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The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe!

The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe! for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIXOWL INC. located at PIXOWL INC. 350 Townsend Street #836 CA 94107, SAN FRANCISCO. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
What in the hell happened?! This game was fun, it was enjoyable, it was FREE with some payments here and there, but now it's all payments and you guys are saying this game ie FREE?! The hell is wrong with you people? And not only that, people most likely don't even get what they bought, are you people serious? Have you become THAT greedy? Just make the game not free. Oh wait, then you people won't even be able to milk dry the morons who still pour money into this.
it used to be great. the premium thibgs were not needed or as fun as they used to be. it used to be a free to play game but now its pay to win, and it saddens me that such a great game has fallen to trash.
Another awful game that used too be good here are the problems. Premium,watching adds to get elements does not work,the fact that Premium is a subscription,and all of the things are Premium.Fix at least one of these problems...please it's horrible to see a great game like this fall from grace.
I just purchased premium privileges only for it not to go through. I went to see if it was a card error but it wasn't, and when i tried purchasing again it didn't go through as I already purchased the item. I want either my money or the privileges.
This game is REALLY fun. It has infinite replay ability because people make new levels all the time. Also there is a lot of awesome elements that you can use to make your own levels. This game is fantastic you should definitely try it if you havent done so yet. The only thing holding it back is all the stuff you have to pay for.
I suggest to all new players to not get premium in this app. Many other people have had issues with paying for it as it would take the money, but not give them their subscription. And the developers haven't been responding to other players either. I just had the same bug happen to me, so hopefully they can fix it, but I doubt they will. If they do fix it, I hope they fix the other ones too. As I'm not the only one who has encountered this bug.
Mostly everything is locked behind a membership. I played for maybe an hour before I got bored. The original game was so much better, and premium was a one-time payment. Just another game company becoming greedy bastards after a successful game. If you're seeing this and wondering if you should get the game or not-- stick to the first one.
This game won't even let me watch ads, and most of the other stuff is behind a paywall. This game is awful. Apart from the graphics and controls.
um I hate the "new" "update", I was able to get workshop characters for not premium. But now there premium! Fix that and i'll play it again! (Tho I did like the fact the spinosaurus isn't premium). And if you want to download an older version where it was good, don't, because it you do. The game will say you need to download the EA version to continue to play the god DAMN game!
Boring and a waste of time. For half the things you need to pay and i cant afford that. Also every time i try to place mud on the ground looks like a huge spiky mountain or a complete disaster
Hey remember when you could play most of this game without paying? I do, and I hate that it went from most, to about half maybe a quarter of the game not being pay to play. Nice looking game, but its the classic case of greedy devs ruining it. This game used to be fun and it still kinda is, besides the lag, 9/10ths of the game behind a paywall, and the air headed "developers" taking the money and waddling away. And to the devs whos made this game, never make anything again. Ever. They gave up.
Wow. Just wow. You turn down a currency in the game, just to introduce premium. You made everything 2X Harder to get, and people who don't want to spend money have their experience diminished. Let me make this clear. Get rid of premium. Bring back the other currency. Or i swear i will never play this game again and i will keep this at one star. I don't care about certain things, like ads and in game purchase. But taking away half the game just to line your own po kets? Thats just greed.
Ok look it was GREAT but now.........the premium and removing of the purple orbs and no updates....now please remove premium you just want to make a quick buck
The game was different when i was little, its changed. Filled with wonders and thrills. Now its like if EA took over. Please go back to the old game.
