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The Necromancer

The Necromancer for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Selexy located at Россия, 624992, Свердловская обл. г. Серов, Льва Толстого ул. дом 42/9 кв 18. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's horribly balanced. Your units hesitate to attack and you hit the point where you just can't fight anything without net losses.
Just bad I was gonna say worst but I'm trying to be nice wich is hard when all enemy's are to hard to kill and since your retarded pawns spread out and there is no way to get them back together it's nearly impossible to get even two enemy's
I gave two star for the reason that this update is trash, BRING BACK THE OLDER VERSION. Even the logo looks worse
I think its better if the enemy fights against each other and if u could change the color of the troops
game play good but scaling is broken. once you get the big Rock guys every group has more than you and wipe out every time. have to keep killing your own army on purpose to keep it scaled.
These game is good but I have one problem with it is some of your team goes and attack other groups and then they attack you or the split up and other groups just come out of nowhere and start attacking you well you attack someone else and if you just kill some groups high level group are already around which annoys me and the game is good but need a bigger map and better ai.
It crashed after I had a massive army with a score of 27000, and I don't even get to keep the highscore as a result, so I would prefer if you could turn off the movement animation
I love the game but I played the game 3 years ago and I don't like the new art style But still a good game please make a setting for the old art style please
The bug button is broken I can't report the bugs. As your army gets bigger killing the lower leveled enemies won't add the dead smaller enemies to your army. Some bigger armies tend to stalk my army for some reason so it must be Ai issue please fix.
I made an army so big that I was invincible, and than it go to big and crashed my game. This game is incredibly fun and I play it with a friend to see who could build a bigger army. I have come back after a few years to see if the game has anything new.
Very good game but i have a idea put some new monsnsters like dragon,angel and please make some new maps like hell,heaven,snowy place, the three of my options pls maake it for more fun
This game SUCKS. There is no Real Strategy to it. You're instantly out numbered, out flanked, and out gunned. Right off the bat there is precious little chance of building armies or gaining strength. It's NOT FUN.
The enemies do not attack each other, so it's you vs. everyone else. It is also difficult to differentiate your soldiers and the enemy soldiers when locked in melee. It is particularly problematic when two or more mobs encounter you at the same time and you can't tell how many of your soldiers are left. Not fighting while moving limits your tactical maneuvers to just skirting around large armies and charging at a suitable target and standing still, hoping no reinforcements come to attack you.
This game is awful it's an ad pit the ai in the game forces you into dying massive enemies chase you from the beginning when you fight smaller groups immediately killing you to force you to watch another as dont download this game its controls are awful and your allies move on their own attacking bigger adversaries you never wanted to interact with once again forcing you to die or run away then not spawning any enemies you could possibly kil once again forcing you to watch an ad
good game except for the fact that you have to watch ads to play but you can just close and open otherwise 10/10.
Umm... it's a pretty good game. I just think that you guys should put more monsters in it like dragons, devils, demons, demonic Angel's, and probably make the ground look like hell and make it to where you can look around using your right hand while your moving with your left. Make it look more realistic and stuff and last but most important please make it to where you can make your army in a formation and make it FASTER!!!!! But overall I think it's a fairly decent game. Just not the best. :l :)
I like the concept of the game its just that I would really like it if you developers would add a title screen, custom skins and places , a leader for the player's initial troop, a place where the players can upgrade their things, buildings, boosters, maybe add wildlife, add some bushes, trees, plants etc., add different gamemodes, add a zoom in and zoom out option, add brand new troops, a mini map, gorgeous terrain, and maybe a day and night cycle. This things will help your game be awsome.
I think the previous update is better the old gameplay and the old graphics and the controls are what made the game fun it least for me I still hive the v 1.9 and it's fun the new update not fun for me anymore
To put it lightly there are "issues" with being well, spawnkilled several times in a row over and over and being FORCED to watch a 15+ second ad for maybe 5 seconds of gameplay.
