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The Prison Boys [ Mystery novel and Escape Game ]

The Prison Boys [ Mystery novel and Escape Game ] for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by ESC-APE by SEEC located at 〒150-0011 東京都渋谷区東3-9-19 ポーラ恵比寿ビル 10F. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can i give this more stars- lmao The story alone was Awesome and i can Surely say this was The Best game I've ever played in my whole entire life, no kidding as in litterally like I love Mystery games like these there's a Plot there's a story and PLOT TWISTS Which are Really random and i love it if i can give this Game a hundred stars oh boi i would i would HIGHLY and ABSOLUTELY recommend This game! If you love Mystery novel games, this is the Game for you
This game is amazing the graphics are great and the plot of the story is amazing it has so many twist and turns you really have to use your brain to be able to solve the problems and spoiler alert!!! The ending is so satisfying and sad but all the most satisfying also this game rule hope you guys play!!! 🤣🤣🤣😁😁👌👌🙏🏻🙏🏻 also the ending made me cry😭😭☺️
Nice game but there's a problem like other games which is you need to wait for tickets if you don't want to pay for it. Last is that I can't rly get caught to the story haha maybe bc of my bad memory.
This game is total lit. I love the background, I love the characters, I love the gameplay, and I love the way they limited the ticket to make the gameplay longer. Only few ads are added so it's not annoying at all. If you like World-War's era style, and a history lover, this game is for you. But! If you have problems with the tickets generate, open back a gap before the recent plot you left and go through the plot again.
Over all it was a great story. The only thing that gets me is how you have to wait every day for more tickets. The daily wait makes it a little hard for me to remember the story as I go. I reccommend allowing people to watch ads to earn free tickets as opposed to just waiting for or buying them, as it would provide you with a bit more revenue.
Start from the gameplay, the puzzle is riddleculous weirdly fun. About the story, I already finished it last month, tho the story not really lingering in me, maybe because I kind of guessed the true culprit at the first chapter, then boom at the last chapter my guess was right. It could be the characteristic of the charas are almost typically can be guessed. Anyway from all of the characters in this game, Nagi is the best gurl.
Greatness ruined by Greed. Every mf chapter has ad which ruins the experience of such a beautiful Story. An ad between 3 chapters is genuine, between 2 is cash grab but between each is a prison of disbelief made by greed.
this game is so much fun! the story is beautiful (although there were parts that were poorly translated) and the ending definitely had me tearing up. i just wish there was an auto-progress text option, something else to do in the game other than the main story (was only able to play like 25 mins a day for free because of the tickets), and a hint button but they fixed a lot of these in their later games like tasokare hotel
This game was an amazing playthrough, I just finished the game as I'm writing this and I'm still a bit teary eyed especially after going through the endings in order as I played and having seen the last two endings back to back and seeing the difference in meaning in Tetsu's final thoughts (but I'm a crybaby, so maybe that's just me). Its a good game with an interesting plot and good character development to boot, there wasn't even a second of the game where I'd gotten bored, and the story kept me guessing which is always a plus in a mystery game. Thanks for the experience, and I recommend it to others as well ❤
Love the game and whole storyline so far, but I keep getting an error where the tickets won't reset at 5:00. I've tried everything - powering my phone off and on, turning battery saver off, going on and off of wifi, closing all other apps, etc. Nothing works so far and it's very frustrating because I love playing this game!
As expected from SEEC the story was really entertaining, I look forward playing to it everyday. As always a 5 stars from me.
Feels like a game version of OVA or film. Take-a-break game not done-in-one-sitting type of game. 5 or more chapters free play per day, good deal since it's free and fosters patience. A month to finish on free. Not offline but worth it. Ads short and not interrupting. Need grammar and spelling improvents. Really hate sudden white flash feature, no option to turn it off. Main antagonist monologue is too long. 2nd to the final ending narrative needs correction. Has bonus. It's quite well done.
So far it definitely is a good game. I just want to know why the tickets won't regenerate. I live in america so I dont know if the time difference is what's messing it up, but I hope it can be fixed either way.
