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The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fireproof Games located at Hays House Millmead Guildford GU2 4HJ United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The entire series is a creation of masterful beauty and intrigue. The puzzles are creative and suitably testing. The creators love for this item clearly exceeds profit. Thank you for a captivating series and we look forward to many more adventures with you. Exceptional value. A true masterpiece 👏
A worthy installment to the series. Did encounter a bug in the Japanese room, but you can use the cheat menu to reset without losing progress. Also the cloud save did not work across phones so I had to start again when I switched devices. Other than that, pretty good. Great game developers!!
The Room games are all perfectly created. I've completed every single one! Even the one on PSVR, which was super awesome!!! Thanks for making real games for this platform. The ending cutscene has me begging for answers. I hope there's more to come!
The best game I've ever played, worth every penny. It's a work of art and beautifully made. You can tell the creators put their heart and soul into making it and even though I've already played The Room Three, it's still unpredictable and I enjoyed every moment of it. If I could I would give it 100 stars. Beautiful and utterly amazing.
Great, as always, but this addition I felt could have had a better twist to it. I'm not complaining, but even though the puzzles themselves are always creative and original, they are becoming predictable. It needs something a bit different. Imagine an opportunity to lose, or cause a permanent change, or timed situations. Something that may put you on a different path etc. Something new.
Despite it being a continued story for a 4th game, the developers not only manage to maintain the player's intrigue, they keep Old Sins just as tricky if not trickier than its predecessors. Well done!! I still find myself loving The Room and just as difficult to stop playing as was the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd one!! Well done!!
Great game I think you need to make it a full length game like MYST. I also think it would be a good idea to have upto 3 difficulty level. I love puzzle games and for me it was just a little too easy to get through the game. The lowest difficulty would be the only one that had hints. The highest difficulty would have a hidden why too stop the order.
Bought this on sale and it was probably the best $2 I've spent on a game in a hot minute. Around 4hrs of gameplay, the art and sound design were beautifully done. The story was engaging but it really was the environmental design of the different rooms that sold it for me. The puzzles were a perhaps a bit simple, so I'd recommend playing with hints turned off.
Have just played all 4 Room games in the last 2 weeks... Not sure how long these have been around but can't wait to see what else Fireproof come up with... Did an escape room last year and this is the nearest experience if that's your kind of thing. I wish I'd not relied on the hints so much as would have lasted longer. Recommended? Yes...it was ace!!
I love the puzzles in these Room games! There is also a great hint system if you get stalled. I have played all the Room games and I hope they make more. I don't really understand the story, but that does not really detract from the game at all. The graphics are great and the ambient music is calming. I suggest the Room games for anyone who likes puzzle games.
Wow. I've played quite a few escape games but all of the 'The Room' games are on another level. They are atmospheric, just the right level of tricky and look amazing. Honestly the best put together mobile games I have played. Just a shame I've played all 4 rooms and Old Sins. 100% recommended A+
I wish there were more of these games, or more games like it. The graphics, the little details, the suspenseful sound effects, the puzzles... it's perfection! I've completed each "The Room" game. Rarely do I spend money on apps, but I purchased every offering from The Room. They kept me intrigued for weeks or months, playing at a very casual pace. It's been so long since I played the first of The Room series, that I could go play it again and still be pleasantly surprised! I think I'll do it! ,
I love these games. The puzzles are just the right side of impossible, only needed the hints occasionally. The graphics are sumptuous, I love the way you get sucked into deeper levels of the labyrinth. I eagerly wait for each new release. Keep them coming!
Back on track, and possibly my favourite of the series so far. The issues I had with 3 were gone and the dolls house idea was great. The world building is still fantastic and as with the last 3 games I couldn't wait to pick up the next. EAGERLY WAITING FOR MORE!
I've really enjoyed this whole series. 3 was definitely my favorite overall, but I enjoyed the deeper storyline with this one. The graphics are beautiful, I love the creepy vibes, and I found I needed the hints more because the puzzles were sometimes very subtle (not a bad thing). I almost never buy mobile games but I don't regret my purchase at all. I hope there are more!
Should be able to give 10 stars. I just found The Room series a month ago and have played all of them now. This one even better than the others, and they were all great. Definitely a fan now! The puzzles and mechanics are very well done, story is compelling, and I love the graphics and sound effects. Definitely one of my favorite mobile games ever.
