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The Rats: Feed, Train and Dress Up Your Rat Family

The Rats: Feed, Train and Dress Up Your Rat Family for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by gamigo Publishing GmbH located at Behringstrasse 16b 22765 Hamburg Deutschland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Haven't bpkayee this in awhile but I'm glad to see it's just as good as it was. Maybe makeing the rats: 2 would be a cool idea. Like not as a continueiation but as a new version with better code from the ground up. (Just keep the art style the same)
I'm updating my rating. They made an upgrade recently so for those of us with Note 9s or Google Pixels, we can play it now.. Now that I am addicted I wish they hadn't upgraded. It's a cute little game. I'm horribly addicted and I'm all ready to take out a second mortgage to play.
I hate that hearts are really hard to get, I think you should be able to trade in the game for example I have nearly 70 gloves it would be awesome if I could trade 10 black gloves for 1 brown glove or something. I think if you win a "heal" it should be one of the quick "heals" not one of the ones you buy with cheese. The collections are stupid. You get everything but the thing you need, as an example I'm level 14 and have yet to make a single collection. Also the game glitches so much!!!
The game is unfair! Like trying to win at the casino (the house always wins). The amount of points you score in a successful raid is WAY-WAY lower than the amount deducted from an unsuccessful raid. It doesn't matter how strong you make your rats, even a rat at a much lower rating will kill you. There is no logic or fair time allocated to how long a rat will live before it needs resurrection - the same rat will die up to 3 times in one day resulting in excessive need to continuesly resurrected!
Great potential, but WAY too geared towards in-app purchases. When you get raided (a normal part of gameplay), it takes irritatingly long to revive your rats, and you need to interact with it every few minutes for 15-20 minutes... Unless you buy things... Too much waiting around for rats to ressurect/revive/get fit. Chests get about half the contents destroyed unless you buy keys... If you make a good game, I'll make purchases. I won't be manipulated into it. Game deleted.
I love the game. I am however having a major issue with the dungeons. Last night i had 6 doors. When i logged on this morning i was down to 3 doors... I didnt go in them so why do they dissapear? I like to save my doors and they dissapear. Please change this.
The gameplay, graphics and everything is soo good. Very new concept and nice to kill time. Even energy recharges pretty quickly. The only drawback is even if I have an 89% stealing chance, i get hit by the enemy. this is frustrating when it happens again and again. There is no point in having a high percentage of stealing when u get hit regardless of it. I dont know if it is a bug or something but if this continues then no option but to uninstall.
Always something to do in this game, most of the equipment for the game can be bought with the cheese πŸ§€.
5/20 Even the lower level mice are quickly killing higher level mice. 4/20 Thank you for the advice. Unrelated to the traps, the game has been having issues connecting to the network and I have lost earnings mid game. Is there an issue or an update pending? 4/9 The rules are inconsistent in this game and despite the success percentages to retrieve cheese, you are caught by traps or lower level mice even though you have higher level mice. Very difficult to understand.
Good game but dislike the fact that you need ratbucks to revive the rats! Would be better if they could be revived with cheese rather than ratbucks!
Only one prob,i had purchaced the army suit had 3 days left and opened lootbox n recived 24hr army suit and timer changed from 3 days to 1 day
i really enjoy this game. but when i went to sign on to it this morning it keeps telling me to reconnect to the server. all my other games that connect to the internet im having no issues with. the game is updated and all.
Really liked this game & have been playing it for at least 4 years. Trying to join a clan made me uninstall... apparently it's all of Russian players who have accepted my clan request & always kick me out a day or so later. I realize there's a difference in language but would not recommend this game for Americans if u want to join a clan. I'll reinstall the game again soon but I'll just play on my own. Sorry but not sorry.
Rats take too long to revive and i dont understand why they need revived, is it because someone raided me and stuffed that rat? Good game but dont see point in the gadgets, like gloves and iron gloves, dont see what they actually do to help. Wall takes too long to break too. For some reason im unable to rename my rats
this game is fun but every time I try to collect a reward a report appears stating that an error has occurred and the game shuts down and has to be reloaded .very annoying hence only three star rating.