I just finished playing the game, it only took me less than one month to finish without paying anything. I love the overall story! As I progress into the game, I got attached to the characters. I love each of their personalities ❤ It's a shame I can't buy their special story cuz I'm broke :<
Honestly it took me a while to get all the endings but it was definitely worth it. Definitely recommend this game to anyone who love a good war story. 👍
Great story and some genuinely difficult puzzles. Multiple endings and tons of twists in the story to keep you guessing. Kind of reminds me of Ace Attorney gameplay. Since you only get 5 tickets a day, it limits how much you can progress, but then the anticipation and excitement just builds. Some grammatical errors, but still entirely readable.
This game has many different aspects that I really liked, from finding objects to accusing the liars, to saving peoples lives and the twist at the end, I didn't see coming. I highly recommend this game and you don't have to pay since you get 5 tickets per day!
I really enjoyed this game! I remember actually having to think on some puzzles and there was one where I actually felt anxious. This game actually made me feel things. However, I feel this game is quite short and I would personally prefer more to it.
This game is totally great!! The storyline was really something...and the graphics and art !! But you'll have to wait for tickets to be refilled😐
It's a best game and the story is really good .... I want this to come to an anime movie . But i didn't like the idea of giving the real money and enjoying the backstory . If this was fixed i would've given 5 stars 💙
The first chapter drags a little, but I had a lot of fun with this game! There are a few translation issues, but the atmosphere and story are both incredibly immersive.
This game was amazing. The story is engaging, the twists has a shock factor albeit being slightly predictable, the puzzles are difficult but not to the point where you get frustrated and the characters are intresting! The art is so well done too. The reason I gave it four stars is that there are some loose ends here and there and one of the puzzles took a while to trigger despite being correct.
I've played the game before... On my old phone.. But when I got a new phone and downloaded the game again... The app wouldn't open.. I've downloaded the game 3 times now and it still hasn't worked.. I really love this game.. But ill have to stop playing it.. Thanks for the creation though... Really creative
I've played this way way back and not only it was impressive it was also educational. Definitely worth trying out! Although if you are a child or you have a weak heart, I wouldn't suggest it to you. Either way, this is such a great game.
Amazing story , very well written and heartwarming but also sad It's not too hard to get through and will only take bout a month and if you can't solve some stuff there are walkthroughs on the internet that will help Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes mysteries and visual novels
This game was so fun! I have no complaints. I got stumped at points, but never felt annoyed, just excited to figure it out! The story is great, I especially love the characters and their moments of humor with each other haha. It's just great, I would highly recommend playing this.
This....gamee is soo GOOD!! I like the characters the storyline and everything! I recommend playing this! I learned things in this game such as the history of japan things and ech- i really love the true ending it made me cryy soo muchh !!
I loved this game and the end had me in crying I would recommend it everyone. Probably one of my favorite games I have ever played!
This game's beautiful.❤ The story kept me really excited the whole way through, the art's so well done, & each character feels like a real person. A couple of the puzzles are pretty brain-racking, but I fought through them, & it was very gratifying. I recommend making sure you've a clear, bright view of your screen; I learned the hard way after looking for a very small item for 30 minutes!😅 Also, there are many small translation issues, which can be a bit confusing.
Nice story. Nice backdrops and sprites. Way too many ads and only 5 tickets? The puzzle is kinda hard.
Loving this game! I'm so attached to every character. I even cried when one died (like, a lot lol) Love the story and the art as well! Would reccomend to everybody! :)
I downloaded this game because it reminded me of Hanako kun from toilet bound hanako kun. This game is obviously it's own thing and completely different, it's Wonderful!
I just finished the game and all I can say is that it was GREAT. The story-telling, the descriptions, the characters and all. It was all able to touch my heart and let these emotions out, especially for the true end. It was great journey!! Hope you'll do more games like this or maybe translate some of your games also. I'm dying to play them. I've mostly played all of SEEC's translated games and they're really awesome. I recommend it all. Thanks for bringing life to these games.
Like all SEEC games: solid puzzles, fundamentally enjoyable story... but the translation job is barely a step above Google Translate, and that's being generous. They *really* need a native English speaker to rework the text.
