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The Looper

The Looper for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by IamTagir located at Kazan, Zhurnalistov st., 2, 109. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game itself is good, however the controls completely ruin it. Until they're improved I don't see this as a game worth anyone's time
Ok game but not so good Every level will make you frustrated due to mistakes of the clones. Just played 6 levels and now uninstalling
I wish you weren't being timed every level. It was less fun of a game when you were in a rush the whole time
I don't see why the ratings on this are so bad, this is a great time waster and is very challenging, keep up the good work!
This game is impossible. Level 5 is too hard. I recommend you to not get this game because it is a waste of time and it is trash. Make level 5 more easier. Because if you don't I won't get the game anymore. So, fix that error.
Love the idea! Levels are kinda hard not too easy but do give you a challenge . Pretty fun watching your own clones avoid each other flawlessly . just maybe u could add an ability to watch an ad for a hint maybe cuz I'm frickin retarded and have absolutely no idea how to be not garbage
Honestly an incredible game, but some drawbacks. It got to a point where I couldn't continue because certain levels required too much labour and time, and due to game design you have to complete levels to move on. This made the game quickly less enjoyable. If the developers added some extra features (along the lines of giving level hints, making it so you don't have to complete every single level to advance etc.) then it would be 5/5, and I would find it a lot more enjoyable and bearable.
I love this game so much. Creative idea, creative problem solving and planning plus platforming. And the little guys are so cute. Dont forget the calming music
It was a fun challenging game, I think a level skip should be available as one or two of the levels took WAY too long, but it was a terrific game otherwise. Well done πŸ‘
Brilliant game, except for the stupid levels where it makes you tilt the device, or the character follow your finger. Those levels aren't puzzles, just ludicrously difficult and infuriating tasks that ruin the game as a whole.
Best game I've ever played on mobile phone. I was really sad when I reached the end because it was tons of fun. Well balanced (mostly), many levels with twists and inventivity. Great job!
The drag level is complete bs. Half the time he doesn't move where I drag him because the path is too close to the edge.
Best game evr!! I've been playing it since the past (2017-2018) and now I couldn't find it! I tried searching "clone youself" and all I found was just weird things! And now I found this! Can't wait to Play It Again! I reccomend!! *****5 star!
So funny how you have your clones so they do what you did there so if you jumped off a cliff and you made a clone it would jump off that same cliff πŸ€―πŸ˜†
I like this game I can't get through level 5 but that's probably just because I'm bad at platformers and stuff but this is one of the few mobile games that actually feels like a game
Are you kidding me?! I have not have this much fun with a game before. I just couldn't reccommend this enough. It's a wonderful puzzle platformer and if you have the patience, the pay off is just so satisfying. Almost every level offers a unique experience. Please, more levels😍❀️❀️😍❀️❀️😍
I love the idea of the game i really do, but I find the controls to be my main enemy here, ill try to jump and it wont, ill try to change direction and it wont, ill try to jump up diagonally but it doesnt want to, otherwise I love this game, but please fix the controls
This game is amazing in everyway. I love how the levels vary and the whole design is impeccable. My only complaint is on the levels where you have to use finger drag rather than buttons. I often get to the edge of my screen before the character has reached the top or bottom and as a result I can't beat certain levels.
It's good but has difficulty picking up the faster inputs a.k.a frame-perfect jumps. Probably won't be an issue for most.
Instructions are not clear. Whoever made this game is not good at english. There are some programming flaws too. Feels like somebody started a project and left it midway. The concept is nice but honestly the gameplay is disappointing.
Absolutely amazing and unique game style. I loved it. My only concern was when sometimes the A.I. player wouldn't copy the main player's movement. This doesn't happen often and can easily be fixed just by replaying the level but when you're about to win and the looped A.I. bugs out, this can become quite irritating, especially on the RED levels. Great game though!
The start of the game is awesome great levels and loved challenge mode even more I haven't tried part 2 yet but can't wait to see whats next
I would definitely love a change of look and feel. Instead of plain clones, we could have a square fluffy guy and his mates, and the puzzle texture and background shows its nativr environment, say instead of the plain walls, it could be a green grass-textured wall, and the background could be something similar.. and a lively music.. just that. Kinda more relaxing if that could happen. We already love the game as it is. So thank you devs! PS: how about some water physics, like floating, diving?pls
Love this puzzle game Btw, I'm on level 10 On 6, move to the far side of the hole, wait until the next guy comes, then move to the far side of the jump pad and jump twice, then, on your second jump, get into the hallway and go over to the purple, on your way back, jump over the others coming to the purple, go down to the hole, jump over the guy, go to the left of the hole, wait for the other guy, then get to the end. Ez, 2nd try
This game is a lot of fun. But the freaking "slide finger" controls are busted. They are too laggy, and make some of those levels next to impossible, particularly with a curved screen edge. Also, the game should dull input from screen edge when the controls get shuffled, cause its hard to hold your hand appropriately and not accidentally touch other parts of the screen.
