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The Room Three

The Room Three for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fireproof Games located at Hays House Millmead Guildford GU2 4HJ United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Superb! The graphics, sound and atmosphere are astoundibg for any game let alone when played on a cell phone. The number of puzzles has dramatically increased and they are still very unique. The notes left by the "craftsman" are almost always useless drivel but I didn't read them once I lost interest and still finished the game. The alternate ending feature is intriguing as I felt I had left several things unexplored the first time I finished.
Best game of any sort. While still considering the frustration from my inability to solve the problems at times, the solutions are not too complicated. Having completed one, two and now three, I find there's multiple ways to complete the game! Added value with more bang for my bucks, maybe, but I'll not rest until I complete all outcomes. I hope the people who make these games keep pumping them out!
So good!!! This series has been the best atmospheric horror puzzle experience I could ever ask for. You can turn off hints which is great and the puzzles are challenging without being completely obscure. I have not played the alternate endings yet, but I definitely will. I also can't wait to play Old Sins. Thank you Fireproof for making these absolute masterpieces. Worth the money for sure.
This one was a bit of a step back. Story, visuals, atmosphere, all great, and I liked exploring the open layout, but it lead to a lot more simple switch pulling. There are great puzzles, but there's also a lot of "how do I open this box? Oh, I turn the latch." I enjoy working things out, so a box that behaves like a box wasn't very satisfying. Also, unless I missed it, there was no clues on how to open the safe. I had to look it up and the solution felt very Lucasarts (abstract).
This game is beyond amazing! I'm downloading the 4th installment now. I have never bought a game before and in less than a week's time this will be my fourth purchase!!(don't tell the hubby lol) I can not wait to get started on the next one. I've never enjoyed a game so much. The graphics are amazing, the detail is crazy good. The story line is even interesting. I was sad when it said I finished the game, I thought about playing the alternate endings but I was too excited to get to the next one!
A really good installment for puzzle games. And one of the things I really enjoyed the most about this game (I wont spoil the ending) is that you really need to pay attention to how you play the game. Because the journey itself is a giant puzzle.
The room series and also birdcage ay be perfect examples of how to do a puzzle or "escape"type of game. I love that the developers didnt over-rely on calculations or should i say mathematical problems like most games of this type tends to do just for the sake of "difficulty". I love tinkering through the different creative mechanisms from the first game to this, how different parts interact with one another. I havent played old sins yet but im confident it would ne totally awesome like the rest.
Great hidden object/puzzle/escape series - I've enjoyed all three Updating and removing a star for an issue with the volume controls. Muting the game only applies within your profile - so if you exit and come back later, the music plays until you've selected your profile, even if it is the only oneon the device. The setting also appears to be ignored when you get to thecut scene atthe end of the game. This can be very embarrassing, and disturbing to people nearby!
This is a beautiful game! The puzzles are not stupidly complex or frustratingly easy. They strike a nice balance. There is additional fun to find all four endings, but even that was satisfying.
I LOVE The Room game series! Every game is worth every penny. If you love interesting, unique, and challenging puzzles, this game series is for you. The Room games have deep and complex lore woven throughout every game- it'll give you chills and leave you on the edge of your seat. Every puzzle is unique and interesting. There are free hints avalible when you get stuck, but you can turn them off for a REAL challenge. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous and detailed. The controls are simple. 5☆!
AMAZING! If i could give out more stars, I would. A very submersible game with very clever and inginuous puzzles that will keep you hooked until the end! I am ready to download the next installment of this series. They are worth the money you spend on them. The graphics are amazing as well. Keep them coming!
The best in the series. It's so damn long too so lots of fun times to be had. I got a bad end so I'm gonna try again. Not any time soon, though, because that was exhausting! Thoroughly enjoyed myself! NOTICE: Flashing lights/images warning.
Some of the best money I ever spent. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of playing this game, especially building and exploring the wooden model and the diving helmet. Playing the extra endings is also quite rewarding because you finally get to interact with some of the pieces you've been wondering about the whole first time.
Simply amazing I am absolutely hooked on these series of games one of the bests set of games for my phone that I have bought cheaply I might add. Now I'm off to try some stuff with part 3 that I won't speak of and spoil for anyone then I'm gonna start part 4 Old Sins. A game you won't regret getting all of them really...