Incredible game! It has a lot of plot that i don't even know what coming. But of course you could make this game better by fixing a few bug likr in the true ending you put Mitsuru name in this line "General Kongou, Akira Kagesa and Mitsuru were buried alive" but, Mitsuru survive. So, if you guys fix a couple of bug, it would become a perfect game
Great! Although... The game is amazing, although I heard it takes a day to refill your passes; however, it's been around 3 days and mine havent refilled. I really do want to play, and I know I have to translate Japan time to the time zone I'm at, but even then I've been waiting too long just to play a couple small chapters. I really do love the game though...
This game is just...*chef's kiss*. Everything is so amazing about this game. I'm still crying over the true end.😭 The characters, the plot and the gameplay... Everything is so well-made! And I really love how this is based on true events! Although waiting for only 5 tickets every 24 hours needs a lot of patience haha but it was worth it! Great job!
Fun game, very enjoyable. I really liked the story and the characters, especially Yamato. I'm happy I can marathon the game after completing it! In fact, I just played through the whole thing again! Some translations are a little off and there are minor spelling errors. Sometimes characters will say the same thing twice, like a weird glitch, but otherwise, I didn't have any problems playing through it. I loved the music too!
100/10 would Recommend. I was hesitant of downloading because the reviews where all mixed up. So far the story is amazing, the puzzles are just phenomenal. They're complex but not impossible. The art, animation, bg sounds, music, everything is perfect. Only one small complaint though. Please add a Suicide trigger warning, it may be insensitive to some people. Other than that, it's really fun to play. Probably the best (otome? ur choice?) game I've ever played. Can't wait to continue the story :)
It's amazing! I WANT A MOVIE ON THIS! . I came here again after finishing the game. I loved it. It made me cry on one ending and is challenging. Best game I've ever had. Plus I'm a big fan of SEEC games. And played all your eng ver. games. Please translate rest soon. ..........and my favourite character is MITSURU ⊙﹏⊙
I've really enjoyed this game! For some people the ticket system might be frustrating, but I didn't mind it as it meant the story lasted longer. My only criticism was that the translation wasn't perfect, but it wasn't so bad that it prevented me from enjoying the story.
This is the best game I ever play before!! I love this game so much!! Thank you for make such a good game!!!
I loved it! The stories, the characters... everything about this game is awesome. However, maybe it's a little bit hard to wait for a ticket like that. Instead of buying, why not developing mini games for the tickets? It will prevent boredom, also. Thank you Guys for releasing this great game.
This game is by far the best I've ever played from SEEC. The gameplay, plot, music and especially the characters, whom I love and care for very much, is spectacular. I'm connected with each and every single character. They all have their own morals and beliefs, and they felt very real to me. I teared up at the ending. It was bittersweet but it is incredibly fitting. The music is also top-notch. I wouldn't mind playing this game from the very beginning again.
THIS GAME IS AWESOME!! I SO RECOMMEND THIS! If you like to play interactive VNs this game will surely be to your liking. Its soooooo good like I cant even express how much I like it in words!! Good job to the team who made this, definitely will try and play other ESC-APE by SEEC games in the future thank you so much for making this game!!!!
A well polished game. It is much deeper and interesting than Infinite Prison with a compelling story and gameplay. The atmosphere and music is great. The ticket system is fair. Definitely recommend.
Just beautiful, great work! Aimed for the true ending and it's really moving. Although the characters and such are fictional, there is a lot of real history. You can play the entire game for free, some chapters are short, but if you are patient, other than support the developers it's not necessary to pay for the tickets. The graphics are truly nice too
The story and puzzles are great, however the tickets doesn't refill every 5 pm. I hadn't finished the story yet but so far it's enjoyable.
I enjoyed it very much! The ending was sad, I cried.. but thank you for the game and experience! I will look forward to your upcoming games.
Needs an editor. It's absolutely riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. People who enjoy visual novels will get annoyed by this, as it breaks immersion.
