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Is a Trivia game developed by The Q located at Stream Live, Inc. 1000 Johnnie Dodds Blvd Ste. 103-358 Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 United States. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Used to be fun. 1 to 2 games a day every giving you chance to actually win. Games may happen 1 time a week now if you're lucky. They place a $25 minimum on cashing out which means they owe me $10 I'll never get because of their minimum. I stuck around hoping they would atleast drop their minimum. After a year of it being horrible I finally gave up and uninstalled app.
I have been waiting for my payout since August. The company has ignored multiple requests for updates. I've emailed and tweeted, but have yet to receive a response. If you pay for premium membership, don't expect anything in return other than few worthless lives. I'll update this if i ever get paid, but I'm not holding my breath.
This game is pure trash and will cheat you out of a right answer. For instance. They partnered with Halftime Live and the question was what year did the San Jose Sharks join the NHL. I answered 1991 cause I knew the answer and the host even said the correct answer was 1991 but yet this piece of trash app The Q highlighted 2011 as the correct answer. There was over 2000 of us who answered correctly was eliminated cause of a glitch. Don't trust this game cause it's nothing more than trash.
I enjoying, I don't enjoy being unable to earn heart pieces by watching videos. I get the "you reached your limit" without watching any videos for weeks on end. No fun playing on an uneven playing field. Random start times too, delivery is glitchy.
I took a hiatus from this app after having problems way back a few months ago. A few friends of mine told me they fixed all their issues and were also paying people out on a weekly payment schedule. It sounded interesting so I decided to come back. To my surprise, my account was still intact with my old balance and everything. Very pleased. I noticed they had a VIP program available now to access premium games and I've had good luck with things like that usually the return is very nice, so I subbed. I won several of their premium games and I was paid within 2 weeks of submitting a cash out. However, after this cashout it has been since January 17th i believe and I have not receieved payment, yet they kept taking money out for premium with no issue. I let this go on for a bit until just recently i cancelled. I have contacted their email on the profile for this game and have not received any response to anything I've said. I really like their trivia, but if they're not going to pay out there's no point. I haven't even been banned or anything, so I don't know why I wouldn't receive payment. I play on one device and don't break any of the rules.
Basically just a crappier version of HQ. I like that you are able to earn learderboard points even after you are eliminated. However, many of the questions are poorly written and worded. The feature for watching ads for free lives doesn't work at all, but that doesn't really bother me that much. The worst part though is the hosts. They constantly mispronounce words and seem absolutely baffled by basic concepts that most people have at least heard of. Really off-putting to have to listen to.
As much as I enjoyed playing this trivia app, I am not at all able to receive any of my winnings since I had started playing late last year. I have tried to contact support as via two emails as of January this year and through a physically sent letter later in February. However, I never received an honest reply if I had been ineligible to qualify for payments. My account name is "toadomos." After leaving this review, I would hope someone could verify if my account was waived from payments.
Bro whenever I click on watch ads it says "You have reached the limit on ads". I hope u guys will fix this on next update.
There's no one to report technical problems to. Every time I tried to add lives it would tell I reached my daily limit. All this without one attempt on my part. Great game, horrible tech problems.
It happens very often that I get to join the game, but the "answering" controls ─Ćon't pop up at all, so I don't get the chance to answer, and therefore get eliminated immideatly.. please fix this..
kinda disappointed and When trying to play the multiple choice (popular choice) it's hard to stay in since it maybe nearly impossible to tell what others are gonna choose. I wish on the popular choice game if you wrote one of the top 3 answers you can continue. I've also been kicked out before the game starts especially at the count down and I cant refer a friend or enter my friends referral code to gain lives.
This was a good app, even paid for the subscription but now they owe me $50 and won't pay me.... Yet they always took my subscription payment even after they refused to pay me out.
My story is the same as countless others: They stopped paying my winnings. No explanation given, no replies to inquiries, not even banned from the game. I could keep playing and anything I won they will just sit on the money. Update. I got paid from last year, got paid two more times, now they have stopped paying again. Been waiting since May 2020, five months ago. UPDATE November 2020: They have blocked me on Twitter. Worth noting they have received only one 5-star review in the last year.
