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The Sandbox: Craft Play Share

The Sandbox: Craft Play Share for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIXOWL INC. located at PIXOWL INC. 350 Townsend Street #836 CA 94107, SAN FRANCISCO. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing game but i dont like having to unlock elements or pay for more content and the game crashes alot. If the craahes were fixed and the orb things were removed, easy 5 stars.
As always love this game! My one complaint is that when you use the avatars there is no way to get the character to move, only jump. Be nice if that could be fixed:)
It's a great Game, but it crashes on my phone quite often, which is probably just because my phone is old, but recently I've I've noticed my elements have started disappearing. They just go back up for purchase, and I can no longer use them without buying them again. Is this a bug? Or is this a feature? Because if it's a feature it's not a great one. I've lost like 60% of my elements
I love the game and i enjoy it a LOT...if it werent for the fact that half of my elements got deleted and forced me to re-buy them,but i couldnt because i barely had any mana,so i lost half of my elements.Also the game likes to just close and throw me to the home screen,wich made me lose my progress,i eventually got used to this and i started to constantly save my worlds when i worked on them and did so under the constant fear that i would forget to save and lose all of my work so PLEASE fix it.
The game has became unplayable. The game crashes every few minutes for no apparent reason. I got Unlock All Elements Pack and I was so happy. I used to like this game.
This game is good but it needs a major update because the second game is good but it is very lagy and It does not have as many things but this game does so why not just give it a little update to improve it?
There is a bug where if you zoom in and place a braniac, it will let you get rid of all the elements around the thing that makes you move. I would say that it is a bug that turned out to be a feature! I can literally customize the braniac with that. It will crash on occasions, but I have 4 or 5 years of experience in programming, and I don't know how to make a game. You need to take into consideration that making a game is hard. Programming a game is hard, so I don't ever say a game is bad.
The Ultimate EA experience, immersive microtransactions that make the game practically unplayable because there's no game to play, wanna play? Pay
please fix the search bar! it says "we cannot reach the servers" every time despite me trying for months, great game otherwise
I like it! I always played this and always liked it,but i cant play other levels except the levels which is free and there is a bug where whenever i look at something it crashes... can you fix it?
I redownlouded this game like yesterday and it's almost as good as it was when I first played it years ago expect that it has a bad lag problem now I don't know if it's always been that way where I havnt played in a while but it is kinda annoying cause sometimes it will kick me out of the game so you should try and fix that other it's still a good game! X3
Paid but got nothing. Tried buying the promo deal first then tried buying the subscription to unlock everything yet despite it charging my card, never gave me what I paid for. I got the receipts to prove I paid for it and even tried using the ingame support option and sent screenshots of everything and nothing. That was a week ago.
This is strait up most F'd up thing a developer could do they updated the game to crash almost anytime you select an elemet im suprised they havent been sued all in all they did this as a ploy to force players to install their pay to play sequal
Truly a stunning game. Although not 4 stars since there are 2 problems. 1. Crashing This oftenly happens after a few minutes of gameplay. 2. Zoom in editing. This is a problem that doesn't allow me to edit while I'm zoomed in. 5 stars if this will work. Thank you for bringing us this amazing game. -a google user
Great game overall, I also have some suggestions. Could you add car ai u are already planning to do plane ai based on the log, I also think horns and maybe a new aircraft also maybe a pvp against ai or something like that also guns too for pvp and free flight would be cool. But if u see this please consider these
This is a fantastic game. There are tons of fun ideas I have for this game, but they will never happen because of the crashing. It crashes every 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The crashes kill this game and make it unplayable.
Last time I downloaded this game I had a really good time, it worked fine and I could deal with the ads and having hard times with the mana currency, that was a very fun part of it. This time, after the evolution came out and got a new phone and downloaded this again. It just does not want to run. I get it going for like a few minutes, I do something in game like shoot a rocket with an avatar, or try to save my game, it crashes. Its very frustrating having only 50 seconds of gameplay at a time.
an enjoyable game....except I payed the $5 to unlock all campaigns( which it did) but still occasionally get ads, the game crashes ALOT!! Like every 3 minutes. and it keeps locking the elements I've unlocked. repeatedly!! so I payed $3 to unlock all the miscellaneous elements, I'm curious to see how long they stay unlocked. this could be a great time killer if bugs were fixed, as is it's just super frustrating and not worth the money. please fix.
This used to be a great game but now I only ever get 30 seconds of gameplay before the game crashes could you please fix this. I've read other reviews on this saying the same thing lately so it's something you really need to fix. Please a lot of people loved this game and I'm sure new people will too but if this happening to everyone there's no point of getting this. For the sake of everyone please help us and fix the game.
