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The Magical Typewriter

The Magical Typewriter for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Harha Studios located at Askaistentie 26 as 11 20810 Turku. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Added to my last review. These games are gonna lead quality to Android superlative . But don't make the mistake of restin on yur laurels. Updates are important or ya can loose yur Fanbase Rite.!!! Some of us are payin Bucks to play RITE.!!
I love this game , it is absolutely breath taking it is wonderful/amazing but sadly i don't have enough storage space to download all applications and additional games it was abit disappointing♡♤ but keep up the nice work ♡♤ it is not everyday where you get to play a game as beautiful and magical as this ♡♤ put all the individual apps together please ♡♤
This app was reaaallllllllly great,but sometimes when i was in the most critical part of the game,it came back to home and it made me very angry,all things were great,except this.
This game is very wonderful, magical, classic, adventurous, and exciting. But it would be more enjoyable to play even offline. Please allow to play it offline.
Thise game is super interesting but it take too much time to upgrade the other levels pls upgrade it farst
I suppose it's OK for an Rpg. My one complaint for the devs is how can you create a game that is so money hungry... To do anything I need coins... There is no way to earn coins.. No tasks, nada! ... By making a mainly p2p game you have effectively cut out the group of people who can't afford to use money on a game... If wizarding is your Jam then right after the Harry Potter game I recommend this one... That is if you have the wallet for it.
I give this game 5 starts because of when i play it deos not glitch. Also it does not have boring objecetives and there is the most goodest spells EVER.you get to name and design your witch or wizard.You can also explore any place you want . I also like wizard games .😎😍🤩😪🤑😭
Game is glitchy. When i followed the wizard it kept taking me back to the type writer room. Not worth the time.
its a very nice game really its a very nice game but it will be awesome if you also create a app the guide for the magical type writer i dont know the riddle the key of this door lays within if you know please answer i will be so grateful to you if to do this i really want to give star rating but if you tell me the answer i will give more than 5 star please please please 🙂🙂🙂
Hi there.....I love this game...but there one thing this game disappoint me is that the game can't be connected to google or any other app to save the game and when completed my game in other phone Waited for the update...the I had to change my mobile...so I had to start from the starting.... please do something about that.. thank you
It is good VERY GOOD but too many locked doors it saids:wach a vido to unlock or we can pay 1000 coins!
Opened the game and they are straight in with selling you coins to buy essential items that you must have, wand, spells and broom and other things. The controls are terrible making control of the avatar extremely difficult at best. What is going on is anybody's guess and trying to find out was too difficult because of the issues with the controls.
Ok I have this a 1 star cuz when I leave the castle with 5bars of the internet thing and I hv unlimited data it's saying loading cuz of internet then at the vary end it stops I waited 2hours and it didn't move fix this game
This game is amazing very nice game but there is a glitch that whenever I try to enter the wizard,s tower I get spawned in the magical typewriter room so please fix this glitch overall this game is nice
Great game, love the idea the graphics are pretty good, especially in the castle. Nice music too. The games progresses in a perfect pace. However there are a few things that I didn't like about it. I didn't have many choices in the wardrobe... Being a black female with curly hair, I didn't find the freatures that represent the way I look. The second thing that bothered me is that the character of Jane is oversexualised. It doesn't even fit in the middle ages decor...
The wizard design is really bad.The customization is also bad.I thought I can play this game offline but it needs internet connection to buy magic wand.No idea how to get coins beside spending money.Lost interest in the game in less than 2 minutes.
Having trouble restoring all the purchases I made previously. I bought all options and spells and all that you pretty much could buy. But it's not recognizing me or giving me jack squat back. I emailed customer service... hopefully they answer back and solve this problem quickly. I'll be back with my full review on my experience with game and service, soon as I get a response and get my stuff I bought back!
I just started this game.As a rl witch I truly like it so far. I wish we could fly on broomsticks and we had the movie version of waving our wands and we could see our magic defend us.
I love this game, the only problem is that an update caused you to need to buy coins for a wand but you used to be able to watch ads, please fix 🙂
Nice game. Being a potterhead, I truly loved the game. Just one glitch though- controls could be improved. It just loses focus sometimes, otherwise it's awesome!!⚡
It'a a great game. I love it and played it for a while. But after the update, it seems to take so long to load. For example when I wanted to enter the portal to speak to the boy, the loading bar got stuck and doesn't want to load anymore.