Absolutely fabulous. Wish I had more stars to give it. A stunning addition to the Rooms series which expands on the lore and leaves the player craving more. The art is, as always, exquisite, and the gameplay is seamless. The puzzles were truly difficult, though I didn't get stuck as often as I did in The Room 3. I truly cannot wait until their next installment (Please let there be a next installment?) Truly one of the best escape games out there.
I've really enjoyed playing this 4th installment of The Room. You can tell a lot of effort has gone into this very polished and professional game. As others have said, it's not the longest game in the world, but for the modest money being asked, it's a no-brainer. If you've ever enjoyed Myst, Riven or similar games on PC, then you're sure to love this modern, up to date take on that genre.
I play a lot of escape room type games but this series hands down best creativity and diversity in puzzles that often relate to each other. Best games of this genre, no contest. I rarely pay for phone games but I don't hesitate for these. Always disappointed when I finish one, looking forward to the next!
I LOVE The Room game series! Every game is worth every penny. If you love interesting, unique, and challenging puzzles, this game series is for you. The Room games have deep and complex lore woven throughout every game- it'll give you chills and leave you on the edge of your seat. Every puzzle is unique and interesting. There are free hints avalible when you get stuck, but you can turn them off for a REAL challenge. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous and detailed. The controls are simple. 5☆!
A satifying conclusion? I was delighted but left with questions...a tantalizing implication of further sequals. This was masterfully made in such a way that I was equally passionate for knowing more of the plot as I was solutions for each puzzle. I've bought all "The Room" series and hope my collection is far from complete!
Phenomenal game play with interesting and challenging puzzles and a creepy driving back story. No ads, no frustrating match 3, just beautiful scenes with clever object puzzles to manipulate. I've loved every installment in this series and each one has been complex enough to be worth replaying over and over. Thank you for such a well crafted game.
I can't stress enough that everyone who loves to solve puzzles needs to play this. This is literally the best puzzle game I've ever played!! I have not been let down with all 4 of the room games, I will gladly purchase any/all the next renditions....... please make more;)
Keeps on getting better... ...and bigger and more detailed and more puzzling... I can't recommend these games enough if you want to get lost in another world. Unusual and beautiful aesthetic. Atmospheric. Superb level design and attention to detail is second to none. I will always purchase a new ROOM game when developed. No question. Highly recommended 👌
This and the rest of The Room games are some of the best games I've played on mobile. I only wish they were longer or sometimes a bit harder so it lasts longer! The universe and atmosphere are so well done, immersive, makes me want to be inside those games and live them myself, as creepy as they can sometimes be. Hope for another one!
The 3rd Room game was majestic, long, and worth every penny. This 4th game in the series - which I was so looking forward to - is the most expensive yet, but gameplay is quite short and not nearly as entertaining or rewarding. I'm heartbroken as I write this (as a huge fan of the series), but: I want my money back, Fireproof! 💔
Did not think you could improve on perfection, gameplay - 5 stars, music/atmosphere - 5 stars, value for money - 5 stars. Fireproof - you are the development team against which all others should set their bar. Your attention to detail and the puzzles, the graphics, the feel, the storyline...the cliffhanger....nothing short of sensational. I hope it isn't long until Room 5...ill be buying it. Thank you.
I have just played through The Room series and it has been fantastic. Very much enjoyed Old Sins; game play is of the high calibre I have come to expect, hints are clear without giving too much away and things clearly shut down when all has been achieved that can be. Settings and graphic design are superb, (Japanese Gallery is exquisite!). The story telling is brilliant and a welcome development and I enjoyed following the instalments and how it was woven into the problem solving. More please!
A super fun and satisfying game. The developers strike a perfect balance with the puzzles - they're tough without feeling impossible, and the solutions always make sense after the fact. No sense of "how the hell was I supposed to know that?" It's a beautiful game too. Can't wait for the next!
More great puzzles! Fireproof keeps you wondering throughout the game, feeding you just enough story to keep you intrigued until the end...and leaves you, as always eagerly awaiting future installments. I don't know where they come up with the designs, but there is an amazing amount of thought and detail put into each scene and puzzle. If I had to give one complaint, it would be that I'd love to play these games on a larger screen...but even at that, it's easy to play.
