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The Moron Test XL - idiot test for when you bored

The Moron Test XL - idiot test for when you bored for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by ALMA Games located at Ukraine, 36002, Poltava, Ln. Telephony 4, app.3. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
few questions don't make sense and found few spelling mistakes(they weren't there because it was a tricky question. Just mistakes), repetitive. The Timer doesn't pause when you're on a checkpoint. the sound of you tapping something lags behind. sucks that you have a limited number of game currency and after you spend it you have to either pay to start from a checkpoint or start all over again. (you can also get currency when you reach checkpoints, but it's not enough (max 5 when you need ~60))
this game is fun. I really recommend it to someone who is looking for a bit of a challenge! I do wish to see more levels though!
I really love this one and I've played em all, the brain game, test and or training apps you name it I've played it and this one without a doubt is the best!!! Thanks to whom it matters 😊
This game is great. It's cool but I dont get most of the questions. They dont make sence and my dad couldn't even answer the question in the pidgeon. I'm only rating this cause it made me. It's always popping up after I hit restart and I even played for the no ads but they still pop up. So can u fix that plz...
This app is really fun. This test is fun and tests your common sense and will make you think "how could I do something that stupid?" the one problem is the excessive amount of advertisements
I like it its fun and its fun challenging this game to your friends,causins,siblings,and other poeple
it's very funny and this game was my childhood game so I like it alot so thanks so much whoever made this game.
this game is great in style art and questions, I LOVE IT! just make it were if you run out of brains have to restart it a little harder ^>^
Only did a few levels and the game is forcing me to leave a review to continue on. I have tried over and over and nothing happens after leaving the review. Not worth my time if I can't keep playing!
This game is engaging, addictive, and at times infuriating. I love it. I want to play more levels, without losing my mind.
The english used in the instructions is incredibly poor - enough to mislead you into failing. I don't know if this is intentional, it's unfair if so. I gave it a two star rating because the first few tests were decent, though I did not bother to get far. Will revisit if the instructions are fixed. Deleted for now.
Uninstalled There are many spelling mistakes. People have stated this, and others have argued that they are misspelled on purpose, to trick you. I thought so too,, at first. A word was misspelled and I, of course, thought it was a trick. But I was wrong. They seriously misspelled MANY things. A few quick examples: Quick "pess" the lamp Tap the "farest" planet Tap "aniamals" from bottom up
I felt under pressure with such large numbers counting so quickly other games have that smaller print. I don't know which one is better 4 people? I like the snails and didn't mind the noises. All in all I was pretty happy.
cool game. should have overview of levels so you don't have to scroll through each level to reach the new ones.
I want more levels plz get more levels to this app it so much fun to play but I've completed all of the levels there's only like 5 but the game is the best
I think there should be more levels I finished it within 5 days and I can't just have it for 5 days that's just pointless otherwise it's a great app☺
its very fun but the reason a did four stars instead of five is because i think its a little mush brain money stuff to figure out the answer. Also a lot of them don't make sense thats it ( 4 **** stars )
it is a great fun game, the only thing is I am stuck at a level where I am being asked to write a review to access more of the games. so I gave a review and nothing happened.
I like the app a lot, people are saying there are spelling mistakes repeatedly but I know that its on purpose because they also have the correct one and they are trying to trick you, its part of the game. Also, I would love for there to be more because I finished all of it, so I look forward to it. 😁
love it fun and addictive- would be great for some more riddles . great for brain, I want more games but it won't let me
The game does not use proper english, which makes it very hard to follow the instructions. I know it is meant to trip you up, but this is not nearly as good as other versions i have played. They used the word "farest".
There's a spelling mistake. It says "pess the button" but I didn't press it because I thought it was there to catch you out. Please fix these mistakes. Overall the game is great
Good until you have to write a review to access more levels. Then you write a review and it still won't let you pass to the next level....
I've always loved the moron tests! Ive been playing them for at least 10 years!! Moooooore levels pleeeeeeeeease!!!
It has really decent questions but i HATE the fact you have to get to checkpoints.... You end up redoing questions a BILLION times just to get 1 difficult question right. It definitely takes the fun away from it.
So so...it has a certain appeal but it kinda lacks in key areas..very vague questions without any hints unless you pay of course..good problem solving skills and memory test for sure..but once you run out of hints you must buy..nope
This game is not fun.. It's like they're waiting for someone to lose.. And the points are so little.. I would not recommend
Funniest app ever. The simplest questions will make you feel like a "MORON" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 watching family and friends struggle is just pure Fun. It took me twice to pass the snail test maybe I'm not all there 😂😂.
I hate this game....but I love it! It's so annoying but me and my brother laugh every round! Best Game Ever!😂 You wouldn't understand unless you played it!
Great app! I love the quizzes and the brain trickers! It needs more levels though, try making who's smarter? You or cat?
It's been two and a half years since you updated this game are you going to make a new level or not other than that the game playsiIs great
It's ok I just wish that you could have more Jem's so you can get more stuff because you barley can get any and it's not that fun. Also when you buy the retry then you start on the one you died on and if you going to buy a hint it should be way less expensive. It's fun to play sometimes but it still is just overall a little to expensive for a mediocre game. I think I might uninstall it and get a game better than this.
Ok so, I love, moron test, but the thing is, that after each question the writing stays there so it covers up the next question, the last time I downloaded it it wasn't like this. I would give a better review if this game didn't lack some key quality..
Terrible English throughout. A much lower quality clone of "The Moron Test" by Distinctdev. Seems to have taken the intellectual property from the original game.
It is a fun game when you are bored and it helps you notice things more outside of when you are playing
ok to pass the time but finished levels very quickly. get some more levels for me and my daughter to enjoy together
I like this game I just don't like it how so many ads and it's just like after every question you get wrong has so many ads and it's like really annoying how they only have like a certain amount and mean other than that the games look really good but
It's time consuming if your board addictive and above. You will want to keep trying when you fail welcome 😊;)
Terrible. For being a game that requires the player to pay attention to detail, the developer could've done the same. Spelling errors throughout make it confusing.
It's really frustrating sometimes cause the questions isn't clear so you just choose every option till you get the answer. How ever it is challenging and really fun as it challenges your reading skills. Tip: read question carefully to get a clear understanding.
Well it is awesome.but the animation is bad.[not to be rude].I would like you to fix some things like iafter u rate the app it comes it's annoying and very much ruins my concentration.but other than that it's all good.but please fix all of this
Of course the tests are easy, but the timer makes it very difficult! Being in such a rush causes you to make silly mistakes. This game really makes you think and you have to be quick about it!