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The Order of the Holy Grail

The Order of the Holy Grail for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by R.O.App. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really cool, easy to play classic style dungeon crawler. Only thing is the game becomes repetitious after having to repeat levels tons and tons of time to get coin to level up. Even full auto it takes a long time just doing nothing while your team slowly grudges through old levels. It loses its thrill after doing this over and over again for little gain.
I loved this game since 2015 and i still love it now, 2018 <3. keep it up guys thanks for making this
I spent 7 hours straight playing instead of going to sleep.. Very fun, and little to no learning curve on how to play. Now i am going to attempt to sleep, but withdrawals might be had...
Pretty good ,you level with gold you collect not exp.Party fights on its on ..you just keep an eye on health an tap when its healing time.Only gripe is ability to go back to town when ya want and not just at a staircase..
The last item from level 2200 is you will unlock some new ally knight but she is weak you cant even heal her. Please update the ingots they are useless. i thought i can use them from shop to craft but not.you can only sell them
I wish it didn't close out so quick when I go to do other things. Also, I think it would be cool to add a sixth character slot, so all base classes could be used.
Fun and unique RPG! I think the strategy factor would be fun, if you would let us control when to use character skills though (or toggle auto skills on/off). Still very cool and thanks for not implementing "stamina" or "energy" or IAPs! Please keep adding and updating.
So far quite fun, like the old might and magic days. Edit, the Ads cover back row heroes hp, very detrimental to the gameplay, please fix asap, Samsung Galaxy S8
Why does Nina store only have common equipments? No rare epic or legend. I beat the game and am on corridor of abyss which is very difficult but still the same common equipments in Nina store.
I liked it. Slow start, finally beat the main story. But now every time I try to play, the game force closes... Please fix. Thank you.
This app is fun and good to kill time. Already finish the game and just fishing for better items. Few thoughts: cost too much for blood portal. Tough when u use 23 blood before start of adventure. Most characters in the game are useless, not balanced.. When going beyond 3400.. U always use a set of characters. Also, not fun when u can't raise level while monsters r going beyond 110, 120+. The timing of casting spell is a pain, i wish user has more control on this instead of ai.
For fans of hands-off party management this is great. However lack of documentation plus other reviews confirm no change mid/endgame. If you take away tactical choice you need to give the player strategic ones. None of that here, not even class decision. Hands off doesn't mean no info. Overall decent concept and start but fails to build on them. Shame, considering none of the usual p2w/mobile cons like energy - could've easily been a top game.
Way too much grinding. Gets very repetitive. Little room for strategy once you've figured out a team you want to use. Otherwise, a decent game.
It starts off super slow and the only way to advance is to continually grind for gold and hope for random drops. Not sure why i have to train to level? Team of 5 all level 4 shouldnt be slaughtered by 1 level 5. Thief is worthless and the guard is almost as bad. It gets pretty repetitive after awhile, which = boring. Plus this app kills your battery super fast, first game to do that to my lg g3. OS kitkat not crap lollipop.
I see the appeal in a game that plays itself but this is just boring. There's hardly any strategy. Grind the first couple floors, get acceptable gear then just destroy everything, repeat grinding, and hope that the heal works when you tap it.
Yeah... no. Just no. Nothing strategic or rpg about this. You get to decide to either fight or not and it's automated with no pause, so you can't make choices during the fight other than to just watch. Choosing to run instead of fight has never once worked, instead my guys get slaughtered and I can't do anything. Uninstalled.
Need to be Online + more adinational options when in dungeon to choose from...[not only go ahead like idiot]els its like auto loot crapy game witch is ussles.
Beat floor 2100 killed all the bosses and all I get is quest complete. I've got no Beatrix either and can't go any further.
A lot of crash during post battle chat with the 6 demons, currently cant pass the inferno because of this. Please fix the bug.
Easy to play.. Lots of grinding.. Drops from mobs more than good enough to advance. Only reason for four stars atm is why 5 characters... Just is odd at least go 6 devs. Make the party's even.
Could be better if there was a 2nd ring slot, more abilities, not sure how atk & def are calculated against an enemy since can't see their stats. Dmg log would be nice. A character with ability to revive. Does higher tech equal higher chance of character using skills?