Absolutely love this game! The suspense at times creeps me out but I love it! Only downfall is it it's so short :( Finished it in just over 4hours. Great work guys! Can't wait for the next one!
A TREMENDOUS THANK YOU for ypur help. I got the pagoda and the wooden box mixed up. There were some hard hard puzzles but lots of fun. Excellent job. So many cool puzzles so new all i can say is wow! Worth every penny. Thanks for the good times i look forward to more Kristy
Just perfect. Puzzles that are doable. Hints that dont require the soul of your firstborn... Thank you team for putting these together. Best games ever that dont involve crashing cars. I like them too. Ok, about even. If you like cars, get destruction derby. And dont forget the room! Good companions in diversions.
Its a great brain teaser when you need a challenge i played all back to back and hope they create another. The story lines are very well thought through and tie into the game play. Its a hard suggestion to play this game I promise that you won't regret it.
I had a lot of fun playing this game. Didn't need to use many hints, except for when I was in the Japanese room. Not sure if it was because if difficulty it the fact that I was up until 8-9 in the morning playing this game. I've only played the first The Room and like that one, this one great. Thanks for the game, Fireproof!
Great game..this exceeds the previous ones. I had to stop playing for a while and just lately completed it. It was possessing me...I had to finish it! Since it had been a while, I had to see if you designed a Room 5. I noticed it is a VR game, which I cannot play. I hope you consider doing another smart phone version in time. Best of luck!
Definitely deserves more then just 5 stars, I played the first 3 games and loved them, I just had to play this game too, and I loved it more than any of the first 3. My only wish is that there's a next installment in the plans. I would most definitely play that one and many more like this!
I'm speechless! The folks that create and develop this game clearly work so hard on it and it shows. It's so beautiful to look at, fun to play, and exciting to follow. I'm really impressed with the graphics. There are so many details that really set this game apart from any other on mobile. I can't imagine how hard it is to program something like this. Such s treasure, I'm so glad I found this game back in 2009! Slow clap and well done!!
First rate puzzle, lots of different combinations across the various rooms. Hard enough to make you think (I had to use the hints a few times) but easy enough to eventually overcome. I will be buying more of these!
Very fun puzzles! At times a bit frustrating, but in a good way! As when you do break past a seemly dead end it's all the more of a rewarding feeling! Looking forward to more chapters in this series!
This is one of the best games I've ever played. Period. The Room: Old Sins is a mysterious, gripping, and cinematic story experience, as well as puzzle solving masterpiece. The chapters consist of hundreds of brilliantly complex puzzle pieces that each contribute to the progression of the story. Each and every puzzle is meticulously designed to be an interactive work of art. The levels are beautifully styled and the experience is completely bug-free. Buy this game, I promise you won't regret it.
I sometimes find it hard to believe that these cost as little as they do. All The Room games are fantastic, but this one was exceptional. Even though I got stuck occasionally, at no time did I feel my being stuck was because of poor design. There were no, "I just missed that stupid button" moments, and a lot of " oh!!! That was clever" moments. Thanks heaps fireproof games!
Great, worth the price, as the rest of the saga. I love the fddling of physical interaction with that ”mechanically magic” world. Beautiful, no boring/frustrating puzzles (only the last one that becomes half try and see if you haven't took note of which room is each symbol). Some nice moments of ”oh, this is an original idea” and some cross references between rooms. I needed two hints and they work well. You can't get stuck.
The best of the best! Great sense of adventure, solving puzzles and mechanisms sorting! Just finished the game and wondering why NASA is not hiring me! (Amazing challenges and not super easy to guess right away.) Loved it. Thanks Fireproof! You guys rock. Waiting for Room 5! Totally worth buying it.
Super fun story line. Graphics immaculate. The attention to details kept me engaged and waiting for the next surprise around the corner. The only thing I could say is using your finger can sometimes make it hard to move items around since they are so tiny. Other than that my money has been well spent and I can't wait to play the next one.
Always the best game! I don't post any comment for any game, but The Room really worth my time to write a review. I love the game since the very beginning. It is mysterious, a bit scary at first but awesome to play. The game is pretty short, in my opinion. I know how hard it is to code and develop such an awesome game series like The Room. So keep it up and soon release other The Room stories.