Don't play this guys. They don't pay you. A damn scam. It's been weeks and they owe me $70 that I rightfully earned. They will accuse you of cheating with no proof. What they do is pay you the first few times you cash out, then all of a sudden refuse to pay you. My friend was on the leaderboard for 2 months and he didn't get the $100 he earned all together from leadboard alone. Plus it will take you over a month to earn enough to cash out
Horrible app. Can't earn extra lives unlike it constantly advertises. There seems to be lag issues between the stream and answering questions as the question times can be unpredictable and I have no suspicion of the data connection.
This app has the worst customer support and refuses to pay a lot of it's users, including me, yet they will gladly get you to pay for premium. The Q likes to accuse people of cheating and use it as an excuse to NOT pay! They even blocked me on Twitter, JUST for asking about my payment. There are barely any games with a chance at winning a few extra pennies, yet the minimum is still $25, so I wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly went away. This is one app I certainly WON'T miss! Good riddance!
The idea is good, but the poor quality of the visuals and the lack of response from the admin side is disconcerting. As of this writing, it's been two months and counting since I requested a cash out, and it's nothing but crickets. Requests through the app and via email have gotten me nowhere, and that's the reason why they only get one star.
Somehow random bugs always seem to kick me from high value, special games. The regular $500 games work fine. Makes you think lol.
These people do not pay their leaderboard point winners. You have to pay a subscription...$5+ per week...to have a chance to be the best player in any given category, but when you "win", you lose. They take your money, but good luck trying to get your winnings out of them.
This game used to be five stars but for the last month or two there have been constant bugs in-game which causes you to lose (the wrong question appearing, having no sound, being kicked out of active games). it's now to the point where you don't even want to open the app when you get a notification.
I have won several times during the last year! Questions range from easy to moderate. A must play if you love trivia!!
I cashout 25 dollar on 31st may but it did not credited to my paypal. What is the reason. I do not voilate ur term and condition than why r u not sent the payment?? I am too disappointed.
Awful! Cant get rid of this app, they are charging me ,I dont want this game, get the hint,I uninstalled etc.Whoever is in charge, needs to refund our money , you people are a disgrace!All I want is my money back and not play this game! Please
How many notifications do I need before a game starts??? Not TEN!!! If I want to play, I know when the game starts and I'll play on my own accord. I don't need a notification every 5 minutes until the game starts. Uninstalling because I know the developer won't address this.
I was onto the game but technical errors are ridiculous. Im unable to watch videos to earn extra lives, there is terrible game lag, and sometimes I get dropped completely so i miss the question. Once you select an answer you csnt change it right after. A few times I clicked then realized I was wrong but couldn't change it even though time wasnt up. Very frustrating game due to terrible technical flaws. Ive notified the Q & apparently they dont care.
Was great but can never get extra lives because always says I watched my limit which is false so I'm deleting it. I have emailed, went on Facebook to complain and no answer. Just because I am unable to get extra lives is the ONLY reason I am deleting it.
So to access "extra lives" now you have to have a subscription? Is this for real? With all the buffering that happens when the "Questions" are asked by the time it stops buffering its down to 3 or 4 seconds and this is for every single question on every single game I've played since downloading this app. What's going on here? I might as well delete it because I'll nvr get extra lives I see because I'll be damned to pay for a subscription for a trash app
Sent a cash out request in July and did not receive it, the shows prize money has also dropped significantly. Do not risk your time and money (premium) on this app, you'll be disappointed knowing you can only cash out when you reach $25
There are way better optima out there for trivia. Hosts are awkward with poor video quality, WAY too many notifications, some questions impossible unless you tuned in to their Instagram live to get the answer earlier in the day.
