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The Powder Toy

The Powder Toy for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by jacob1. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I LOVE THIS GAME! It's the best mobile sandbox game on mobile. But, the game should fix how it lags so much on mobile. That's all I have to say! Keep it up!
Cool game but one thing, newt grav is really slow in the mobile version, depending on lag. For example: i place down gravitons, it will take a moment for it to realise that they are gravitons and starts sticking to each other. Please fix this
I love this if you know how to use the elements, chemicals and compounds properly it can be very educational it helped me with my exams and I got 45 out of 50 but some particulates are fictional but most of them are non fictional. But also it's ALOT of fun at the same time. You can experiment make new substances and even make a nuclear bomb with plutonium neutrons and if you want for hight heat you could put some uranium in there!
This is the best game of this type I have found. We just need a better way to zoom and on android change the size of the brush. Maybe add a line tool as well
The best sandbox simulation game to date. But drops to a low frame rate when there is a lot of particles, have tested on other phones and still the same results.
I love the game but there is one slight problem! Where's the paste button?! Also please add rubber to the game as in if there's pressure, the rubber stretches! Also put a smelting point for the rubber so you can mold it! If all of these things get done, I will give it a solid 100%! But for now it's stuck at 80%!
Compared to this game, all the other sand games are trash if not mediocre. It's everything you asked for a sand games! Temperature, pressure, gravity, wind, nuclear, electricity, decoration, and more! However, the controls for this app is just extremely difficult to use. The PC version for this game has pretty okayish control. Incredible 11/10
I enjoy playing this game whenever I get bored, I also love the ways that everything interacts with other items; I feel like its a science experiment!
Definitely the best sand type game out. Crazy explosions are possible. My favorite thing to do is mess around with fusion/fission of various gasses. The game on pc is much easier to actually complete projects on, but this is still top notch and is a 1:1 port with the pc version. But even on my s20 ultra it slows down if I fill the screen up with particles but my gaming pc does the same thing.
It is sooo good! It's for all ages. It teaches us about physics and all good stuffs. The graphics is very good and the elements reacting to other elements are accurate. This is an excellent game. Can you please add more elements from the periodic table and add fictional elements too,it would deffinetly make the game the best sandbox in the history of gaming.......ohhh wait....its already the best sandbox game in the history of gaming ahhahahhahahhah
1 Star reduced for 1 thing, I think this game has a bit of Storage Bug, because in just 2 days, my Phone's storage has reduced 16 GB, it's insane. After I Uninstalled this game it does only recover half of it...
i ran into a bug where for some reason cursor is off sync of where i tap, i tried restarting the app multiple times and it still keeps happening
brilliant game love the port one tiny issue tho and its a minor one if you would add a slider for particle size that would be amazing as the current way is a little jittery
Add more content please instead of elements focus on tools or add bigger general items that can be resized
This is a great game! Everything is very cool, but i took off 1 star because there is no way to make a fan on the mobile, ill re rate when that is added. Keep up the work!
Awesome. Just awesome. It's probably one of the best sandbox type games I have ever played. Making pipes is a little weird. But still it's good.
Awesome! Very awesome I do dare it a 4 because there is one thing I want to see in this game! Rubber! Make it to where if you draw a box with indestructible wall, or any other element, and you make a hole in the box and replace it with rubber, make it to where the rubber bends more as the air pressure goes up! Do this and I will rate it a five!
Really fun game if you like messing around with things and seeing how materials interact with each other. Very simplistic, very addicting.
This is one of my favorite sandbox games, but in my my eyes the game in general has two flaws; 1, I wish the game was less pixelated, in the means that it would be nice if you could place elements in an actual curve; and 2, it is quite cumbersome to find some of the elements. Thanks, Ruth
Just making this review so that you need to do this: make the circle thingy resizable with the volume buttons (plus making it bigger and minus making it smaller)
This, frankly, is the gold standard for sand games. Many, many features, many interactions- No limit for particles (now, it does lag with enough, but it still ABSOLUTELY lets you HAVE as many as desired.) Some PC features are missing, but its a non issue. The game is even ad free, FOR free, and doesnt have ANY paid features, it's just something you can IMMEDIATELY use to its fullest!