Game is incredibly hard, even with hints, it still can be hard to maneuver about. (I had to even go online and use walkthrough to get through a certain part.) Would be really great if there was a skip to next part if something is just too hard. With all that said, oddly enough I do enjoy the game, and would recommend to others. Most puzzles are well thought of , and definitely took time to make up, and graphics are superb, can't say enough about them.
This game is unbelievable!! It's my very favorite so far. I just love the graphics, the story, the puzzles, everything! Hints don't give it away. Great sound! No glitches! I played the first two and can't wait to get to old sins. I hope there will be more coming. You guys are the cream of the crop. I can't say enough positive things about this series. No one comes close. Please keep it up.!!
I want MORE!! Seriously this game is genius. I love this kind of puzzle game and I've played many many 'escape room' games. This one blows them all out of the water. It's very challenging but still totally doable. Clues will poo occasionally only when you're struggling and only if you want. Literally the ONLY thing I would add is a map. I struggled at times to find my way around!
I love the way this game keeps me engaged. Continually making me think and problem solve. Making me think outside the box (or room if you will) and never failing to surprise or impress me! I can not wait to find more rooms! Absolutely ingenious! More! Give me more please!
By far the best puzzle game(s) I have ever played. Puzzles are intricate and involve using your brain in way you might not be used to. The attention to detail is just amazing, keep up the great work!
Loved it. I would rate it 4.9 stars if I could. Design flaw w/ chandelier. Not everyone has expensive tablets/devices or the fastest internet speeds, so it lagged so bad, the chandelier wouldn't swing back and forth. My tablet would freeze just zooming in on the panel that controls the chandelier. So I think designers need to keep in mind how controls work on all systems.
A superb puzzle game! Excellent craftsmanship in both programming and the art work. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossible like some games where paying more money is the only solution. It's very nice to have a game that doesn't ask the player for more cash to buy resources to play and finish the game! Well done Fire Proof!
I've played the first 2 and the 3rd does NOT disappoint. Probably the most puzzles to solve compared to the first two games. I did have minor problem early on in the room 3 going through doorways. I don't know if I missed it in the tutorial or if I'm just an idiot but going through doorways on an android device was nearly impossible. Constant double clicks attempting to find the sweet spot... Then by accident I found the easy way to go through doorways, 2 quick and short down swipes.
Wow. Just wow. I have no other words to precisely derscbribe what a glorious series this is. I feel so much more lucid and energetic after I finished it. Had to get a little help for all of the alternate endings, but it has been a wonderful journey! Thank you for all the thought you have put into this and the amazing details of all the mechanisms. 5/5⭐
If you like point and click adventure games with puzzles, this game will not disappoint, and this developer has gone above and beyond making an amazing experience. Graphics are top notch, audio is perfect, puzzles range from obvious button pushing to downright diabolical. You can tell these devs really about care about making quality entertainment. Great game, great series, great devs.
Another exceptional game in the series and probably the best one of them all (so far!). I do genuinely think you need to play and finish the other two before attempting this one though to fully appreciate how the lore and complexity evolves over the course of the adventures. Epic and brilliant as always.
Most immersive escape room game I've ever played on mobile! The 3D aspect of the game really adds a new feel to the game that separates it from all the other escape games. Highly recommend this game to people that enjoy challenging puzzle and riddles games. Stop reading this and go download it already!
This is one epic game series! Very well thought out, extremely immersive and super engaging. The attention to detail is exquisite with decent game time. I completely binged all the games in the series, they are so addictive.
Fabulous game and a great sequel to The Room and The Room Two. The game gets bigger and more intricate. The visuals are stunning and puzzles are the right level of difficulty. Highly recommended!
One of the best escape games ever made. Its reputation speaks for itself. Expect flawless graphics, a gorgeous sound track, a compelling story, and a wealth of unique, challenging, but fair puzzles. Everything you could ask for and more. Without a doubt one of the greats, it will remain relevant for years to come. I am a seasoned room-escaper, and it still took me 7+ hours of concentrated play (and one or two hints in the worst bits) to escape.
VERY challenging. Some of the mechanisms were extremely difficult. My biggest issue was the lighting. I can only play the game on my android and could not see the game outside in the daytime.
