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The Room Two

The Room Two for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fireproof Games located at Hays House Millmead Guildford GU2 4HJ United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thoroughly enjoyable, puzzles weren't overly challenging, maybe a couple of times you will need the hint help, especially if you have already completed Room 1, as that will give you the general mechanics of the game. That said, puzzles shouldn't be that obscure/disconnected as to not know what to do next... Great game...Good for a few hours of your time...
Addictive environmental puzzle game with an unsettling atmosphere. The story unravels through letters that only lend to the strangeness. Definitely worth playing through. Only complaint is depending on screen size, some of the interactive elements are a little more difficult in manipulating. Beyond that, everyone should check this title out.
I really liked this game. Only thing is the clues.....the clues didn't match up to your progress. It was like they didn't realize you had accomplished a task already. I feel like the room one was better at applying better logic on which clues to display. Overall, pretty enjoyable!
I've said in a review for another The Room game, these devs make an amazing product. The graphics are great, the audio is outstanding, the puzzles are fun, but I realize now, maybe most importantly, they are weaving a story here that I want more of. I need more of the Null... As an afterthought, I've been trying some similar games from other devs, and Fireproof has somehow made the best controls with the least amount of accident clicks and zooms.
I just finished The Room and decided to purchase the second game. I thoroughly enjoyed both. The Room Two gave more of what I was hoping with The Room. The notes connected to puzzles and it was truly a challenge. I highly recommend these games to anyone who is a fan of escape room type play. I will now move on to The Room Three.
Absolutely the best game I have played. I thought the first Room game was good but this game is extraordinary. The graphics and design are outstanding and the game is a really tough challenge without being impossible like some. If you like puzzles, get this!!!
I don't give rating very often but this game takes the cake on puzzle/escape/problem solving games. The graphics, the story line, and the puzzles are grade A++++. This is one game you are missing out I'd you haven't played it.
Just brilliant, perfectly pitched between smooth running and tough halts. I find that every time I get stuck I leave the session and come back later. I almost always solve the previously insoluble puzzle immediately. Very rewarding, fun, humorous & compelling and the graphics are FAB! 10/10
Just amazing! I'll be sad when I complete every single one of your games. Which will probably take a minute. It's like finishing a good book. This game took several hours to complete. Sometimes it's have to put it down and come back after an hour. Try solving without hints, that will extend playtime.
Enjoyed the game so far. I've also played the previous game, just completed this game. Looking forward to play the room 3. I highly recommended this game, quite fun. The music is fantastic, best played using earphone or headphone.
Just finished the second game after finishing the first one the night before. Enjoyed the improvements over the first one. Puzzle mechanics were the same for the most part but there was a few new ones to figure out too. There is a noticeable progression in how to solve them. Not sure if they were harder or I was just less impatient. Usually whenever I caved and needed a hint, I found it was often something I tried but the controls weren't cooperating. The narrative is simple yet captivating.
Very enjoyable! Came across The Room accidently but was quickly hooked. The Room Two is more of the same, in a good way! There are fewer puzzles but more steps and the graphics are still fantastic. The storyline is still vague - but more fleshed out this time and it's becoming clearer. Cant wait to start room three!
They've done it again. The first was great and so is this. What a pleasure to play. Looks fantastic and lots of intriguing puzzles that are fun to decode. About the right level of difficulty (with prompts, should you get stuck). Well worth paying for.
Phenomenal game! I recommend this game to my father who was diagnosed with dementia and altimeters and beating cancer. This is strengthening his comprehension skills! Thank you so much to developers on making such an amazing game!
Absolutely love this game. The only slight complaint is that sometimes the hints are delayed when I've already done what the hint is suggesting and won't move to the next hint for quite a while.
This was quite true puzzle and I enjoyed the first and second a lot. The wrap up of the story was really well done and I look forward to playing more by the creators. I love puzzle games and this satiated a hunger that not a lot of games that have come out recently can. The story was well thought out and even though I felt stumped at times, it wasn't something that would make me quit out of frustration. I also enjoy how many different styles of mechanics are employed in the mechanics of it all.