Its nice and all. The pixel background art I astonishingly good but you need some sort of monthly pay subscrition to do anything and that annoys me. Its like your showing use a huge birthday cake, giving use one 18th of it and saying we have to pay monthly to eat the rest. Its kind of unfair. ):-[
I used to play this game. I spent hours on this game to get my favorite stuff using mana and karma (remember that?) and made countless worlds that I put alot of effort into. I downloaded the game once again for old time's sake and to my horror, most of the stuff were locked behind a paywall. If you don't want to add back karma then you're better off making the game premium instead. For that I'm gonna give the game 2 stars
Why i gave a 2 stars is bec and element creator is premium some features are premium and the super greedy developers. Its so sad to see an great game turn into a premium cash grab. If you buy the premium package then the fun happens. If not then just use an APK and and VPN
Lesson learned - should have checked the other reviews first. I paid for premium subscription but did not receive it. After waiting for a day I contacted the developers. No response as of the time of writing. By now it is too late to get a refund from Google Play since you have to claim it within 48 hours. The game itself looks fun enough to make you think that premium could be worth it. And it probably would be, if I were to actually receive the premium. But looking at the other reviews it really looks like a lottery. Needless to say I have cancelled the subscription, but I have received nothing for the one month I paid for. Buyer beware!
Screw this! Most people are gonna download mods for your ad infested fully premium game! Look at the reviews, people used to love this game! And then you got greedy trying to force us the watch ads and buy the sh!tt* premium! And your game is Glitchy! Im not going to play your shAtty game without the premium removed
the game itself is good, however do not purchase the subscription. I did and it charged me before saying there was an error with the purchase. Pixowl if you care enough to read this please either fix this and give me the subscription I paid for or issue me a refund.
It's pretty tight, but it could use a little more help with accessability features. Minecraft has accessability interface with the UI. If The Sandbox Evolution is to be called "2-D Minecraft, it needs to have some kind of interface with the device's accessability features. The way I have been using it so far, I have been using the camera feature of my smart phone to magnify the screen on my tablet, which has The Sandbox Evolution installed. I can't trust the tablet's own magnification, lest
This game is a scam, it just wasted my money and STILL didn't give me what I purchased, I think this should get deleted, not fun at all either, do not get this game, also, where it says login and get 12500 mana, that's a scam too, the entire thing is a lie to take your money.
Good game! Back then I played it before you could just get something from the store without getting the premium. Good times. Maybe, can you allow market without premium, please. Other than that, good game!
Ive been playing this game for years, And I really mean years back before all this purchasable content. But I still love the game play and I am whilling to pay money to expirience more content in one of my favorite games :D (Dont mind my spelling errors Im too lazy to spell check)
My son did not have the premium, but he made an in app purchase for an animal pack, they took the money, we followed the instructions and submitted receipts, and he still cannot access his purchase in the game.. no further response from their customer support or any follow-up.. not good when asking for people's hard earned money. I gave this app 2 stars, due to the difficulty in getting access to the purchase.
I really like this game, as it has most of the qualities of a sandbox game that I enjoy. Although, practically every item I find to be interesting is either premium or requires me to watch an ad. I would watch them, but for some reason I cant. It always, no matter what, says "no ad available" other than that, the game is extremely enjoyable.
Horrible it used to be a great game little laggy at first but I bought the monthly premium for the game and i didnt even receive the premium content it said that it would give me but it didn't even after a week later and I sent an email about this to the devs but they never responded
I remember I used to love going through community submissions and seeing what they made. Now I have to pay about $48 a year to do that. Why did you make community submissions behind a premium pay wall. The game is not as good as it used to be. Would rate it 5 stars if pay wall was removed.
The game is overall pretty cool and full of fun things to do with it's wide selection...but my subscription won't process and I can't really access everything like I use to a few years back... (Okay I loaded the game today around 6:37 PM and the sprites were just black boxes whenever they moved...and some text boxes were just rectangles and squares....
I can't believe I got ripped off by this app! Lately I purchased the "disaster pack" on here but none of the items I bought weren't purchased at all, don't buy anything on here, its just a waste of time and ๐Ÿ’ธ.๐Ÿคฌ
I was going to play this when I saw "create your own elements" because I love customization but apparently it's all behind money and subscriptions. I'm not playing BTW.
This game is good at the first but every year it keeps getting bad nad bad I think its badder than EA because you have to pay to get all plus it cost so much money and even doesnt help because it glitches and changed the isnt premium and changes it to premium when the developer finds what's the most used item and premiums it
I love the game i really whould get the premum but every time try to it crashes i would will give it 5 stars if you could fix that im sorry that your game is having bad rates really love this game i played it when i was 4/5 and im still playing it today and now almost 10 years old this game was my faverite game when i was 4/5 years old!!!!!!