I really didnt like the game at first, but continued to play in which im glad I did! Truly addicted!! But is there a problem going on with the app right now? All day its been saying "oops, unable to connect to the server, please check your internet connection" My internet is fine, all my other games work... PLEASE HELP I NEED TO GET BACK INTO GAME BEFORE ALL MY RATS DIE!!
love the game, but for some reason today when i tried to get on it keeps giving me a connection error. i know im connected to the internet and every other app works. today has been the only problem. tried closing and reopening. still doesnt wanna connect. please help!!
I love this game its so fun i hope the game will get even better they should be happy they made such an awesome game i have no problems and if you thinking about downloading i really consider
Absolutely love this game. I don't like reading storylines so I'm having to figure things out as I go along. But it's pretty funny so I dont mind.
Thank you very much for your latest update. I love how addicting this game is, and I hate it when everything was so big I barely could play the game. But you fixed it, and I'm internally grateful. 😁
is there a problem with the game today. I keep getting a cannot connect to server message? UPDATE. Reply from dev. that app just needed updated worked perfect. Maybe a notice to "update" would be more helpful rather than " trying to connect" Thanks. Also, whilst I do like the game, it does get a bit boring and frustrating when even after updating rats levels and skills every rat gets caught by the trap one after the other. Increasing chance percentages would greatly improve game enjoyment.
I think this games really good because its a really good way to pass time and even though i just started i played for like 30 minutes and i can tell its a good game! Keep up the good work.
A super fun game! I love this game so much bc it free to play and it a very fun game but sometimes it doesn't let my in the game so I have to re-try to go in it but it still works. And the graphics are pretty good!
i absolutely think this is the cutest game concept I've ever come across. it's actually fun and sweet.
so far it's pretty unplayable from my experience. One, I logged in with my Facebook. Then it takes me back to the log in but really, what you have to do is to wait a bit first before proceeding. the intro plays, but after that nothing happens. The screen was just black. I do hope the devs fix this, but for now, keep testing.
Thought I wouldn't be Interested but I play everyday allday and I love how attacks are no longer than 2mins
Played this game as a kid, reinstalled recently as an adult and it's still great! Much more fun the 2nd time around, keep up the good work!
Love this game, but I have a small suggestion. I also play a game called Cats Empire..and they show the level of each cat..to make it easier to know who you can "smash " I think it would come in handy for The Rats.
Another Money hook. Unfortunately this game is geared towards money. This game had a lot of potential to be a lot of fun, I played it for 2 days before I realized I could go no further unless I made a purchase. it's bad enough you get stalled in the game but you actually lose all your hard work as well. That was a real bummer for me. The game is literally is a waste of time and energy.
Hi team, need to ask. As i can't open the app as they said no connection. Ehm.. Highly doubt that. I can't open since yesterday. Any idea to help me about this? Thanks in advance.
Not working. I,ve had this game for years and really enjoy it. But recently it stopped adding funds to my ratbucks. I contacted support and no one has has the courtesy to come back to me. Disappointed.
Used to play the game daily til i lost it but, now that we are re united i have had so much fun in the past few days 10/10 would recommend not for the faint of heart or children though
Love this game! It's a cheese and rat empire game. You can also raid other people, Get other rats such as king and angel rats and you can even level up and get in the contest to earn more rats, cheese, souls and even more! I really liked this game and I hope that you can add more rats!
Still does not start on Android10. I'm using a OnePlus6 device with the stable A10 release. It's a segmentation fault. backtrace: #00 pc 011a5000 /data/app/air.de.intenium.rats-gusvH6M0X96vDgqYdL7wTQ==/lib/arm/libCore.so!libCore.so (offset 0x11a1000) (BuildId: 28f0c9a543b352d7e3041cb69856be532f60ae28)
I really love playing your game. have one problem with it though. Why, when I go to steal or kill and it says 95% does it kill me or when killing a rat they dont die? why have the percentage up there if it doesnt matter?!
This is a great new inventing game of like cat and mouse.Actually you could add a cat down the track.Iam enjoying the challenge.Not too much mumbo jumbo,yet eniugh too easily understand.Thumbs up to the makers.
Good game and lot of challenge to other players stealing ang killing and revenge each other, nice graphics too enjoy everyone
Great game an very addictive. Alot of items require money for items only..... suggestion of either option of cheese or money would be a better idea you could comsider possibly????? Other than this issue..... I LOVE it!!! The creator of the game should be proud of developing such a great game. Keep up the good work
I'm glad I ignored most of the mildy neutral to negative reviews. This game is pretty awesome and addictive. A fun strategy based take what you can game.