Amazing series overall. My only concern (as of this game at least, I haven't played Room Three) is that the game is incredibly linear; it's often that you have to do this to get to that followed by this to get to that. I would love to be able to complete multiple puzzles independently, perhaps to get multiple parts to computer a separate larger puzzle.
Amazingly beautiful and captivating graphics, I love the quality of game play and the way you can almost feel the objects as you examine them. I am yet to find a game that is this pleasurable to play. Wonderful puzzles that make you think, some more complicated than others but all very enjoyable. I have played everyone so far and find they are worth every penny. Very addictive,once you start you just don't want to put it down. Cant wait for the next one I hope it won't be too long.
I've just finished! Time recorded 8:52. Excellent game; 4th in the series. Based on Japanese puzzle boxes . Intricate and detailed graphics. Smooth animations. Most of the tasks can be done with a mix of luck, logic, intuition, and having done some of the other incarnations of "The Room". If you get stuck, stop and come back the next day. Amazing how you can miss things. There is a walk through available when you really need it. I had to use it a few times. Examine all objects 3 times over!!!
Beautiful game. Worth 10 x the price paid. Graphics, sounds, everything about this game is utterly gorgeous. It's miles above anything else in this genre. Just be prepared to hate every other game in this genre that isn't this.
An enjoyable game, but there was a bit too much "find an object to put somewhere, to get another object to put somewhere else to find yet another object to put in the first place you came from..." I would have preferred more actual puzzle solving, rather than just being sent on a series of wild goose chases. Still, a worthy addition to the Room universe.
I downloaded this back when it first came out, I'd been waiting for it for months and have every Room game on my phone. It cost me £4.99 on release date and I assumed it would move to my library as others have. Imagine my disappointment when I found that due to a freak (let's call it that) occurrence I had to repay for a game I already owned. I'm not sure if anything can be done but either way, I've used the same email for all purchases so it there should be a discrepancy somewhere. Thank you.
This series of games (Old Sins in particular), is the best of its kind, and is possessed of intriguing challenges as well as a narrative that is equal parts eerily creepy and poignantly compelling. Play them in order (or not!😁) but "Old Sins" brings the story full circle in a very satisfying manner. Well done! My one regret is that there aren't any more. For a mere pittance, each installment provides HOURS of entertainment. Easily the best gaming I've ever paid for.
I was finished in 5:56...I wish it was longer for the price, but I will let my grandchildren play with the additional profiles and they will get their money worth, I am sure! Thank you for another great game. I stumbled upon your series while searching for something MYST like to play on my phone. I was not disappointed! Now to find another similar game series...I look forward to FIREPROOF games next!! CinLyn
Okay. It's a really good game for people that likes finding solutions to puzzles or problems. In my experience, I find it Not difficult. Its good gameplay and I consider people to give it a try. I wanna thank people that made "The Room" series, it sparks up joy and a good understanding that solving small problems can lead to big solutions
These games are always lots of fun, and they really stepped it up in this game. I always love how tactile the puzzles are, and this game has more story and a more wide reaching escape room feel as compared to the first game especially, where it was mostly just a series of puzzle boxes.
Love this game. Really gets your brain thinking. The graphics and sound are awesome. Please don't stop making them. They are without doubt the best games I have played. The stories are great and the hints always get me to the right place. You love your work and it shows. I will be playing all in this series. Thank you Fireproof games.
Excellent series, these games are always so compelling, it won't let you stop playing. Love the style, and the puzzles, but I will throw up a suggestion. Please make the books easier to read by allowing a better zooming mechanism. Maybe a double tap hold, to keep it zoomed in the book. Might make it easier on the eyes for people with smaller devices.
Wow. Intricate and detailed. The puzzles are mostly 'out of the box' thinking. Stunning animation and fantastic overall. I don't typically buy games, but after playing The Room Series, I couldn't wait to try this one. It absolutely did not disappoint. I love that there is never a straight line path to solving any one puzzle. I'm looking forward to the next game released by Fireproof Games. Absolutely worth every penny.
This title is the definition of a premium game experience. A true masterclass of it's genre. The production and animation and how seamlessly everything flows and works together is top notch. The puzzles are so original and intuitive and offer a level of challenge that's enjoyable for anyone. The developers have done an incredible job making this game.
