Normally, I like to leave positive reviews about games so it takes a lot for me to give a one star. This game is a scam. The "hack" feature only gives you a very small amount of moves to play a fit the block style of game. After those have passed, they give you the option to watch ads to earn more moves, lol. You get 2 moves per 30s ad, or you can buy 5 more...there in lies the scam. It's not like the hack game is something that talent or skill could win, they intentionally set it up that way.
It's a fun interactive game with a good story, the price for the bonuses is a bit high for what you get and some times the mini game takes the edge off the story which kind of ruins it
Pretty cool, the characters feel real and I am enjoying the story. It's especially nice that, although really some cool content is only available if you pay for premium, you can still complete the available game story without paying anything. Also you don't feel like ads are being forced on you either although they are available in places to increase your score if you want. Not that scary yet but I'm still really only at the beginning so I'm sure it will get scarier later.
Pretty interesting concept; being able to hack and find where the "chain letter come real" originated seems pretty kool. Just downloaded it and have been playing for about an hour and a half and am enjoying it. I look forward to future episodes!
The game is great, the story is based around The Ring as you can tell early on but it's fairly well played out. The issue is that the mini games become highly annoying after a while. The ads aren't an issue but the frequency of these mini games break the flow of the story way to often
Loving the vibes to this game I'm so happy for downloading this game 100% only down fall is you have to pay for the pics or videos that you get sent because they require stars but other than that was amazing good work guys wold recommend this game to anyone
Could be a great game if you did away with those stupid hacking games you have to play to keep the story going. Or I guess you could spend a on of money and buy one of the packages that is offered. Like I said could be a great game.....
Very interesting! I do love this game and I don't mind paying a bit, but the prices are a little steep and the mini games are kind of difficult and you have to beat them several times to get enough percentage to take a step. But the actors are great, the characters are very detailed, and their responses are unique. I love the special effects too. It really is a good game.
WOW just completely WOW. This is by far the best and most original game iv ever played on mobile. Just finished the first chapter and eagerly await the 2nd chapter. WOW. My jaw kept dropping and iv been totally engrossed in this game for sixteen hours. WOW. Best game ever.
The story is really good (although the plot has quite a few holes...) but the hacking minigame really sucks! Aside from it bearing absolutely no similarities to actual hacking and unnecessarily interrupts the normal gameplay apparently the developers couldn't be bothered to implement a check on whether or not a given (autogenerated) puzzle is even solvable. As it is it feels like a way to trick the player into spending real money in order to skip this frustrating and time consuming part.
Great game. Kinda slow but it's enjoyable. Only thing is the puzzles, I just don't like them. Should be an option to bypass them after a certain amount of time instead of being constantly stuck on them.
Its intensely entertaining to see the power of the game as well as the other side effects you .I love the interaction with the people who are in the same story and I love the real video chat with them and the graphics are amazing to I love the story lines that you can choose from the story lines .so download the app and click to have fun and experience the emotions of the person you play
I just started but wish you had other options to earn stats than only being able to pay one route of game. In like the story but I am worried I will get stuck along the way and I have already paid for the special package to pay this game. Idk about it yet.
Interesting and interactive story line, not many ads until you complete a hack or want extra BicS, however hacks do get more difficult and nearer impossible for some people as time goes on, which seems like a money grab for you to buy more BicS lol. I would give 5 stars if you get more turns on the harder hack levels
I was enjoying the story part of the game. I even paid the $8.99 to avoid ads and such and unlock the full story. The annoying "hacking" mini games still cost "bics" and lives despite this. The mini games greatly detracted from the experience. If there was a way to just purchase the game so I could skip the mini games, I would do it. But there isn't, so I'm uninstalling
I like the game, need to hurry up the back and forth texting in game tho, mine is set to 3 and still it's way too slow. Ps: I'm a little worried, I watched the video!
Well you interact with a bunch of different entities in this game and have to answer a bunch of different text messages with their responses pre-made so it's interesting you control how this turns out.
So i played it gave it a shot. Its not a scary to me at all and a little to much like the ring like you should have altered it more so to be less like it but simular. I would have gave a higher rating but to pay money for a choice or choices in the story is pretty bizzar and out landish in my opinon. But i think if you change up the charging to something else like chapters or for the pictures on profiles rather than the story choices it would do amazingly well. But i do likethe idea of the game
Really good so far. I do think that the price being asked to unlock premium options is a bit steep. Not everyone can afford to buy it so as this game is based purely off the choices you make progress will be slow to almost stagnant if you don't purchase the premium pack. Truthfully I believe that this will force a lot of players to uninstall as they can't progress
Right away I can't pick 'premium' choices - not interested in a 'pay to win' game. Too bad though, looked like a good idea.
Was going to give this 5 stars but I just purchased the premium package which includee 40 extra bits and didn't get it. Tried contacting them immediately over 6 times and it wouldn't go through. Not happy at all. Paid for something I never received.
this is a very interesting game, at time of this post I'm only a total of an hour of game play and I must say the story is good, I kinda care for these characters, I bought the package deal and it feels like I haven't wasted my money on the extra content, it references the movie " The Ring" alot and it is very similar but in story but a different take on it. so far so good!
I love this game and the minigame isn't to overpushed. As in you don't have to do it all the time only when something needs hacked. The only thing is my game retracted and I lost data and having to redo alot of things. Not happy about that. So hopefully it doesn't happen again. It happens a few conversations before the police show up to the professors home requesting us to come to the station.