The story is phenomenally good if you're patient enough to take the story one bite at a time. The characters are distinct and the puzzles are challenging, but not unfair. My only small gripe are the translation errors that sometimes plucked me out of the story. Otherwise, it's perfectly worth playing!
The game is great, however I never seem to get my tickets and im not able to buy any yet either. Ive waited two days yet no tickets seem to arrive. Is this a common problem or?
Amazing story! If you are patient, this is a great game. It's frustrating to play only 5 tickets a day, but it's also kind of nice to savor it. Some days there will be less story development. I was okay with this, but I know some people will feel "ripped off." It's a free game! Don't expect so much if you don't want to spend money to play.
Even though it has a good story line to it, for whatever reason I don't seem to be getting my story tickets every day like I should so I can't continue reading the chapter which is shame.
I had to refer to a walkthrough for some of the puzzles (they were in Japanese), and to figure out how to unlock Chapter Five, but this game was awesome regardless.
This is a great game with a good story. The ending is bittersweet but it is quite hard to pass some of the levels. I will play this again just for fun.
i think it's fine for me to say this game is one of the best game i've ever played in my whole life, undeniably one of my favourite too. tbh i've never been so emotional playing a game. but it was understandable though, since it's novel + puzzles. i was so immersed in the storylines, and i agreed what previous reviewer had said, the characters felt real. but the ending though:') the puzzles weren't that hard, but in case you're stuck, there are walkthrough videos on youtube you can check.
This game is great, usually I never really interested into tickets using games and uninstalled the game after the tickets runs out. But this is the first game I actually looking forward to the end, I mean it's only chapter 1 and the twist are unbelievable, I never thought the game would went this way, I just thought It was like finding criminals, or whatsoever. And again this game is really great please make more! :) and if you do, I will look forward to a bigger twist that came into your mind.
I really like this game ,though im currently on chapter 4 at the basement part and every time I try to investigate and solve that chapter .The game keeps throwing me out and i have to keep reopening the app just to get thrown back again !!Please can you fix that because I really want to finish the story .
Not gonna lie one of the most heart-felt games and quite possibly frustrating puzzle I played haha! Really love the story and do recommend trying to get in the right path as much as possible till you get to the true end since you might spoil yourself with a few things (learned that the hard way). Nonetheless with the daily ticket method it helps keeping the hype up! Love the characters (except you know who) and love this game in general ^0^
This game was epic! Trully the graphics were amazingly done.☆ Its a masterpiece!♡ I wonder if someone is willing to make an anime from this game... The story telling and audio tracks really adds up the spice for a great gameplay!♡ This is my first time playing a game like this... Thank you for making this fantastic game!♡
I replay this game a lot and it never loses its value. I love it so much. I love the plot, characters, music, art, and its interactive gameplay. Thank you for this game.
I just downloaded it, it goes very smoothly and when I press start to play the 1st chapter/opening it shuts down. I closed the other apps and restarted but still it refuses to work.
it is a beautifully well-written historical escape game based off Japan's imperial era events the game keeps you on your toes a with a variety of endings, you can even collect cards, if you are a sucker like me for a game that gives you feels this is the one for you plus there is also a locked chapter 5 at the end for all the people who like to unlock free stuff for free. this game is also a mystery detective game. so it is really the perfect boiling point
A part of me wished it was longer, but I had lots of fun playing the game. The design was simple and the storyline was intriguing. It ended up being the first thing I'd check in the morning. I think the soundtrack gives mysterious and interesting vibe in the game, and I love how it makes me feel as if I am at that era of time. My favorite thing about it is how well thought the characters were, I had fun reading about them in the gallery. I'm looking forward to more games like these.
I had a great time playing this game! The only thing I'm not happy about is the large amount of typos and grammatical errors in the dialogues and in the gallery. There are inconsistencies in translation, too. For example, Mitsuru's name is Huwa instead of Fuwa in the gallery and Mochizuki's is Motiduki. The errors really takes the immersion off especially in intense scenes. Please fix them in the next update!