I had this game before and I wanted it again and now EVERYTHING needs VIP and new players cant have as much fun or kids with no account because what ever it maybe. But anyway this game is going down the same route as most other games of today were you NEED VIP.
Utterly terrible. Subscription took my money and didn't give me the subscription, and now it's installing through another gmail of mine rather than my main gmail on here. I've never dealt with a more frustrating application.
I cannot watch ads to get stuff and I do not like how you basically have to go pay to play the game. When that gets fixed and premium goes away. I'll go up to 5 stars. This is really annoying.
Great game! The only problems I'm having is ads. For some reason everytime I try and do something that requires an ad to use it will say no video available.
This game is now so laggy and stupid. Like you have to pay for like a lot of stuff and only like maybe 1% is free. Please developers just make this back when it used to be so awesome. And also I flagged it as inappropriate because you do money scams but couldn't find other๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
When I played it years ago everything was free now everything is priced I'm realy annoyed but if the game developers are reading this then please make lots of the stuff free again but other than that this is a great game
Amost Everything is now VIP. They keep adding stuff to the VIP subscription that had not used to be VIP. Also for anyone whose an new player and dosen't have the money to subscribe to the VIP it takeing there fun away so I recommend that you fix this or your games gonna fall apart pretty fast with the way it is now.
Dum! I buy the disaster pack and it doesn't give it to me! I was charged and when I try to buy it again it says I own it! It says wait an hour... I waited a day nothing one star!
The game play is the same as I remember it but now the premium is a monthly payment!? Like 1 year ago it was a single payment. Sucks cuz now I cant play like I used to.
Super bad game no daily rewards!!!!!! Many modes want premium so bad i deleted it instantly!!!!!!!!! Also when no mana you cant make any tasks and be stuck poor forever many things need premium im poor 10 year old so do not download!!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!
Used to be an amazing game but then they made you pay for everything not even letting you choose, basically making you pay for their garbage 5$ subscription. I would tell the Devs to change it please and thank you but its clear that they don't care about their fanbase more so that they care about money and not the enjoyment of the people playing the game they made. Would never recommend until they change it back to the good days of this game.
this game used to be amazing, my brother and I used to play it all the time. I just now downloaded it again just to see that over 70% of everything is premium, now it's a huge waste of money. I never got premium but it's definitely not worth 5 dollars a month.
It was fun until everything became premium you might as well just make the game itself cost money instead of having very limited things and having to pay for more.
What the hell were the devs thinking when they made the premium a monthy subscription. What kid is gonna have the money to pay 6 dollars monthy. The devs do know that this game is for kids right? Well hell, they can't even make a fun game. What makes you think they have any common sense.
So all the original elements are now premium. This is pay to play people. It used to be good but now its garbage. Do not use this unless you want to be scammed of your money, this still stands in 2020, actually it got worse, now you pretty much can't do anything without money, alot of it. I may just download an older version of this just to play the only good part of it.. I really do miss this games old mechanics
Used to play ages ago and thought I'd play again. Paid subscription and it seems they've taken my money and nothing in return. I've uninstalled, restarted my phone, hit restore purchase 1000 times and nothing. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE
The tutorial is really not helpful, when I try to make a world it just fills up end to end with mud. This is confusing. And everything good is behind a paywall what you can play with is boring, oh yay I can dump dirt on the screen, wee? Or press the wrong thing and wreck everything as it fills up with mud. Awful. This is not a game it's a cash cow. It's nothing like the pictures showen.
Guys guys guys. There is another version of this game called: The sandbox: craft, play, and share. Maybe that has free elements?
I used to play the original all the time. And was excited to see a second one come out. I had so much fun making my own characters. I made them from games movies, and i loved it. Recently i decided to go back and makes some more characters. But i had to pay for a subscription. I wish they would change it back.
"It's amazing all I can say you don't have to get it but for sure as hell I did" Thats what I said three or two years ago now everything is locked behind a pay wall. This really was one of the best games you could get in the app store but not anymore, five star to one star
I bought 3 dollars worth of content and it doesn't even show up! I buy the basic elements pack and it say it'll give me glass. Guess what? No glass.