I am speechless when it comes to describing these games! This was one probably my favorite. The only downside is that it ended! I didn't want to play it too often because I didn't want it to end! I hope there are more coming! Developers are genius! Thank you!
Really enjoyed this game. This one is a quicker game compared to the other "the room" games, but just as good. A few parts did have me stumped and had to get the hints. Reccomend for anyone who likes critical thinking games. Great for couples to do together for 10 to 15 minutes at night!
Once again, Fireproof knocks it out of the park. This time, with a fresh new story and brand new game mechanics. Seriously, this game was just fantastic, just like all the other games in this series (and if you haven't played them, that is an old sin). Once again, short (about 5-8 hours long) but great. I honestly don't know how they can keep making these this good, but they always manage to impress me. I'm super excited for the next one, downloading it as I write this. Keep it up guys, love it!
I like the puzzles, but there are scenes that stay completely black and I can't continue the game. The stone bowl turns black even with the special eye, and makes the game unplayable. Fix this or refund it!
Overall this game is amazing. The idea to make the game as one united journey is excellent, but the difficulty curve between chapters is not very good. The middle chapters are the most difficult, but two last chapters are too quick and easy, which makes me a bit unhappy.
Still the best mobile games available. If you like strategy puzzles the the 4 games by Fireproof have the best graphic and some frustrating logic problems. I would have given this 4th game 5* but the odd occasion you need to read instructions the text is far to small. If you have not played any of these games I suggest you play in order only because each one betters the last and the original The Room is brilliant and will help you practice your skills before you get to the hardest 3rd game.
Played all of "The Room" installments and this one does not disappoint. I suggest you carve out some time to play this because it is all consuming, in a good way. I played all the way through and it took me just a little over 4 hours to complete, with very little hints. The story is compelling and the way it unfolds is pure brilliance. The ending leaves room for more, which makes me one happy puzzle hungry girl!!
I have played the entire series and this is the best so far. The graphics are mind blowing and the puzzles are so intuitive. This particular game was so much fun to solve and challenged me at times, and I found it difficult not to finish the game in one session! I love love love these games! Congratulations to Fireproof Games for another addictive adventure! Looking forward to the next one!
Yet another beautifully crafted game from the folks at Fireproof! I never -- and I mean NEVER -- spend money on mobile games, and went and bought all four Room games in the space of a couple of weeks because they were so good. At first, I was worried that the dollhouse setting would constrain the experience (since The Room 3 felt so big) but fear not! In fact being able to jump between rooms allowed the team to add more overlap between puzzles and ultimately made the flow feel very organic.
Excellent, immersive puzzle game experience, thoroughly enjoyed it. Frustratingly hard at times, even had to resort to a hint once or twice - which tells me it was just hard enough to keep me engaged, but not so much as to be impenetrable, nor so easy as to not present a satisfying challenge! Graphics are fabulous, and the background music is well suited. Another superlative "Room" installment! And THANK YOU for using something else besides that awful apple-biting sound when putting the ring on!
Love the game. I'm glad the ending didn't repeat like number 3 but there was far more to do in number 3 so for the money this one didn't seem worth the value for game play hours. I love the plot idea behind this one and I think it flows better than any of the previous ones. The graphics are also amazing on this one so definitely a step up in most regards. I like the room themes and the intertwining gameplay. Can't wait for the next one.
Stunning animations and detailed graphics. To be honest I needed the hints to solve many of the puzzles, but still almost stuck near the end until trial and error saw me through. Storyline mystifying, no clues in the books. Fitting and satisfying further episode of The Room series.
Another beautiful experience from Fireproof games. I loved how you go within smaller objects in the rooms and explore, very clever. I did a little help with the puzzles from the hint system which helps to give a little nudge. Looking forward to more from Fireproof.
I've now played all the Room games. They are the most awesome games around in this genre. Spectacular graphics with an attention to detail that I've not seen elsewhere. I am HOOKED. Thank you for a game that is intriguing, challenging, and playable without ads or having to buy anything. A MOST enjoyable experience!
Excellent game.One of the best mobile games I've ever played.This was just as good as the other room games.Some of it had me scratching my head for half an hour before I progressed.With really good graphics,atmosphere and clever use of the touch screen controls ,If you're interested in puzzles then I would definitely recommend this game.
