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The Legacy 3

The Legacy 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The main game was great: storyline, characters, mini-games, graphics. The bonus chapter was 'eh'. Wish i could use the extra coins towards unlocking the bonus game or another bonus chapter
I love these games. Don't really appreciate having to pay for hints. It seems they end up getting a lot more money.
Great game. Lots of puzzles, pretty difficult at times. Graphics are good and it has a great story line.
I don,t like having to buy hints. I prefer buying the game. I didn't play it because of this feature. I am sre it is a great game for others.
Non-existent customer service ! Downloaded free game, tried to purchase hints, but none of the purchase buttons work. Clicking on any of them makes a "click" sound, but nothing happens. Multiple emails to their Customer Support went unanswered. Decided to buy full version for $6.99 - which is cheaper in the end. Had a problem there too! Completed a puzzle, but it would not let me proceed, no matter what I did. And again - NO response to emails! I really liked the game, too. What a waste of time!
Long and interesting game! I just wish the puzzles were various, not the same. But in overall a great game!
Your videos were even better than your other games. I love all your games: they are a great combo of puzzles, story and decent graphics of many, many scenes. Thanks for making them free to play.
great game, not so convoluted as some... but the clues could be better, maybe tell where to find some objects
This game has some of the most beautiful artwork I have seen on a free game. The puzzles were challenging and I really enjoyed the game
Great mystery & story, very challenging, I would recommend this game to anybody who loves great puzzles.
I purchased the bonus game and it took my money from my account, then i wanted to play it and it didnt work! I then purchased for a second time and again it took my money and ot worked, im very disappointed by that and i would a refund for my first payment. Please get back to me as i have proof of payment. I sent emails to your company aswell and no one got back to me.
I will tell ya, this game is amazing! The graphic design, the storyline, unique characters. I've enjoyed this a lot. Thank you!
It is almost as good as the Myst series except for the "only 1 step you can take" vice go any/everywhere and do any/everything and figure it out yourself. The deeper you go into it the narrower the choices become - discover a needed item, find same, return found item, discover needed item... very repititous and therefore uninspired. Discover how the Myst guys wrote that series and you have a great plot line and a real "do it all by yourself" mystery.
Five-bn games are just the very best. I've played every single one and anticipate new ones. Worth the time. Worth the money.
The other series by FiveBN (Lost Lands, New York mysteries, Darkness & flame) are better than this one. The phrasing of the dialogue was stilted, sometimes not even making sense. Some puzzles were challenging but I thought there was too much hand-holding to tell you where to go next.
A wonderful game as all of these are, but it wouldn't let me play the bonus chapter unless I paid alot! It was a free to play version though so there was that
I have played all of FIVE BN games and they are the best puzzle adventure games! I wish they make more games.. The storyline, graphics and controls are perfect.. Thanks FIVE BN team...
Good graphics. I played it glitch free on an older device. No ads. Have to pay if you want more than five hints or want to skip puzzles. Suck it up cupcake or figure it out. Not many games out there anymore that are ad free. I am actually impressed.
Can't get passed the rod puzzle as it won't let me put the missing rod I found on it. Instructions for puzzle are already there even though they should come after I put the rod. So I can't finish the game. Not impressed
Love the game! No ads, challenging, not a pay for play, cannot wait to play other games by this developer. I will be buying the bonus stages, just because it is so challenging. You do get plenty of hints without forking over some dough. These games are what all games should be like. Great work developer! I dont mind spending if you get game time beforehand.
Enjoyed the game. Some of the puzzles are actually decently challenging, I like the story line, definitely would like another. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
The game is super very good for me. Graphic is perfect. Story is VERY GOOD. You never pay for this game because it free. I love this.Keep it up more games again.
Game was great.. but having to pay money for each hint?! NO! Charge me $7 or $8 for the game and let me enjoy. I'm happy with that. I HATE the way they run this pay per hint business they switched to. I won't include them in my search when I look for new games anymore. They used to be first on my list to buy games from.
Five-BN make some of the best point and click action games for phones, and this is one of them! Check out all their other titles of you like this one, I've played them all in the past week, totally addictive.
I love the graphics and the story line but I, I feel you can get misdirected easily... Which keeps you going back and forth...I give this game 3 stars because you are not able to move unused coins from game to game. :-( If there was a way to transfer coins from game to game I would give a 5 star rating
This game was great until I got to the Island Temple...the swap the tiles to assemble the picture was a freaking joke. Move one tile, then they all just shuffle around making it IMPOSSIBLE TO FINISH IT!! I tried re-installing after I un-installed, cleaned the junk files etc..and still doesn't work right!! Please fix this???