I'm relatively astonished at how realistically the simulations run on my mediocre phone! I understand this is a port of a pre-existing PC application, but the developer has done an excellent job of refactoring it into something that runs on devices with much less horsepower. And a note to those who feel this 'game' is too complicated: Well, yes - it can be rather intimidating, and it IS too complicated for a game. But it isn't a game - it's a simulation sandbox, and it requires at least a basic understanding of physics, material science, chemistry, etc; however, you don't need a Ph.D in order to enjoy the app. You just need to know the basic concepts, such as how pressure and temperature might affect certain liquids and gasses, and a mind curious enough to research the gaps. But if you get past that initial intimidation, this app holds many hours of interesting and cool discoveries!
Not bad, I like this game, and I'm happy it finally came to Android, although you guys should have optimized it for Android since it looks like a direct PC port
I absolutely love the game i just wish there were more Precise tools for the mobile version and a undo button
I used to play this on pc and I'm extremely happy to see that it's available to download on Android. EDIT: I found this game pretty hard to use
It's broken :( when I was a kid it was amazing and it was fine everything worked now it does the opposite 1 star!
This is the best game of this type I have found. there are now good ways to control brush size and overall this is great. maybe add some more wall types (flame blocking) and maybe some more flammable gasses and liquids. Acytelene would be awesome!
BEST POWDER GAME EVER!!! Love the fact that u can use stamps to use bombs over and over again! SO happy with this game! 😁😁😁😁
almost perfect, only problem is the game is not on kindle. Can you please add it to the kindle appstore so i can have it on my phone and my Kindle. other than that, this application is so much fun and creative, I've never seen an app so that had this much time put into making it. One of the best parts is that there is no ads so i can play without any interruptions.
Out of this world experience. The only bug I faced is that when I load someone else's save, the sparks, dusts and liquids act like solids, and don't function whatsoever. Please fux this asap.
One of the best sandbox games out there. Only issue I've ever had with it was you need a pretty capable phone to run it. For example I can get a solid 60fps on my galaxy s8+ but only around 30 to 45fps on my a10e. Other than that good app overall, lots of good community creations.
I would like there to be moving components or even send something flying like a rocket make one nuclear powered and see how long it can go or even make it have more gravity options
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH btw Im not a bot I'm a real person lol But still I love it I seen Spike Viper Make Videos on this Love the game! And physics!
The game is fun but it lags i get mabey 30 fps but when i go to a creation it goes down to a least 12 fps so ya but it ia fun.
i have not even played yet but if its anything like the one i had on my pc its gone be great and all i always dit was blow stuf up or make a rocket simulation
I absoultely hate the zoom! I love this, and how I can filter diffrent things using the walls, but its near dang impossible to make anything in the zoom window! Can you please change it so that the whole scren zooms in instead of having a window up! Its not the window that bothers me, its the fact that very tiny movements go miles in the zoom window. Please make it so that the whole svrren zooms.
I understand the game a bit but i think what could be good is a button to hide the ui and maybe another button for controlling players. The android version needs you to press keys so it need a joystick to be added.
I still have this game on PC and I was just looking for fun games to play and then I came across this, I thought I was going to be disappointed but the reading made me have high hopes. So I installed it and it's EXACTLY the same. I love it so much. Not gonna question how you did it though. It has just been a great game for years and I'm glad I can take it to-go!
Best science games but please add those 1. Helium 2. Nitrogen 3. Carbon 4. Diamond breakable 5. Unbreakable thing 6. Gas mercury 7. Custom elements 8. Liquid elements 9. All elements from real life 10. All compounds from real life 10. All mixture from real life. You can make updates 1 by 1 if you want, but I will wait. And also do not forget when you add an element if must need the solid, liquid and gas state and make the temperature infinite. (Ex. -1000000000 to 10000000000000
I really like this. UI is a bit small but utilizes all space, brush size is easily adjustable, particles can be cleared with 1 tap, many fancy display modes and gameplay is limited only by fps, no paywall. However, I would like to see a fast foward option (2x 4x 8x speed) since when the fps drops, everything moves slower.
runs kinda slow on some phones if you do too much, but it's really in-depth and lots of fun to mess around in. there is much much more to do than other apps.
Game is AWESOME! Both mobile and desktop. However I feel like it's missing one thing, and I think maybe another review pointed it out. Rubber. As air pressure goes up on the inside, it bends out. And the thicker it is the harder it is to bend. And maybe make it so it can tear. I don't know how hard it would be to implement, so if it's too complicated, I don't really care. I'd just really like to make balloons and explode them
My pc struggles when playing this... My phone just straight-up dies. 1 star for every frame per second when i'm messing with plutonium and gravitons.
It would be five stars, but the game really needs an option to increase the size of the cursor/brush. Other than that its a great game.
