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The Revenge of Shinobi Classic

The Revenge of Shinobi Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Works great on my "Motorola G7 Play" phone. Thanks for this classic. Haven't played this since the nineties.
Its still as enjoyable as when i played it in sega genesis. Took awhile to figure out double jump, but once i got it, the rest felt exactly the same. Fantastic port. Kind of miss the tactile feel of a controller.
The somersault is so hard to perform! Press so many times Jump button but cannot activate somersault. 😡
This is not a game it's my memorable day. After 1990 we play this game by coin. I can't forget anymore.
Good game which I loved back in the day. However the controls let it down. Double jump seems to randomly work or not work and the movement control is a bit wishy washy.
No complaints about the game itself..its jus like the original game but why do i need an internet connection to save my game even though i bought the full version..i cant even play a saved game without internet..my megadrive didnt need internet to save or play my game..whats that about?? Other than that tho a good investment for a classic game
Finally a game that I can relate to that was designed in the eighties but I somehow got a hold of the sega cartridge and know I can play shinobi the revenge non stop.Thumbs up 7up(•‿•)
Brilliant retro classic, everything is as it was back in 1990. Do yourself a favour and fork out the 1.99 for the paid. Version, it's a far superior experience.
Awesome! Just like on the mega drive. It even supports the cheat where you can set shurikens to 00 and hold start to get infinite shurikens.
free game and it's not too bad. lots of ads and you have to sign in with your email and play games account if u want to save your progress though
I love this game! But the controls, they need to be fixed! double jump doesn't even work! And that's super annoying! Please fix it ASAP!!
Loved this game 1st time round on mega drive. I guess my only issue is the screen controls but it works a treat with the ipega controller.
Double Jump is literally the way you not die in the game and it's broken from the beginning. That is all
I used to own this game as an arcade machine, it was nothing like this to play. Rubbish controls, too many adds for something you did not create
Dosen't work on my chromebook. I do commend you for putting these games on mobile WITH gamepad and keyboard support. 3 stars.
Game does not play well at all and contains malware. Avoid downloading it. All positive comments are lies.
I followed a link from the kishi app for this game only to discover it doesn't support it, only two buttons work and no d-pad.
Another broken port in the same way Decap Attack is. Will not properly support game controller. Sega's old games no longer on the store used to work perfectly fine...
Brings back a lot of fun times I remember getting the Revenge of shinobi for Christmas I was over the moon love you game
it's the classic we all love for free. There are ads but it's not unbearable. you even have the option to save your game.
Cannot install the game😥would love to play this gem,it installs but fails,i got enough space on my mobile
Nice to see Sega invading mobile with the games of the past, but don't you think that the good games of the past need a graphic overhaul in order to compete with current games. I mean 2D wasn't bad in the past, but it is 2019, perhaps it is time make this game in third person view, since being HD is not enough. Third person and perhaps first person view need to be added to all sega games, if you want to win Gameloft as a mobile game developer. You can be better than Gameloft, if you modernize.
Holy cap does this game play bad! I'm playing it on my old s5 Samsung and it feels like it's moving through soft sand. response time is between 1/3 of a second to 1/4 of a second. I play this on a genesis emulator and it's perfect. Sega's own... which I was considering to buy at $3au is no longer a good purchase. I prefer to buy a can of drink instead. it's not about the money... it's a really really S H I T E port! buy a drink... this is an exercise of frustration.
Controls suck cant even run properly or jump on background or foreground stuff and trying to change settings its sensitive as.
Awful awful controls totally unresponsive. Ruined the game. Such a disappointment as this was such a great game back in the day..... 😭
I just found this game and Streets of Rage i loved these games back in the day and Alt Beasts God Bless you for making these playable on moblies, i just wished you could bring the xmen clone wars and Spiderman arcades revenge AND Superman Doomsday to mobile phones along with other comic book arcade games
I was addicted to this game when I had it on my SEGA Genesis many years ago and as far the graphics and sound, they both match the original verbatim. However the controls are unresponsive to the point of causing my hand to hurt. Very disappointing. I am at work and hopefully when I get home and give my MOGA Pro controller a try it yields better results.
The controls are kinda fustrating, maybe if the arrows got changed to a circle pad like the Sonic games, it would be easier to deal with. Thanks.
It's not bad,I just don't know how to do a few things yet,but shhh I'm a ninja in training lol,have alot of work to do,never played any Shinobi games,this is a first for me
Unfortunately, game crashes before i can even play it! The window closes right after the sega logo... Will update review if it gets fixed!
NO DOUBLE JUMP!!! Considering it is key to defeat some bosses, makes the game quite poor! And the lack of response of the controls is inexcusable for a game where precision is key to finish it! Just a frustrating experience overall.... Will try again later and edit if they improve those flaws.
For all the people who complain start the game because it may need WiFi to load up but after that to disable ads just turn off WiFi
Great for console version not at all for arcade but is very good, complicated as inception but that was the idea about this kind of games I recommend use a Dualpack because only touchscreen the complication is higher
brings back memories and the same cheats work infinate throwing stars go to options chose 00 for shurikens dont move the arrow for 30 seconds and the 00 will turn into a infinate symbol.
Joka GIMENEZ's review below is totally wrong. There is double jump. This is a straight emulation of the original game and the double jump always been tricky in this title. Needs practice to be performed each time. A shame to read this type of review...everything works, it's just a great game! Tip: for infinite skurikens, go to the options settings inside the game and set shurikens to zero for some seconds. This will turn into the infinite symbol.
DOUBLE JUMP. DOES. NOT. WORK. 99% OF THE TIME. FIX IT FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!! Phew. Such a shame for it is a great game, played it to death in the 90's and never had a single issue with double-jumping and throwing shurikens. It is VITAL that it works every time, WHO has the time to spend perfecting it when one's being attacked from all sides?! PLEASE FIX IT IF YOU WANT 5 STARS.
Couldn't even get the game to start, A joke of an app. The developer should go back to packing bag's. Massively disappointed.
I don't know why Sega doesn't just do a Sega store app with option to download all the old roms. Maybe put in a monthly subscription for unlimited content. Take back control of your roms like Nintendo are trying to do.
I'm gonna have to give it 3 stars. it could have been 5 if the controls weren't reacting slow. much appreciated if fixed thank you😀