I've played this again and with more experience of these games thoroughly enjoyed it. I've changed the rating from 4 to 5. The storyline was a bit difficult to follow but the puzzles were excellent.
One of the best HOGs I've ever played. I did end up paying for hints but it's no different than buying the full version. Highly recommend! Keep it up Five -BN games
I gave you a five star because the dead world was a beautiful โค๏ธ place and I love the detail of that world and the blooming valley, and the mountain summits, in the blooming valley I love that beautiful peacock tailed cat, whatever it is, but the bonus chapter was soooooooooo pretty. And I like how you made the bonus chapter and it was all about night ๐ŸŒƒ sooooooo pretty. And once I saw the same place From the beginning of the game it was so different looking. I passed out and I was shocked to. โค
5 bn games are terrific. Exactly what I enjoy playing. Good story lines, good variety on puzzles to solve, beautiful graphics, and they treat you like ypu have a brain. Alas, I've played them all, and can't find anything as good to play!
ok game. map is no help, charge for hints and bonus chapter. just not worth playing games like this anymore.
Uninstalling only because I have not played the first 2 and finding this hard as cant follow the story. Here is a tip for other players ,if you see this next to game (free to play) it is only a demo were you play most of the game, but can't play the bonus level. If you see this(full game ) you have to buy it as then you can play the bonus and finish game.that the same with all this guys games so remember there is 2 of every game .
Beautiful, challenging gameplay, player does not have to be psychic or a genius to solve the many, inventive clues. Well done to all involved in development. Some games of this type include clues that are so cryptic, just so the average player is forced to buy hints. You are gaining this player's respect. Will seek out your other games. Highly recommend!
I loved this one, but it lost a star for things appearing after I thought I'd finished the area. The Legacy: Forgotten Gates was better in that the challenges were all visible when you discovered each section.
An exciting and adventurous game to play with excellent graphics. I have started to play the game and have been enjoying the game.
wont let me finish the game. I know the next step, which is to place a rod down but it literally will not let me and I have to get through this step to move on and I shouldn't have to use 10 coins to skip... uninstalled... AT THE END OF THE GAME
it is a very good game and the story is very interesting I enjoy it very much and hope you make more of them I give it my highest rating
I really love this game! Dont change anything! I love that I can move through and solve puzzles without having to wait for energy. It helps the story move along smoothly. I'm addicted. This is the second game I've played from this developer and I love them.
I have played all 3 of the The Legacy games over the past week or so and I've thoroughly enjoyed them. I enjoyed this one the most. The puzzles were not too difficult and even though there was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with some it was easy enough using the map to get where I needed to go.
Great game, great graphics, great storyline, consistent game play without bullying you to pay to continue playing.
It was difficult to play as you couldn't get hints when you need you need them I watched so many ads but after giving you 2 hints for 2 adverts that you watch to get the free hints it refused to give any more I was gutted but I'm trying all the free full version object games I've done 15 so far and apart from 3 I had no trouble getting hints so long as you watch the full adverts which is fair graphics are brilliant for each game
Very interesting. You have to play with a lot of patience and you can play the entire game without using hint. It took me quite a time sometimes to understand what's next but itโ€™s great!
Beautiful, fun and captivating game with a fun story. Puzzles are challenging, but solvable without skipping. Game play is smooth and fluent. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. Love your games! Keep them coming. Also thank you for the free playing games. I have a shattered ankle and I am out of work for awhile, so this occupies my time and helps with my wallet.
I would gladly rate this game 5 stars except for the fact that you have to pay for any clues or hints. I would rather buy the game up front and not pay as you go. Very frustrating.
Good game..I attempted to play this game before I thought but its different..Ide rather pay up front then pay a bunch of money.Thats the only reason I gave it a 4
Preferred the old trial format where I play one chapter then decide to buy the full game or not. Although this is a free-to-play, I really don't have coins to buy hints.
Fantastic story can't wait to try the others but had to cut this one short the flower puzzle on the twisting board was to difficult and I couldn't get past it because the skip requires to many coins
This has the potential to be a really great game, however it is very glitchy, keeps kicking me off so ive lost all my boosters and hearts so for now 1 star untill these glitches are fixed then ill update my review x
Best game I have ever played! The main game was free, long playing and just the right amount of difficulty. Love it!
Nice and great game. Graphics, sound effects are fine. The story is good too. The puzzles are balance some are easy some are hard but its ok.