Okay, I had an amazing idea for this game and I really hope you guys read this instead of it going into the "good review" sort of thing. Shaking your phone to move particles. Say you can go into settings and turn it on and off, but having it so if theres dust or water or something in the corner of the screen or sitting still, being able to shake your phone, or mouse cursor over the particle, and it will move or be thrown around the screen. I think that would be a really cool touch to the game.
Holy delete, why does the insta save button have to exist?!! I accidentally pressed it while nuking my build (to waste time on phone) and didnt have any other saves with it!! I lost so much work, never playing this on mobile and giving it a non impactful but 1 star review for crappy design + mobile players literally will never move on from anything than nuking since there isnt a precise arrow key module to move a cursor because touchscreens arent as nearly as precise.
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Great news its very cool and great.bad news. the framerates are sensitive every time when I make a medium object it literally goes to 13 FPS so i wanted a update on this game to stop lagging that's all I wanted.)
I have played both the pc verison and phone version I love what i can do interms of explosions and makeing a effect on the explosion with air pressure and wind BEST GAME EVER
Ok i like game but nukes and stuff that i make its lags like crazy and i would like to have a tool to actually make a good circle and other shapes and also i want to have a backgrounds that does not stop me from me makeing stuff and its hard to go to saved creations i want to those to be added in the next update
this game is wonderful when you knew how this game works but sometimes there's just a kack of material(s) to do something like a hydrogyen bomb or a plutonium nuclear reactor I MADE A PLUTONIUM BOMB!!!
This is best free sandbox game on Android! I like all this physics and elements, but I have two problem: 1) I downloaded few maps (or content. I don't know what is it) from Browse from Powder Toy Website and they have .cps extension. Problem is that I can't load this in game for offline access. 2) I can't unequip any element or tool. Can you add Look tool or Drag tool or unequip option. Then I will give 5 stars.
Removing a star because. I know require a account to even play this game. An everytime I try to login, or anything. Even after verification. Still can't do anything, tells me unknown errors have accorded.
I saw Spikeviper play it and thought "wow what a cool game" downloaded it and as soon as I went to play it on my phone that the screen was way to small so I'll be getting it on my PC hope it's free there too
This game is awasome. So many elements to toy with but I have run into a problem. Mobile users (such as my self) cannot control the stickman. Other than that 5 stars
It shows the title screen and then crashes every time I try to load it up. Will update to 5 stars when this is fixed.
I really like it!! Btw any one else, you use your volume buttons to make the brush size smaller or bigger.
almost perfect, only problem is the game is not on kindle. Can you please add it to the kindle playstore so i can have it on my phone and my Kindle. other than that, this application is so much fun and creative, I've never seen an app so that had this much time put into making it. One of the best parts is that there is no ads so i can play without any interruptions.
This is a very interesting and very educational game. The electronics are way more advanced than your typical circuit game/simulation, I would highly recommend this to anybody interested in simulation, creation and phisical games. The only thing I would change is the maximum space of pixels you can place, seen as making big projects would be hard to fit in a small box none the less it is still fairly big. I would also highly advise installing this on pc rather than mobile.
Kind of amazing how many smart people make up this app. Built this app but no one can add a simple button to make for the line tool for fan wall.. To make for straight lines or make squares we have androids not behind a desktop playing this game. I may not understand coding or why you guys made it to a point you cant simply add the line tool is pretty far out. A simple button bellow the stamp button a toggle switch on fan wall like a double element and a one and only manual on lua tpt. .....
I love this game but, please add those: nitrogen, helium, carbon, and everything related to it. And please make players controllable in Android. And please can you add the all elements, compounds and mixtures from real life to the game
Absolutely grestest sandbox. harder to use on mobile, but used the PC version and had a lot of fun with making nuclear bombs.
A food powder game, better graphics and settings, but more advanced than most powder games. Takes a bit longer to learn but is very worth it!
Great game! I wish it had bigger buttons because its really hard to tap on most phones also there is a glitch when you have gravitons on the screen and you disable newtonian gravity the game crashes so please fix...
I've played this for years now and I still enjoy. It's fun to just mess around with random particles and blow things up, especially without ads! Thank you for this game, it's amazing.
This must be the best sand simulation software (or app, because it's multi-platformed, I had one still installed in my PC) ever created, plus a user can customize how TPT looks like. Kudos to you, man.
Physics yes. Sadly, there's no option to give all particles gravity, but I guess that would probably be very laggy.