This game is brilliant in my own personal opinion. If you like puzzle based games like I do, then you'll really like this game. The puzzles are great and not to difficult either which is good. And the game is about 5-6 hours long to complete. Definitely worth £5 to buy as a digital download. Highly Recommended.
Awesome game if you are into puzzles and riddles, which I obviously am. Some puzzles were a bit frustrating, but tenacity is the name of the game. Just don't give up... The puzzles, while clever and sometimes challenging, often come down to simple logic. I was a bit surprised how short it was, but that was probably just because it was so engrossing! Over all, totally worth the tiny cost!
Played all 4 of the games over the last 4 or 5 days. Incredible work guys. The way you manage to create a deep & intriguing story to go along with some great puzzles is amazing. I can tell that it was made with love and tested quite thoroughly. The hints are the perfect amount of helpful without giving too much away. At one point, if you try to guess where an object goes, it even says there's probably a clue somewhere, so you shouldn't need to just guess. Top work. Absolutely worth the price.
What can I say about this without spoiling the whole thing? I started playing this series on Steam, with The Room, and the story hooked me from day one. The world, the universe, the puzzles; all spectacular. However, it is the story that drives this series to fame. The puzzles are fun, figuring out where things fit is great, but then you get an unexpectedly deep and emotional story. It pulls you in, and doesn't let you go. Play this game if you like stories. You won't be disappointed. :)
Love these games! Fun puzzles, creepy atmosphere, and very engaging sounds. Some of the best Android games I have played, hands down. You will not be disappointed. Hopefully they make more!
Amazing! Once again The Room did not disappoint and exceeded its expectations! Great puzzles and amazing graphics!! It was worth the money spent. The game is not expensive and holds on to your interest every second you travel through its labyrinth of clues and puzzles. Great job guys! You kept me hooked until the end! Rest assure that I will be buying the next installment if you guys ever decide to make one! Amazing job! Thank you!!
I was so hooked that I played the game in one sitting (6 hours worth of sitting). The graphics are great, the plot thickens and the gameplay was smooth. that last cut scene made me want more immediately. The only real complaint I had was that I did glitch out of the game like 3 times, however, the savepoint picked me up right where I left off.
Overall enjoyable experience with excellent graphics. Puzzles are moderately challenging, though easily accessible hints along the way are helpful. I have played other Room games in the past and look forward to future games to come.
Absolutely fantastic game experience! Scenes are beautifully crafted. Puzzles are difficult enough to keep you going, but not to the point of giving up. I've enjoyed each one, and highly recommend them. Please keep them coming!
I'm loving it. The puzzles have an authentic feel to them. Befitting to the era, not out of places at all. Puzzles are not too difficult to solve but the challenge is finding them. Once the puzzles are found, solving them is easy and does not require the greatest skills like other games. Plus it's so rewarding seeing everything comes together. Certainty worth spending hours on this game.
Awesome! Just when I thought it could not get any better, it did. The end was a bit anticlimactic and it seemed the puzzles got easier at the end. However, it may be that is because I had become used to it. In any case, it takes nothing away from this masterpiece. Just makes me hungry for more😁.
This is a truly wonderful game, and an interesting addition to the series. I come back to The Room all the time and it never fails to impress me. Great design, great mix of easy and hard puzzles, and really great story.
I have now completed all four "The Room" mobile games from Fireproof games and I took a look at, but have not played "The Room VR". I have been very impressed with the quality from the beginning. To begin the visuals are incredible, the puzzles are both complicated and interesting, but the way that you interact with the puzzles within each room and the story progression to this point is really what kept me wanting to push on. I am looking forward to Fireproof games next project.
I've played the whole Room series and this one is the best, a perfect balance of logic, hints, and playability, with just enough clues to avoid frustration. The artwork is amazing and immersive, and some of the incredible gadgetry made me gasp out loud. This is a wonderful world to get lost in. It played smoothly and looked gorgeous on my Chromebook.
Amazing puzzles that are so well thought out and so interconnected that it just astounds me. An even better absolutely compelling story that strings you along all the way to the end. You can tell that they've further polished their formula for a great game even more I can only hope for more.
I saw some people didn't rate this as highly as the previous games but I don't know why. I loved this one just as much as the rest. Ok, so the lack of secret puzzles to find Easter egg artifacts to unlock different endings was a little disappointing but it didn't detract from the main gameplay, excellent storyline and equally excellent puzzle complexities. Once again it was visually stunning. Please create more. Looking forward to playing the vr experience on the Oculus 2 next.
