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The Little Match Girl : Happy

The Little Match Girl : Happy for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by XCONN Corp. located at 12, Teheran-ro 63-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Postal Code : 06160. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like the upgrades and the daily quests, though I can't for the life of me figure out what 3time attack means.
good and i also read the book recommend it but not the point the game is a good times killer and i know this is a good clicker game because it has a story unlike others better story driven then just clicking and upgradeing. keep up the good work๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I have a droid Turbo X2 and my game keeps crashing, but my girlfriend who's phone is older isn't having this same problem
I love this game so much. The story kinda feels clunky because its basically just"oh that friend is evil/sad/mad, lets throw a match and they will be happy". But, my real problem is, this game features "watch an ad for significant bonus" type of gameplay. The thing is, everytime I want to watch an ad, the game crashed. There's like 80% chance that the ad will restart the game, and you wont get your bonus. Maybe there was a bug with playing ad on my phone, but still, this was really horrible.
Simple and cute but sad pixel game that will break youe heart, leave a burning mark on your soul and make you remember it for longer than three Winters.๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธโ„๏ธ
The concept is great and very nostalgic. Except the gameplay is incredibly boring. The story dialogue doesn't make sense if you don't understand what the Little Match Girl is about. Regardless, the game was fun for the first five minutes.
Suddenly it started saying no internet connection no matter what I tried. I tried forgetting my internet connection, and deleting the game cache but haven't deleted the app and reinstalled it due to having tons of time spent on there. I also tried using 4g as I thought that would fix it but not even that worked. Not sure how to fix it but as is there's now no daily quests, no bonus gems, or anything else that required ads. It was a decent game until this happened so it's 3 stars until it gets fixed. Others have also had this issue as well. If it helps I'm using a samsung galaxy s4 and it worked for a while until just today.
Wow! I mean, like, I JUST started playing this, and I'm like, man, what an amazing take on the classic story of the Little Match Girl! What utter genius to take a a tale that is ordinarily heartbreaking and transform it into something happy! I have always loved the little match girl story, but the part where she dies crushes my heart into teeny little pieces; thank you for making a version where she lives on and spreads joy around the world!! :D :D :D
The classic pixel style game really catched my eye. But the gameplay is a bit boring and repetitive. Not much story development with the characters.
I enjoy this game immensely. Having trouble getting ads to load, so I can't get auto clicks or money from watching ads. The game keeps crashing when it goes to load the ads, and I don't get credit.
Great cute game to play when bored it makes me happy but what doesn't is how sometimes when there is an opportunity to watch an add I can't please fix so I can spread nor happiness easiar
I can never make it past the conductor and I've been playing for months! Once I get to him I can't beat bosses. I spend all gems on pets, I watch every ad for extras, I use the holiday tokens on upgrades and regularly upgrade friends and skills but still I get nowhere
To date my favorite idle game, cute story line, easy quest, and over all great for anxiety. I recently deleted to open up space but I HAD to get it again.
Excellent game. It's probably a little confusing for those who haven't read the story. I grew up with it. My mom used to sob so loudly to the part where she dies. It's just couple of pages, look it up.
the game play is fine for a clicker game but it just feels uncomfortable and morbid. The little match girl isn't a sweet and heartwarming story, and to use an abusive father who steals her money as tool to force people to watch ads just feels dirty.
This was my favorite game up until a few nights ago, when my Samsung Galaxy S7 updated it's software. Since it's update, the game won't connect to the internet for some reason, and thus is mostly unplayable. I've tried using it with both Wi-Fi and 4g Data. I've also tried clearing it's cache, force stopping the app and restarting my phone. Then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing worked or made a difference. This was truly one of my favorite games to play on a daily, multiple times a day, and now it's unplayable. Developers, please fix this game and I'll leave a better review!
Neat little story, all you do is tap people. I watched some ads and I wondered y I watched them. Too much is going on simultaneously! But all a good Game!
really enjoy this game, I've been playing for a while. Recently ran into an issue where the game says internet connection is required. My phone is definitely set up with internet so I'm confused as to why this is suddenly happening.
2 things #1 I'm sad because I missed the story element with the farmer because it kicked me out, #2 is there a way to watch the story elements for the friends again? Without going to the other world?
Pretty sure most people don't know about the book which I read as a kid in the end *spoilers*she dies so how I interpreted the story is that her seeing all those things was her dieing just like how in the book she saw all those things and her spreading all the happiness is like her heaven
Not that it should matter for an idle clicker, but there's a sad story in this game that is constantly sugarcoated by bizzare design choices. From what I understand, you have this Victorian era match sales girl who is freezing to death, both her mother and grandmother are dead, and her father is an abusive drunk. She has trouble selling matches until WHOA FEVER TIME LET'S SELL MATCHES AND HAVE A RAAAAAVE WOOOOOOOO
so I'm playing and get to day 100. go to the other world, ie prestige, and the game keeps crashing now. so cute game but couldn't play for more than maybe 30 min.
What the heck? Maybe H.C.Anderson doesn't translate to Korean. This is not only a ridiculous game, it's ridiculous that it even was considered as a premise for a game. Her drunken father stealing money from her as the antagonist? Seriously? This is garbage. Steer clear of this.
I really enjoy this game. Especially the girl. Basic plot: you try to spread happiness to the people of victorian London (And all victorian London parallel's) and youre dad is an abusive drunk. But you are a sweet girl selling candles. And your heart (and heavenly magic) lights the way through the sad cold world you live in. UPDATE: I just saw this game referenced in Robot Chicken S8E1
Wish I could save my progress, but I don't use Facebook, so I guess I'm SOL. Fun concept and game is a good time idler. Enjoyed the characters and graphics, also. In addition, I wish the offline gains included the calendar days , also.