Decided to replay the game, reached 2000, able to kill boss at 2100, but nothing happens. There is text that quest is completed, but nothing happens. --- I liked this game. It involves a lot of grinding, but it involves little action from player. You send your party to the dungeon and they fight themselves. The game has several "parts": when you capture the lighthouse, when you go to the abyss, when you fight the devils and infinite dungeon after this (by the eay, you gain additional secret hero at this point). It's a pity that max level for heroes is only 40. If there was no level cap, the game would be longer. As it is sooner or later you will hit a wall. Not sure whether it is possible to go past 3000m in Abyss. Added: exceeded 4000m in Abyss. Would like to go further :) It would be nice if heroes could be leveled infinitely. I have 1981/2094 items and farming for new items is tedious and boring...
I never thought a game that took away movement as an action could be fun but this games does a remarkable job at combining loot control, combat, and level progression in a ln exciting and unique fashion. Customizable and very very fun. Took basic concepts and made them modern. Well done to the developers on this one.
Just like to report a bug. I was using cath as archmage and duggard as warlock. Their skill defense debuffs on the enemy clash with each other in that if cath cast her spell right before duggard's spell expire, cath's defense component of the spell would vanish when duggard's spell expire. Thus the defense component of the respective spells would last shorter than expected.
It's a pretty good idle RPG with class-changing, party composition and zillions of items... I didn't see any monetization, but the author deserved it.
While initially fun it quickly becomes a grindfest, I had to run the first 200m over a hundred times just to restore the level of one character after the class change. Not fun. Also the luck blessing is broken. I get worse items every single time I invoke the greater blessing. These are issues in the current version (1.3.5). It would also be nice to be able to equip two pieces of armour as most of it is so nerfed and it seems a bit ridiculous to be exploring a dungeon ~with nothing but a helmet on~ please fix asap and I will edit my review.
This is the game for me! The level for grinding are just totally absurd! But, nonetheless, I love game like this.
simple rpg... pretty fun. one that that annoys me. heroes should gain experience during fighting, not by giving gold in training. thats a wrong concept.
What a great game. I've been playing nonstop since I downloaded it. Very grindy, but I love grind heavy games. The best dungeon quest game on the market... Hands down. Also, no in app purchases and very minimal ads makes it even better. Great work devs!
Fun game that's easy to play while watching tv or other things if played on auto. I would give it 5 stars if I could pay to remove ads. They are distracting. For a free game I can't really complain, I just don't like to play games with ads. They have a limited life on my phone.
Can't even get past the third floor without dying all the time. Can't believe I wasted my time downloading this crap. I'm am uninstalling this immediately.
Its a good game, simple but not lacking anything to give players a good gaming experience. It's repetitive and would be great if it has skip button.// My team are 2 supports, 2 dps and 1 tank. It's kinda useless having a tank though because enemies can go attack 2nd row party members. Keep those soul-suck accessory, good for climbing the tower. Atm, I'm lvling my team (mostly lvl21) while collecting pow/def accessory for the last boss "evil beast of the abyss (f77)"
I MUST TOTALLY agree with many of the comments here. While I find h & s games enjoyable. THIS GOT FREAKING BORING after about the 10th floor. Trash for loot! Cost to level up! BTW... I SHOULD BE leveling as I go. Most, if not all, games consider helms, gloves, boots etc as PART OF ONE'S ARMOR!! Many of the foes after floor 6 were WAAAAAY too powerful. About the only "Nice" thing I can say it at least the graphics were nice. I uninstalled this. Sorry. But it does have promise.
This game id's a good example of a dungeon crawling game with simplified mechanics. It's easy to pick up and play for a few minutes here and there and I like how varied the equipment are. It makes it neat to change the stats of your party to try to go further in the lighthouse.
There are some elements of the game that just irritate beyond measure. Enemies hit way too hard many times resulting in one hit deaths, not being able to select when I want to use my underwhelming skills (the AI uses them at the worst time), bosses drop the same crap loot that normal monsters drop, brutal RNG even when you use the "Luck" buff from the church forcing you to grind the same levels over and over again until you get enough upgrades to progress. I really wanted to like the game and I certainly don't mind a grindy game but this one feels very unrewarding
currently at level 3400. item acquired 18xx/2xxx. Need more level current level 40cap suck. if can introduce crafting will be better. don't mind payingv1 time for this app. also allow more metal reward
This game has tonnes of great aspects about its gameplay thanks for making it. My suggestions are around its help: please add battle log even on normal speed I can't see who is doing how much damage. There is no explanation on skills that add battle power. Is that attack and defense at once? Before I go and level up an alternate class given the investment required I want to understand what each does.
beat the last floor n boss but im confused if its over? great game super awesome hope more is coming 😎