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The Longest Game Ever

The Longest Game Ever for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by SkyGames Studio located at SkyGames Studio Rue du Clos 12 1800 Vevey Switzerland. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not enough payoff to motivate me to attempt trigonometry. "Click here to read some text" may appeal to some, but not my cup of tea.
worst game played in history and i even played a baby game abc learning it was not as bad as this. that computer in the game talking is what i hate i can give it 0 stars but i wont go
Foolish stupid dumb game, just a worst of bundles and time please don't download it was the worst game in existence I ever played before, I want a refund of my bundles
This game is pretty funny. If glados from portal was an AI in real life, this is what she would be like
Really great game, got to lvl 2226 then didn't think it was the end so I used the daily skip... ...went back to it minutes later and noticed that it was now lvl 2227. Fool me once... Shame on you. Now I'm on 2236, how many levels are there?
I finished the game!!!!! I have to admit, I cheated and it was TOO EASY. The purpose of your evil AI was to get me to give it hours of my attention. I beat the game by just editing the preferences.xml file. If you want to make the game harder, consider adding a salted hash to that file. Then I would have to play the game as your evil robot intended (or put more effort into reverse engineering it). I also love what you are doing with the ads (using them as penalties), but the animated ad right below the UI is annoying. It would be better to put it on the bottom of the screen.
The link in level 966 doesnt work i remowed all the * doesnt work tried 5 times to do it but still didnt work...... so far the game have been fun and anoying the clicking games isnt hard at all the 1000 clicks took like 1-3 min to finnish. Please write why the link didnt work.....
I can honestly say this app provided the best value for my money in all of Google Play Store. Good work.
True to its name but isnt that boring too. Still counting sheep. I have been playing since an hour or so.
So, this game was great at the start, and it still is hilarious, but I've reached a point where all it does is give me near-impossible logic math problems and expect me to finish them. I have to always wait 24 hours so I can watch an ad to skip, only to find another impossible logic problem. This game promised me I didn't have to have any real skill to play it, but these problems use math terms I've barely heard before. Maybe I'm missing something, all problems use the number 2012...
This game tricks you in level 232 it said I had to restart but instead they tricked me into awaiting for a day
Really great game, got to lvl 2226 then didn't think it was the end so I used the daily skip... ...went back to it minutes later and noticed that it was now lvl 2227. Fool me once... Shame on you
This isn't a game... this is talking to a chatbot with the personality of an irritating 10 year old. Except they do all the talking.
Can we talk about how (hopefully) unintentionally offensive this game is? A few others have mentioned the gender question (that provides a "neither" option, but doesn't actually let you progress if you pick it), but there's also the rather casual, jokey reference to suicide in the app description, a section where the game describes you as a slave and has you do cleaning tasks... There's a lot to unpack here, and none of it is worth the time.
I don't even know how to describe it. I play it quite a bit, good for killing time, lasts forever but I do not enjoy it whatsoever. Why am I still here? Just to suffer? Every night... I can feel my leg... and my AI whose sole purpose is to make me give up...
WOW! It is an amazing and addicting game, I got almost to 2000! It never ends. And is anyone going to take about how much storage it takes!? It takes only 4.53 MB and that is a tiny bit. It saves up so much storage.
Good game, some levels are actually impossible though. For instance, level 966. The website does not exist. Great time killer and, even if it is frustrating at times, very fun.
I like it. I like the computer robot guy but I only have one problem. I can't pass level 330! What is it?! It makes zero sense! Otherwise, game is good. It does say some mean things and makes you do/say stuff but otherwise good game
Love was 330 is you're physically impossible even if I use my phone's calculator and Google it still wont-work
It is very time consuming for when you're bored, and I never thought a egotistical AI could be so much fun to mess with! I wish there was more skips a day, though, but I guess that's how the game grows longer.
Ok, I thought that this game would be way more fun, but instead all you do is read some boring texts and answer questions like what is 2+1. I'm very disappointed, and I think that the creators should make it more exciting and put less of the "AI" talking in it and more questions to answer. All in all, sorry, it's not that good.