SEEC has really outdone themselves with this, I never thought I'd love it much as I love Tasokare hotel, but I'm happy to be wrong! Its characters are very likeable and their motivations are quite sympathetic! The war era Japanese aesthetic and atmosphere of the game is expertly done! The extra stories are definitely worth buying too - each one is a good story into itself and adds even more to an already great story, but even if you don't decide to spend on them, this is a gem worth playing!
It's a wonderful point and click game, somewhere between Phoenix Wright and an escape room game. It's incredibly engaging and doesn't require real money to finish if you're patient, and the game gives you free tickets at the start as well! It's very fortunate that you don't have to use tickets to play back scenes, which makes getting all the endings less tedious. I highly recommend this!
5 star story so far (On chapter 1 currently), though minus 2 stars for not getting what I paid for. Purchased the bonus stories; all good (If not this would have been a 2 star review) . Beginner's bundle is a rip; I only got 10 of the promised 16...Will only purchase single tickets now since I want to finish this story. If developers actually read this, I would appreciate getting my 6 tickets, then I'll bump this up to 5 stars. Edit: Found the 5 tickets bar, will see if it updates daily now.
This is more fun than the 'my boyfriend is a vampire ' game . Good story and characters . However I cause me 3 hours to find out that the 2nd card from the game can only be unlock after the truth ending. Overall the game is real good.
I thought it's great game so I installed it. And well, the art and graphic was good, BGM was good. But I have to give you 2 stars. On the chapter one, I already stuck and didn't know what to do. I read "how to play", kept clicking the painting and mirror but no result. Talked to char, showed all items, clicked everywhere to get some clues but nothing. 😵 About ticket, I just knew that it wouldn't regenerating after read comments on this thread. Sorry I have to uninstall.
Prison Boys is the first game I played from this developer and remains the best in my opinion (Besides Prison Boys, I also played Yotsume God, Alice Spiritual Judge & Tasokare Hotel by this developer.) Prison Boys stands out in terms of storytelling and its unforgettable characters (loved Nagi and Mitsuru!). The friendship between Tetsu and Nagi is amazing and the art style really brings the Taisho period of Japan to life.
I loved it!!!! The puzzles are so much fun, and the story was so intruiging, and the characters are so loveable!!!! The translation is a bit confusing at times, but other than that I don't have a problem!!!
Hmm, i've been trying to find where this game will work... I was hoping that the divec im on now would be the one. Nope... Tye game will no longer load. Ive played the game in the past, 100/10 but it wont load anymore. All I want to do it re-play it agin...
i really like it. ending was sad. its also sad that i have to wait to have a credit card or smth so i can actually buy the special story (coz im not an adult). i really like nagi, hes my fav. im not really into history but the story was amazing. this game really tested out my small brain too lmao
Fantastic. This is the first time I didn't get frustrated when playing with ticket system cause they give us free tickets also the timing of refill tickets with the chapter is reasonable. The soundtracks are astounding as ever, the characters are likeable! Also the chapter system is so simple and well-handed, not like Alice's Judgement. The translation also very good and understanding. Totally love it!
Gameplay wise it's fun but simple enough. The art and sounds/music are wonderful. The characters and story are well thought out and engaging. It really is like a drama or movie. I especially love the true ending, despite it being bittersweet. Mitsuru was definitely my favourite. I love his mischief but absolute devotion to protecting his best friend's brothers. I'm deleting the app, but that's because I've finished the story up to the true ending and there's nothing more for me to explore.
3 words. I. LOVED. IT. This game is just AWESOME!! Everything is so perfect; the story line, the characters, backgrounds, descriptions; everything.
The first one I installed but the second one I finished. This game is kinda boring at first cause there are a lot I don't know but as the story goes on with more information, it becomes addictive. The true ending is meaningful to me. I still hope for the best for all characters regardless harsh facts of ww2. I do enjoy your games as a foriegner who is interested in japanese culture and history. I'm looking forward to more games like this. Thanks for your effort!
Characters, song tracks, their personality and challenging puzzles. All of them were absolutely beautiful and well made. Definitely this was one of the best visual novel i have ever played. Wish i could forget the game and play it again. Thank you , you have done a great job.