I'm working backwards, having discovered the VR chapter first. Hungry for more (many are...every day I see a request for "anything as good as Dark Matter"), I sought out the beginning of the saga, and I'm not sorry. These are the absolute gold standard in puzzle games. Please make many more! (I'm so excited to have two more mobile chapters. When I finish those I'll have to rejoin the sad, hopeful souls who just want another Room!)
Same beautiful graphics and slightly wonky controls as the first game. This game had more of an escape room feel, as we're given multiple areas across a room to work with. I had to take stars off for the horror elements. This is a really solid puzzle game, but I'm very sensitive and scare easily, so I couldn't fully enjoy this game. There are ways to make a game atmospheric and interesting without diving into the morbid. Not sure I'll play the next one
So good!! It has a really cool eerie, haunted vibe. Great sound effects and music. The hints are done well, so you can keep moving through without having to use YouTube to cheat, but they don't hand you the answer right away. Some very creative minds made this game. Very impressive.
For me the best escape game ever! Amazing graphics, crazy locations and great puzzles. The difficulty level is just right, not too hard and not too easy, it keeps you attached to the screen till the end!
I love escape games and have played through various types. The Room beats all other games hands down. This is an amazing puzzle game. It keeps you fixated, entertained and gets the brain cells working. Absolutely loved this game. I didn't ever want it to end. Please keep making more games like this.
Absolutely phenomenal. Not only are the puzzles engaging, the story itself is interesting and the aesthetic is spot on from start to finish. Also has one of the best hint systems ive seen in one of these games. Definitely worth the money.
The Room series are some of the BEST mobile games ive ever played. Great graphics, great controls, challenging puzzles, and an interesting story. Highly recommend every one of these games and i hope Fireproof makes more!
A fair bit easier than the original game, but an expanded storyline and more natural progression through tasks make this release, overall, more enjoyable than the first. Thank you, devs, for turning on the lights in Room Two ... the original game was just too dark.
This is the second of a series of puzzle games. 20 more times intricate and detailed than the first. The basis is Japanese puzzle box's. Well worth the few Β£ asked for. The graphics are very good. Colour and lighting are excellent. Look like a professional has done them. Great to get the family involved with during the Covid19 lock down. The walkthrough available is almost two hours, so expect to take several days to get anywhere near completion. πŸ˜„πŸ€ͺπŸ₯΅πŸ§πŸ˜²πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ πŸ˜©πŸ˜³πŸ₯΄πŸ˜΅πŸ™„πŸ€”
This is THE mystery game!! Never seen anything as good as it and it's well worth the money! I couldn't put my phone down for The Room One and had to really hold me back from playing Two all in one go and will now go straight on to Three πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ Thank you and keep up the great work Fireproof Games!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I bought this game within the same minute I completed the first Room. I couldn't wait. More of the same brilliance, and more fantastic puzzles. The thing I like most about these games is it rewards observation and attention to details. They seem to be at just the right level to be challenging, but solvable without being patronising. The satisfaction of working out how something works, then dismantling it is very rewarding. Once I'd finished this one, I didn't hesitate to buy number 3!
Intuitive interface and challenging puzzles! But not too challenging to make you frustrated. I say puzzles but it's more of finding pieces and putting them in the right spot. Great atmosphere.
Like the original, the puzzles were both frustrating and delightful as all good puzzles should be. When you get it right it's quite an accomplishment, but don't expect it to be easy, at least not most of the time. ;)
So much better than some escape/puzzle rooms. I like the story with it. And i like the free hints. I also like that the puzzles are challenging but not frustrating
Thoroughly Fascinating and Captivating! I haven't played many mobile games as I typically prefer my PC or consoles if I'm going to take the time to play a game. However, I started playing these on my phone to have some enjoyment during long traveling trips and things like that. It did not disappoint at all! It works quite well with touch interaction as well. The graphics are highly impressive for a mobile game! I feel it helps hone my puzzle solving mental prowess. Top-notch mobile experience!!