I loved playing this game! I liked that it wasn't as "linear" as the previous 2, that you needed to really move around and that solving the puzzles was the right level of difficulty for dipping in and out if you don't have dedicated time to play. Had a big gap before coming back to complete the game and it wasn't too bad picking up again. The game play is great, the whole thing looks brilliant and vivid...a few times I was spooked, playing on the train at night!
Brilliant ! The developers of the game have done an absolute an amazing job with the stunning graphics, puzzles and overall game play. Provided me with many hours of thinking to solve the many puzzles.
Overall really really enjoyable. Pros: puzzles made sense and could all be solved with careful thought. Visual and sound design were just fantastic. Story was interesting. Cons: controls could be finicky, making some puzzles more frustrating (especially spinning things: barrels, keys, gears etc.). Navigating between rooms quickly became tedious; watching a ~7s transition only to spend <5s in a room was frustrating. Game was way too dark, had to have nearly max brightness just to see anything.
This is the best point-and-click mystery game I have ever played! I love playing a game where I don't have to have a specific amount of energy. The graphics are amazing and the puzzles really get you thinking. This game is a must download it now
Amazing graphics and puzzles that keep going and going. Highly recommend this for fans of mysteries and escape rooms. Some puzzles are easy and some kinda impossible (for me anyways) to figure out without a hint, but the hints are subtle to not give it away, so you still have to keep searching and looking for details. Most enjoyable game I've played so far of any! To the makers of this Room series, you are brilliant! I'm constantly impressed with every advancement of levels. Please don't stop!
This is honestly my favorite game series. The graphics, the game play, the chilling music. Its not a pay-to-win, either. You just go about your business. I can't recommend this game enough. This is, by far, the best game on Google Store.
Even better than its predecessors. Rooms are interconnected and you can walk to all of them (instead of each room being an isolated part of the game). Puzzles are still great and require attention to details. There are alternate endings and a cool story.
Amazing! Leaves me wanting more! Thisvine is the best out of the first three. So much more to do & more areas to explore. The story, puzzles, graphics - all really immerse you into the game. As I was getting closer to the completion, I was wishing it would never end. It looks like there is just one more to play. After I finish that one, I don't know how I'll be able to move onto another game of this style by another company because these guys set the bar so high that anything else is a let down.
Fantastic game, longer than the others which is great and keeps you guessing! Had a few issues with the interface sometimes (double tapping didn't always work where it should), clues not quite as intuitive as the first 2 games (some ran behind me) and could maybe do with a map to keep up with all the rooms! But absolutely loved it, really enjoyable like the others and can't wait to play the next one.
Absolutely fantastic. Started with room 1 and was instantly addicted. You can feel and see the companys growth through the series and the puzzles are extremely creative and challenging. I appreciate the puzzles being challenging enough to make you think and even occasionally get stuck but not be so hard you give up or have to look up the answer. I attribute this to the fact the goal of each puzzle is clear which can be a hint in itself. Great work.
Fantastic game! Graphics are gorgeous. Puzzles and levels are adequate, beautiful, logic, magic. Gradual hints are a great idea and help you enough so you are never stuck. Storyline is great. One game that matches the likes of Myst even better. I started with the room 3 and I m going to purchase them all. Not sure if available for pc but if it's I will play it again on a larger screen. I will definitely keep an eye on that company. Thank you guys for a wonderful, beautiful, and inspiring time.
What an amazing gameplay! The room series has quickly become one of my favorite mobile games!!!! I would love if you guys ever decided to goto console or pc for a myst type game with a spin only you guys can create. Please keep them coming!
Absolutely great each edition just pulls you right make the journey ever so much longer and deeper into the mystery of the null and the story im so hooked its great and there are multiple outcomes just so rich with mental stimulus get the whole series!!!
Brilliant puzzle game. Controls are very intuitive. Graphics are better than some adventure PC games. Puzzles engaging and a good hint system that does not give you the answer straight away. Well worth the price
Nice variety of puzzle difficulties, very satisfying when you complete a puzzle and watch as it unlocks the next. Great sounds and music paired with the visuals create a tense and engaging atmosphere. I'm about to do a second playthtough to see if I can get one of the other possible endings.
This Game is THE BEES KNESS. I've spent hours trying to decipher all its secrets and I'm keep coming back for more, it is money well spent. From the graphics to the story, it's really a gripping tale that will have you marveled at every turn. You can't go wrong spending some quality time with this masterpiece.