Cash shop costumes are only temporary? No thanks. Was about to spend money on the game and now I am uninstalling.
Love this game, is is best to be in a clan to get the benefits of the game. one thing i like most about this game is, there are NO ADS, Hence the 5 stars.
Very funny game of rats, A different concept , we never supposed such type story, Really amazing , fully entertaining
seriously after sec time try, this game still suck, (i don't need games thats stressful) the higher ur level, (am at level 42), the less you can do. I can't pick up or steel πŸ§€ cheese (am supposed to steel size 18 cheese, but my strongest rat cant even steel size 15 cheese) (devil rat) even my rat rate 95%, how we supposed to upgrade rats it's struggle to get ❀️ hearts or πŸ§€ cheese, ( and everything else) game become stressful no use to keep it, even though it was a good game in beginning
I love this game. The idea and the design are unique and fun. The only downside to the game is occasionally when I get a reward, the app kicks me out.
Excellent game, when they don't quite blow up.... They pull out a bed pan and newspaper,then they fart and finish the job, too funny.
the game will not open it's just a black screen no words no colors no pictures of uninstalled it and reinstalled it twice now is there a fix for this
The game is quite amazing good but i have been playing the game just today i want play it log out by it self and when i am trying to log in it is telling me that connection failure to social net work why
An unique F2P game that has strategic risk:reward design. Very easy to pick up & progress @start (wall progress addiction).VERY GRINDY w/ alot timer walls & buying pressure for premium items by micro-trans. Most are time/1-time use. Time-base=single long session play=can be too repetative and get boring fast. The game calculates RNG % of success=1-time very $$$. Rats can perma die if not check, so can't idle too long. A LOT OF ADS, NOT WORTH WATCHING. But F2P, so Don't take seriously, VERY MEH..
I am connected to Facebook but when I try to draw from a friend it takes me to a log in page for Facebook!!
Cute. Easy to play game. But I'm always afraid of what might happen to my rats after months of being offline.
I love this game it's one you can play for hours and not get bored and love the graphics so cute and funny little quirks it has
I used to play this in 2014 and im still playing this in 2019. I used to play this in facebook but now I came back to this game to check out what happened to this game in this present time. and I saw many great things and alot of things improved in this game. Keep it up.
Like coinmaster but 10 times better and way more personalization by way of outfits and accessories that also give status bonus'.
I hate the fact that you do a raid and get a couple of hundred points but you lose the raid and instantly lose over a thousand and I know what you will say 'pay attention to the % but also to traps, use the scanner' so you would like me to buy scanners because you can't get your points system right? that's not right. If you get 200 points for getting a cheese then you should only be able to lose 200
The chances of me EVER winning a raid is 0, EVEN WHEN I HAVE A HIGH CHANCE OF SUCSESSFULLY GETTING CHEESE IT'S STILL A FAIL. Does the game sometimes make you unlucky? Sure seems so.
Best game, but you really need to make sure that you don't stuff rats all the time or else others will revenge on you and you won't even have cheese as u were stuffing the whole time . I gave 4 stars because sometimes when I go to steal cheese the rat gets stuck and the enemy rats catch my rats.
It seemed like a interesting idea. I just couldn't create an account using email. It took me outside the game to a German website where I tried to create an account but after I created the account and logged in but it broke and never took me back to the game with an account
The games real fun and I like the art style but the game can be quite infuriating at times like having your best rats be in coma and running out of chest paddles to revive them and not being able to get more
The game keeps crashing with this "Sorry something went wrong" error. It keeps happening about every 10 minutes and is really annoying! Would give higher rating if it didn't crash.
I had issues after I first downloaded the game, but they fixed them and it is a cute fun game and I now own 8 rats.
Friends taught me tricks that have made this fun, vs. a giant drain on my meager discretionary funds.
I thought this game up to level 30 was fantastic but now it is starting to get were I dont want to play as much. Around level 30 the game is ridged. It is impossible to wake up your rats after they were attack They want 50 Cheese a zapp. You have to zap each rat many times. I have 20 rats 8 of are sleeping. It consumes a lot of cheese. Sometimes my cheese gets so low I have anxiety that I will lose all my cheese. I don't do Facebook. Why not make it so we can join clans without going on FB?