If you loved Simulacra, you will love this!! Best part is that the game is free! You can pay 8.99 for extra diagloue choices and to see more photos, etc of the people in the story but it honestly doesn't affect your gameplay at all. You play minigames to move on sometimes and they are fun! If you have played a level so many times, they will let you pay a very low game currency to skip the mini game so you can move on. And ads can give you lots of free game currency. The story is SO GOOD!!!!
Enjoying the narrative, but the bloody "mini games" are ruining the whole experience for me! The ads I can handle, but the unreasonably excessive amount of time and effort you're forced to waste performing these annoying little chores, is a disgrace. On top of that, although the games themselves aren't particularly difficult, it is very easy to fail (repeatedly) due to no fault of your own since much of it is down to random chance. I suspect this is to "encourage" players to spend cash on Bics!
So far I am enjoying this game. I think the game is more for 17 to 25 year olds as far as the gameplay style. I find it interesting but I havent played long enough yet to accurately describe things I like or dislike. It is pretty addictive though so I do suggest giving it a whirl to see if the game is your cup of tea. If you like scary movies or The Ring in paticular and youre tired of the same interactive styles of games, youll probably like this one.
I agree with kaya! I can't see the point of the mini game and the dev says s/he wants the game to be more realistic. To be more realistic how about losing the mini games. I'm on a mini game right now and can't progress without destroyng the grey boxes. I have to either pay with bics or lose a life. It's getting to frustrating so am going to uninstall until mini game is removed and will give more stars. Other than that, great game.
This game is pretty sick the detail and ability to go to the links and YouTube videos learn more about the personality types of the characters all in all real good live interactions super dope game might even put sum money into it fr worth the download
Just started the game and it wont even let me try the video feature without paying money. Horrible strategy , they dont let you use it to see if you like it first.. (try before you buy) So yeah, if you want decent choices, be prepared to whip out your wallet. Uninstalling.
I enjoy this type of interactive gameplay. So far my experience has been enjoyable but currently my game is frozen towards the beginning of Day 2 and although it shows an active contact, there are no converstion prompts. Still waiting to hear back from developer about the situation. Aside from this, 👍🏼!
Awesome game so far but I wish it was FULLY FREE to play as most people cantt afford to pay for the full access and I love it so far too just cant watch the videos and send certain texts :( this is why I may have to unstall the game
Surprisingly addictive. I've been playing for nearly an hour now, but it only feels like five minutes. It may just be another chat game, but I can tell this ones different. Its got so much thrill and suspense, you'd think your making a movie. It's amazing. It's as if the chatbots are real people. Quite realistic.
Great game! It's definitely intriguing and you get sucked into the story very fast. I love these types of games, and this has so far been the best. You genuinely start to feel like you're really a part of the story IRL.
Ok if a little formulaic. Can't recall the name,but played a similar game a while back with the "hacking" mechanic. For fans of Simulacra it's probably worth a play. Biggest issue so far is that the game presents you with the ability to pay something like £9 for extra dialogue choices, which is fine, help out a indie game group. But then after that you can still see some advertisements in the game.
So far, so good...as in a lot of these games the makers ask you to rate their title much too early for you to have decided just what you think it's worth. I gave 4* because I find the format interesting, if the game blows me away later on in the experience I will come back here and adjust the rating to a 5. I just hope there is more point and click and less texting to follow!
Love the graphics, good story line. The cost of things is a bit much. I dont like the hacking games portion. Im supposed to be a medical student, Not a hacker...Whats the point of having wolf in the game if he cant "hack" without your help
So far it seems fine, although I do think its a little pricey for what it is. Most other games of this style are cheaper than this one is. I don't mind paying, but I think $9 is a bit much. Might change my mind later tho. Haven't gotten very far in storyline yet, so we will see. Kinda slow moving, but that's okay as long as it gets interesting.
Ok so I got recommended from Instagram, and so far I like the game. What bothers me and the only reason it isnt a five star is the Stars system, I dont wanna spend mo ey to make choices, I just wanna make choices and see where they go. Other than the 20 out of 10
Well I thought the game idea was really great but first problem is it rips off the movie The Ring not very original and unless you are planning on spending some money the game really sucks can you say uninstall I can and if you're a person who reads the review before you download don't bother installing this you'll end up uninstalling it in a day unless you want to blow some cash on it
It isn't my connection speed. But it was trying to install something. I let it do so for over 30 minutes. I haven't played a single second of this game. Because I gave up on it constantly loading something else.
EDIT: Thank you, developers for getting back to me promptly! You solved the issue. I appreciate your quick response! I hope you make more interactive mobile games like this! 🙏 I love the story. I love all of the characters. The mini games are tiring. So many ads and they are time consuming. I understand why they are needed. The app wouldn't be free if not for the ads, but it makes it difficult to enjoy the story.
Rated it 3 stars bc it's a great game and definitely keeps you interested BUT it really ducks to watch videos or see pics you have to pay for the stars to do so and then you get a little lost in the conversation
Didn't even get through the beginning and got hit up for $$$. I tried to click out and continue on but it won't let me past the $8.99 purchase!!!! Sorry guys, I don't pay to play these apps/games!!! You're being uninstalled immediately!!!
This is a fun game and now since i am done with episode 2 now waiting for episode 3 on june 9,2021 and this game is so good and the clues we have to find to get to the ghost girl and Gabriela is only after me it really getting tense i cant wait for episode 3 because i wonder what happens now
I really liked it. I got to chapter 2 and restarted do I could try a different combo of options and now I cant move past Johnathan's video "organ party, that's a dope name" video. The next message isn't becoming available. I'm going to uninstall and re install the game. Re installing helped.