On my old phone i loved this game, but the creators needed extra cash and added more things i got to pay for, and i would give it 4 stars if it was just that... But the problem is they added SO MUCH of it that i cant have fun without buying things from it... Im sorry i like the game, just take away some layers of the transations, please... Im a teen and all i get to do now is play games i cant go to the park or anything else outside the house.
I like this game. But I only play for the pacman. And it's very hard to create a pacman level. You can't undo multiple actions (I hate that) and it's hard to place stuff down. Lots of buggy stuff in pacman. But I'd recommend.
Bought some stuff-- got a few things from it. Voluntary ads don't work for me, so no advert-obtainable items for me. ;-;
There is a stupid pay wall that ruins the game 85 or 90% of the game is hidden behind. Ridiculously money Hungry devs, disappointed. Don't download unless you are willing to pay or like playing games with stupid restrictions.
This game used to be arguably one of the best game on the play store and now you have to pay 5 bucks a month to make this gane even playable. It's sad how I used to spend tens of hours playing with the different materials and now new players don't even get a chance to do that. Good thing that my account was made back in 2016, back when there was karma, a premiun currency. After karma got removed, this game started going downhill very quickly until it became unplayable like it is today.
Well everything was nice i would give it 5 stars but I couldnt watch any ads to but metal. It was the thing i needed the most. I had good wifi and the premuim came it was never there before the updates pls fix this.
This is a great game but I have some problems. 1. I bought pacman on my profile and I got a new phone but I can't play it anymore. A restore purchase button would be good 2.i don't like how things that were free in the past are locked behind a pay wall 3. My last comment got deleted (not a flaw with the game but still)
Bought some stuff-- didn't get the perks and things from it. Voluntary ads don't work for me either, so no advert-obtainable items for me. ;-; I want a refund, you greedy company.
i used to love this game when it had no premium,i was happy. i was full of joy. now, Premium came. i deleted the game accidentally a while ago,and came back for nostalgia. i tried making my own bois,and then... p r e m i u m. i was panicking to get custom creatures but it didnt let me! I WANT THE OLD VERSION BACK!!
I hat that this fun game has just become a free to play demo that you need to pay to get anything fun also this is some false advertising cause you need to pay to create your own sprites,I miss the old game where you didn't need premium to do every thing but now it's just a cash grab
Has been a great game for years. Still a great game. Loved all the new stuff. Modded version is sweet. Free everything. Pretty easy to find a safe version also.
I dont know why people are so greedy these days...I remember when you could basically get EVERYTHING with a cost of mana, but now, we have to get most elements with a cost, which is trash.
The game in itself is amazing but my only problem is before the enemy creator was free but now it's not but either way it's a great way
I came back to play. Tried to do the create an entity. Pay to play. Not doing anything with this until you fix it. If you dont fix it within the next few weeks, im reporting it.
This game used to be good but now you have to pay for ALMOST EVRYTHING like the "premium update " thing is so anoying if it was a ONE TIME payment IT WOULD BE MUCH BETTER but NOOOOO YOUR HAVE TO KEEP PAYING all in trying to say is the creators got GREEDY, The game would be better if your got the premium thing OUT THE GAME or make it a ONE TIME PAYMENT. These greedy creates just ruined there own game ๐Ÿคฆ can your just REMOVE the premium thing or make it a ONE TIME PAYMENT ๐Ÿคฆ
It used to be a great game, so fun that i would play for hours, i havent played in a long while and all of a sudden everything is premium with subscriptions and stuff, its not fun anymore. The devs took all the fun out of it. Please get rid of premium and subscriptions and make the game fun again.
It is a great app! The permissions aren't too bad either. I only have it one star because I HATE ALL THE PREMIUM THINGS! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM, OR SOMETHING!
Its a really good game but its more of a pay to play and when I try to watch an ad to get an item the ads never work but over all its pretty good just try not to put a pice on half of everything.
