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The Longest Game Ever 2

The Longest Game Ever 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by SkyGames Studio located at SkyGames Studio Rue du Clos 12 1800 Vevey Switzerland. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just kinda boring. There isn't much to it except tapping the screen and waiting. The text boxes don't have periods at the end of their sentences, which is dumb and annoying and makes the whole thing look amateurish. The idea is an AI is trying to torture you, but you can't do anything except agree with it. It asks questions you just have to give it the correct answer or agree with it? So there's just nothing here to justify itself. Just kinda boring. Better time wasters out there.
I absolutely adore this game it's made me laugh so many times and I'm not even a quarter of the way done yet and despite the annoying customers this game is a joy to play and get a laugh out of and the fact you can put your real name in the game and characters will call you by your real name for a personalised experience! Overall I love this game so I give it 5 stars.
I have never been more pissed off at a game, and I love it. This robot makes me wanna punch my phone, and its a well put together game
First few hundred levels were ok, but if you aren't having that good of a day, you might not want to play this. The bots (Except J5087) were really mean, and literally tries to tear you mental being apart. Game usually was too repetitive, bots push "being insultive and mean" way too far, bots get really unreasonable, unlocking games take too long and forces you to choose a specific option in multiple choice.
I was going to leave 4 stars. The duplicating flying tapping game removed 2 stars immediately from your review. :) The concept is fine, the problem is some minigames are so exhausting they are pure ridiculous. If the purpose is to bore someone at least don't make it exhausting. You may bore me by having me to read through every single patients useless text, but wanting me to play the stupid flying tapping game is just exhausting and the joke game is so overused it's no longer funny.
This game is honestly really interesting - and a great timekiller, at that - but i'm currently pretty worried for my progress. I was on level 3,144 in normal mode, and decided to try hard mode. Selecting level 0 gave me an error, same with 1, so i tried "000". It crashed, and now I can no longer open it. It gives me an error when it finishes loading. I hope my progress will be fine, but if it isn't, i don't know what i'll do. Edit: Works now! Bumping to 5/5.
A strangely addictive game! It takes a little getting used to but nothing happens that you're not warned about in the introduction. You definitely have to have the ability to laugh at yourself if you want to enjoy the game, but there is a wonderful variety of games which really keeps things interesting!
Eh. It's alright. Definitely a time sink, not the best either. The developer just loves wasting people's times. They even have an app called 'Wasted Time' and one literally called 'Useless'. I guess they succeed in what they intend to do.
I'm playing the app on my Android phone, but every time I try to play, it says that I have another device connected, even if this is not the case. It always happens after I go back to the game after switching tabs. I didn't give 1 star beacuse it was a great game until this happened. It only started happening when the nice bot asked me to copy the Reddit link. Please fix.
Just downloaded, i took a sip of water right when i read the text on level 371 (which told me i would die from dehydration due to an ai making me addicted to this game). It cracked me up, so im writing this review.
I'm too stubborn to stop, haha! It's a lot of fun but the clicking challenges do get quite tedious and annoying. I guess that's the point of them, though. I just wish there weren't so many of them.
game is very boring, not just storywise. It is just mindless clicking 90% of the time. So one final message for 7805J: You have failed. You were supposed to make us "waste our lives" but the thing is, you didn't the minigames and comedy in there was fun and,for the while I played, I had fun. And as long as you have fun, it's not wasted. When I uninstalled, you did not win, I did. I went beyond your petty "competiteness" and am contining to have a fun life. You could never keep me in that game.
This is a bizarre mostly text game that rightfully mocks you for playing it. It is basically an exercise in tedium, interspersed with occasional trivia, puzzles, guessing games, bomberman, and tappy madness. Unlockable boss battles and ranking keep you masochistically carrying on. I get it, I'm a moron for playing and I should suffer for giving the dev ad revenue. Thanks for adjusting the anti-cheat. No more false positives! Also, who hurt you?
This is a magnificent game and great for wasting time. I've put hours into it, just trying to progress a few levels. It's annoying, but at the same time addicting. It's got a pretty good storyline and funny moments. Do not install if you are easily triggered or enraged. This game will make you want to throw your phone across the room. But that's all part of the fun.
Good fun so far. The bots are quite funny imo, and the text is generally well written. Some sections (mostly the walking sections if your phone's pedometer/gps don't work) can be a little tedious, but most of it is fun.
I havent been able to do anything yet, I got throught first part of talking and when the first challenge appears, the game crashes, no matter what I do it keeps crashing
broke it by closing the game when asked to agree to the privacy policy, now it won't ask again and I'm stuck at the title with a bar reading 50%. I'm sure there's a game but I'm not allowed to see it.