Paid for premium subscription to find they keep on cancelling both premium and regular games without notice or explanation. They are happy to take your money and provide you with nothing in return except a few extra lives that you cant use because the games get cancelled. If your lucky enough and get to actually play and win a game the shared prizes are so small that you will never win anything close to the subscription cost back. Why pay for premium when you can get the same for free?
This is scam. They don't pay any money to their players. Just cheating $5 from each of the newcomer premium member weekly. Google should remove this kind app
The Q never pay anything to anyone believe me.They make money via subscription plan that user buy but when user cashout the amount they never pay that amount to user and never reply.Guys, believe me its a fraud and everytime they give silly reason for not paying the amount if you play it legally with all legal terms and conditions in mind still the condition remain same. Believe me don't waste your time and invest it anywhere else. It's a honest review.Google please remove the app from playstore.
i've waited for months, literally, nearly 3 full months at this point, for my ~$80 payout. i'm sick of waiting. i'm sure, since i'm actually a very decent trivia player, that i've been flagged for winning too much. Really, though, this app has gone HUGELY downhill in the last 6 months. $500 and $1000 games are now only worth $100 and $250, which makes me think, this company is broke. Keep the $80; that's like a whole day's worth of prizes for y'all. hope this game goes under soon; can't wait!!!
I have the same problem I see as others. It says we can earn extra lives by watching videos, but even though I have not watched any in weeks if I click it it says I have reached my limit for the day, which is supposed to be 20 videos. FIX THIS or tell us it is no longer an option for extra lives
This game is a lot of fun, and I really enjoy playing it, even though I have not won once yet... hahaha However, I, like many others, have been unable to watch the video ads to earn extra lives. This is a serious issue, and I hope they will fix it soon.
This app has glitches and latency issues CONSTANTLY!!! You get the right answer and it says you're wrong. You answer 2 secs before time runs out, their system glitches and they say you didn't answer in time. It's fun til they have technical problems that kicks you out of the game or forces a loss.
Worst app I have been trying to withdraw the money and everytime it's showing that money is processed but I didn't receive it yet. I habe wasted 1-2 months to win that money. You need to modify your app.
Love love love this game but sad I'm having issues watching videos for extra lives -amandame4 Update 10/24/18 Unfortunately felt the need to drop my rating. Realizing how much the video issue is impacting the fun factor. Emailed about the issue with no response yet.
extra lives? it keeps telling me I've reached the limit to watch ads for extra piece of life but I've clicked on it once and its telling me my limit has been reached... so I deleted this app and I'm deleting from my boyfriend's phone as well. #wasteoftime
I am from india, can i play this game and transwer the wining dollar into rupees. Overall the app is good.
im wondering how to get in contact with the people who made this game. im a premium member and this marks the 2nd time ive been booted from a game with no explanation
Game is fine, and Poppy is great, but I'm done with the glitches, the extra lives videos not working, and the most recently getting booted for network issues when I'm on perfectly functioning WiFi. Deleting.
It's an bad update. I am not able to watch ads video to earn extra live. On clicking the button, a popup appears with " you reached your daily limited of 20 videos. Come tomorrow to watch." Even i haven't watched any. Team "THE Q" should should rectify this bug.
Cant watch ad for heart peices says already reached limit even when i have not watched any videos because it says i have reached the limit. Very unfair and a complete waste of time. Get it fixed.
It has been more than 30 days and the app has yet not provided me with my winning amount that is 95.62$ This app is not giving the winning cash amount it is a waste of time I the app has any honesty left than reply me and give me my reward
*EDIT* The Q's reply to my comment was that I played with multiple devices, increasing my chances to win, violating terms of service. I have one phone. I play alongside my husband, who also has one phone. We referred friends family and tried to play along with them... who. also. have. one. phone. We put our minds together- sometimes we won, sometimes we lost. We played often, increasing our chances to win the monthly prize, which is the whole point of having a monthly prize. When it came to paying out, they found a way to get out of paying the was based on accusation and no fact. Their reply also doesn't address the fact that they took my subscription money for many weeks before they blocked me. *Original Post* I was accused of cheating and got blocked, yet they still took my subscription money week after week. They never paid. I never cheated. I can't believe they can get away with cheating their winners out of their prizes by just accusing them of cheating and blocking. "You've violated terms and conditions..." we won't tell you ~how~, we'll just say you did and not pay you, *after* you've shelled out $4.99/week for weeks and weeks, while waiting for your prize money to arrive.