If you have a 3 medium rocks 6 Giant Sword fighters and 3 witch, and then you fight with random "A.I" squad, all of the squad around you f***ed you up
this game will stop you from moving when you've gotten a big army. it will also turn enemies 180 degrees to then speed run their way to you. will also drop you from running away and will spawn several groups around you during battle, or just spawn insanely big groups only. needs fixing
The game is great,however the game must allow fhe player to buy characters upgrade them something li that nonetheless its super great 😍
bad AI, challenge level is exceptionally harder than at the pace of the game should be. The amount of bugs gets annoying, enemies die instantly when they are higher levels but then challenge level grows way to fast.
its stupid cuz whenever you start getting decent troops the other groups get way better and impossible to beat also when your group gets bigger but the zoom doesn't go out so you cant see where people are near you when you attack a group all the other groups attck you aswell which makes it impossible to get into the game when you get fatther into the game there becomes waaaayyyy to many enemy groups wayyy to close together so you cant move around at all without running into another group. stupid
the formation is too glitchy with the golems...take out the formation thing from the game It's too glitchy and breaks the game
While, I enjoy the game play and find it somewhat addicting, as well as the darker color scheme for the Halloween update, it now contains ads, which I strongly dislike and might even sway my opinion enough to have me uninstall the application.
The game still needs improvement. When the score reaches 15k the game is not responding.the only way to fix it is to restart the game and start a new game.
Used to be more enjoyable but since the last update it's been completely impossible to play. First of all, it's hard to battles with single groups since every other group walking by attacks you as well. Secondly, if you manage to get enough troops to take on a group with a more advanced soldier, you lose all if not most of your troops in order to get that one soldier. Thirdly, as soon as you get one advanced soldier every other group fills up with them making it almost impossible to get more.
I Used To Like It But Now The New Version Is Here And Now I Dont Like It, Please Please PLEASE Go Back To The Old Version, And For The "Tell Us More Tab" I Put The Stars Of Rating For The New Version, But The Old Version I Rated All 5 Stars
This is just like right click to necromance instead in 3D and I used to have this game well it was in my old tablet
My units bounced around the screen like bumper cars and they would turn around if they felt like it and when they did it was like the vengeance of every ice level ever.
This app is a joke. Yeah it works "alright" but don't expect to keep any units. Once your "army" gets to a certain size, any new units added will replace others. Making it so your cannot go against big guys. Also, it slows WAY down after any amount of time. WASTE OF SPACE!!
Good game but in last there are only giants and no knights left and giants are too slow pls update it
the ground doesn't look natural and the camera angle would be better to follow the player 3rd person like and 3rd person shooter, not how it is now, but other than that its great i play PC version too
The old version was better, now all it does is kick me out every minute I play, I tried restarting the device, uninstalling and reinstalling, and even searching the game up on Google, but it still kicks me out, please update.
Wow. This used to be a fun interesting game but the devs completely ruined this game with the recent update. Here is how. 1. The screen no longer zooms out so the game is now claustrophobic. 2. Fireballs now stop when they hit a target instead of traveling across the map ruining the one way of farming decent troops. 3. The enemies scale too quickly and coupled with the faster movement and tight screen it's impossible to fight a one on one fight. 4.The graphics are somehow worse now that they are 3D. With sprites it was easier to see what troops were what.
Hmmmmm the previous uptade 1.6 wes way better this is easy now and in that 1.6 version it wes hard and fun but now make it the same as the old version 1.6 there graphic is better make it like that and kepp online version
Look the new graphics are cool but I would rather have the old Version back. Please make the old version available for play again the way it was! I would play the old version for hours this is forgettable.
The controls are awful but I love the game. Sometimes some people will keep moving or theyll go in the wrong direction or during a battle they just walk away
its a good game but the problem only problem is that the players are out numbered by the enemy team you should make the enemies fight each other so that its fair to some players cause if you are fighting a single army then another army got to a player's fight, the player will be out numbered cause the enemies don't fight each other
game lags and becomes unresponsive. it also crashes when I get to a high score. please fix this i hate losing my progress and highscore then start over again