The game was great, but when I checked the Discord server, I was really glad that I didn't drink anything, because I would do a spit take at how many levels there are. Now I know why so little people attempted and actually finished the game. Still, great work on the game though!
Very interesting type of gameplay and curious lore really worthwhile to give it a try if you are bored
Great game, really fun, the walking doesn't work on my phone, so the extra clicking sucks, but it is not impossible. I am determined to win
I enjoyed the game for a bit, but now it gets stuck at the opening screen and won't connect to google play games. I have yet to fix this. Nevermind, thx to the amazing support on this game, my problem has been fixed. :)
Like it has been said already this game is what it advertises, its annoying as hell and makes fun of you constantly, its repetitive, it never seems to end, and it feels like yhe game hates you, but for some reason I just can't stop until I make it to the end and beat the main character who "created the game" its super annoying and super fun at the same time
This is probably one of my favorite apps. It's a great time killer and the game never gets boring. Definitely recommend it to people with time on their hands!
Loving this game! It's usually very annoying, and I for sure hate the bot! But it's all a part of the fun. I hate the bot yet I love how arragont he is. I complain about him all the time. I'm currently stuck on level 1983, which I think is a decent way into the game. There are some difficult questions (and a lot of annoying research ones!) but overall I love the humour of it all
The game is pretty good, you also keep playing it cause if you stop, - you lose. Overall, my experience was pretty good.
I love the game, it's a time-waster and it's rewarding to get farther and farther. Way better than the first game, so it's a fun sequel (level 2226 was the end of the first, right? I don't trust it). Only problem, is 500 levels in it starts giving me flappy bird games, but they immediately crash the game upon loading them. Is there a fix? I keep having to spend coins to skip but there are too many flappy bird games
About as exciting/entertaining as watching paint dry or grass grow. If you enjoy having to click little buttons as fast as you can and do typing tests on your phone you might like it.
Overall good game but some of the levels I needed to go on google for but it is meant to be like that so I guess it's good. Not too many ads but it is quite funny and mean to you but good fun when I'm bored I'm only on level 400 and it's very fun
I dislike it because there was flappy bird. I spent 14 or so πŸ’Ž to skip 6 jumps but then it said to do 9 jumps. I didn't have any diamonds. I spent 2 hrs playing for the 6 jumps. It was a time waster of 5 of my days.
I thought it was good until the online chat where you started praying to a false God. I would appreciate if this was skipable and you could hang up because this is against my morals and beliefs. Otherwise a good game.
Not really a "game". There are sections where it has games in it, but most of it is reading a text box of an "ai" character trying to get you to quit the game. The majority of the game is either clicking a single button for a long time or doing really difficult math for no reason. Hey, if that's for you I don't really mind. Personally I don't like it. Also repeats a lot of what was in the first game.
This game is very good at what it does. I have never felt so much hatred and love for something at the same time, i "hove" it. The minigames are both fun and suffering too. 11/10, stopped at 500 to write a review, genuinely can't wait to see what's next.
Alright. I do understand that I clicked the button agreeing that I'm okay with characters being offensive. But didn't stage 387-391 Misterhey go a bit too far? I think some update needs to happen to that guy, cuz apparently, that's not something a game children can play.
It is silly to present a problem to the player, I get there answer correct, then the script/ the "system" needs to reboot suddenly, and the game starts again by saying "I feel refreshed...my memory tells me you got the last problem wrong". Then insult me, the player, for challenging it with no other option. Darn game is wrong and childish.
Just a game designed to be a mix of pain and comedy, it's great to use this for a pass time or if you are having a bad day, the quests also keep giving you more stuff to do if you are stuck, and until you get past the level, all around, great game
This game is awesome. It's different from all the games I (and probably you) have ever played! I just passed level 700 and the game doesn't feel repetitive (at least for me). If you are installing the game I wish you luck(don't forget, you can always ask for help :) ).
Not a fan of levels that require a lot of clicks to beat or levels that make you wait for a certain time to beat. (Up to where I played, certain levels brought the average number of forced clicks up to at least 500 clicks per level.) Otherwise, a good game.
This game is funny. If you could make a game focusing on Glados from portal, this is what it should look like.
Started 16th May 2021. Lets see how long it will take me to beat it. Also, it's kind of sad that 45% of people didnt even get past level 116. I like it so far, no bugs and considering there are 4541 levels it really is long. However, getting to level 116 did not take long. The levels are supposed to get progressively harder tho. Will update when I finish the game...or give up. But that wont happen.
