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The Royal Affairs

The Royal Affairs for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Reality Squared Games located at Flat/RM 18 26/F Tuen Mun Central Square No.22 Hoi Wing Road Tuen Mun NT Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The "customer support" option only opens a chat box that you can't type into and you recieve no help. Did not recieve gems payed for. Do not play this game. Edit: I have taken a picture that shows in game that it registers I have paid money today and that they just have elected not to give me what I paid for this was over 12 hours ago now and still haven't been able to contact support
The game is really nice, at first l thought the game wont be good or rather interesting but l love the game, l like the actions in it and hope another lovely game will be produce by you again; thanks for making this wonderful game.
This is set up EXACTLY like Game of Sultans, just with a different historical theme pasted over it. I want that clear - I DO NOT want a reply saying it's a different game because it's set in medival times. It's not, it's almost identical in layout and tasks. Both games have consorts. I will try this a bit longer to see if there's anything, but in all honesty this is a blatant copy cat game. It works just fine, but it was developed to mimic a highly successful game
Stuck in the past This game is disappointing to me. No chance of changing gender or ethnicity?! The same model medieval european/celtic imaginary world? Because those 1000 years were much more diverse than those tiny worlds depict them. + what's the need of historic """accuracy"""? I find the platform to be difficult to read/use at first, the drawings are nice.
Not impressed. I only got to dealing with my knights(very start of the game) and it keeps freezing. If this is what this game starts like then I guess it will be the same right the way through. I am uninstalling.
Would be a decent game, but the developers have long since abandoned it and they're just milking whatever income people spend on it before they realize that fact. Just server after server ends up mostly dead and there's never any new features.
The game itself seems fine. However, no matter what server I am in, I ALWAYS get stuck on the same spot in the tutorial and I can't get past it or exit out of that screen.
Loaded with bugs and frequently crashes, the progression is lousy, not that it matters since there isn't much to do. Knights and consorts don't even use the same voice actor for different lines of speech (Lagertha was the absolute worst). The art is nice, the setting is pleasant, some of the interface updates made things better, but other things worse.
Response from support is ridiculously slow. Expect to wait a minimum of a day for simply a response. No update regarding your issues for days unless you reach out again. Issues brought up weeks ago still haven't been addressed. Rewards from ranked events not mailed out. Plot mode story data is blank with an error in each message box. Poor communication overall. Put some money into this game early on to support the cause. Regretting every penny at this point.
Game is good. However, it's very pay to win and it doesn't give much opportunity for free to play players to rank because only those players that are in the top 1 union get to enjoy all the buffs and "extra" powers. I hope the dev will give limit to players to "challenge" the same player in tournaments. I also hope you could at least give the drill host power who to "protect" because the top rankers always kick out players not giving chance for other low rankers to benefit from drills.
Not bad for what it is, but issues with rewards prompt a lower rating. Additionally, attempting to reach out to support was met with a copy & paste standard response that did not address the problem presented. Unfortunate, as the game is surprisingly well put together otherwise.
I may starting to like this game but on the first server players might not be to taken lightly on new players who wants to hit on the Boss so please make the Boss HP Longer like Canute Canute Boss Battles make it longer so most kf us can take a hit i call some players how greedy and power hungry baffons they can be and becoming high and mighty please consider this and make it longer because I didn't hit Canute today because of some power hungry players.
Good on the surface, but after playing it a couple of weeks now I can see it's a rip off. Stole up to 2000 gems from me after I bought items from the shop I never recieved. I'm glad I never spent money on this. Their counterpart, game of Sultans is much faster and this game is really slow compared to it. Download it and see. I would look past this aspect, but this is the second time I have not recieved what I purchased and I don't see the value in keeping this game anymore.
I really like this game but play is limited. Outside of union rushes, there's nothing to fight for server wise. No union type wars. Our server died within a couple of months. Only 2 really active unions and less than 50 active players. No competition at all. We need server merge. The price u pay for packages do not match what you're given and the prizes you win from rushes, don't match what you put in to winning. We earn the scroll things to change who hands out our stuff and these are pointless.
I like a lot of the things about this app. The artwork is great. I've been playing everyday. My #1 complaint is that the playable characters to choose from are all male. I'd love if there was an option to play as a woman with male consorts. Please take this into consideration! The only other aspect I think could be better and worth mentioning is the heirs appearance as they age. They should look like older versions of themselves, not totally different people, when it comes to hair and eyes.
First of all I want to thanks for the Developers of this beautiful game. this the best strategy game on play store. My strong recommendation please try this game you will definitely fall in love with this lovely game. Once again a lots of love to Developers and I heartily pray to god success of all of you for your great efforts and hard working.
Honestly one of the best games I’ve played, hopefully future updates include interactive events and more consorts. You don’t need loads of cash to win in this one, just strategy. I didn’t even spent money on this one, and that’s great. More power to the developers!
I was enjoying this game until I got an email stating that I had purchased 50 dollars worth of gems from them which I did not authorize. I am not sure how this happened. As it is a new game, I think that it might be a glitch. On their support page it says that there are no refunds. I would be more than happy to have my gems revoked or even delete my profile. Now I have VIP level 3 on a new game that still has spelling and grammar errors and am out 50 bucks. I just wanted to warn people.