I absolutely love it, but there are a few things I'd like to see added. Liquid nitrogen doesn't just disappear, it turns back into the gas form of nitrogen, so it would help if you added nitrogen to the gases. Also, I would like to see options for smaller boards/playing areas so that you could precisely build on a small scale. The zoom window doesn't really help because you'd need less sensitivity to make stuff precisely.
the game seems like it'd be fun, but for some reason, the touches aren't calibrated in the least bit on my Moto g6 play. I have to touch very far to the left to change between the powder types, and the further left I want to pick, the more distance there is between my tap and the powder I select. it's this way with all the menus, but oddly enough, when I drop powder, it comes out exactly where I tap the screen. honestly not sure what would be causing this, but it makes the game unplayable.
I love the game. Like, LOVE it. But, I would really like to see a line tool on mobile. As said in previous reviews, on PC it is far easier to build due to the line tool. If the line tool gets added, this game will be a solid 100% Thank you for making this game regardless. It's great and everyone should play it at least once 👍
I love it but I dont know how to make my circle bigger when ever I do erase it just takes away 1 particl every time I try to earas it takes 1 particl every time I try to erase
This game is awesome! You can play around with elements, see other people's creations, and more! You should download this right now!
great game and i have a new idea for an element.....idk what it should be call but it should be an element that vanishes whenever it touches another element (based n its ctype) for example if it has a ctype of fire then if it touches fire it disapears.....i hope you at least see this comment...idk if you will...btw my names Electro999 in he game and im thinking about quiting...
For some reason i cant save stamps i add and very recently all of my stamps got wiped for no reason. I checked everything but it still would wipe any stamps i make instantly. Would have given it 5 stars if this problem was resolved.
Fun sandbox game, but its impossible to build something precise on a phone. Please make the zoom window zoom even more!
An absolutely fabulous sandbox, save for one thing: The Framerate. Playing with a modest amount of stuff going on, in android, I get about 11fps MAX. It slows way down way too fast on mobile.
nice simulation game, best for making electric circuits and other stuff. even saw a guy recreate a pc once.
Hard to call this a mere 'simulator'! Depending on your approach: educational, stimulating, relaxing, or simply watching things go bananas. Oh, and please look how few permissions it requests. Ask your favorite app maker to do the same!
Should have a selection of prebuilt things to mess with so people know what they are doing but other than that great game
Honestly it really high quality I was expecting dissatisfaction but it went above and beyond my expectations it even has a working workshop it's great (Ps please find a way to get fans to work I would appreciate it )
I once played a game called The Powder Game, it was great. But then this thing comes along and it's even better. More stuff to toy around with, though it is VERY easy to lag out when you play around with some of the "life" section. I know you can use this as a simulation, create currents and electricity and even machines or life, and that's a bit overwhelming for me so I just settled on blowing stuff up. If you wanna make complex life or machines, get this app. Also you can blow things up, too.
When I was in middle school, I used to play a powder game like this in my browser. I have fond memories of it. I've been trying to find a good mobile version, this is the best I've found. It has even more materials and interactions than what I remember from the original game. Thanks for making this freely available!
I wish it could fit the whole screen, as of right now there are large borders on either side of the gameplay area. also, my phone must be in the right orientation otherwise the cursor does not match where I am touching. (presumably related to borders on screen) This is despite the fact that the image flips to maintain proper orientation. I do play in landscape, but the resolution of the phone makes the play area rather small. i wish it were resizable, on PC as well.
On a computer, this is the free "Falling Sand" game to end all free "Falling Sand" games (except maybe wxsand for its being open to modding), and the vast majority of its functionality has been preserved here for mobile. I shouldn't be complaining, but I do miss the ability to toggle seeing more detail when "mousing", or rather HOLDING in this case, over a particle, to be able to see its c-type, tmp, etc. It runs poorly too on some saves (5fps), but I'm using a Moto G4, so fair enough.
gave me faith back in humans. this game has everything for free and no ads!!!!!My whole family is feeling a lot less stress.
this game is fun and I was thinking of ideas of things to add. 1. a fish, you can add a section where there is a fish. you make the fish shaped like other fish drawings and the fish comes in many different colors. 2. a whale. you can add the whale to the same section as the fish, don't make the whale to big or there will be lag tho. those are my ideas.
Good physics game, but im too small brain to understand it. If you like that kind of thing, I'd reccomend this.
It's still the good old powder toy I used to play years ago in school minus some features that were in the web browser version. But it's so painful to play, very poorly optimised for mobile. Hard to press the correct things even on my Note 9, confusing display, lag at the smallest explosions, and much more.