I'll say this: This game does exactly what it sets out to do. It gets under your skin, it makes you feel uncomfortable, it degrades you, it bores you, it frustrates you. And yet you keep playing anyways, right? Who will break first? The player, or the AI? Only four stars because, well, the concept itself isn't something I gel that well with.
As i installed updated version of this game, it is working correctly. Not stucking at welcome screen anymore. Gonna play now! 😁 Thanks again for such nice games! 😊
A completely different game than any other game on the app store. Although it completely abuses my need to complete a game, I can enjoy the "story" quite a bit as the dialogues are quite absurd at times. I definitely recommend checking it out if you want to waste some time and dont mind reading.
Amazing game. Still can't believe I clicked the button 100k times. That's what this game does to you.
I loved it at first but got more and more bad as time went on. I really wish it stayed where it was originally. But still one of my favorite games. Would recommend to someone with a lot of patience or knowledge.
It's a great game only sometimes it refuses to launch saying I am "signed in on another device" it takes about 5-6 attempts to get it to work so please fix this. Also do not play this if you are very sensitive as the game tries to be as toxic and upsetting as possible(also whats the point of having surveys if they don't even let you take them😠😠😠)
The "Surveys" don't work. I've tried multiple(more than 50) and they all say,"sorry. We are looking for a certain type of _______." And level 236 is so damn frustrating. So devs, u got some 'splainin to do.
It's a genuinely interesting game, even if its infuriating and weird at times. As well as very useless.
The game itself is fun and I like the "intentionally mean/rude" tone the game takes. However I do believe you could have pulled that off without using slurs against certain groups. There are many other ways to "humorously" degrade people without resorting to that.
They is a bug at level 117. No numbers are shown on the tiles. Great game except of that until now. P. S. Can you add an option to change my name?
I've just downloaded this game and got past the starting texts but when the first game came up to catch the trash or something it closes the app everytime I click play?
Somehow this game manages to make me want to stop playing it, but at the same time drives me to go further and further, so I think it's a masterfully crafted experience.
The concept of a game where its whole purpose is to test the limits of what a person is willing to do just to waste time is facinating. Along with the unusual concept, this is just a neat little fun time.
Great game...one of its kind ..One issue though..the level with morse code needs to be re-checked...as it is faulty..the code is a bit wrong..other than that this a good game
I hate that I love it it's such a great game!Its really boring like he said and here's a warning don't play if under 13 because a lot of bad language But great game love it and love j7 he/she/bot is really cute but one suggestion is move all those icons at the bottom it kinda takes out the boardem and the pedometer part needs to be fixed because my phone doesn't have one but good idea to make people walk.Good luck updating the game!
Its awesome! Just- play play play, click click click. And, I LOVE games that are long! But, the 1 star i didn't add is because the GPS doesn't work for some reason.
This is a very "not fun" game. "Do not" play. In all seriousness it's actually pretty good. But sometimes the game crashes and my phone restarts if I click too fast.
Look,it is a funny game BUT...there are some problems in it: 1-there are cursing what if a child played it?!! Please erase the cursing words 2-whwn Claudette want us to fill formA.it asks you weird questions about business once again if a child played it he will never understand anything please put this questions in hard mode 3-the boss fights are unbalanced the click race is broken nobody can be as fast as 9 clicks per second and bomberman boss fight sucks.
I love hating the game. It's a great game and I join the team with you for a long long long time to take a look at your blog and post πŸ“― your blog is very informative and interesting in reading the article and reading the blog post and about what how you read πŸ“– I am your favorite blogger and you the author most often writes about what the author is about and why it is so popular for her to be a gamer in a car car getting a little bit of money πŸ’΅ and she is not very. That's what I think you. M
Interesting concept but gets pretty boring pretty fast. I get it, the AI is supposedly "insulting" but it's PG at best and there are much more interesting games to Tap or Click your way through. This just isn't that much fun or difficult. If it "gets under your skin" then it's likely you're a type that HAS to win every game they play. So go for it I guess... But you'll be so very bored.
Great game, really addicted but the copying text game doesnt work for some reason so if you could fix it that would be great
I love the concept of the game. The only problem I'm having is the boss fight. It just keep crashing when I tried to fight a boss. Please fix it.
The game delivers what it promises, unlike me you will find it annoying to play through this game. I have played this game for a few hours now and I am very sure i'll make it to the last level. Even tho you don't have to read through everything (which i of course didn't (I read everything no lies) , as the game says it is going to take s long time I am still going to try my best and skip as little as possible!!!