Only reason your getting a 4 is because almost no one believes a 5 anymore. I enjoyed this game so much. The graphics are awesome and the play is just difficult enough to make you take a break, but you always come back.
Love these games. A bit short, but worth every penny for storyline and graphics. I feel like calling some of these "puzzles" is a huge understatement. Always was a fan of Lovecraft, to me these fit the old storylines in a way that I could picture, recommend all the way,
Great fun and challenging. I keep hints turned off as for me they give a little too much away. Lovely graphics and interesting story (not that I fully understand it). Thanks for a good game. I look forward to playing The Room Three. Mike
I have been looking for a series of engaging puzzle games that take me back to how I felt when first playing Myst. The Room Series does this as well as tickling my penchant mystery/suspense (even horror). The puzzles are challenging, but the clues make them completely doable. The graphics and embedded story keep me coming back for more. I am devouring the 5 I have. Please keep making them! How about a version for the PC, since my aging eyes don't do as well on my phone as they used to.
I would give it a five star, but it's just simply too dark and has to be played in a very dark lit room to be able to see. Also, if you're not touching exactly the right spot things that are supposed to move won't move and it's quite frustrating. This game may be best played with a couple of fine point stylist. Otherwise ingenious in its layout and it's execution.
I don't usually reveiw games but The Room 2 (and The Room) is the best puzzle game I have ever played. I may go as far to say as one of the best mobile games. Although the story wasn't quite as good as the original Room, it is still very entertaining and just a fun game to play. Really good mix of easy and harder puzzles, and the ending after the lab left me speechless. Definitly worth the Β£1.99.
The puzzles are atmospheric and not so hard you need a walkthrough... though it's easy to overlook stuff if you're not thorough. I enjoyed my time with it and at this price it's a steal. I'll admit I found the story hard to follow but it's not really important to enjoy the puzzles.
Even though this is rather an old game, I can say for a fact that this is the best puzzle game I have ever played in my entire life! The story can be rather a bit confusing to me but I believe that's just because I'm not exactly one to understand that of space or science. But I think the story in general is still amazing and very original!! And I absolutely loved the fact that each room also had its own independent story to it! Can't wait to play the third!!
Absolute satisfaction for inquisitive gamers. Graphics and storyline hit their mark. I have recommended these games to every game player I know have received back nothing but very positive comments. I could write quite a bit more, but Room 3 awaits me...
Ok. This is 3rd game in The Room series I purchased and played and I think it's the most easiest out of three. The story is short and not much interesting. Some chapter is too short and too easy that I thought "Huh? That short? Did I do sth wrong?". But I like the feeling of some exorcism movies the game gave me when I solved the Tarot puzzle. Anyway, I will difinitely buy the next The Room game because it's all good so far and worth my money.
I played this series of games years ago, but I allways seem to come back. Like there are more riddles to be solved. Things I missed. It is without a doubt the best made puzzle game that I've whitnessed. I end up buying it over and over again for I change phones and accounts, and you know what? I'm happy to pay for it. It is a small price for a huge experience and this game is worth more in my opinion. I hope more games will come, in the same genre or a different one. Thank you Sincerily, Kaizer
Better then the first, interesting story and the puzzles were fun. There were some, not a lot of areas in this game that looked like they would be of use but were not. It wasn't very difficult and if you have a short memory like me there's more back and forth in this game but it was still very fun. Off to try the next one :D
It's tough for me to find a game that I can really say that I love and find myself addicted to! The Room Two, the continuation of The Room One was absolutely just as fun and phenomenal as the first!! I finished both games in a matter of 2 days because I couldn't put the darn thing down! Now I'm onto the next chapter to binge finish it too!! πŸ˜‚
I got #3 with a discount code, so I played 3-1-2. This game builds on all of the great stuff from the first game - graphics, story, mechanics/gameplay, environment. Two minors complaints. The lighting can make some parts hard to see, even in a dim room with brightness way up. Love the tacile feel of the game, but sometimes navgation and zooming can get frustrating- especially when the screen starrs rotating when trying to move pieces of a puzzle or open a drawer.