One thing I'd change is that sometimes there is no other option, your next move has to be a certain one, and only that particular one. It just seems kind of forced and when I play these games I do it for relaxation and don't want to feel like my game play is dictated to me. It's a small thing, and you probably don't understand exactly what I am referring to, but there it is.
For the life of me, this game will not load. Contacted support twice to no avail. Guess I'm not important enough. Don't waste your time and bypass. Very aggravating. You're welcome. Uninstalling...
It was fine until the puzzle where you have to move the chips into their proper positions with one extra space on the board. An hour was too much time to spend on to only be able to get the last chip two spaces away from finishing. Unbelievably aggravating. Uninstalling.
Addictive game! Beautiful graphics! Enjoyable story! Use hints only when you need to and you won't run out. Each time I thought the story was ending there was more! I definitely recommend all their games!
I have played The Legacy 1 - 3 and this is the best storyline and puzzles so far. It's similar to lost lands. Puzzles are doable and interesting, not to difficult until u give up playing. I normally play until basic game is finished. I never play the bonus game coz i just want to play for free
Took a couple of hours(!) and a reboot to install - including various additional files - and then refuses to open. Normally I'd try uninstall-reinstall, but with such a long download time? no way. Then I looked at the critical reviews here and find this game has recently turned into a cash cow, so I'm glad I haven't wasted any time getting halfway into it. A high rating but gameplay, controls etc around 1.9 is always a big warning sign, I should have looked more closely before choosing to try.
Long game. Worth $4.98 but charging $12.00+ for assistance is highway robbery. Don't even have the map feature to help with locating where to go. While I like playing your games they aren't that much better compared to other designers. Though the game would be a strong 4-5 I can't give you that rating because I don't praise robbers.
I love the game, but your game runs out of hints TOO FAST!!!! Each time a person finds one of the EXTRA pieces for example: the snakes or necklaces, a person should be awarded with a hint to be able to use as needed. 4 hints just isn't enough for a game like this and alot of people can't purchase hints.
This game was great up until i got to where you place the rod it will not allow me to place the rod so that i can move on
Love this, did buy the extra chapter to support. I recommend this game if you like story based puzzle games like me. You can finish the game with no money, you dont have to wait for energy to fill or something stupid like that.
Great Until it Stopped. It should be made clearer this is only a demo and you'll need to pay to unlock the full game at a certain point. Very disappointing as the 1st 2 games in the series were free to play.
I've always loved 5BN games for they have adventurous storylines with awesome graphics but the only thing this game is in need of is the strategy guide along with icons of missing morphing objects & collections on the map. Still love the game tho.
I've played the first 2 (they were fun!) but so far this was my favorite. It had a good story line and a perfect length. The hops had just the right amount of challenge. 5 stars!
really luv playing your free games been playing for ages now though on this game I'm having issues I got right to end almost and the house puzzle where u have to put things in right places eg fence banners ect ive got the stick thing in shape of a Y almost that's to go on front of the house it's not placing unlike the others that highlight when u have them in place this isn't and will not let me place it until it's fixed I'll leave as 4* as game is brilliant like others of yours
This game seems to be designed for young children. The characters tell you what to do next and the main character seems like an idiot, always stating the obvious. The puzzles are beyond easy, could do them with my eyes closed, and the new-agey theme is annoying. Play this if you don't like challenges and want someone to tell you what to do next. Didn't even bother finishing it. Unclear why it has such good reviews, either people like what I described above, or they are bogus stars.
Good game, but far too expensive to play. Hard puzzles cost 10 coins to solve. Some puzzles i believe are too hard to solve unless you buy coins. Any coin you have bought and still have at the end of the bn game you lose. Surely any excess coins should be able to be carried over to the next bn game you play.
Beautifully designed game. Best ive seen in a long time. Like 3d games the best. These guys put alot of art and time into the game. Adventure and puzzle.
You guys and girls are amazing! Your series of games are absolutely incredible! Full of amazing art work and challenging puzzles! Love them all!! Thank you!!! Keep up the good work!!
The main character looks nothing like the one from the first 2 games. The story is pretty basic and far too predictable. Hope the next game is better.
got to the backpack...but it wont open saw the walkthrough and it opened ..so had to exit game then play again and it opened so a bit buggy this game but still a great game. and to all the idiots complaining about buying coins...YouTube the walkthrough...its free you bellends
I loved this game. Thank you very much for this totally free game. Good graphics, good story, nice flow. Also the game is loooong. It gives many hours of entertainment. I wish I could buy the extra chapter to help the developers.