FANTASTIC!! This game was amazing. Kept me addicted the entire time. I spent 11 hours on it evidently. Every moment was worth it I do not feel as if it was a loss of life. Haha. The graphics are phenomenal. And it really made you think. Evidently I am getting better as I only had two Google One Clue. It is definitely mind challenging. I am looking forward to more.
Great game. I only gave 4 stars because the game was so dark I had hard time seeing the setting I was in. The forge area was hard for me since I knew nothing about what a forge looked like. So wasn't sure what to do.
It was very fun and makes you think. The graphics are also very unique and give off mysterious vibes which really match tge game in my oppinion. I've played all of the room games and i would recommend all of them including this one to anyone that enjoys reddle-y games. 10/10 would play again.
One of the rare games to make me hooked to my phone screen for hours. Incredibly immersive game play, lots of great puzzles, and the story just keeps getting better with each sequel. Amazing!
The Room series are quality puzzle games, and for once they're apps that I'm glad to have paid for. If you spot them on sale, they're definitely worth buying. I just started playing them over again, as it had been several years, and they hold up well.
I had my issues with the first two entries in this series, primarily with the user interface and how it limited where you could go in an already confined space. However, with this entry, all is forgiven with this much larger and expansive series of puzzles (which makes the limited movement more sensible). Each section is gorgeous, inventive, and wonderfully puzzlingly!
glitch really pissed me off. after getting stuck for almost 30 minutes, I had to watch a walkthrough on YouTube to realize it was the app, not me. it wouldn't let me go back to the box in the standing Stones model. (I guess because I saved, quit and then reopened the game??) so I assumed my work there was done, or that I was missing something, some other place to tap, other anglez to approach, other switch I had to flip first etc... nope it's actuallly broke. thanks game developers for the 🕜🗑️
Amazing! Very intriguing and challenging. Not too difficult but not too simple. No cheesy, vague puzzles like in most games in this category. I experienced no bugs or issues!
Hands down, one of the best games I have played in a very VERY long time. Being sick of the match 3-5 of the same color gem type of games and craving the kind game that truly makes you think, I have definitely found that in these games. Thank you so much!!!
I dont review, ever. But this is the best game sequence I've ever played. Graphics are incredible, and as an engineer I'm amazed at the intricate layers in the designs.
Absolutely incredible. Far exeded my expectations. I love the first and the second one, and so naturally i was super exited to buy the 3rd. The first one is now just sooo easy to me and i can complete it in under an hour every time. I was ready for a new challange. This was it. I just beat it, and it acctually took me a while because of awsome and challenging content. And it doesn't even have to end! You can go play alternate ends to change your fate. Graphics are incredible.Thank you!❤❤😁
The first nonlinear game in the series is also my favorite. Puzzles can be a bit straightforward at times but the separate paths make it more interesting than previous iterations. This installment is more like The 7th Guest or The 11th Hour, albeit with a lower difficulty than those two.
The best in the series so far. Excellent puzzles and an interesting story. The graphics are far beyond what I thought phones were capable of. My only complaints are nitpicks. It's very dark and hard to see in some areas, even with my brightness all the way up. Some of the bonus puzzles were far too opaque to figure out without a walkthrough. Some areas like the woodworking shop or the keyhole in the greenhouse were very tedious and repetitive. Other than those, I completely recommend this game.
Absolutely the perfect puzzle game! So far I have played 3 of these games and each is more fascinating than the last. Took me over 11 hours to get all 4 endings. These are a must play for any puzzle fans out there.
Awesome game. Wish it never ended. The games keep getting better. The Room 1 was pretty short, The Room 2 was much better, and this one was amazing. Can't wait to play the next game. This is the FIRST time I've ever bought a game on Google, actually the first time I've played for anything on Google. I'm not disappointed.
Love the steam punk look of The Room series. Excellent artwork and cool animations. Obviously high production values at Fireproof. Challenging puzzles, though sometimes a little repetitive in nature. Still, The Room Three has much to offer for puzzle seekers. There are multiple endings that offer replay value.
It's been quite awhile since I played this the first time and decided to try it again since I didn't take the time to solve all the puzzles the first time. It was still very captivating to play again and this time I went the distance and played through all the outcomes. Excellently done and I look forward to more from these game developers.