I made 2 purchases and nothing is unlocked. Even after paying to subscribe. If it can get fixed asap, I'd continue to play and be able to rate the game as it should be. Unfortunately it's not playable, even when playing. Refund please?
does anyone remember when almost 97% of this game didn't require premium? thats right, there are too many things that require premium. by the next update, I require the creator of this game to make It so atleast 50% of the premium features will not need premium, thats why I rated only 1 star, and uninstalled the app.
I used to LOVE this game! It was so fun! Now, look at this pathetic mess. It feels like nothing is free! Everything is so boring because the Devs wanted more money. I am very angry.
I give this three stars because when I'm deleting a world it needs access to internet even I'm not uploading it. The second problem is that I cannot access the shop it always shows internet problem but my internet is strong and fast. Please fix it a little problem.
This game used to be free and fun. And now 90% of the whole game is now premium and you have to pay monthly! What the hell happened to the good ol days?! Why and when did you become so greedy for money?!?!?!?! Did you lost your house?!?!?!? Did you lost your furniture?!?!?!?!? Fix this or i'll hate it. I loved this game soo much and now I HATE IT!!! That's why i downloaded a hacked version of this game! Take that wench!!!
It was a really fun game, I remember when I played it a long time ago when it wasn't pay to win. But after a while of not playing it, I decided to get it again to find out that everything needs premium I was really disappointed. My favorite game is now pay to win.
The game was so much fun but as said the devs got really greedy it is a little fun still but they should add more enemies, heros, allies rides and decorations that are bought without premium it would balance out the game and bring back players. Honestly I can make the game better.
So i played the game like 3 years ago And some of the things are free but few are payable So far not a problem back in time Then i need to uninstall the game eventually. Then back this day i decided to reinstall the game And oh boy This game is not FREE TO PLAY anymore So far i recommend to Devs to put it on PREMIUM eventually of they continue this it might reach 3.0 star rating and that's bad
I used to love this game! But now none of the adds will load and most of the stuff is premium and it makes me really sad...
I love the game ! It is the most coolest game in the world!! I only gave 3 stars is because why do you have to make all the cool and fun stuff premium. All of the stuff is premium thats why i dont like the game that much. The natrual disaster are premium. Like the meteorites and more other cool stuff. So please please please please take the premium option off so you can play the with more fun. PLEASE. ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
Please fix this bug I found. I found that you can not watch ads for anything I was trying to get the brainiac item and it said sorry there is no ad available, so please fix it.
I used to play this game all the time when is first came out I deleted it about a year later there was some new stuff a few things you had to but not to bad I deleted again year later everything is gold pack I'm not paying 3 dollars for something that used to be free I say they downgrade this game and make how it used to be and mabey they might recover............. might
Are you still up playing this game 2-3 years ago and when I redownload it back in January 2021 I was able to get my old account back but premium was a thing and when I tried watching a video to get elements still would not let me for the past 30 days and I don't really know why! With all these reviews I am reading about premium I find it hard to believe that these guys actually do have premium and they just are Bots account when you actually play the game and play mode please make it free again
I played a lot earlier when paid items could be earned, now more than 75% of items are behind a paywall. You are basically able to fo nothing. Stay away from this game.
This game was sooo good when it was first released the premium wasnt such a big deal but after people wouldn't buy premium they made it so you pretty much have to buy everything I still play it but Its just greed they took such a good sandbox game and turned it into a road side attraction if they just kept the game the same and updated it people would probably buy premium and then they could make way more than just this it's so sad to see good games go to the bin I hope they fix this
It's a good game but it would be better if premium was removed because come on you want us to play for stuff made by people from around the world show us their creativity.
Can you remove the premium. Because it wasn't in the previous updates and it just ruins the gameplay, especially if you are trying to make a level. Adding to that making custom skins is even worse since the premium membership was added. I mean you can't even make a character skin without premium. So can there be a version of the game without premium membership?
I love this game except there is one problem I can't use adds to get entities and when I first got this game its to much adds and I think they should add more campaign experience.
Paid but got nothing. Tried buying the promo deal first then tried buying the subscription to unlock everything yet despite it charging my card, never gave me what I paid for. I got the receipts to prove I paid for it and even tried using the ingame support option and sent screenshots of everything and nothing. That was a week ago. Just noticed the first review I left saying the same has been deleted.