Best powder game EVER! No premium, everything is free, (where do you get your revenue for servers?) Has electronics more complex than any other game, IT'S OWN WEBSITE! And a deco system, (seems like real life with the research and stuff).
It is trash there's this one glitch where every time I would so there's a select thing with Leigh select elements but each time it would move the thing that you could scroll the developer please fix this
Very interesting an enjoyable game! I see many people's complaints about button size, and it makes sense to me. If you, the Developer, increased the size of all the buttons, there would be little to no more space for the sandbox itself. The only thing I believe would make the game a 5 star is a changable brush size. (If that already exists, please let me know)
I would rate it 5 stars if there was an option for a bigger map and also a rueler so I can draw straight lines
Everything is great and all but I have a problem... WE NEED A FLOOR whenever I play it just falls into the abyys so add a floor please.
best powder simulator out there. could you please add gas nitrogen, and liquid hydrogen? also maybe add two liquids that only explode when they touch eachother maybe HPGF for hypergolic fuel and HPGO for hypergolic oxidiser, or maybe more specific names.
Super confusing but it seems really cool with what I could figure out. Which wasn't much. There's probably something I'm missing that wasn't made obvious enough to first timers. Or there wasn't. I really don't know. Hopefully they'll add a good tutorial or help system.
Good but you need to add more shield levels you should make it so there are 100 shield levels also add it so at certain levels of the shield there are special elements that the shield produces like plasma and arcs of lightning and lasers and other cool stuff like that also instead of melted materials popping up as lava you should make them appear as like melted gold or melted iron and stuff like that untill that 3 stars
Cool game in general although it is laggy but I can understand that because of how many physics calculations it does 5/5 cool game
The game is absolutely amazing! You can even install a mod thg at allows you to play with others! All in all this is a stellar game with little to no flaws! There is one thing that bugs me, which is that people that play on mobile devices struggle if they dont have some pretty stable fingers to draw straight lines when building whatever. But I have mastered the art of the('0') STABLE FINGER!Anyways this is my favorite game ever and If whoever you are don't mind, would you look up Golden_powder?
it is an amazing app but a few things that annoy me, so first,it is very slow and laggy when i put alot of elements on the screen
From the days of old comes The Powder Toy. If you have a hankering for physics or want to make stuff explode, this is the app for you. It keeps you engaged with a plethora of options and solid mechanics. This is one of those games that could set the standard for a genre; in this case the sandbox genre.
Needs better controls for touch screen I mean I had to attach a keyboard to use the Fan's but otherwise great game.
its very nice but i would like more materails like nitrogen carbon things and helium neon gas. carbon helium and neon should be fuseable and come from hydrogen fusing cause thats how stars work. eventually when the fusion chain is complete one element should start to fuse into iron. most of this is just me wanting to make my star more realistic but uh dont forget about carbon and nitrogen if you do see this dev.
Good game but I would like to see some stuff getting added like little npcs that you can burn,vanish and destroy it will be fun.
It's alright but you need the ability to mix things while the game is paused. Trying to come up with precise mixtures is a frustrating nightmare with lil clear instructions and no real drawing tools. The stamp doesn't work. How about a spray paint feature? In a game with so many volitile chemicals it's nearly a nightmare to mix and place things. Realistic sim very very poor interface.
yes its a great game but the way you need to adjust the size of your circle is just pure bs when i need to adjust it it made random element like fire or neutron please make another way to adjust it
The game is really immersive And I have no PC experience But the mobile version is laggy When dealing with gases and a lot of fire apart from that its mostly smooth also add line tool for mobile . Overall i would say that its great on PC but after a few updates mobile will be just as good. 👌
I edit my rate because i look at your page and then they all request the line tool in mobile version of this game the you don't do anything, they all request that and making their request gives you more high rate. Please add some line tool in mobile version of this game i will and they will rate you higher.
An awesome game with some very complex tools that on Mobile are a lot to take in but it's a great game to experiment with and discover new reactions and make intricate machines
the concept of the game is amazing, but the UI could be bigger and easier to understand also a zoom feature would be great (Not like put a box here and here is the zoomed version)
This is one if not the BEST powder physics game in this platform and it is really enjoyable with everything being free without ads (I wouldn't really mind if you add some). And these two are things that I might suggest... - add gui scale settings - add playground scale settings (could reduce significant lag) But apart from that, well done!