Needs more... Many people left the game due to non progress with the developers. If we could move server to server people would come back. Or merge servers. When you are alone and have spend $$$$ on a game, you dont expect silence from the developers and silence from the servers. Most everyone left. Simple moves could put it back on top! Please listen to our pleas or sell to someone who will. Thank you.
Fun and entertaining, the game is similar to another game I played in the past, called Be The King, but if you are fan of Medieval European RPG, you will prefer this version. Graphics are nice, soundtrack pleasant to listen to, and game play is awesome. Players who complain that this is a pay to win game should quit their whining, for the game developers have a right to make money. However I still find paying over a thousand dollars to be a top player is a big chunk of change for a game.
It was is a good game but nothing attractive. The layout is good and I am glad to see that a lot of different functions are available right off the bat. But, the battles are monotonous and dialogues rushed. Barely no intimacy with the concubines and is extremely slow paced at the beginning. Overall it's satisfactory.
It's a good start but it seems running on an Ottoman Empire game engine. Havingany consorts is not European Christian. Very male oriented. You can't be a female character. Male characters who you cannot rename 'summon' consorts like Persian Pashas. There is no role for the Church. Needs improvement.
I love this game. Love, war, strategy and intrigue. This is a pay to win but other than that tgia is one of the best games Iv'e ever played.
I couldn't even get into the game. I left my phone on the app loading area and it still didnt start the game. then i exited out and tried again. once again, it didnt work. So i would probally not even get it a star because i had no experience except not being able to even get in.
Game of Sultans clone, but stingy. I find myself having to constantly stop my progress because I'm out of coins or troops, when it was never this difficult in Game of Sultans. The reason why is because they often reward in attributes and potions instead of money or troops. Also? If you want luck meeting consorts, you have to pay in coin, grain or diamonds. The UI is clunky. The only thing that is better about this game is how pretty the consorts and heirs are.
Horrible!!! Especially the technical part. In fact I liked the plot, the script that is very immersive. The same counts on two devices but two different games. Also, I uninstalled the game from the slower device but was earlier in the game. I don't feel like starting from scratch, especially when my name is blocked by the "ghost gameplay" that exists in the game, but I can't access it. Everything would be resolved if in the beginning they already have an account choice and then the game begins.
The game is good. Better than the more popular King's Throne: Game of Lust, a nearly identical type of game, but inferior in most aspects to this one. Problem is, the developers have been MIA and the last time the app was updated was on May 17, 2019, a year ago. Unless they decide to come back, the game has been abandoned and that's a shame.
Expensive, boring, and unnecessarily laborious. I play several of this type of game and played this specific game twice - when it first came out and again this last month or so. Was hoping it would improve but it hasn't. Fun for ~week while you speed thru early levels but lacks depth to make it fun/challenging after that. V expensive compared to other games of this type. Must be VIP3 (~$60) just to unlock 'speed up' on necessary daily actions + no way to automate battles at all. Pretty though!
The art is amazing, it's really the only reason I'm still playing. The gameplay is pretty straight forward but nothing spectacular. The voice acting could definitely use some work though. I also think having a master list explaining what everything is could help. There are a few things that I still don't understand how they work. I'd also like to see more variety in the appearance of the adult heirs.
Another useless app which inquires a lot and doesn't work saying nonsense and the the game developer doesn't even reply to anyone. NO ONE SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS APP
love it but been stuck for days. cant figure how to fly a flag at the training ground. It's my current quest so I can't progress. hoping a developer will tell me here. I love the game & the updates are great but there are some things are not obvious & clicking the ? icon doesn't give the info needed to understand.
Game itself is not good and it is pay to win. Automated battles. Additionally, when I had trouble restoring my account, I recieved an automated response and then a copy and paste poorly written response that didn't actually fix the problem. The reply below is untrue. No playable female characters; female knights who are also consorts don't fix the issue. They also refuse to merge servers, so as a result there are a lot of full servers with a lot of players who have since quit. Don't bother.
I loved this game & played it daily for 1 yr, Even paying to level up Faster & have VIP privileges. We've asked for more options & to play with other servers because everyones leaving & weekly rewards had stopped, alas Developers announced on Christmas that this beloved game is being shut down. Years & money wasted w a lot left unfinished. 😢
Good game. Would be better if there were more/easier ways to get the Heroic Maidens. And if there were easier ways for players to stay in contact with one another. Also, VIP levels should transfer if you move Servers. Just saying...
Poor event lengths. Designed solely for play-to-win. Customer service is cold and abrasive. Animations are laggy. The option to turn them off to improve game performance is there but does not work. The only positive difference about this game compared to games like it is the characters are European, which is a nice change-up from the lovely but repetitive Asian ones. I personally would love to see a game of this genre with gender options. A female ruler with male consorts? Ummm, yes please!!
Pay to win. Nice concept tho. May 23th 2020 edit: this game hasn't had an update over a year now. Pretty much abandoned.
