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The Ranger - Lord of the Rings RPG Gamebook

The Ranger - Lord of the Rings RPG Gamebook for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Bookgame.me located at Pasaje Castilla León 2Bis Oficina 2 22004 Huesca España. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I wanted to introduce my daughter to D and D, but i cant invest the time or money in being her dungeon master. This game is very close and fun for us. But the combat is too tough. We are totally stuck in bret forest attacked by 5 orcs. Completely overmatched. Maybe we are missing something.
Super fun! Is there a way to save during your adventure? Every time I die I have to restart from the beginning which is a little frustrating. Other than that I have no complaints, great job!
I really enjoyed the story and can't waot for the rest. I wish I could help with the translations where needed.
Good game, Need to register up front to save, Key is to make more money and buy best gear in tharbad(not paid a buck). Was able to ramp up my defense to 7-8, attack 7 and absorption 5-6. Very easy to ram through the enemies even when I am an explorer and invested in perception, intelligence and charisma. Intelligently cleaned Bret forest, engaging and winning all fights. Now stuck at chapter 7/8 as no English translation.. Hope the developer brings out the English update soon.
Really appreciate this game! A very immersive Storyline, simple to work out the logistics of character creation and game play. The story is translated, and therefore has some odd wording at times. The story is also still being translated, so I'm currently waiting the next installment to be made available, but neither of these things are a deal breaker in my opinion. Ads are placed in breaks in the storyline, so they don't pop up in a distracting manner.
Great story, though I had to run through the Spanish chapters with a Google Translator. When will the next chapters come up, please?
An okay game, but not that good, I play pathfinder 2e for real and I'd much recommend sticking with actual rpgs like that.
fun game, its difficult, but thats necessary to pull people in. I am fond of romance posdibilities, even though its mostly action, but not sure if its more mystery action oriented? besides my own indulgences, its a good game with difficulties that makes adventures work. spanish is different, but not bad to be multilingual either.
The game has a lot of potential but the translation is not the best and sometimes even misleading.Like in the weapons window you wrote weapons two hand instead of two handed weapons ,and also long range weapons instead of simply calling them ranged weapons But alas I understand that English is not your native language (Like me) but with a little more time put into translation I'm sure the game will be very successful among the interactive fiction readers as myself
The game is fun, but be warned...you have to register before playing to save the game. If you die without saving, you have to start from the beginning which they don't tell you until ch. 5... I died in ch.4, played thru again till ch. 5 where you get a warning: "Be sure to save the game, this part of the game is more dangerous." So I looked for a save option...turns out you have to be registered to save...so I registered, but registering wiped my character 😑... now I have to start over again...
thanks for replying, glad to see active developers, could you tell me about when the game could be translated?
Game is extremely good. However it's been a long time since I reached chapter 8. Wish the translation would happen a bit quicker. May I know when is the 8th chapter coming?
Super enjoyable. It feels just like a true DnD game. I wish there could be like an online feature to play with friends. But I'm super in love with it. 100% worth your time, and very fun. I'm even willing to invest some money if that's an option.
Interesting storyline. In Spanish but translated into English, so phrasing is a bit weird. Can't wait for more chapters to be added.
The update lost all my characters and purchased gold . I had five stars but this is the kind of bug that reduced it by three stars. This has a very nice rng system. The english is translated well and each section has a tab to contact the developers for corrections. The combats are challenging and a wide range of choices of gear . A huge bonus is the luxery to save your progress. so many other gamebook apps omit this save feature and it diminishs the playability. I look forward to other titles.
This is a game i have been looking for so long!😄❤ Dont know wich chapter i am but i have faced a problem i'm in Tharbad city but cant progress any further, i have medallion and have solved the bandit problem but when i go to mithril jewelry it says that you dont have enough money. Can you help me? What shoud i do?
Great story and great work on the app. I just wanted to say that I just had my phone replaced and suddenly I can't save anything. I was very fortunate that I didn't get killed during the course of the game. Can anything be done to rectify this problem?
The story is really good, and that fact that i can influence how challenging battles will be based on my decision make it even more exciting. The english literature is great. I really love this game. What makes it the best is that its free. Cant wait for the rest of it
I loving it so far but on chapter 5 it gone to Spanish and I can't turn it back to English is it cos I gone too far in front of the English part that been written so far or that I don't know how to turn it back to English after catching the Spanish button? Like I say loving it so far
I was really enjoying it, but when it got to the first battle I couldn't figure out how to fight and damage
This is a great game it as so exciting that I read and completed it within 2 hours. I definitely recommend to read it. Just make more books like this I really am craving for more can't wait for more.
Its garbage, do not even waste time on this. Fight system is extremely unfair, i was on fight in which i had twice of the enemys stats and i lost the battle without even landing a hit, in other fights my weapons make damage between 1 and 5 and 90% of the times the damage i make is 1 and the enemys always hits with the max hit possible!!! its a shame because the history was not that bad.
The scenario seems decent. The writing has a lot of mechanical errors. The biggest problem is the combat tables. If you play explorer class you almost never hit and the damage isnt enough to survive one of the first encounters you have, even if you play every choice right. The combat mechanics often freeze or bug out and the mechanic to add points by watching an ad also seems to break the combat. It's really too bad because I can feel there may be an interesting story there but you can get to it