Used to be such a cool game. It was nearly completely customizable, it was pretty much limitless. Not sure what happened but from what I've seen, the devs got greedy. At first when they added premium I didn't mind, very few things were premium. Back then you would get permanent premium for making any purchase, now all of a sudden it's a subscription? I haven't played in a while maybe even a year or two but this is utter BS. They took a good game and started to put price tags on everything.So sad
I saw all of the negative reviews and thought "I used to love this game, it can't be that bad right?" Oh boy was i incorrect. Not only is everything locked behind paywalls, it is downright frustrating knowing that greed ruined one of my former favorite apps, dont waste your time on this one, there's plenty of good sandbox games out there that have devs that actually care about their playerbase.
Hey remember when you could play most of this game without paying? I do, and I hate that it went from most, to about half maybe a quarter of the game not being pay to play. Nice looking game, but its the classic case of greedy devs ruining it. This game used to be fun and it still kinda is, besides the lag, 3/4ths of the game behind a paywall, and the air headed "developers" taking the money and waddling away. And to the devs whos made this game, never make anything again. Ever.
Something is wrong with the UI. I'm Having issues playing the game since some levels require the right side of the screen which for some reason becomes inaccesible. I'm using a perfectly fine working s10, yet I can't zoom out enough in when in the creator. Please fix this issue the game has such potential which I don't want it to loose.
It has changed a lot since I had it, in a negative way might I add! It barely loads the game, and when it does I remember that everything's premium. You had a good run, but I doubt anyone is still playing this once-amazing game!
I always used to play this game. Satisfying and fun. Before they made it so most of the stuff was blocked behind a pay wall. More than half the stuff that is locked used to be unlocked and available for karma or normall currency and now it is just locked behind a stupid pay wall. What happend to this game
The reason I gave it 2 stars is because the game used to be fun now you have to pay money just to use certain elements and I don't like the fact that I have to pay money just to use half of the elements in the game so please get rid of the premium subscription
Hi it's me again, I knew this game all of them from they just came out, this is a amazing game but the other one logs a lot and too much premium, your pressuring us please fix it in the other one, for this one it's just great, but I rather the physics and logic used in the other one when placing elements, I don't want to stress you out but if you can please fix the other one and tell me if you will please
So I just downloaded it after a while, what do I see? The same exact game. So that does not mean its still a great game, the reason why? Well when I try to click something, it won't pop up, well what if I click it multiple times? Still won't work. So please fix that and ill give you the 5 stars again.
I used to play this game all the time and Now I'm playing it again there is one problem though every time I try to get a free item via watching in ad It always says there are no videos available Try later so if you could fix that problem please do
I paid 5 dollars or so for a box of Mana, and I never got the Mana. When I checked if it took the money out of my account, it did! Will rate 5 star if I get my Mana or refund, because its generally a good game.
I can't believe this game went "Great to Insane Trash" I love this game so much when everything was for free, I even used to have everything like elements, allies, human, my most favorite dinosaur is brach in this game, now, the brach is behind the wall of paying to pass. I am so disappointed, being greedy will just ruin your game, making people probably quit one by one! I am going to stop playing this game until you fix this.
I stand for the people who paid for premium and didint get it, and for those that wanted to do it for free get their excitement diminished, and the price your selling is to expensive, I am sorry that the people had to fall for the developments lack of effort.
bruh! I cant play it the pop up update is keep poping in my screen and its annoying i cant play it it says "UPDATE THE GAME" i open the play store then IT SAYS OPEN! ITS UPDATED, FIX YOUR GAME D:< AND ALSO ALL THE ITEMS NEEDED REAL MONEY. It would have been great devs, but a lot of customers complaining about real money spending almost all items is paid by real money...
I would give this game a five star review...but there are some issues.When I all ways play the game the pay wall Is everwhere you can't even play the game.almost everything you have to pay for maybe if you take out the pay wall this game would be a hit.but until you do plz take it out in the next update or something but now the pay wall is in so now you have to pay for the game.๐Ÿ› ๏ธ