The old game was good. But then they started charging 4.99 per WEEK for new lives and other benefits. Forget it.
You're supposed to be able to earn extra lives, but it has been broken for weeks! That gives people who were able to view 20 videos a day time to save up many new lives. Those of us who have just started in the last few weeks haven't had a chance to have but one life because it keeps saying we have exceeded our limit, when I haven't been able to watch one video. I tried over and over to contact someone through the host and the Q trivia on Instagram, but no one seemed to listen. My other gripe is that the clock is running even when the host is reading the question. You only have 8 seconds to answer, and sometimes it takes the host seven seconds to read the whole thing! I am close to giving up on this game.
been trying to cash out for the last 2 months and they're not cashing me out. and the decreasing prize amounts i would speculate that they're going under.
I would give a much higher rating (Because trivia! And the parts that work are fun), but there are some serious flaws that have been unaddressed for some time now. Foremost is the error that prevents users from watching videos for extra lives, which is supposed to be part of the app functionality. In addition as other users have mentioned, there is no feedback mechanism built into the app. Additionally, there's a problem with notifications: There is no way to view notifications within the app. This means that notifications for events happening outside of the app just disappear; for example, notifications about Twitter and Instagram announcements and "events."
My story is the same as countless others: They stopped paying my winnings. No explanation given, no replies to inquiries, not even banned from the game. I could keep playing and anything I won they will just sit on the money. Update. I got paid from last year, got paid two more times, now they have stopped paying again. Been waiting since May 2020, five months ago.
it's a good app but the In the Know game us ridiculous. if you dont say the EXACT writing you get eliminated. I wrote bathing suit and the answer was swin suit. Really?? Needs a fix.
not happy with the Q Trivia....yet to receive my hard earned money...since 4 months...$27.... many people complain they havent received their winnings...i am also not sure if the Q will pay or not...giving it only 1 star from 5...really not happy...
cant get my cash .. i cashed out a month ago.. why it took so long to wait? i make it 5 stars if i get my prize
Tonight they asked the Capitol of Wyoming. Cheyenne was not even one of the answers. They said that the correct answer was Casper. The hosts routinely mispronounce basic words and have poor grammar. Bush league operation.
It will not let me watch videos to get free lives, it tells me I've reached my limit when I haven't watched one single video... It says the limit is 20 a day but at the very most I've only been able to watch 3.. 90% of the days it won't let me watch even one !!! Please fix this and thank you...
literally crashes every 2 seconds. sometimes the video never loads, making it impossible to play. The 5% of the time it loads, it crashes mid-answer. weirdly enough, the push notifications work perfectly and i get a dozen of those a day!
It doesn't work anymore so disappointing a used to work perfect and I played every time and then it started saying I couldn't watch videos because I had reached my daily limit but I didn't even watch any and then it just started sending me notifications that a game was starting even though it wasn't I even tried uninstalling it and then downloading it again but nothing works so now I guess I am uninstalling it for the last time
I used to love this Trivia App. Seems funding to the App has decreased dramatically over the last 2 years as the prize money offered then to now is very low. ALTHOUGH, if you enjoy multiple choice and/or answering questions asked and getting correct on the basis of how the majority answers
I would have enjoyed a game with this kind of format if they had made the promised payments for topping the leaderboard. I liked the trivia games, didn't like the popular choice games.
They come up some excuse not to pay even without any violation of terms. Donot waste your time. Once or twice to gain confidence of players and later they fake with some excuse.
The extra lives section is an absolute joke. The video doesn't load, I push the button and I'm told over and over that i have exceeded my daily limit... The last video I was able to view was near two weeks ago.