I love this game. My favorite games are magic games, and this game gets a 10/10 in my book. The storyline makes you fall in love with characters. Every character you meet in this game has a personality that sets themselves apart from other characters in the game. I can't wait for the next update. You did well with this game. Keep it up! ❤
I hate those game when I open doors it always have ads when I open the big door and it's loading and it's so slow it will take forever
The game is pretty good. The doors should be labeled though, the whole castle is confusing and im constantly ending up somewhere else and not where i need to be. Your map is pointless, does nothing but show green lines in several places, hard to pinpoint exactly where i am and how to get to where i need to be. Besides being super confusing the game is okay.
Hey guys, its me again! I really do love your work, but i cant help but notice that you are working on 2-3 games at once (correct me if I'm wrong) and because of the high quality games that you have produced and are working on, i think it is taking more time that it should for updates to come out. I would love it if they were more frequent. You guys are litty legends, just keep doin' your stuff.
This is one of the best magical adventure games I've played. Now the game doesn't crashes and you REDUCED THE COST OF SPELLS... that's the best part. Thanks a lot. I'm excited for the update cause I've found the new portal already. I saw a small guy carrying a wand. I want to continue the story and I'm damn excited cause the scene was amazing. Please update fast.
I wish that the chat would actually load andst people see what you write. You cant read anything because it is just a blank screen most of the time. But other than that the game is amazing,the chat just needs fixing like being able to see what people wrote before you got on, and to be able to go back and forth.
Loving the game, internet glitch is a little annoying, has happened twice to me in last couple days of downloading, other than that only other problem I'm having is finding the new portal, been all over the castle, dungeons and towers, even looked outside for a small bit but nowhere.
The game is really nice to play but I finished the game but they put other levels so I tried playing the game but it brought me back to the start .And when I try going after the Wizard I tried passing through the door but it was loading then it just stopped loading it always stuck at the same place. But the money is easy to find so that is what I love the game and also the adventures
So far so good. But the multiplayer mode needs improvement. I wanted to play the piano for some people, and theres no way to know for sure if theres anyone around you when you're playing unless they play the piano at the same time as well. Also, other peoples characters disappear and reappear in confusing ways.
I'm stuck on the find the wizard mission because I cant buy the wand I cant find any coins either you cant watch an ad to get coins anymore
I really wanted this app to work well because it is so beautifully designed. Unfortunately, it is very glitchy. Every attempt to buy more coins opens up a blank screen. The duels freeze midway and won't let me continue. Furthermore, it doesn't compensate coins for some of the ads Ive watched. Ive sent letter through the owl about coin purchase problem, so will check later and maybe perhaps change my rating. I hope so. Like I said, really want for game to work, but too glitchy for now.
I can not get past Find the wizard. When I push to open the door where the wizard goes it takes me back to the room with the typewriter in it
When you open a door with an add it shouldn't need another add anymore it's annoying that's why I rated it 4 star but except that everything is wonderful🤩
The game is good but, in the game pictures, their is magic shown. I played this game once, so the magic wasn't there, even I got only 1 level to play, that was the letter one when the stairs changed their direction.
My son absolutely loves this game and would like to know when it will be updated as he is eager to continue the adventure. He likes it so much that he has asked if he can write the review, so here is his review: I have been playing this game for a long time and have started to play a lot of your other games like:Magical Creatures and Wizards Greenhouse. If anybody who likes this game has gone as far as they can go I recommend playing Magical Creatures and Wizards Greenhouse, LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!
Looked like a really fun game.. until you had to pay to literally do anything in the game. Uninstalling.
I just love the game the magic anticipation and not knowing what is next the missions are so interesting and none of them are boring
I love the game, I just wish it wasn't so hard to find money. It is almost impossible to find money which makes it difficult to advance in the game.
i like this game but many stucks and please your blue potion become more i always found orange and i like it and please update this is really fun😁😁
I just love it though heres some help cause it took me a while When ur saving the wizard u have a speed potion and cat potion cause u have to walk those bars and you'll fall since ur too heavy so cat potion use ice spell when fighting that snake,also when u get blue root run and lead the ice golem to the path then whenever he is close run away and grab the root.btw watch ads to get wand and broom and the game is not as bad as others claim their just not really giving their best.Hope I helped!