The Room is personally the best franchise of puzzle games I've played on a mobile device. Kills dead time and I just can't wait to move onto the next puzzle. Play all 3 games and then play Old Sins also. Each games just seems to get better and evolves into something bigger and better. Seriously thanks for these games. Passes by a lot of time and has been effective for me and my mental health during lockdown.
Challenging, but not frustrating. Very enjoyable if you love puzzle games. Graphics are wonderfully crafted with a nice eerie/creepy factor. Music and sound effects create the perfect atmosphere to enhance the game play without overshadowing it. Definitely LOVED the game.
By far the best game of the trilogy, and one of the best puzzle games I have EVER played! Few games pull me into, and immerse me in, their world and lore the way this game did. It was worth every penny spent and every minute stumped! I will be playing through the entire trilogy again at some point, I am sure of that. I simply cannot recommend these games enough! Do yourself a favor and experience The Room for yourself!
I've been a fan of this series since the first game. I love everything about this game. The puzzles are engaging and intuitive in a way that's challenging without becoming frustrating. The beautiful physics and sound effects give all the moving parts such an immersive tactile sense; the closest I've ever come in a puzzle game to feeling like I'm truly interacting with components. Moreover, the atmosphere is solidly grounded in a steampunk feel that never ceases to capture an enigmatic spirit.
Truly exceptional storyline, gameplay and graphics! Puzzles were challenging and fun. My only frustration was a couple of times when the interface didn't seem to want to cooperate - but each time I found that it was more operator error than anything else. Haha. Highly recommend all of " The Room" games!
I recommend this game, as well as the 1st and 2nd! I'm buying the 4th installment immediately. I have never bought a game before, but after seeing the ratings and comments, I had to try it. This one was a bit longer and just as enjoyable as the first 2. I really hope ya'll keep them coming. I know I found them late, but plz dont stop and I will keep playing. Good job guys!!
Just superb. Both lovingly and painstakingly crafted to make it feel like you're actually operating the devices through the screen of your phone. It will keep you occupied for hours, which you won't mind at all because it's a magical landscape to explore with a clever storyline. If you enjoy puzzles and atmosphere, don't even hesitate to buy. But get chapters 1&2 first as number 3 dwarfs them in content and depth of play, so you would feel disappointed going back to them afterwards.
Wowwwwwwww, I just finished Room III and WHAT AN ADVENTURE IT WAS !!! I have been a big big fan since your first room created, and I am still so amazed at the immense quality of all your games, in every single ways, from the storyline, graphics, puzzles, sound, control, to the end , all is just oozing PERFECTION !!! How your guys are doing it, you are all geniuses. The game just take you, wrap you into a magical mechanical world. U are simply UNIQUE !! Big thank you & big bravo from a big fan
Like the previous games before it, The Room Three is the perfect mix of Myst-style puzzles and Lovecraftian horror. The pacing is great and the puzzles just hard enough to give you that wonderful endorphin rush when you manage to beat them. The added replay value gives you a lot of value for your money, as well! A great time all around, in other words.
Great fun got me thinking like I haven't for years, I just couldn't put it down. Small criticism, when you asked for a clue it doesn't stayed on the screen long enough, I'm not a fast reader, so I had to keep pushing the button to show it again. But I would recommend to friend
This game is of highest quality graphics, audio and gameplay and the developers never dissapoint. If you enjoy solving puzzles and exploration you will love this. Have played the PC version of this as well and the game play is smooth on both. The experience is highly recommended and if you have not already, check out the other The Room games, they are all amazing.
I discovered this game when I was searching for something. It looked so eye-catching that I couldn't help but to check it out. I found the 2nd in the series and I went ahead and bought it. It was phenomenal. I got so obsessed that I bought 1 and 3 after. Ended up finishing it within 3 days. I wanna (will) buy the last one but thinking about how I only have Old Sin left in the series made me feel conflicted. I love the series so much, hoping there's more to come. Will continue my support.
The game itself was fun, as were the previous two. This game felt increasingly more tedious as I played it, having to go between many rooms to solve a single puzzle. The game and puzzles and the graphics were very fun, but many times it felt as though the puzzle were a game of where's waldo, how do I interact with the game and do what I want. I knew the solution but wasn't able to execute until I tapped the screen and rotated around a few times, the controls were too finicky. Otherwise very fun!