Requires you to think but not so hard that you want to throw your phone. Only four stars because I always wish "The Room" games were longer and low-to-no replayability. But the immersive storyline, audio and plot are A+!
I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd installment of "The Room." It's been years since I've completed the "1st Room," & it seemed to have more "rooms." However, this "Room" was more intriguing where I actually got stumped & really had to look "outside the πŸ“¦ ." No lie, there's one room that made my skin crawl once I got to a certain point, I was like damn πŸ˜†. I highly recommend this challenge along with the 1st. I'll be buying the next to see where the story goes.....enjoy πŸ˜‰
I loved it!, only costed me $1.99 for countless hours of deep thought to solve. And one very important note, NO ADS whatsoever. I am downloading Room 3 as I type this.
Resume doesn't work for me in Chapter 3. Twice I've paused and Quit the game during Chapter 3 expecting to finish later. Both times it leaves me outside the open entry door at the beginning of Chapter 3 and I cannot get back into the room. I still have the artifacts that I had picked up during original play, I just cannot enter the room to continue. Otherwise it is interesting and the graphics are good.
This game is excellent I loved it. I loved how intricate and how well thought out literally every facet of the game is just like the first one and now I'm off to buy the 3rd and eventually the 4th installment which I believe is call Old Sins. I would recommend this game to anyone especially if its someone who is into games that make you think and in that thinking help you solve the superbly made puzzles this game provides. To you who are reading this its definitely worth buying I promise ya that
Amazing game!! Bought it after playing the first one, and will happily look for new ones as they come along. Graphics are amazing. Game is a bit hard, but the clues help lead you in the right direction. Would highly recommend for any puzzle lover like myself!!
This is honestly my favorite game series. The graphics, the game play, the chilling music. Its not a pay-to-win, either. You just go about your business. I can't recommend this game enough. This is, by far, the best game on Google Store.
Great in-depth detail. I would highly recommend this to those who are more than average thinkers. Definitely worth the purchase!!!!!
This second game in the series was fantastic, it kept me entertained for ages, the puzzles were a bit more challenging which was great, but if you ever get stuck theres clues to help you on your way, the storyline is fantastic too. Im off to try the room 3 now but i would highly recommend this game to anyone x
Amazing game. I loved the first one and this one was even better. Very intricate puzzles that were at times frustrating. But it wouldn't be one with our a little confusion here and there
A little different from the first one which made me skeptical at first. Feels like an actual "room escape" with more than just a "box" to solve. Ending up really liking the way the game play turned out. Still creative with the puzzles and storyline. Very interactive.
Absolutely awesome series of games so far. I've played 1 and just finished 2. Already downloaded 3 and 4. Challenging, brilliant graphics, spooky soundtrack and awesome creepy feel to the game. Brilliant value for money. A must for those who like to solve puzzles. Has given myself and my 9-year old daughter much joy figuring things out together. Hope there's a number 5 out SOON!! :o
Truly worth the price of admission! Great graphics and very engaging. I do not usually pay for apps...but gave this a go after reading reviews and getting bored of other escape room games. Keep up the good work.
Love this series of games. The only negative thing i can say is occasionally the controls don't work correctly making you think you are doing the puzzle wrong. Also the little writing they use in the notes that are left around are way to hard to see on a smart phone the writing is way way to small. It's also like this on some of the puzzles. Other than that this game ROCKS I love it πŸ˜€
Fantastic game! I enjoyed the story even better than the first Room. The graphics are incredible. The puzzles are unique, not repetitive like in a lot of escape games. They're hard but not impossible. I did use hints, but mostly when I was just too tired to think straight. My only complaint is how dark (literally) the game is. I turned my phone's brightness all the way up to play. But I'm also about 100, so it might just be my eyes.