It's very fun until is say's " Wait for next update " And it did so now I don't know what to do so please make the next update so we can keep on play. Thanks
Seems to be a really nice and interesting game with nice visuals. Emphasis on "seems", because you can't do anything but run around in three rooms without paying real life money or watching ads. You can't get a broom or a wand or even open every door without doing so. A real bummer since the game has so much potential.
I experience it very well and i hope the update will be soon cause the story line whole the game is very fun and exciting to play!!! I really recommend others abt this game
I'm really not sure what I think of this game. I am close to requesting a refund. I don't understand how to get spells, I can only make 1 potion, I have downloaded duel and race apps, I went into duel learnt 2 spells, returned to main castle and I don't have them. I can't get outside, I can't get through typewriter room roof. What are you supposed to do?
I love this game this game is fantastic and everyone is saying where i will get the coins and even i was asking also . But when i am wandering here and there i got a portal and went to seal dungeon and there i got many potions and coins 😀😀😀😀😊😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😊😀 and by that i borrowed my wand and broomstick. This adventure is very long to end
This is basically a pay-to-win game. Because you need to spend money to buy the wand to melt the ice in the beginning. I used to play this game in the past and now it SUCKS. Very disappointed
It is a large game, but trust it is worth every KB of space!! I love the fact I can explore on my own and comeback to the quest. I would recommend this! There is a glitch where I can't travel to the Grim Mountains. It'll start to load and say "can't connect to the server" due to I have no internet(I have plenty of data and a great internet connection though). I used the in-game option to contact the developer with glitches. It has been almost a week and nothing back yet. Please fix this glitch!!
I finished the game fully but it is asking to wait for the update very long so please update fastly as soon as possible
The game inhad been looking for it is one of the best games. I thought to give 4 stars because the update after portal has not come. But then I thought it is such a nice game and it would not be fair to do this. Please update fast and do go ahead and download it. Very well done👍
I love the places, graphics, challenges, and of course the clothes section. But I only give it 4 stars because, I don't like the way you have to pay a REAL MONEY to learn new spells,potions,or even wands and brooms.
Its a good game, but it takes long to load things when offline. Please try to fix it. Otherwise quit good.
This is an EXCELLENT app, Juhani! You are doing a great job by making this app, whenever I'm sad, I play this game and I feel much, much happier than before. A little suggestion, though: could you please change the background music? It's kinda spooky... Other than that, this is a great app and I feel so grateful for having you in this universe, I'm pretty sure that your parents are blessed to have you.
This game is awesome and hard at the same time but I really like the controls and the graphics.It is hard to earn coins and buy the wand or the broom stick but in the end it turns out it is awesome
I love this game so much, I finished it and waited for an update (but then I deleted the game and installed it again) It is really good, I totally recommend to play whether alone or with a friend. But my only question is there are no ads in the game to get coins for the wand right now (and I dont wanna buy coins) so please get the ads back or something, other than that, thanks alot for creating the game :))
I like this game so far it's very cool and I love the clothes well some of them have a good time playing!
Honestly don't know what to say. Between the weirdly unsettling graphics (something just feels off), the fact you cant see your own avatar, and the lack of much bgm or sounds besides your own footsteps, it gives off the vibe of an unpleasant dream you can't wake from. And the fact that you have to buy the map is awful, you can get lost very easily. Also difficult to get coins, very much pay to play. It would also help to have a real time global chat with other players, not just a slow book.
This is an excellent game and while it's not yet finished I'm excited to see more wonderful content. I am however curious about why this game and the other wizard games are not merged. ( the others being, wizards and witches, broom race, wizard duel, and wizards green house). All your wizard games are great and I'm glad that I found them. Keep up the good work.
I just started the game. As soon as I can get to playing the game, I will change my review. Update: This game still needs some work done to it, but, then again, it is still in Beta. It needs some perimeters so your character doesn"t go off the edge of the program.