Entertaining. Adventure and puzzles. Not too hard but challenging. Story is pretty good. Easy to follow but occasionally very hard to advance if brain fatigued. Good to leave and come back when fresher. If you like seek and solve puzzles it is great.
got to the backpack...but it wont open saw the walkthrough and it opened ..so had to exit game then play again and it opened so a bit buggy this game but still a great game. and to all the idiots complaining about buying coins...YouTube the walkthrough...its free you bellends.
Nice graphic, good story, puzzles not hard or too easy, and only if you don't want to takรฉ a time, spend some money. That's the best! ๐Ÿ‘
Fantastic game! Very complex and captivating, traveling to many places. Also addictive. Love the many puzzles, difficult but not impossible on my own.
I was annoyed by some puzzles. Being careful of spoilers, my main issues were mostly in the form of: "it doesn't make sense why X is there" after finding it. Mini-games were repetitive and became a terrible chore. I'm really tempted to give a 3 but in all fairness it was good. However, in my opinion there are better five-bn games out there.
I spent money on this one but it's doable without doing that. The story is good and the flow is relatively straightforward.
Another great game from Five BN. Visually stunning. Hidden objects are much harder to find than previous installments, but that makes it better save more changeling. However, the story is DUMB. Such a departure from the 2 that came before it. Whereas the first 2 were fantasy-like, this one is just nonsense.
the onlyreason i didn't give it all 5 stars isthere should be more free clues. great game, i enjoyed it.
i would like your games if you did not have to keep buying coins to use the hint or skip button which is not possible if one does not have money to pay for coins all the time you need to do your hint /skip diffrently and i do not put my bank card details onto any game or app fix the skip/hint so ido not have to pay out money all the time
I was really enjoying this game until I encountered my first glitch with this company's games. I was 61% through the game doing a puzzle when the game wouldn't let me place a rod down to finish the puzzle. Super disappointing because I have really enjoyed all their other games. I hope the developer can fix the glitch. Update: After reinstalling and playing the game again, the glitch was fixed and the game played just fine. Very happy!
Great game, great puzzles, great experience... Unfortunately, the storyline felt a little repetitive to me.
An Awesome Mystery Adventure Game. Im really hard on rating these types of games. I mean most of the time games like this is always lacking something, but honestly this one is hitting on all corners! Great story line, not too short and challenging, but not impossible. I would recommend this game to everyone! Im looking forward to playing all the other ones n also any new ones that are soon to come!
Great Job fun to play my third game in a week.. But I would like to play games without this fake Gods and death people ,sick of it Everything is so morbid,,Why not created just beautiful Adventure breathtaking scenery without the evil characters, more relaxing. Can't understand why people like terror and horror, don't we have plenty of that already in the world ,,Thanks
A good game. Some of the puzzle windows were a bit small and because of that I had to re-do some puzzles because I accidentally clickes out of them. Other than that, it was good. No "energy" system. Not too much back and forth action.
I find it a good game but when you get a card with money on it to get you through the hard parts next thing your game is done this is not right you should get something to help out cause when you put money on it and not used it up it's gone not right
the game is very much interesting....but at the level of fixing the hour glass between the 2 pyramid like structure it got stuck...how much ever i tried on clicking the hour glass it didnt get fixed..from that level i couldnt play further..got very much disappointed..
Love the game. The puzzles aren't too hard. Graphics and sound effects are superb. I did use cheats on several puzzles but overall a great game. Can't wait to play other legacy games. Keep them coming. Thank you.
If you don't do tasks in a certain order, items you need disappear, had to uninstall and start again. Very annoying! I used the clippers in the wrong order and they vanished so when I needed to use them again they weren't there! Only found this out from walkthrough as completely stuck and couldn't move forward Frustrating. Graphics superb though
Played full game.... Lots of going backwards and forwards!! Still a brilliant game though... Gorgeous graphics ๐Ÿ˜Š
NOT a free to play game! Once you use the five free coins they give you, you need to BUY more coins to continue playing and if you want to skip a puzzle it costs 10 coins! What a freaking joke! Un installed it ! I don't buy things to play games, what a disappointment!
Graphics are good controls are good everything game plays God just wish I didn't have to purchase coins or either unlock of are you can use free hand other than that great game love it
Very good. Each scene doesn't go on forever like some of the darkness and flame ones. The game is just the right amount of time on each part without getting tedious
So I successfully complete the main game and collect every collector's item EXCEPT there are No Rabbits thus no bonus game can even be achieved through that route. Loved it all but the game designers say free bonus game when all items collected but then don't have rabbits to find. Is that on purpose to get me to buy the bonus game? Because I'm not willing to spend my money If they intentionally mislead me. Where are the rabbits guys?