Amazing job at storytelling, I must say. Not only does this game feature really difficult levels (?) that need you to think outside the box, but every choice will lead to a different ending. Rip Naoya, you didn't deserve this. Only problem would be that you can only open 5 stages a day, but that's reasonably fair.
Hahaha, I cried when it finally ended :') Wonderful story, beautiful characters and just an over all well done game. The grammar was a little off in some places, but you could understand everything that was happening and it never distracted me from the game. I hope to play more of your games, thank you for the lovely experience!
I absolutely loved this game! I found myself attached to the two main characters and overall was amazed by the story and art. It's a good game, for anyone who likes a good mystery game with puzzles. My only nitpick is that there are many typos, due to this game being originally Japanese and they translated to English, but I'm willing to overlook that. Now my only wish is that this game can get some voice actors!
I'm in love with the story. Even if I have to wait every day for 5 tickets and a lot of typos and whatnot, the story was really worth it. Ahh... I have to somewhat recover from this. You know that feeling of emptiness after you've finished a great story? I really wish I could buy the special stories. Maybe one day. Anyway, thank you for this great game. Now, I have to finish tasokare hotel haha. :)
Well done, plot is very intriguing, puzzles are, absurd but fun. Literally my only problem is the ticket system, but it's forgivable. This game is overall enjoyable.
I really enjoyed Prison Boys. It’s a game that engages you with its cast of characters, challenging puzzles, and unraveling mystery. I loved interacting with the characters and found myself attached to them at the end. The puzzles weren’t easy, but all were solvable with enough thinking, work, and time. The story was something you don’t find in many mobile games; well-written and not locked behind in-game purchases. This is my first game by this developer, and I’ll be checking out more. Thanks!
Its absolutely amazing! It's the first visual novel I've ever actually finished and boy I'm sure glad it was. Everything is absolutely gorgeous, the graphics, the soundtracks, the characters and their personalities. Everything was so well planned and I absolutely adore this game. I've yet to finish all the endings but I look forward to them! Thank you so much for this game!!!!
I thought that I had to wait for the story tickets like in Tasokare Hotel, but this is my third day waiting and going on my second week playing... No ticket regeneration.... Is this something that needs to be fixed?? The tickets never reset at 5am for me, even after I used up all my extra ones. The story was fun so far, but I'm unable to play any further.
beautiful. absolutely love it! the story, the art, everything is absolutely perfect! i love it so much. it's a really good game and y'all did a great job at it. 100% recommend this game. it's actually very educational because the story is based on real events (japan history). thank you for bringing up this game. i enjoyed playing it.
Truly free! Some of the puzzles are a bit obscure, but the game has a story that keeps you wondering. Note: this game could be triggering for sensitive audiences (mental state, self harm etc.)
This game is so good. I won't spoil anything, but that ending is like a chef's kiss. It was so good, the plot, the theme, the music, everything. Now I know that taking games slowly does something good to you. Playing this game everyday seemed like a daily routine to me, and I always wondered "What would happen next?" after playing some stages of the game hahaha. Well, I may uninstall the game, but the "Tasokare Hotel" is another one I will install. It was good from the trailer. Good job, SEEC!
The best visual novel mystery game I've ever played so far. I was reluctant at first but got hooked really fast. The characters are very well written, the plot flowed very smoothly and the twists were surprising, the art gives a vintage feel, and the puzzles were extremely fun to solve. I got too attached to the characters and I couldn't stop crying at the ending (I'm crying while writing this). I love this game beyond imagination.
Edit: Now that I actually know how the ticket system works and know I wasn't actually ripped off...disregard All complaints before. 5 stars! Tickets update regularly and the story is so investing. Spelling errors and some repeated lines at the beginning of a story are a slight throw off, but nothing TOO drastic...I've seen much better in a foreign game, but more often than not a LOT worse in a game.
This is honestly one of my favorite games. It has many great qualities such as an overall amazing story and plot and really good gameplay that can be chalenging. I think the ticket system is really good and I liked the daily extra tickets you would get at the begining. The only minor con here is the gramer but the dialog still makes sense.