Great game. It was short and the controls i.e. game mechanics were a bit cantankerous at times. Often you'll get a hint and either go 'duh' or 'how was I supposed to make that connection.' Maybe it was just me. But I think I paid $2 and it's definitely worth it or more.
This game is so well done, and engaging without being so hard it's impossible to play. You can turn hints off if you want to, to make it more challenging. Glad they took away the ominous music the first game had: it was too stressful for me. All in all this game is awesome!
Lots of challenging puzzles This game will keep you busy for a while. Its a different experience, as far as room escape games go. Great graphics and some creepy images. The controls are not great, but that's to be expected in an open concept escape game. The story line gradually peeters out, if you care to follow it...Overall, its challenging and entertaining! I enjoyed it!
If you enjoyed the first Room game, this ups the antΓ© significantly. The puzzles are more intuitive and require a good deal of lateral thinking. The amount of care and interest that went into making part two not only as good as the first but also unique in its own way really shows. My one complaint is that sometimes the camera can be a bit wonky, and will spin the room like a roulette for a second before settling down.
Loved it from jump. Great graphics and awesome game play. Would have been 5 stars if only the game was a little longer. Not to brag but I beat it in a day and a half (might have been a day if not for work)
I've completed both The Room one and two and it just keeps me coming back for more. I really enjoy that there is skill and patience involved coupled with the mysterious storyline. I admit, I have no clue where the story is going but maybe that's the point. Anyway, I recommend this game, well worth the $.
This is actually my favorite mobile game. The puzzles are fun, with secret codes and mysterious contraptions to explore. I love the aesthetics, which have an early 20th century mad scientist vibe. There are multiple levels (rooms). Highly recommend! Looking forward to playing The Room 3.
Yes, absolute HIGHLY rated. The real life puzzels (if you can call them that) are extremely detailed and intricate (in purpose). Each room starts out simple but then progresses to more as you solve the room. (Don't expect to get through this easily.) There are optional hints, but they are somewhat vague, so don't think they are "give aways" - you still have to work at it. Need a challenge? This is it.
I am absolutely LOVING these games! I have never purchased any other games in all the years I've been playing...these are the first ones I've actually bought and I am SO happy I did! I'm so excited just knowing I have more Room games yet to buy and play!
I really enjoyed the game, my friend has recommended this series so I've been picking them up on sale and the second game in I'm not disappointed. The hint system is good at not exactly always telling you what to do but to just bump you on the right track 'cause at times there's a lot going on. I highly recommend this game. The controls were a bit jank on the phone, but mostly worked fine. There were a few instances for example where I had to manipulate drawers, but it kept just turning the view
Amazing puzzle room game. Has wonderful interactions and puzzles, a great optional hint system to help avoid frustration from getting stuck, and an intriguing story that slowly develops as you play. I highly recommend this game!
Into escape room games and that, came from a recommendation after playing all the Rusty Lake games. The story was cool but I think it could have made more sense and been more of a feature and that would've made the game more fun and dramatic. But pretty good logic stuff I liked it. And the graphics are insane. Just think for all that effort you might as well put more of a story behind it. But I loved it! Pls make more 🧑🧑
A great adventure. Tests your wits and then some, but gorgeous mechanics make it so satisfying when you crack the puzzles. For Β£1.99, it's a no brainer. But don't try paying it if you have no brain - it can be rather tough!
Excellent, thoughtful game. Then why only 4stars. Really due to how dark the game is throughout. It may be my device but even with the brightness at max it was difficult at times to see at times. Don't let this put you off, this requires some thought but non of the puzzles are too hard.
This game is fire!!I loved the first one and played it twice ,and found out there were more. I'm so excited to continue on to the next one. I recommend this if you love brain tests puzzles. The ending to this game was alot more trickier then I expected but, all in all great game. Keep up the good work!!