This game is trash because i go through the level and your clones just hit the spikes and its very hard to get a star on every level.
I loved the game, only part i didnt like was the swipe controll parts. But for the rest, thank you for making this game
Really fun game, the idea is simple, yet the levels get kinda tricky sometimes. Definitely worth the while.
Seriously underrated. Clever game that makes you think different. Buttons can be a bit fiddly but a small sin I think
The game is good, but too challenging for me. Such as level 9, the timer just runs out way too fast. I still like the game though!
The game is fun, but the parts where you can't touch the clones are way too hard. I can't get past the second one like that
If you have played "That Level Again" then I would recommend getting this game also. It's made by the same developer if you didnt know. Pretty much the same concept as TLA, but more focused on puzzles, and in my opinion a lot more complex.
Conceot is great but the programming is atrocious. So many times I'd complete a level and the ai would ruin it by running intl each other (specifically the red ones). Pls fix your game
Asks for a review, but shortly after the density of the ads starts growing, until you reach level 15 and you get an uncancellable 30 second ad every couple of minutes. I do like the idea of the game, but it's very simply made, doesn't work well all the time, and now it's annoying me with so many ads.. Normally I buy when a game leaves a good positive impression. This one looked promising, but it looks like it will get uninstalled before I get to the point of paying..
Pretty fun, unfortunately it seems that there are a few bugs - sometimes the clones will get desynced for no reason. Not that bad of an issue though. Fun game!
It's a pretty good game! Only if they make the jump more sensitive but everything is good! Challenging and the characters are cute!
This game is different from the typical platformer puzzles, that's for sure! The controls are good, and so is the gameplay. Anyone looking for a slightly tricky but not frustrating puzzle game must try this :))
This game is amazing the way you can stand still when playing is good and the mechanics are a bit wonky but it's a good game nun the less
Great game. A different approach to your typical puzzle. Simple enough to pass as a casual and chilled game while being challenging enough to keep you interested. Controls are sometimes unreasonive but doesn't really affect the gameplay. Good job!
The game is great! It's a simple game but it is not boring like the other games. I bet this game would be in Top 5. I'm glad I discovered this app. Great job for this!
All of the ads are unskippable, as if you were watching for a reward, but nope. I would have enjoyed it if I wouldn't get an unskippable ad everytime I failed. I absolutely do bot reccomend this game.
Finally i came across a good game, unlike those scamy big company made games. Very good. Although the AI can sometimes slip up and miss a crucial move i made. Ads are there, but they are low. And when they do come, i am not enraged, rather i am happy that the developer is earning money and putting food on the table. Great job indeed, kepp it up!πŸ‘πŸ‘
One of the best things I have ever played. No add at all which is the coolest thing. And really fun to play. The pleasure you feel after finishing each level which really depends upon your thinking and the rest on AI is unmatched πŸ˜‡ 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hey! I have just started with unity. Please can you tell me how to make multiple character and make them follow you . I searched in YouTube and Google but didn't found anything like it. Please reply
Ragest game ever experienced even we cant skip level or level editor now im wishing a hack that could unlock all levels
Amazing game, but please give level 45s yellow star a longer timer even by just a bit, even using a walkthrough I keep beating the level at the exact moment when the star becomes unavailable.
Pretty fun, interesting concept. I also really liked That Level Again 1, 2, and 4. I didn't like 3 as much.
Fun puzzle game that is unique I stumbled on this game after I beat the 3rd that level again game and I find it really fun and challenging
Completed the game 100%. Amazing work! The gameplay is amazing, the only thing that i think could be improved are the controls, if there were custom controls that would make the game perfect. Simple but elegant graphics. 11/10.
It's a great mobile game in a sea of trash. It challenges you to think systematically and it is very fun and enetertaining.
was excellent until i entered the red star area. That area is full of invisible block which I'm not a fan of There was also a level where the controlls switched, which annoyed me more than it entertained.
A genuinely fun phone app. A puzzle game, very well done! I technically beat the game, but there are some tough levels I couldn't complete.
Unique and awesome experience. With little ads and a fun concept. Only downsides are that there's no way to get out of a level your stuck on! Still not that bad so still 5 Stars.