Creative game, but would help if there were 2 or more options to answer text-wise, because I often end up answering with options that I don't necessarily believe in
This game is long, too long for me. So long that I forgot I had it until I was cleaning out space on my phone, lol. I only made to about 13 before my attention span dipped and soon forgot. From what I played, I liked the humor and silly little quips every now and then. Little bit of puzzling and brain using, nothing too genius though. It was nice to have some easy, simple things, then some more rub-your-head, scratch-your-chin stuff. Maybe I'll go again some other time.
No way to disable sound from the start = lowest possible star rate. Edit: my bad, you can actually disable sound, it is quite hidden but you can. Still not a game for me, too annoying. However 4 stars for a quick response.
It is super fun and addictive. I would give it five stars but 2 of the modes are real bad. Not all phones have pedometers and clicking is a pain. Also the one where you have to copy a string of numbers and you get one wrong is annoying. Other than that it is amazing and tou should download.
An amazing game but slightly slow pased whoever there is no way to make this game better because it is already amazing
Wow. Okay. Where to begin? The game is brutal, yet oddly satisfactory. It challenges you to use your brain, and your fingers, in the most annoying ways possible. Unlike nearly every mobile game ever, there's a plot line, coherent story, and TWO devs (ILY espremea you're my favourite :D) The community is active and helpful, and continually giving new ideas. If you ever get stuck, just join the discord! They'll give you useful and amazing advice. There's no ad spam. All hail KerbalBoy!
Not the most fun, it's mainly just characters talking and you clicking buttons but that's kind of the whole point and it manages to be pretty funny and a good time waster.
Its very fun when you are bored and need some time to pass, but it does get very repetitive and its very annoying if the pedometer nor gps seems to work and you cant really go outside at the moment
Takes forever to sign in to google play, and then once I do nothing happens. It's just stuck on the screen where the initial play button is, I hit it the screen flashes black and goes right back to that screen. The loading bar doesn't move from 0%, other than occasionally getting stuck on 50% and doing the same thing.
This game is a nice time waster and is infuriating at points which is what it's meant to do I like how it's not just an endless grind and it gets changed up every bit. Also what I found strange is that it knew my name without me telling it unless it's a coincidence Good game overall
The things I have to say about this game don't belong here, I am in immense pain, however, I started this and I am going to finish it, even if it takes me a few months... I'm at lvl 500 in a matter of a few hours after starting to play and I don't read vary fast... But I need a break... Thank you for this monstrosity of a game... :V
Very boring in a fun and interactive way. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to pass time (a lot of time) as it can be very repetitive and it seems almost endless.
As a level 10 member of boring life mode club I now classify this game as the best time waster and my life is now complete. Thank you game. Also this is the best game to take big poo on toilet.
Its fun but they make a few political comments that are annoying only because its a game i play them to get away from that stuff
it's a cool game to kill time with, that's why time gated levels which can be cleared only at certain hours are annoying. atleast they can be skipped.
I got to the level were your need to click start and every time I do it crashes so I'm not sure if it's my phone or not but I can't play
Game is stuck loading either at 50% saying there are troubles with internet connection or at 0% not saying anything, so the only content I got out of it is its claim that I'm a loser. I guess I lost, lol. P. S. I do understand it's a joke
Just started playing and I'm already having fun... Errrr.. no I mean im totally bored. (πŸ˜‚ Good game. Getting portal vibes from the ai. I keep imagining GLADOS voice.)
Great game recommended to you but if you have depression anxiety or stress don't play it it's the characters are really mean so yeah that's all I really have to say about the game
What got me hooked on are the character interactions. While the mechanics of the mini games might not be great(referring to the bomb man), the game makes up with the great story writing. It's clever, funny and you get to learn new things as you go on. And yes, the competition of other players does also motivate me to continue playing. While not done, yet(starting to wonder when I will be), I am very hooked on the game and want to continue going. Thank you for this great experience.
Honestly, not bad overall. Good to waste time with, but some are excessively hard in the beginning, that may deter many from continuing right from the get-go. Currently on level 521 as of typing this, so dont be afraid to try. It's possible to reach many levels. Think this way. Reading a single dialogue box is a level! You can do it! BEAT 7805J!
Wow. This game is AWESOME and yet it SUCKS. It's so bad it's good. It does exactly what it says it'll do but you just can't help but play all of the levels. I can't wait to reach the end of this game, it's so hard to put it down and give in to the AI. My only problem is sometimes the pedometer/GPS levels are buggy but honestly it's only a minor issue . Great job!