Didn't like this game, its a type of pay game, can't buy the game, so, no clues, unless you pay!! ended up just clicking blindly anywhere to find anything!! so deleted, pity it looked a good game
I love all games of these guys. Exceptional artwork. But in this part I find the storyline a bit too farfetched and the atmosphere is not really taking off. Still very enjoyable.
I really enjoyed this game. No ads! Puzzles were hard but not impossible and you really had to think outside the box sometimes.
Kept me going. Story graphics games are beautiful and at that good level of ease and difficulty. Thankful we can play the game with least ads and to the end.
I enjoy these point and click games. You can play anywhere and at your own pace. Lovely graphics and great puzzles.
Great game! Graphics are good & the story line is fun. The puzzles are challenging but not so much so that you get irritated or bored. I'm hooked!
Definitely a must play for HO/strategy lovers out there! Great game, wonderful graphics and plenty of headscratching puzzles! Great job on this one!
Don't install...they ant you to use all your coins on the mini puzzles so you can BUY more coins... It's very frustrating when you want to continue but can't work out a mini game....uninstalled
Having trouble getting the game to install. Still waiting for the game to install. 5th time to no avail. Now for the 6th time @ 76%, game stopped install. Now has stopped at 82%. Stopped again. Was able to install, but it's expensive to play
Soon as I've used up the coins I had to buy to get to where I am now, I will be uninstalling the game.As well as the other unplayed legacy game I'd downloaded not realising at the time it was another cash cow type of game. It wouldn't be so bad if you were given a hint for the next location to go to if you were stuck, but no you even have to pay for that little luxury. gave it three star's because it is a really good game but just to expensive to see to the end.
Some reviewers want too much bang for their buck (it's free to play). The main character does have to say what they need to do next because some players 'save' and continue playing next day, or in some cases forget what to do, or are a bit thick. I laughed out loud at one review saying the reasons for doing certain actions were incongruous - it's a fantasy about gateways between worlds! Well, if you find it hard, there are general walkthroughs to all these 5BN games. If it is too easy, move on!
Really good game, not too difficult but not too easy. Quite long and a good story exceptional value being free. I will try similar games from 5BN.
I love this game but I just don't get the puzzles and have had to resort to YouTube for help. It is so time consuming though I'm going to uninstall it. I did manage one of the other games with help so will try a different one.
Good game with the right amount of difficulty. didn't like that I had to pay for the bonus game after I finished though. that should have been free
I can't even download the game. I'd give zero stars if possible. It's a pity because I have played all the other Five Bn Games and they are great.
Challenging! I rarely finish a game because I get bored and loose interest but this one has kept my interest and I'll more than likely see through to the end.
Very good game. Nice story, tricky but solvable puzzles. Pretty artwork. A big thank you to the developers!!
I usually dont play games cuz I can never find one I like..till now. I absolutely love these legacy games. awesome graphics, challenging games, just super entertaining and totally addicting!!!! thank you for creating such an awesome game !!!!
Good story line. Some puzzles are hard but most are fairly easy. Didn't like you need to pay to play the bonus chapter. Also warning, if you want to use a skip on a game, it will cost you as my son found out.
This is the way adventure HOPs are supposed to be. I'm playing this on my phone but the graphics are so excellent that I can find everything I'm supposed to. The puzzles are appropriate for advancing the game which makes them fun and makes it more immersive for the players. Great game.
Got stuck on a glitch at 61%. Reached out to the devs and they responded right away. Sent me a fix the next day. Love these games. They can be frustrating at times but so much better than just hidden object games.
Best one so far! Lots of cut scenes, the puzzles are challenging but not impossible, and I love the character development over the 3 games. Also they give you 5 coins to start so if you really get stuck you don't have to pay anything to get some help. Look forward to the next installment!
I would have loved to play this game but I really hate this coin thing you've got going in this game. I'd rather just buy the game as a whole and play it. And you need the hints, so you need coins. I'm rating this so I know next time not to reinstall it when I'm looking to play one of my previous games.
The graphics are great, the puzzles are easy to solve i like it like the other legacy games but the storyline is not that interesting unlike the other legacy games and the storyline but overall it's great.