Love how they add in a multiple story ending. Hate how tedious some of the puzzles are though. Still best puzzle game I've ever played and I'd recommend it to Anyone looking to just have some fun solving puzzles
The graphics are great and the puzzles keep you interested with their difficulty, but fear not! If the puzzles are too mind-boggling, there are helpful hints (on timers to AT LEAST make you attempt them) that can herd you in the right direction. The story is equally captivating and honestly entirely optional for someone just there for the 'escape' factor.
Exceptional! Great puzzles and stories. Gameplay style spoiler: The only frustrating part is all the "walking around" you have to do, it just takes very long to get from one end of the building to another. But it's not too bad. Very well done Fireproof team!
Amazing!! Just Amazing!! I played all three room apps and they are all good, but this one knocked it out of the park! Omg... Rarely, actually NEVER!, have I been so entertained by an app game! This takes me back to the days of total immeresment in the Resident Evil and Final Fantasy series! Awesome guys, thanks for this!
This is by far the most enthralling of "The Room" experiences I've had. Deep puzzles and a massive intricate setting to explore. I have only had one of the four endings so far but will be trying to attain the others. Well done Fireproof! I can only warn that some things could be a bit much for sensitive players. Its a dark creepy game with plenty of surprises! Update! I finally have unlocked all four endings and gone on to buy "Old Sins". This is puzzle gaming at its finest. 110% worth it.
Can interact with the game without cheesy speaking choices. Flows better than others. Feels eery enough to be fun, and best of all, the graphics are great. Neo Edwardian gloom adds a lot.
I enjoyed playing the game. This is the best of the three I played. Many satisfying puzzles with hints when needed. The graphics, music score and game play are very satisfying indeed. The only improvement would be increasing the light in the graphics, as it was frequently difficult to discern details in the graphics. It may be that I'm a senior, but I did get through it. My next move: revisit Three or move on to four. Thanks for a game that is well done.
I just finished Chapter one. I really enjoy puzzle type games so The Room Three has not disappointed. 🙂 I plan to buy the entire collection. I wish I could play using my Kindle instead of my phone to make it larger and easier to see.
I love how this game plays. It makes you feel like you are in control... you're not. It is cheap for the adventure it takes you on. It is beautiful and creepy and exciting. Thanks for developing this game and I can't wait to play more of your creations!
What a wonderful experience, these are the best games I've played! I have wasted money on other games which soon got boring but these are a feast for the soul. The graphics are so sumptuous, the puzzles intriguing and there are so many layers to get immersed in. Loved the extra endings in Room 3 great idea. I've just installed part 4 as a treat to help with lock down no. 2, can't wait for work to be over so I can lose myself in it.
This game is amazing, everything a fan of puzzle games could want. It has great puzzles that are challenging but solvable with a little thought - well, a lot of thought for many of them. The graphics are fantastic and make the game very immersive. I highly recommend it. It apparently has alternate endings, so I am going to try them soon.
This is the third of a series of puzzle games. It's evolved from a Japanese Puzzle Box to much more. Excellent to keep the brain active during the Covid19 lock down. Just finished; 7:15:56 time to complete one of four endings. Easier to do after I completed Old Sins. Good graphics detail and smooth animations.
The game is great. Very long, complex, challenging, and involved. If I had only one complaint it's that when i reached the end and had the opportunity to go back and play the alternate endings, if you take one wrong turn you get stuck in one room and have to play all the way to end just to backtrack. Not fun.
I love these puzzles and the stories they tell. I give it a 4 star solely for the fact I became frustrated for not solving a simple puzzle because I missed one small detail. But if you pay attention to detail you can easily cruise the puzzles and enjoy the story more second time around. Great games. All of them challenging yet really nice
Without doubt one on the most engaging mind/puzzle/maze/labyrinth games I have found in the last three years. The graphics are truly incredible. There's some logic behind the game but not enough to make you think you fully understand it. I'll keep buying the latest versions as they come out. At times I'll think I've been playing for 30 minutes and it turns out it's been over an hour.