Glitches and crashes I used to play this game constantly but now any time I buy something it spends my mana and I get the item but as soon as the game crashes it gets rid of all the items I bought and I don't get my mana back either will update review if fixed
Others have already said it but I'll say it too, the game has a MAJOR crashing problem. It used to work fine but the game has been neglected from updates making it very outdated and no longer works on newer device's. The games so fun and is a pretty cool consept but the crashing issue is ridiculous.
The game can be annoying, and maybe not as fun as before, but to me: it a massive throwback from my childhood, if you only just Learned about the game, don't buy it, but if you played it as a kid, I would totally suggest you get it. Peace out.
Bought a $12 bundle, re-downloaded the game and noticed I had lost everything. I was still signed in, so theoretically I should've kept my stuff. Disappointing.
Its a fun game to play, I just wish that they had more free content, because I don't want to pay 6 bucks for a 10 minute level mashup
I really like this game, but after awhile, it started crashing whenever a reaction occured. Like burning or elements changing. There are also a lot of ads which make it freeze up. It's had this crashing problem ever since I got it and I can't believe they still haven't fixed. It quite literally makes the game unplayable.
I remember when this used to be a good game, I remember waiting for sandbox evolution to come out, but now, I wanted to come back to this app for a bit and I've been disappointed by what these devs did with all of the adds that are here now.
This app is HIGHLY unstable. Constantly crashing, heavy lag, and just not fun. This app is outdated and quite frankly, dead.
I realize this game is old now but if it has massively broken mechanics you shouldn't charge for it anymore. I bought all campaigns but some characters (player and ninja so far) have no direction control just a jump button. I had planned on finishing this game then buying stuff for the new one but that's not gonna happen now.
dont install it, before its a 5 stars for me but now its too buggy it wont even open without crashing
Fun game but there is a super annoying bug, randomly when in creative mode the app will crash and it won't save whatever I was building please fix this!
I used to love this game, but it has basically become completely unplayable. It crashes every few minutes for no apparent reason, and I don't want to watch a full video ad everytime I try to play a level that'll end up crashing anyway. This isn't even a first time issue, when I last installed it on a different phone a few years ago it did the same thing, just less frequently. It's a shame that the developers care more about implementing ads than making a functional game.
Game has a bunch of problems: some levels crash the game or don't work properly. One level even crashed my entire device. An advertisement appears with every tap on the menu, even Settings, some advertisements being suggestive. Game does not seem very fun to play, especially since these levels need to be played for the user to create their own worlds.
this is an absolutely wonderful game, but the constant crashing can really get on my nerves. im not sure this is relevant to the games bugs and glitches, but i cannot access the online gallery. ive tried using internet, data but it still doesnt work.
For some reason, I think this is better than the sequel! Sorry. Trying not to upset the fans, but I just think this game has aged well.
Because of the excessive crash, this app crashed 400 times in just 1 month. This is getting ridiculous. I hate when people experience it and they just crash immediately. RIDICULOUSLY BAD! If you want to download this on an old device, don't! It will crash your game.
Game is great however it crashed too much and it does not save what you purchased with the mana. So hope the issues are fixed but it's a really good 2D simulated game. Giving it 1 star due to the fact the game isn't fixed in a year!
This used to be an amazing game but now it has too much pixels for everything and you can barely read the "Items." It used to have more characters and more materials but now you have to buy everything. I am disappointed.
Just an overall waste of time and money. Controls are a pain in the @$$,. Just trying to figure out htf you're supposed to accomplish the missions is astonishingly painful. Oh and the game crashes all the time. One more thing... When you have a character with "invincible" in his name, why TF DOES HE DIE?!
I love the game but it keeps having this glitch of not wanting to save anything I buy like I used to have all the gems and lasers and all kinds of other stuff but it took it all away from me
Used to love this game but when downloaded again it crashes everytime I play it, I bought some humans and monster girl it crashed and I had to buy them again this game didnt crash as often but now its unplayable.
Ultra best games!!!!!I realy love this game!♥♥♥but the player character and the ninjas isn't working it can only jump but the other characters is working great!And i have a request on update please add a settings that can have a gravity to the blocks it can help to your inc.sorry my grammar hehe.if that update happen i will share this game in facebook and to all of the fame groups i promise!thats all thanking you♥!
One of the best games I have ever played. I sank so many hours into this just messing around and playing some minigames. 5 stars no doubt.
Here's a tip. Let people do more than drop a bit of water into a hole before asking us to buy something. I mean, what has the world come to? What happened to the days of a game being exactly what it says on the tin/case. I'm going to play the game now.