This is my second play through of The Room 2 after a few years. I am still captivated by it. It is beautiful. The puzzles are rarely very hard which is exactly what I'm looking for. Casual fun that doesn't try to gouge my pockets. Highly, highly recommended.
This game was so great. The graphics, the animation, and especially the puzzles. The puzzles really challenged my brain, and seeing all the contraptions and such kept me goin. I loved this game so much. I highly HIGHLY reccomend anyone to play this. And the price is great, and worth every penny.
The Room1 was insane.Working to open boxes and boxes was really fun and it was the 1st game I found that we were able to open those mystery boxes electronically!The Room2 was more elaborate. Good puzzles,a few swear wordsπŸ˜… If you could maybe make another"The room"but with boxes that we open, then its another boxe and it goes on and on😁
Absolutely awesome game with a great amount of levels for a small price. Great puzzles, perfect level of difficulty for me which gets you thinking but prevents frustration. Straight onto the next one!
Super entertaining! I like how it also has a spiritual, magical and alchemical vibe to it. Highly recommended. Caveat emptor, it might even pry open your third eye a little bit. πŸ‘πŸ™
This game is so intense. I LOVE the challenge! I wanted to give up a couple of times but couldnt, had to stay with it n figure it out! This is the type of games i love to play but noy many out that is so graphic n challenging as this one and the 1st Room Game. Amazing!!! Want more!
This for me is the best game for graphics, puzzles, and mind challenges. Just buy it, you will not regret it. And while your there I highly recommend The room, and The Room three. AWESOME. Thanks guys, you do some.realky good games, well up there with the house of devinci
Pretty good. Amazing imagination and thought must have gone into the puzzles. I'd have preferred a less gloomy environment though I realise it adds to the... ambience. Also, hints are maybe too easy to access. But hey ho, I'm nitpicking. It's an amazing game. And on a phone. Reminds me a little bit of myst and riven, two of my favourite games from the past. Excellent work guys.
100/10 game. It's a huge step up from the first. The first one is just puzzles on a table while this one is an entire room. Playing with headphones makes it greater. Can't wait to play the next one I just bought. Plz make more. The graficts are also 100/10
The best game app series in the world. Literally. Bar none. So beautifully designed, intricate puzzles, very tactile, poetic messages with a sense of history and adventure. Eerie and dark. Difficult enough without being frustrating. Very satisfying and enjoyable throughout. Can't recommend this enough. Well worth paying for.
OH EM GEE! This game was simply marvelous to play!! Wow! Absolutely stunning features, suspence thru the whole game, eerie noises and atmosphere!! How much better can this game be? Sincerely 1 of the best games ive played hands down!! Phenomenal job you guys!!! 10 out of 10!!! More please. I highly highly highly recommend this game to everyone that wants a challenge. Very good price too. Very happy and i want MORE!!!!
Super good 'n' stuff. At least as good as the first one. The puzzles did seem a little easier than the first one but maybe there were more of them? Great graphics and sound. Lame story and reading the letters is useless except for a couple - meaning you have to plod through all the drivel for a couple important clues. But that's par for the course with this type of game so I don't count it as a strike. Everything else was great, just wish it was a little longer.
The second time around is even better!!! You guys at Fireproof have made yet another great game! I honestly am struggling to even try to find something I don't like about this game. Puzzles awesome! Sounds are amazing! Creepy experience! Me and my daughter played it together and had a great time! Keep up the great work. A+ job! Can't wait to start the next one.
I cannot say enough good things about these games!!!!!! If you get bored with other easier games, this series is for you. You might get frustrated, but never bored, and of course there's clues, but they don't give up the goods, or let you skip to the solution. 10/10 would recommend!
Great job Fireproof! I don't spend money on phone games, but i absolutely had to buy the 2nd one. I obsessively played the first, it was awesome. The second game even beat out the first!! Great story line, amazing graphics. I truly had a blast! Not even in the same ballpark as other puzzle games. You guys are in a whole nother world!! I have shared these games to everyone i know. Im hooked..i must have the next!