Really great concept! Addicting in a good way with great level designs and a race against the clock rating system that I just had to master in every level. Love the level designs and different uses of the mechanic. I played this in a parking garage where there was no reception so ads never appeared in my game, but I loved the game so much I payed the two dollars for ad removal to support the developer. Keep it up!
I don't usually leave reviews on anything, but I really liked this puzzle game, I wish there were more levels :)
Great game. But there is a bug needs to be fixed it has something to do with the touch. When appears in the level 22 in red stars section. Please fix it.
Had me cursing my phone there a couple times, seems simple at time then you find it's just the opposite. My only issue is the controls are a on the small side
Love the simplistic idea that varies and makes you think. Memory and logic! Great! Would love to pay for more levels!! Thanks for your games!
This game would be a lot better if the button controls were smoother. Sometimes I'll try to change direction and keep moving amd all it does is stay still. That's awful when it's red clone missions.
This game is amazing.... All except for one thing. Level 26 of the yellow stars is absolute trash. Everytime I slide my finger close enough to the top of the screen to follow the path, the slide down menu of my phone drops or it won't register close enough to the edge of the phone for the clone to move there. It's impossible to complete and it's stupidly frustrating. Move the path closer to the center of the dang phone screen.
This game is so fun and so challenging at some stages i absolutely love this and thats why it deserves a 5 star rating!
love the concept, had a lot of fun playing it. thanks for making it. only complaint is that I didn't like the phone tilt / slide with finger levels haha. too janky to control for me.
The concept of the game is pretty fresh and interesting but the controls and the dynamic of the game is pretty terrible. Still a good game
Super entertaining, only minus are the text graphics which give you rip-off game feel as they are badly pixelated. Other than that fantastic
Very unique, simple, yet challenging. Sometimes, the AI screw up, and don't follow my exact moovement.
(for people who often rage and doesn't like hard levels i recommend you to do not play) it's great, challenging, and hard. I like it. 4 star because the part 2 isn't working. (Clones aren't showing up for me)
Game is great. The concept is very unique and interesting. It challenges your patience and determination. Complex levels take a bit of time, and can be frustrating but its only a matter of time before you beat it. Also when you beat a level, you get an enormous feeling of satisfaction, and its mostly because the level was challenging. I do have a complaint, which is the time for getting a star is too short, on certain levels that needs alot of time to complete. Other than that, its a great game.
I Am Tagir is an amazing developer! Tagir's games seem simple at first, and are easy to learn, but they are always challenging and fun to play. My only complaint is that there aren't more games yet!
Fun game but the ads absolutely ruin it. Plus there are times where the clones don't totally follow you, but the reason for this one star review is because of the frequency, length, and disruptive nature of the ads. If they mute what I'm listening to, I'm deleting and giving a one star review every single time
It is a nice game but the level where it says don't touch the clones feels prackteckle impossible but at least it's a good game
As far as I can tell this is a unique take on a time travel mechanic, and it has novel puzzles with a good variety to them. It does require some dexterity and good timing to complete levels, especially when aiming for gold stars. Only issue I had was that the ads can interrupt gameplay. Highly recommend this as a puzzle platformer.
An interesting idea, if a little unoriginal. Very well executed, and simple enough for anyone to understand. Challenging while not frustrating, and actually forces the player to improve. I enjoy it greatly, and I am sure others will as well.
Everything about this game is genius. I cant think of anything I might critisize. The low rating are pretty much all from people who got mad after finding the game too difficult.
It's a good game but I just wish that there was an ability to skip a level. And idk maybe watch an ad and skip the level or even somehow give out hints. This would the game more enjoyable because I wont be stuck on one level forever. Also I wish that it was easier to control the character for the levels that you have to "slide your finger" (I'm sorry for wording the last sentence badly I just didnt know how to explain it properly).
Normal levels are okay. But then to progress it forces you to play "challenge levels" designed to be awful and make you angry.
Great. This is the type of game that can keep you entertained for a long time. Perfect balance between "this is too easy" And "it's so hard it's frustrating", you make it harder, it will be a rage game, make it simpler and it will be boring. So I would just say that the game is great. The only problem is that you have to leave and click the other control button to change direction and as I mostly use the joystick type controler, it can be kind of annoying
Everything is really good (and I know this game is inspired by the movie), except for the fact that sometimes my fingers slightly miss an arrow to move so it messes up my gameplay. It doesn't make me mad but it would be convenient if the movement arrows were a bit larger.
Fun game but some of the levels are so freaking hard and even if I watch a video to see how you do it I still can't.
I hate this game so much. If anyone wanted me to recommend a game it would not be this. There is a add you can not escape every time you fail If I could give this 0 stars I would.