Just finished the game. Only took about two weeks. It's just great. If you want to get another ending (probably the bad one) the game won't charge you with another tickets which means you can save the tickets for another route. The story is also good, lots of plot twist, and made me tense when i went to new room. More importantly, if you're getting stuck for another route, there's a hint for it. It's not easy, but it's not that hard. After all, it's a good game.
This game is amazing the graphics are great and the plot of the story is amazing it has so many twist and turns you really have to use your brain to be able to solve the problems and spoiler alert!!! The ending is so satisfying and sad but all the most satisfying also this game rule hope you guys play!!! 🤣🤣🤣😁😁👌👌🙏🏻🙏🏻
Oh boy, this was an absolute doozy of a game. Had me scratching my head, laughing, crying, yelling in frustration, but it was all in good fun. This is the very first escape/novel game I've ever played and it sets the bar really high. I didn't think I'd be this invested in the story and the characters! There were some issues regarding the translations but nothing too serious. I also had an issue in the earlier chapters where I couldn't pick up or combine items but... I finished anyway lol
I love this story, but i cant finish the story at chapter 5 because the bug.. I cant choose the answer, and always end with the same ending, then I saw in youtube that episod but, why i dont havw that, its began at Kyouji investigation.. Please help me.. I give 5 because i love the story and the puzzle.. Nice game
So, I was looking forward to the app cause of the incredible amount of positive reviews but I can't get past the first bit. I mean, I've clicked on everything and talked about everything yet I can't find anything new😓 I mean, how on earth do you reach the paper??? It's impossible. I've been trying for *hours* and have asked multiple people for help and, nothing. There are also no walkthroughs so, yeah.. I mean, if I actually could get past the level then I'm sure I would enjoy the game but I can't so... Yeah.
Although I just started the game, I already love it. It's fun and exciting and the puzzles are great too. But when I was opening the app to start the 3rd stage of the chapter 2 the screen was stuck on the loading page. I waited for ages but the loading bar stayed empty. There wasn't a problem with the internet connection and I was afraid I would have to uninstall and reinstall the app and start over. But I haven't yet. I hope there's a way to fix this!
I finished it!! AHHHHH I love it so much!!! 😭😭💕💕 the characters are so loveable and this game is really unlike any other! If you're looking for a great mystery game then this is an authentic escape game for you. The daily tickets made me look forward the next day for the next chapters, Im so happy I got to play this game 💕💕✨
beautiful game, lovable characters, amazing story overall. My only issue was how the tickets didn't always regenerate everyday, but after a while they would regenerate, so I was still able to complete the game for free
I really like the historical aspect of the game. Since this game has no voiceover or accurate ages of the characters, the characters can be just up to your imagination. Fun mystery game overall.
I don't know but SEEC did great ! Some visual novel with escape game didn't match with what I expected. However this beyond the boundary :D I love how they put small details in the game. Keep continuing !!
Wondrous game. Plot is in amazingly written, the puzzles are fun & challenging, characters are greatly developed & have amazing depth to them. Art & visuals a extremely well done & gorgeous. Truly a glorious game.
OMG, I definitely loved everything, since the characters till the space that was retracted. And the best of all: you are able to play the whole main story (until what I saw) for free.
I have goosebumps reaching the final stage and reading last chapter. It's like finishing a drama! Amazing game with great story line! There are different endings for different choices we made! One of the best games I have played so far! Going to complete other games under this developer!
It was a wonderful game to play through. Engaging story. Good puzzles. Lots to find and work out. My only complaints are the long wait to refresh energy, and the english translations are sometimes poorly written. Otherwise, I recommend this game highly!
Like it! I really like the gritty old style of the backgrounds on some screens. I am a bit confused about when an actual save is happening but that is not a huge issue for me. Great work ^_^
First of all love the story and the artwork. That gives the app 4 stars already. I like that in essence it's free with the tickets and that there are multiple routes depending on your choices. The characters are well written and the puzzles are enough to keep you on your toes. They also give descriptions for words some people especially westerners may not understand. Improvements: I believe that this game was made in asia so some of the translation isn't perfect which deters from the really good atmosphere. Please get a team of English people to go over the script, they don't even have to be paid, I'm sure volunteers would love to help a hand to make sure the English version is as immersive as I'm sure the asian one is.