Really an excellent game. Even better than the first story wise. I just wish there were MORE puzzles. Yet at the same time, the game is only $1, so you get a decent amount of content for such a small price. Excellent graphics, interesting storyline, and great puzzles. Highly recommended!
Perfect puzzle game with tight controls, interspersed with some easy storyline backdrop to create a bit of theatrics around the experience. Challenging while at no point did I feel any of the solutions were impossible.
Great game and excellent puzzles. I loved the effects they used in the game. The puzzles make you think, but are not so complicated that you can't solve them. The Room 2 felt longer and more involved than The Room, which I also highly recommend. I am going to get the next couple in the series as well because these were fun.
As with the original (The Room), this game sucks you in. From the beginning you are not simply playing a game but actually feel as though you've entered a different reality. Amazing graphics. Great puzzles. πŸ‘ I highly recommend both!
Absolutely amazing. I haven't found a game like this anywhere. Worth every penny!!! I played the original room on the switch and immediately got it the rest of the series for my phone. Keep making them please
Fireproof Games scores another hit with the second installment of The Room series. Amazing graphics and challenging puzzles keep the user experience one that is nearly impossible to put down. Hints are useful when one loses their way. No ads, just great gameplay from an amazing group of independent developers. Get off your wallets and support this team so they can continue making more entertaining games.
An exceptional, engaging, thought provoking exercise for critical thinking. A must for people who love game designers who think outside the box. The first and now this second The Room puzzles are great mind puzzles with wonderful sound effects and graphics. I wish I could give it a 10 out of 10! Hint: turn your screen's brightness up if you're very stumped.
This is a great game. Was easy to navigate. The puzzles are not to hard to figure out. But it has hints. It reminded me of the Myst & Riven games. I would suggest this game to anyone.
Reminds me of Myst and Riven from when I was a kid. If you enjoy puzzle boxes, mechanical puzzles and logic puzzles you will love it. It is challenging but not overly difficult. Story is mysterious and intriguing, if a bit shallow. It's not too hard to beat in a few hours. I played the original and this one both in one day. If you are playing casually though it will probably last you quite a bit longer than it did for me. I attacked it hard. Great game for a mobile game, and no pay to win.
Overall really enjoyed the game. Puzzles were just hard enough to make you think a bit. I wish it were a little longer. Just downloaded 3. The only downside was the graphi s were a little dark in parts. Though this did add to the atmosphere it made seeing details tricky at times. I would have given 4.5 if I could have.A very good game. I would recommend it.
I have played all of the Rooms. And a m on my second ground. They are outstanding games. They make youThink you have to solve some amazing puzzles. Please make a Room 5!!!
Superb. Fantastically atmospheric, puzzles have a range of difficulties and occasionally leave you kicking yourself. Really great for just killing a few minutes, hours, days... Controls intuitive, you really forget you are interacting with a screen.
While the in-game lighting leaves something to be desired (like the first game), the plot and puzzles are satisfying and keep me moving. The clues range from obvious (this crank can be used somewhere!) to extremely useful (go here and press this button). That being said, a lot of the "puzzles" are you struggling to see anything in the poor lighting your character is stuck in, or fighting the controls.
This game and it's entire franchise is amazing. The puzzles are challenging and the plot it intriguing but doesn't overwhelm. The visuals are interesting and the puzzles are creative. I think anybody and everyone should play this game.
That's the second complete for me in two days, very addictive. If you like your mind to be taxed, have a relative amount if patience to work out the puzzles, this is for you.. on to the next...
Lost for hours :) I did 'The Room' (One) 1st, and this is the 2nd... go figure The Room & The Room Two... INCREDIBLE!! So engaging that I would lose track of time and hours would've passed. The puzzles are complex, but not so much that a quick clue can't give you a nudge in the right direction. The story is fairly good and graphics are great. I look forward to completing the next Room.