Beautiful artwork but boring puzzles. Everything was fairly obvious, but tedious, and I felt like the game was often deliberately lengthened by making me walk back and forth. This version was more about finding objects (some very hard to see) than actual puzzles. No real story, I couldn't understand the point of any of this. Nice that there are multiple endings, but I didn't have any desire to replay.
I am in awe of the level of attention to detail required to create a game like this: the artwork and soundscapes are superb. I enjoyed the more open exploratory aspect of this game in comparison to the previous two, although the story line is still very linear.
Once again, better than the ones before. Juat keeps getting better. The Room 3 is definitely more of an escape room. It seems as this series progress they they develope more and more into an actual escape room game. The puzzles are clever and unique. Not too hard especially if you're used to playing escape game. The graphics are great for an app game. Honestly would love to see creators do more in the future. The only thing I disliked was 3/4's of the bonus endings. Seemed pretty lazy.
Absolutely fascinating. The storyline diaries seems bleak at first but you must keep reading them through all your progress to get the full effect when everything comes to a head. Its so awesome. What a treat. Need I say more! The only disappointment I have is that I wish they had it in VR. That would have made it even scarier, yes I got scared. Its that good. Ive bought all "the rooms" games plus the extra one and they were well worth every cent.
I liked the first two, but this one was a big miss for me. The "puzzles" weren't hard and the amount of zoom in/double tapping to get where you need to be was ridiculous! It felt like 80% of the time that's all I was doing. Just not a fun experience compared to the first two games. Just a big ol stinker.
Once again another pleasure of a game to play. They just keep getting better. There are tiny little things like lighting and contrast in a few areas that could be better, but tlit doesn't take away from how awesome these games are to play. Cannot wait to start the next one and I hope they just keep on coming.
Was really into the first games. This one slightly less so. Found the puzzles mostly tedious rather than challenging (were a couple good ones though). Biggest issue is "multiple endings, no hints". Its interesting but got stuck, and after an hour without progress that was it. Stopped playing and probably won't pick it up again. Dont like relying on hints, and avoid using them but when stuck they're kind of necessary. Great visuals and atmosphere as usual. Would have liked to finish the story.
This is by far my favourite game for a mobile device. In the current age of endless pay to play apps that go on forever with no endgame it's refreshing to play an actual game that has a goal and also hidden puzzles to find within the main storyline. Graphics are just stunning. Every episode in this series is excellent. Really can't find any faults and I hope there are more to come in the future.
I loved the two previous games in the series and I loved how they were trying to add some sort of story or lore to the game. I really liked this game I thought it was beautiful for a phone game. My only complaints is that some puzzles felt a bit repetitive towards the end and excitement turned to feeling like I was doing something tedious. I know they are purposely not showing much of the "story" in order to make new games but Id love to know more about it.
These games get better and better!! The graphics are AMAZING!!! There's so much detail in every inch of each room. I enjoyed that each room was a continuation of the one prior to it. The puzzles were challenging (sometimes in logic and other times in application) yet fun. If you've played these games before, you have some sort of idea as to how to proceed with each puzzle. I also like that there are alternative endings. I can't wait to play again!!!
The maneuverability is this game is less than desirable. There are also unfinished items in the chapters unlike the previous 2 games. Pieces you collect go unused. Personally I like the idea of not moving on until all the secrets in each chapter have been discovered.
It took a lot of patience is it. From going to one room and another. The story line is just like the game. A labyrinth. And its amaze me, that it has different endings. Just like the labyrinth it is. That's why there are some items in my inventory plus there are artefacts left unresolved.
Fantastic game if you like puzzles. The graphics are beautiful but a little dark. ( I personally think it adds to the game forcing you to be observant) The hints ran a little behind me in a couple places so they didn't always seem to be on point otherwise it would have been 5 stars. Lots of play for the price. Loved it!
Phenomenal game. High quality graphics, interesting and challenging puzzles, progressive hints to help when you get stuck but still want to solve the puzzle. I rarely pay for apps, this one was very much worth paying for.
Changing my review after completing the game. Started out promising as they added location roaming and a new mechanic. However, the more you play this game the worse it gets. A lot of puzzles are recycled and repeat again and again. 50% of actions in this game is just doing stuff that doesnt require thinking or solving - flipping switches and pushing buttons. The story here is the weakest of the three. The difficulty is non-existent, you just know in advance everything you gotta do. Boring.