Truly the longest game ever. I am currently on level 712 and it took me 2 hours to get there. But the game is not repetitive and has an excellent plot too. 5 stars is too little for a game of this caliber. πŸ‘πŸ‘
It's really fun. It's cool because it seems as though someone is actually talking to you. It's more fun than it is boring. Good gameπŸ‘πŸ˜Š
I JUST finished this game, it took me legit 2 months to finish this game, no joke. It is one of those games that is fun, yet not fun at the same time. I mean... it helped time passπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
on level 966... the linkisnt working and daily skip not load the video. but its iseless since the last update was long ago... the game is cool anyway
There is a thing where if you go to the skipping levels section and then go into a level after that, it tells you you are trying to cheat. I can't edit my review, by the way. I like the game.
I love this game but I'm rating 4 stars because levels can be hard at times - including Level 951 which I am stuck on.
Pretty fun game, but uhh.. at Level 1038 or level 1039, what sentence is the one with the "just for fun" sentence? I can't find it. I'm stuck on level 1039.
This is the worst game ever. The computer is soooooo rude. When you have options to choose something like if your a male or female or neither i won't let you pick neither. I DONT WANT TO TELL MY GENDER TO THIS WEIRD AND RUDE COMPUTER. Please fix that and i will maybe change my review. Oh and it is not even challenging it is sooooooo stupid. OH AND WHAT COMPUTER SWEARS LIKE ALEIXA DOESN'T EVEN SWEAR. FIX IT!!!
It's an amazing and creative game, and a great way to past the time! I love the evil narrator :) Good job devs <3
I got to level 330 and I'm pretty sure it's unbeatable... you have to skip it... it tells you to use degrees but my keyboard wouldn't let me use degrees. Not fair imho
This is not longest but the very boring game. Read read and read the useless talk of so called robot. Only 10% of the screen used and in than 2% is for banner ad. I have never seen such an boring game ever.
Rewriting this as it seems it got taken down Im stuck on lvl 246 cos with how its binary my phone keeps opening it up in yhe phone app trying to ring it, and i really want to complete this game without skipping once
I'm on level 750, and I have to say this game is a lot better than I thought it would be. It has a good since of humor and it doesn't fell repetitive.
This game is one of the best interactive games I ever played. I actually at first thought it would be over 100,000 levels, so I was a little disappointed in that. It would be way too hard to program that many levels, so it's good enough. It only took around 10 days, but I played it a lot, so thanks for the experience!
when it asked my gender there was female, male, and neither. When I clicked neither just to see what happened, I couldn't finish the level until I clicked either male or female. The game is also kinda annoying.
This game is really good, it feels as if you are interacting with the AI and being able to have fun with the AI as ppl go through the levels of the game... This game is amazing!
This game is amazing. The graphics are phenomenal, the controls are amazing, i can believe you were able to put all these features into a small sized package. This game changed, before this game I was a small kid who doesnt know his goal in life, a kid who is lost, a kid who doesnt have his futuere planned out. After playing this game i have become a man of culture and status among my people, I now know the meaning of life, i now know what is my goal and what is my mission. Thank you.
You just spam buttons, it's really annoying, and there is a big ad that is right below the tiny text box.
I rlly don't get that people are giving this game 1 star bc it's annoying. The game is meant to be annoying so u won't finish it! 7804j even says at the start it's going to try to get u to stop playing the game! It's meant to be annoying, that's why it's so good!
It's so simplistic yet you can see how long the curator took to make the problems creative and challenging. Took me long time to finish this game and I totally had to skip some levels sadly. This is a game for those that can persever challenges while being curious till the end. I enjoyed this game from start to finish and reccomend this game to anyone that actually found it here because you most love challenging games to get this reccomend. Edit: By challenging I mean, well read the warnings.
Great game, play the sequel, if you came here for the word after "keeps going" on one of the levels for the second game, the word is "higher" yw compadres, luv ya devs
I finally beat it (not lol) but still, it's very interesting and cues your boredom I guess. I'm already on level 1,261
It's very funny, and really entertaining, they like to mess around with u, and sometimes will give u options to say things, I'm nearly on LVL 300, and the concept of the game is really a smart idea, I'm not sure how long it'll go on for, but I'm willingly going to stay till the end, I want to see what will happen! And they said it won't be a loop, so it has to end somewhere right? Definitely would recommend!!!!
hey there developer I am stupid to play your game but on the level 1048 the link which is provided to download it is broken.I would like to request you to correct it because the game contain 114275 levels and I will beat them all.I will Change the 4star to 5star too after the correct link, Thank you. don't worry I skipped it GAVE YOU MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fun game I WILL beat it. right now I'm counting sheep. Edit: changed to 3 star because at level 966 you need the number from the link and it doesn't work.