Honest review. It's not very hard to play. And it's a good Game to play in between time intervals.. Doesn't take much. Of our time. Well story can be improved a bit and even hier mechanism also. Overall it's a good game. And In game purchases are. Not expensive either. And the best part is vip thing. Along with the content we get after purchase. We will get bonus things too as a vip. Appriciate that part. Really good. Keep it going so that we don't get boored.
DONT GET!! got it and it never loaded up, and yes I was on wifi and it was a good connection. I waited 10 minutes for it to load and when it didnt I just uninstalled it. I'm not the only one. Someone needs to fix the bugs. Many people has been having problem with you guys. Get some real work done and fix the game so people can actually play.
This is not a game. Just like Be the king, Game of Sultans and Days of Empire, this "game" has the exact same look and mechanics. There is no gameplay (everything is automatic) and to be among the best you have to pay. A lot. Skip this app, it's nothing more than a selection of pretty pictures.
I just downloaded this game and was hoping it would be a good game. I was completely let down. Played for almost 15 minutes and it closed more than 6 times, would take forever to even load the main screen. I still haven't even completed the tutorial. Really bummed out that this game is doing so poorly. If it gets fixed I'll reinstall and try again, and possibly change my review of it.
I expected this game to be a resource management game. There's no thought required at all, just a few buttons to tap over and over again. There's no storyline worth the name. I played two chapters to see if it improved, but to no avail. Overall a very boring app.
Best game in its genre! Only a few suggestions (if it wasn't for these, I'd give 5 stars) : 1) I like to listen to Spotify as I play, but the game music switches itself back on CONSTANTLY, especially if I press the in-game back button or switch to a different game screen. Very annoying, and affects gameplay experience. Please help. 2) I agree with another reviewer - pls add more choices! 3) Battles are awful!! Please make it more interactive than mash the "next" button. It's boring.
couldn't edit my previous review so here's another. you should be able to hook up with guys too, (give us the option to be bisexual! we have so many variations of handsome men that are literally impossible to resist!) and a longer character limit in the chats. just my thoughts tho. you should also have the option to be a female ruler like another person said.
Don't download unless you are rich enough to compete in this pay2win game. A player has already secure his position by paying several thousands in just a few months. Gameplay and events are repetative. Players are constantly quitting due to other players who leave no room for fair competition. Don't get trapped in this game.
Its okay. Sexist yes, but it's reflective of the era it portrays. It is a little unbalanced when it comes to challenges. But overall its ok. after playing the game for a while it has become apparent to me that the only way to truly advance is to spend real money. now I have done that because I will give a game a chance, but I will not continue to do that just so I can advance. the more you spend in this game the more you have to so that has made this game a No-No for me
This is a dupe for Game of Sultans. It's okay but it isn't as cohesive as GOS. GOS is definitely better hands down. You'll just be in the ottoman empire vs European empire as with royal affairs. If you like this game, you'll LOVE game of sultans. It actually has updates and is being worked on all the time and there's more people to chat and make friends with.
This is falsely advertised as a choices romance game. It's really just an auto battle 'war' game. The game is time dependant, so if you join late you'll always be behind unless you're a cashcow who likes spending thousands on dead servers. There's hardly anything to do and it's so boring that half the server is dead/leaves. Important aspects of the game are not explained. Support gives circle responses that doesn't answer the question. They won't help recover account when fb won't login either.
Good artstyle & character models, points for adding voicework to several xharacters, though it clips in echo sometimes(might be my janky touchscreen). Text could be bigger on the mobile app. I will give the critique I have yet to see anything it offers to set it apart from similar games in a significant way
the game was fun at first. I collected what I needed to get a higher vip and to recharge but the game wouldn't let me. so I asked customer support and he replied with a "dear lord you can see it on the vip bar." well that was rude, but after showing him with a screen shot and he finally told me I had to buy gem packs. I don't need gems and I collect what it said so I could get a higher vip. I don't think you should have to buy things to play or you get stuck. I will be checking out other games.
Fantastic graphics, fun events, easy to play, no need to spend rivers of money to progress , addictive story line ( I suggest some more choices in it like: spare or execute enemy, be polite or be angry), beautiful characters and you never get bored. I will certainly recomend it to my friends it's really cool. It would be fun if there were some male consorts, I know consorts are only to make heirs but it would be awesome considering there are some beautiful men in the town to have a lover option.
Game is honestly amazing but its like the people who made the game dont really care anymore. For example, for Halloween all we players got was some orbs and a measly amount of gems. No event, nothing. The "Halloween gift" was crappier than the lowest tier title in the game. Also, there are so few people active that sometimes the game becomes too boring. It would be much better if there was a server merge or maybe more x server events. Otherwise its a good game that doesn't eat up your cash.
I just downloaded this app, and I am getting a "telefile format error" message. I was interested in this game, but it looks like I'm not the only one with this issue... Edit: I tried logging in again last night and it finally let me in. This game is very similar to another game I regularly play, but I like the knights and number of consorts better in this game. Hopefully more dialogue options with the consorts will come eventually.