An amazing escape-room-like game, with an occult theme, and enticing lore that builds on the previous games in the series. The quality of the models and visual details make pouring over scenes for clues a joy. The puzzles range from clever to imaginative while maintaining the theme. The finely tuned hint system has optional levels that can ramp up from just keeping you on track up to giving you the answer, insuring that you progress at the pace you want.
I recommend these games to anyone that is looking for a puzzle or room escape type of game. I used to play these types of games on the old flash game websites years ago. The controls are finicky at times, but I have big old sausage fingers so I feel like that's on me. Great story, but the focus is always on the puzzles which aren't repetitive and have a nice difficulty curve. Can't wait for more to be made. I never hesitate to drop a few bucks in the hat for something from Fireproof.
Honestly I am not a game player in general but the combination of game/ puzzle/ storyline drew me in like a month to the flame.. obsessed. From a puzzle thinker mechanical tinker.. I tip my hat. I fear I may be bidding you adieu as I enter back into the labyrinth...carry on with the magic you create.
I only paid a few dollars for this genius game anybody can peak at the answers but you don't need to the clues are awesome in this game and you get so much fulfillment out of it. When I was sleeping- dreaming and thinking about it in my dreams, was so wonderful I solved them all on my own. The game allowed my memory to improve and helped me think of new designs that America so needs thank you....
Still a good game but in no way comparable to the first 2 in the series. The puzzles seem very different, more finding objects and put them places as opposed to working stuff out. Lots of cut screens where you travel to different places which feels gimmicky. In the previous games I enjoyed the fact that you often only had 1 or a few objects and the more you looked at them, them more you discovered. The frustration and then reward of figuring things out it somewhat lost in this one.
I can't express how much fun this game is. I don't use the help button and it takes me forever to get through the game. I just got through being stuck for a week. Visuals are fantastic. Real art. This was game three. I try to play one game per Winter. Alas. Game 4 appears to be the last game. I will purchase that game in January 2021, and try to make it last for the season. A little bit of play time one day, a little bit of play time another day, rationing the fun to make it last.
Really enjoyed all three 'Room' games and look forward to playing them again, but SO disappointed to find I can't purchase / install the last one in the series as it's not compatible with my Android 6 tablet (which I've being playing the previous 3 games on!).
8h23m55s That's how long it took. The first part took 4h32m, and when I went back to "change my fate" I was astonished at just how much I'd missed first time round. This is an impressive game. Creepy but not gratuitous, atmospheric but not ridiculous. I'd recommend it to anyone that loves a good mystery puzzle solver. Well worth the £3.99 especially if you use the Google Play Family Library option. Anyway, it's 2.45am here and I'm off to download the next one. Scr3w you insomnia!!
Still a great puzzle game just as I enjoyed the previous two I felt this one had something more interesting in it and the thing that makes it different from the first games is that there are multiple endings even after you complete the game I will definitely try to solve the rest the series just gets better with each later game now I only need to get the alternative endings and it will be time for me to play the old sins.
What an adventure. This is more than a game, this is truly an experience. Like being in a movie. Graphics are so vivid and storyline has you captivated. So well crafted!!! I enjoyed this so much!! Kind of like being in another dimension!!!
This third installment is absolutely brilliant: it brings the same smooth gameplay and mysterious atmosphere into a more expansive setting, with a variety of new mechanics and a more comprehensive plot. The game is fairly challenging so completing it without hints is very rewarding. There's nothing in here that just requires you to get incredibly lucky, or is unreasonably frustrating (except for maybe a certain part involving a track ball that drove me a little nuts). Better than old sins.
Absolutely phenomenal! This game is an interesting, engaging, addicting work of art! If I had any suggestions to make, it would be only this: make a full on video game. I would wait years and pay twice what the average PlayStation or Xbox game costs. The attention to detail and pure creativity is completely captivating and I can't wait for more.
Wow. Just spent almost 7 hours getting to the end of this game... and want to play it all over again. Innovative puzzles, that make sense, with the right level of hints in built if you get stuck. An original game. Well done.
These games are the most amazing experiences. Between amazing graphics, intriguing story lines, and fantastic puzzles, this game and the 2 prior provided a lot of hours of pure joy and entertainment. I cannot recommend enough - you will not be disappointed. If you get stuck, the hints are helpful without making the game too easy.