I only have few questions 1 rats take a little to long to lvl up and it takes to long to get to the next room also can you fix the rats eyes it gives me the creeps
The game cant even calculate. I say this because when I earn pionts I go down.I givethis game 2 stars cause it is very annoying!!!!!!!
Love the game get lost in it for hours only problem I have been having is when I receive a achievement I receive error and app crashes
I love this game .they have a contest going continually with great prizes.i got some lucky boxes on one contest and one had 500 ratbucks and another. Had 120ratbucks in it. I'm level 116 now and dang near every level up gives rat bucks now.and leveling up doesn't take forever.try the game and breed some dancing cheese stealer's.(like literally they be dancingπŸ€£πŸ’―). I'll let you download the game to see what they do when you fail to stuff an enemies rat.πŸ˜‚ Hilarious πŸ˜†.I still laugh when it happn
great game easy to loose track of time playin it! lets hope this update fixed the bugs and sharing issues. ill change it to 5 stars if its fixed!
My game will not open since your last update. I click the game application on my Android note 9 and the game fails to open. All I get is a black screen with a pixel thin line . Then it goes to a single speck of one pixel.
Great game, like my rats but changed rating to 3 stars because the ranking climbing option doesn't work anymore, once I get to the beginning of the middle point, it's not raising which is unfair. Also getting more cheese in rewards instead of bucks. Response to your message below gamigo: You are touched with my feedback? Didn't realise you like it so much considering it was meant to be more of a suggestion for improvement. It is also constructive as I pointed out very clearly the problems.
my husband pushed me f or over 6 months and when i finially gave it it only took about a week to get hooked.... i enjoy playing Rats now .... Ratz is intestresting to play but there is always new things to learn..
its a awesome game but freezes allot n dosent want to load allot of the time & i get this about 3times a day its saying internet peoblems but ive got great internet its just the game. please fix this
Love this game but need to have sale's on the rat bucks . Because you can't do anything in the game with out them . For example instead of 2:49 it should be 1:99 . That's the way it is in my other game Dragon ML.And I buy a lot at that price . Thank you!
Rats is down or frozen.my quest is frozen and my buck cat machine is not working right.. and I can not do my quest..any help would be nice..so tired of them not fixing the issue or they server on there end. I hope that It's working correctly..and thanx you.
I love this game it's addictive, my only concern for the game is how slowly it progress. U just have to keep looting ur neighbors to get anywhere, or weight 20 hours or pay a ton of money to get further in the game.
Enjoying the game, but cant unlink from Facebook -despite removing the app from Facebook. Not able to change user or log in as guest either. Uninstalling and reinstalling also auto logs in with facebook. How do you unlink it?
Cute and funny...but lose too many points than you gain. Uninstalled. And as far as reading other reviews, this game has poor balance in upgrading the rats and what you get or don't get on raids. The scanner helps a little...sometimes does'nt seem quite accurate...and the dev is repeating unhelpful advice. πŸ‘Ž
Doesn't fit to screen , when I try and click out I have to exit the game fully The in game pop ups like when to update and when accessing the challenge page you can't click out the screen buttons are to wide to even reach the buttons. When attack mode the same issue I can't click attack without the bottom power up buttons being in the way it's a fun game but a little annoying to navigate If it fit my phone screen better I'd give this game full stars. Please fix the problem so it's more enjoyable
Why would i play through a browser when I'm commenting through the play store? I'm playing the app which insists i connect by Facebook which i don't have. The game is now unplayable anyway. If you leave it for a few days people kill all your rats and you need real money to resurrect them once properly dead. I don't like being forced to pay if i don't play constantly.
I just started playing today. its fun so far but I noticed the bar where u collect souls fills up but it dont gain a level. I've filled it about 6 times quick, and still same problem
After the newest update everything has been in larged to the point where I can't play. The attack button gets blocked making it EXTREMELY difficult to steal cheese or stuff rats. I can't reach the X buttons on in game pop ups. It's making it entirely unusable.
I read all the complaints I still downloaded the game I have the same issues as everyone else adding to it it took over my pho e by freezing up black screen an literally took over my phone I could not exit the game I had to take the battery out just to restart my phone you should not do this to people its bad business I give this game 0 stars deleted
Good way to pass time!! Had this game for 4 years. Now I can't even sign on to the game. I hope I dont lose my bonus for signing daily. Still doesnt work uninstalled and reinstalled and didnt work.