The best "escape room" genre game I've ever played, hints are available when you need them without being too obvious, sometimes just pushing you to look again at something you already looked at
Started with Original Sins and got hooked on 'The Room' series. Challenging enough to keep it interesting without being overly frustrating. The ongoing storyline that ties everything together is a nice bonus but not necessary to complete gameplay. Each individual room within each game is self contained and with the exception of Original Sins, you do not need to bring anything from one room to the next to complete the puzzel and stay ahead of the null.
I really do love this game, just as much as the first one!! Well worth the 2 bucks I spent on it. I give it 5 stars BC of that. However, I do wish it took me more than a few hours of playing to beat it! Its so addicting I cant put it down. Then I'm done and sad that its over!! But I'm sure with how well put together and amazing the graphics, story line, and animation is, it would take forever to make it much longer! Lol well done!
My husband found this game for me , and it is addictive . I love the exploring and puzzles. It is not so ridiculously hard , but you do have to use your brain . The hints or helps are just reminders of what you already know so it's not giving the play away. I love the graphics and story . The only thing I don't care for are the bright flashes of light . I wish I had found this awhile ago . I will definitely be looking up more games .
Love this game! I have played the first one a couple of times, now am on my first try at The Room 2. It is challenging, yet not impossible, and if you do find that you need a little extra help, there are walkthroughs on YouTube. Still, for the most part, I have found that you rarely need them. Having fun on The Room 2 & already looking forward to The Room 3. Pay the 5.00 for the game; it's worth it.
The over all game play is very well done there are a few issues I found to be a bit irritating, issue 1 I found the words under the ship very hard to move up or down, issue number 2 was the levers on the desk trying to move them up or down was all most next to impossible, the 3rd issue I found was the cards it could have used a highlighted icon underneath them when you put them in spot 1, 2, or 3 that way you would know what spot they where going too, other then this the game was truly great.
Wow, for a phone, this is an amazing puzzle game. The hints are just enough, and I've enjoyed the brain exercises as well as the story line. Just finished the first, and I bought the second. For games as great as these, i dont mind paying.
Absolutely amazing game! The intricacies in some of the puzzles are so much fun to discover the sequences to advance. My only gripe is I wish it had more chapters to complete but still well worth the few bucks to play. Amazing job fireproof with the story and puzzles. Please keep them coming!
This game has wonderfully detailed graphics, sound, and animations. Puzzles are challenging, without being exasperating. It does offer clues if needed, but I'm usually sorry I peaked as the conclusions are always logical.
a lot of fun. they are far more clever than other find and seek games. the other's are a one dimensional black and white comic book picture--flat. this game has character and charm. the graphics are fantastic. love the realism of the notes. really adds to the theme. like there really was someone there to tell his story. I felt apart of the search. I actually got into the game. it lets you use your brain. I was intrigued with what was going to happen next. I was trying to figure out patterns. WD
First let me start by saying I don't usually pay for phone games but have bought and played the first 2 and will most likely be getting the others. These games are very well put together, fun, and have good story lines. The combination of excitment, thrill, amazing graphics, and incredible puzzles makes it worth the purchase. Can't wait for more.
Very intriguing.. It didn't last long enough!! Only because I enjoyed it so much.. great graphics, challenging puzzles, all logical.. try not to use clues, keep plugging and the solutions will manifest themselves and your sense of accomplishment will be that much greater. A tip of the hat to the developers, Thank You.
Very well made game. Solving the puzzles is intuitive and flows very nicely! The hints are helpful when you need them - I only needed a few. Great game!
As a game the test the mind, the puzzles and challenges are ok but nothing hugely complex. Where this game really excels is as an experience - the graphics, the soundtrack, the gameplay.....it's so immersive, right from the get go with the eerie theme music. Play it with headphones and it will leave you on edge, but in a great way. I've played all of the first 3 Room games 2-3 times over the past few years....mostly because I can't remember the puzzles but mainly because I wanted to relive it!