This is a beautiful game. I played the first 3 on PC and this is such a perfect continuation. I can't wait to see what happens next! Fair warning, though, in case you haven't played the others: this game (this series really) is spooky. This game in particular has definite aspects of psychological horror. Player discretion advised!
FANTASTIC!!! Great puzzling!!! Well done!!! I loved that we had to keep going to different parts of the doll house. Remembering where you are, and, where you've been. Really liked the Japanese room; the Pagoda and the dragons---COOL!!! Wowed with the wooden box---stairs---how clever. Finished all 4. Very enjoyable. Thank you. If you haven't played; play them. Well worth it. Are there more from you guys😀. I'm going to research. Thanks again.
I was so glad to see another addition to The Room Series. The puzzles are so satisfying and challenging without being frustrating. The imagery and sound design is off the charts. Even if you're not reading all of the notes and diary entries, the tense mood totally carries the mystery and immerses you. As you can tell I really love these games. I'm really looking forward to the future of this series if they decide to keep it up 🤟
I tried the first game because I bored, I wasn't expecting much as I've played puzzle games before but I was absolutely blown away by how good it was and I didn't think twice about purchasing the rest! This one has had me captivated for a solid 5 hours and I would say I went through it pretty quickly. These are easily some of the best mobile games I have played and I can't wait to see whats next! 10/10
An absolute perfection. I had played the previous 3 games before on my PC so I was a little bit hesitant to play this game on my phone as I expected the graphics to not be as good but boy am I wrong, the graphics are just as amazing as on the PC and the mechanics, puzzles, storyline are as amazing as usual. I absolutely hope that there will be a 5th game(and possibly more).
Awesome, beautiful and slightly creepy game, definitely worth the price (so glad to be able to pay upfront rather than get nickeled and dimed!) Puzzles are just the right side of hard without being punishing, good hint system if you get stuck.
Best game I've ever had!! I've done almost every game that is like this... and all their games just blow them out of the water. This game is top of the charts! Thank you for making such incredibly detailed and seamlessly fun games ! Please keep it up.. im patiently waiting for your new one!
Phenomenal game one of my all time favorites that is this game and the entire series I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone thats into this style of game very very fun. Bravo to the developers who made these games I absolutely loved them. If you do t try this and the rest of these games out you will regret it that's for true.
I have loved the series for there is nothing like it. From the story lines, puzzle solving, creativity, graphics, ambiance... it is truly the best mobile game available and worth every minute spent solving it. I just hope I can continue to evade The Circle
The room series is my favorite puzzle game of it's style, and this one does not disappoint. It would have been nice to have a pc port, just to make navigation in the game easier. But other then that I think this game is fantastic and I am excited to see what other sequals/ games Fireproof has to offer.
These are quality games, and worth paying for. The Room: Old Sins was shorter than Three, and less challenging, but still very good, especially for something I can play in my dang phone! It's just a shame that the next game is VR, which makes it prohibitively expensive for a lot of people.
Yet another beautifully crafted puzzle game. I look forward to the next and I will happily pay whatever. These are the kind of developers that need all the encouragement we can give them. My only complaint is it you didn't make us multiple endings and make them harder. This for sure the highest praise I have ever given any app.
An excellent installment in the Room series. I have played 1,2, and 3 before this and I don't regret having spent the money to do so. 3 is my favorite and this is a close second. A very smooth game, it is challenging but not overly difficult and as always, NO pay to win. I hope the series continues. This is the best puzzle game I have seen for mobile. These guys should definitely make use of their skills to make a larger Room game for another platform. I would buy it for sure. Great game.
Wow! Excellent and varied puzzles, good play time and no filler. If you like puzzle games it's definitely worth getting this one. The different levels of available clues mean you won't get stuck but the puzzles are pretty logical so if you persevere you don't really need to use them. The mechanics of the game are really varied too; with puzzles that require sliding, spinning, dragging and turning. I don't often pay for games on my phone but this one was more than worth it!
As with all The Room games I have had immense fun. This one in particular was much more enjoyable due to the dollhouse theme. I did find it slightly easier than the third game, however the mechanics were better. Altogether the best iteration of this game type. I'm looking forward to the next one.