I really loved this game it has a great gameplay,music,art,plot ...everything is awesome in this game 😘😚😙 I never came back and rated any game until this one .❤❤❤ wishing many more games like this .Waiting...😌😊😊
The hanging guy in the opening is a lil creepy lol but it gives the mood XDD I love this app tho💕💕💕 the plot is wondrous too! This company's games are amazing. I had them lined up in my phone 😂😂 I wasn't able to finish due to low space, so I shall re install
great game! puzzles are very enjoyable, you learn more about the story through it. it gets challenging after awhile, the library part of confronting mitsuru was the hardest for me because i didnt know hiragana. i had to look it up. the plot is great, the characters are well written too. man, the hanging icon at the start of the game makes me sad.. naoya really deserved better.
It a great game with good graphics. It was a fun game and storyline to it. You should play it if you like mystery and using your brain.
This game was absolutely amazing! The graphics were stunning and the music really got me hooked in the game. The characters were very well designed. This is by far the best storytelling game I've ever played!
I love this game, this is what I do first thing in the morning alongside tasokare hotel, they are both soooo good. Plus the characters are very lovable, and i got attached to mitsuru so much 🤣
Beautiful. I loved every bit of it, I rarely leave a review but I thought that I should since this is one of the very rare games with stories that I actually ended up loving to death. I especially appreciate how you guys considered that not all people playing games can pay with money and that the chapter and every endings can be read without having to pay. Like seriously Thank you for creating such a wonderful game 😊
No game has made me cry like this one did. The music, the scenes, the storyline, everything about this game was beautiful. The characters also had depth to them which made them more real. The amount of work spent in it can be seen clearly. I really appreciate the creators of this game for their hard work.
Such a beautiful game! I didn't mind the ticket system at all because it's simply a sacrifice I had to make for this amazing game to be free. I enjoyed it so much! The story was interesting and characters were likeable.
That was...... amazing....., the OSTs fit really well, and give a nostalgic feel, the plot twists were so well written and completely unexpected, the puzzles were challenging but fun to figure out, the characters have a depth to them and each one has their own personality. The story overall was such an amazing adventure that I absolutely loved to the end, the ending was so bittersweet to the point I teared up a little. I wish I could erase my memory of this game just to play it again.
Good game; like the characters personalities; reminds me of Ace attorney series in how it plays; the story is quite gripping. Not sure if bug or something but my story tickets haven't refreshed so stuck waiting for them inorder to progress, otherwise would give 5 stars
To be honest at first I thought it was a simple game much like criminal case where we have to search for the clues and find a suspect but once I started out I realized the depth of this game....literally at every turn there's a plot twist. Usually whenever there are games where we require to use tickets I simply play it for max two days and then uninstall it, but this is the first time I am willing to wait patiently for the next day. Though there are adds it never disturbed the game. LOVE IT👌
This is one of the best games I've ever played - I've played a lot of games. The game is completely free (there are ads but very few and don't disturb the gameplay). The plot is incredible, the storytelling immaculate, and the art is lovely. The characters all have personality. However, I will say that this game might not be for everyone as it mentions violence, mature concepts, and war.
Thank you for making such an amazing game. I've enjoyed playing the every second. I've just finished the game and I'm kinda emotional now. Looking forward to your future games 💚
If you haven't play this kinda games before, DO NOT play this BEFORE you played OTHER puzzle games and visual novels. This game is just TOO GOOD that it will make your standard of games sky rocket. Believe me, there are NOT MUCH games with puzzles and plot as intriguing as this. If you don't like reading, then DO NOT PLAY. This masterpiece have a plot, if you just come for the puzzles, just play escape park etc. If you like VN then PLAY THIS, you can search a walkthrough if its too hard.
This game is amazing. The story is captivating, the puzzle solving element is awesome as well. Thank you SEEC for creating this beautiful game.