Please fix this, my dualshock left joystick is not working and it doesnt move the circle please and add controller support where you can erase and add
Excellent! THE BEST amongst particle/physics games, ever. Though.. not having a fullscreen option is very limiting. I sometimes run it through my phone, on a tablet. Letting the phone render it. It's much smoother. But won't fit phone screen and thus won't fit the tablet screen either. Would've been sensational if it did :) Thnx for making this game though 👍👍👍
Great game, I've been playing this on pc since September 2019 and I got it on mobile to play it on the go. Its laggy on old phones like my old s6 but on my new s20 its smooth as an apple (kinda) I also love the account features. I logged in on mobile to load in all my saves and favorited maps
I love the community engagement as it makes the game much better and much more fun. as you get to have options on what you want to play.
Very very VERY complex game and only really makes sense if you have taken chemistry also works best with a stylis really no problems I honestly think that scientists could use this for an easy testing ground as I find everything to be extremely accurate my friend made a virtual nuclear power plant that actually functions like in real life
I do have a lot of ideas that this game can get like maybe some well you know helium and maybe a new element called fossil or bone those you can use to make creatures like dogs and cats out of Bones and what you have else on there and you can make dinosaur fossils any plant pushed underground with loads of pressure will turn into coal and fossils and Bone would be just the same thing just different colors
Needs better controls for touch screen I mean I had to attach a keyboard to use the Fan's but otherwise great game. EDIT:its been years since I first played this on my old tablet and I still say it's an awesome game, though I play it on my PC now. If the controls are a little funny on mobile don't quit just keep playing and hopefully you'll get used to them and make a great save.
Wonderful game. Can be a bit of a framerate killer depending on what you're doing, but it makes up for that with the stunning visuals of the effects. It's possible to create some pretty complex machines but I'm not a creative person so I'm a bit limited to making explosions and toying with air pressure. There is a PC version too which naturally is able to run more particles on screen before taking a performance hit. Overall I love this game. Best of the powder games I've played to date
Can there be life (Things that cand build and do other cool things like people or add depth like animals and fish) to the game please?
Great game, you should take away the feature where holding the erase button destroys the save though. It's been the ruin of a lot of my creations. I think instead of making heaters on the sides of energy beams (protons, photons, etc) there should just be a block that makes them 4000 degrees
I like the game but one problem I can't understand how to copy paste in mobile It's the only problem since there's an thing that requires copy paste to work.
REALLY GOOD GAME!!! DOWNLOAD IT!!! (Only three stars because there is no way to control the stickmans. Please add a way to control the stickmans!!!)
Amazing simulator, but random framerate drops even before I pour anything. It's a raw ported from the PC version, need better stability and better interface for mobile
I love this sandbox game, you can experiment and do a lot of things using those elements that are only available. I hope the devs add more elements in the game, and also more realistic physics
Please make it more easier to control for phone users, the interface is just too small, but the game is good
well, im playing on my Samsung Chromebook 3, and sometimes it acts up with the controls. When you press and hold shift and control, it changes how your cursor looks. I dont press anything, and it ges stuck like that and i have to restart. other than that this is an awesome game my username is seemeasyouare
If you ever played the flash based, OG falling sand games in the school computer lab growing up THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Good luck finding anything better than this. Hours happily wasted.
Excellent physics and such. Buttons a little small especially for a small smartphone like the Samsung S8 I play on.
Very Very VERY LAGGY. On the PC version it runs at like 30 fps and here it runs at 2, I was hoping for some mobile specific optimizations like removing/revising laggy features because even the PC lags with a decent CPU. Other than that it is really good!
Awesome simulation game very good physics I that there was like examples of any creations !! The game is perfect I recommend this to everyone !! Keep up 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Playing it on pc is really good and it has lots of elements and lots of reactions but the problem is on mobile. It's hard to perfectly spawn the elements so you need a stylus. You can make one and enjoy this game. I like it.
I wold like you to fix this bug that makes the game lag if i place too much elements. But i love this game. I really hope you fix it. Thanks for everything 😀😉🤔
This game is great the physics are so real it feels like you are playing god but this game just cant be a mobile game the UI is so hard to go through on mobile and it just belongs on PC not mobile
The UI is really small, sad because the game has a lot of elements. Would've kept if the UI was bigger.
Better on PC but still loads of fun. Interesting fact, in this game brick can withstand a thermonuclear blast. Seems legit.
Improving the zoom, the controls, and implement much more of the features that are missing to mobile, and being able to change the UI size will be good, the overall making stuff on mobile is hard and full of pain