Absolutely outstanding addition to the series. I enjoyed the first 2 games, and the third one disappointed me, so the fourth one being this good really shows the skill of the developers and how they listen to their players. If you haven't played a Room game yet, this is the best one yet!
The Room: Old Sins is an absolutely beautiful, haunting experience. The sounds, the music, the graphics, and the plot all add up to one of the best room escape games I've played. I knew from playing the first three that it would be good, but Fireproof Games has produced an exceptional game that went above and beyond my high expectations. Well worth the cost of the game, and I can't wait for the next installment.
This felt like a step down from The Room 3, but it was an effective lure to get me to sink in $20 for the VR game on Steam. I replayed all the games to freshen up on the series, and I will tackle the VR game with my Vive. Thank you for these games and congrats on the switch to a platform made for puzzle games such as these. I'm very excited!
The room old sins is an extremely excellent game... The graphics are fantastic, extremely realistic..... In my opinion that is the way of games should look, and the gameplay is fantastic.... I see that you have placed an incredible amount of research upon the exact environment of the old world from the 19th century. I tip my hat to you all, and I salute all those involved in creating this game, you are all artists in your craft
Yet again Fireproof has made an absolute gem. Love the art style. Love the story. However, the puzzles were much easier than the first three titles. This was a bit of a disappointment as part of the joy was laboring over the next step just enough to feel like a complete champion when found. Also, would've liked to have seen alternate endings like it's predecessor. Even so, it is still the greatest mobile series I have ever played and pray to the Null that another title is coming.
Another Awsome addition to the "the room" series, worth every minute, and every penny. Interesting story, great intricate puzzles and nice interactivity with items, I'd recommende it to anyone who likes to poke their brains a bit. I'd love to play the next one! Just saying.. Hehe
It was not as hard as the third game. Still i finished it just over 7 hours. I wish if it cost more that it would have been longer. I had to come back and edit my review after i played it a second time. My first time was 7:24 my second time was 2:47. Out of habit, for entertainment, i kept spending time reading the journals. I think if I had not done that and if it wasn't for the long story line I could have easily done under 2 hours. I still didn't find it as challenging as the first three
Simply amazing! The puzzles were extremely challenging without being impossible. The story line was intriguing. After finishing I was left wanting more! I can't wait for another room! The graphics are as awesome as the game play. If you haven't played the first "Room" games, check them out. Each one is equally as incredible as the next. No ads, no in-app purchases. Totally immersive, intensely thought provoking. These Devs are in a class far above anything else since the first Myst games!
I forgot about this series of games. I played The Room ages ago and with a new phone decided to check it out. Absolutely riveting and so well made. The atmosphere, the (for me) perfect difficulty level of the puzzles, the reveal of the backstory, everything, is just so engaging. As soon as I finished I played through again in Spanish (to help me learn) and then bought the previous versions again. Ran perfectly on a pixel 3a.
Once started, you want to go on and on in one session! Beautiful setting, compelling store and hours and hours of funtrying to figure it all out. I wonder if I'm in the grasp of the Null element as well, I think I am!
This game is sequential discovery. You're going to need the hints for your first playthrough. This game racks your brain, and frustrates you. You will want to pull your hair out, and scream but it's worth it it's intense so just be patient and think this game is exciting. Listen it's worth the adventure and the headache to play this game.
Absolutely awesome! It keeps getting better and better. Only thing i kind of disliked (but not really) is that you jump between rooms all the time and sometimes it gets a bit confusing where you should go next. Not a deal breaker though i still loved every second of it
I found the puzzles to be extremely satisfying. The realism of the series, as I have completed all 4, is mind blowing. I felt as though I was in the game moving from room to room. This is the type of game I would love to experience in a virtual environment to really add that extra level of involvement, perhaps one day. But for now, this is a excellent adventure for the thinking mind.
I have purchased all 4 Room games from this developer, and have not yet been disappointed by them. The level of detail, plus the gameplay itself is great! Granted, it doesn't take a genius to solve the puzzles within, otherwise I wouldn't be able to complete the games. That is exactly why I would, and have, recommend the game, as it is long enough to keep me engaged, while having clues that tests my deduction skills enough to exercise the grey matter. I look forward to the next release!