I like the challenges the game has and that I can create my own world, but it keeps stopping for some reason. Can you please fix this problem? Anyway, I like the game and all and there is just one problem.
Genuinely never seen a game get so destroyed after updates, 80% of content is now stuck behind a paywall and they only give you the absolute basics. It's sad to say but I hope this game fails big time as the developers and nothing but greedy.
I just started it and I can't complete the tutorial, want to complete it? Wait another day for mana. I thought this was a sandbox game, not an idle game
The concept of the game is a good one, but, there are numerous advertisements, the game crashes/freezes extremely often on my ZTE Majesty Pro, and the game does not appear to be friendly towards people who have Protanomaly. It's a good concept. But it needs a lot of work.
Good game and can you add sandbox mode where could you do anything and everything is free pls could you do that
Good game but it crashes sometimes good game I liked the evolution but this is also a good game keep it up and fix the crash!!!!
Few of many issues: Element bought during campaigns don't show up on create mode. Shooting crashes the game. Ninja controls don't appear. I have no access to solution items during campaigns (ex. No access to seeds during tree machine puzzle). Changing map settings like heat crash the game. Humans don't move sometimes, don't speak or do anything at all. Random crashes as well. No feedback system within the game. Videos don't give the promised rewards. Payment screens are just blank...
Used to love this game when I first got it a while back. Sadly couldn't reload any progress from my old game which is weird consideringI had the same play account and Facebook linked... had almost all of the stuff you could buy with mana unlocked... now I have so little to do much of anything with. The human ai seems pickier now. Ninja, and other controllable characters dont have a d-pad so they cant move, they have a jump button tho. Game randomly crashes when trying to interact with menus...
I really like this game. I would give this 5 stars but the reason i gave 4 is because on one reason. Every time i play this game for a few minutes it crashes constantly. Please fix this bug and I will give this 5 Stars.
i would give it 2 stars but i had already enough of the game making me waste more money to make less money. its worthless. i tried to get free mana by facebook. didnt work.i tried watching countless ads. Didnt work. i tried playing. wasted more money than the money i got from doing that (edit) it also crashes everytime i am making something in the editor. and it doesnt save. i would not reccomend this game for people who dont like wasting money. this game is pay to win
This used to be my favorite game.. now it just crashes all the time.. I really hope the developers care for their audience
Its fun and all until it keeps crashing. Somtimes when I start the game it crasges after 10+ seconds. Can someone please fix the crashing so I can enjoy this fun game where I can create things? Thanks.
I love this game! But I'm giving it one star, because the game crashes so much. Like if I buy elements/items, use elements, loading levels/worlds, etc. the game crashes. And somtimes the elements you bought, if the game crashed. You have to buy them all over again! This game hasn't been updated for almost 5 years! Can the developers please update this game!?!?! I really love it more than the sequel to this game!
The game is great, but there are two things that i dont like: the mana system is weird and the game keeps CRASHING EVERY 5-10 MINUTES, that is my main issue.
Good game, it is from the list of dead games because it stopped updating. Dead games like, school girls simulator, the sandbox evolution, my pocket galaxy and etc.
Not worth your time always crashes every 30 seconds and ads more common than a cold in december. Also instead of giving you a taster of the cool stuff you have to buy most of it e.g the arnold story you get a tiny taste but with all the cool elements you find in the "create" section you have to buy with no idea what the story is like and how it works.
I used to play this game for hours on end, and now everytime I try to pay mana to unlock, it crashes. There's a lot of new things, which is awesome, but seeing how others are experiencing the same thing, along with the premium purchase now.. I'm very saddened to see it go downhill.
I like the other one better, this soposed to be the best and new one now look at it, I use to be a big fan☹️ y u have to meet it up with the logging problems, and even worst is the premium thing, there is too much premium, if u don't change it my friend I'm sorry but people are gonna start hating it, no one even spends their money on the premium thing so please I'm begging u to fix it and the log thing☹️😔
The game is fun, but everything costs the game currency to get, which sometimes it is hard to obtain except for buying it... And worst of all most of the really cool stuff has to be bought with real money!! What a waste, game would be better if we didn't have to pay money for stuff and the other, not so easy to get... I wish you would care a bit less about money and care about us... Until then, this game sucks.
This game was genuinely fun, when it wasn't being neglected by the owners. Crashes constantly and the graphics are just as bad as I remember.
I loved this game... Note i said "loved". I put a lot of time into this game and earned a lot of mana points in the process. I unlocked a lot of elements too. Unfortunately i lost all of my mana points and a lot of my elements for some reason. All of my points and half of my elements gone. I dont know what happened to that but it was like i never unlocked those things in the first place. Now i feel kinda ripped off and this annoys me because i really enjoyed this game. Shame.