Absolutely loved it!!! Five BN games are some of my favorites but The Legacy series is the best. I quit playing their Lost Lands series because they were so discombobulated and I'm glad I found these. Cannot wait for a new Darkness and Flame. Kudos to the devs!
excellent addition to the Legacy series. as always 5BN has superb game play - clever HO styles, some devilishly complicated puzzles, exceptional grafix and performance. nit: thought naga were bad guys... the free to play more appropriate for hardcore gamers not casual like me who skip if puzzle not solved in < 5 min. plus xtra fee for bonus is ridiculous. now waiting for sale price of full version...
interesting game. kind of hard to tell which places you can click. the part that really annoys me is how the puzzles are presented. the key card the "keeper of knowledge" lost is in plain sight. keys to important locked areas are just scattered around. I know you need to add puzzles to this game but could you do so in a more realistic way?
It was actually cool to have a nice game almost for free if u r clever enough to solve it all by yourself, it could have a more exciting story or engaging characters with events, more mystery and unexpected changes that makes u wonder whats next, but the only big problem is there is NO MAP at all !! Lots of unnecessary going backs which kill the mood :/
the best game I've ever played. Excellent scenery, puzzles and storyline. keeps you hooked from start to finish. well done!
Absolutely loving the game!!!!. During lockdown, this game has me hooked till I solve every puzzle. I don't need sleep, I need Answers!!!!!
Better than part 1, worse than part 2...the story is pretty weird even compared to the previous parts..and some puzzles were just infuriating.. overall I felt it was ok..
I have played this game but what I have discovered is that it gives you a chance to widen your minds as it requires you to think alot en u should be good at remembering hence mร king it very nice
Great. A little too touchy...slight touch around a puzzle and you are kicked out then have to start the puzzle over. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ
Was really looking forward to this game. The graphics are beautiful. So disappointed that hints and skip options must be purchased. I would rather pay for the game initially and not have to worry about paying for hints; it disrupts the flow of the game. Not happy. Uninstalling.
Because of 2 mini games this game (otherwise with great graphic and scenes) will be uninstalled. I've been playing these games for years and I'm playing for fun, not to spend all the coins on skipping these minipuzzles that no, are not clever, just drive you crazy on trying to move around pieces that keep scrambling worse with every move. No, thank you. Just annoying and not worth the stress
Awesome game, really challenging. Excellent puzzles and story. Worth playing. Took me longer to finish this one.
I like HOGs from this publisher. The first one I played was The Treasures of Mystery Island: Ghost Ship. I've played Lost Lands 1 through 6. Darkness and flame 1 through 3, New York Mysteries 1 through 3, and The Legacy 1 and 2. And now, this, the third Legacy game. I have one complaint about this game compared to all the others. The voice acting is intolerable. All the others had some bad acting, but I would still watch the cut scenes. This one, I can't listen to them speak. It's horrendous.
Beautiful, challenging gameplay, player does not have to be psychic or a genius to solve the many, inventive clues. Well done to all involved in development. Some games of this type include clues that are too cryptic.
Very good. Unlike most other games of this class,it didn't require buying it after playing the first chapter. Instead, you can only use hints and skip puzzles using coins. You get some free, but if you need more, you can only buy with real money. Better Google for a walkthrough, there are several good ones even with puzzle solution,so you don't need to buy coins.
Trying for ages to say what is best set of games out of lost lands, new York mysteries and darkness flame. Defo now think it is these ones. Easy to play and work out what happens next etc. Plot stats solid throughout. Lovely graphics as always
This was the best one yet, puzzles were not as difficult as some of their other games but I would have never figured out all the twists and turns if I hadnt used a walkthru when I got stuck. 5-bn is number 1 in my book and I hope they get some new ones out soon, I only have a couple more to do.
This is one of the best ones. High quality good hd flowing graphics, voiceovers getting to pro level and there's order to the puzzles that makes sense. All without being impossible difficulty cash grab at any point. Should be able to cruise through relaxed and challenged, the way any good game should be. It shouldn't stress you out. Way to go guys
Awesome game. I don't remember how I got it but I really enjoyed it. Interesting story and fun puzzles.
The game has a glitch, when you enter the place next to the guardians House and put the items were they belong you cannot put the branch anywhere as it will not let you. Fix it and I will upgrade my rating.
One if the best games ive played in a long time! Adventurous, spontaneous, challenging i love that there is a huge variety of puzzles with a good story line. The graphics and clips add more thrills to the journey of discovery making me anticipate what is coming next. Its such a bonus that you dont have to wait or pay for more gems (hints is optional to purchase but not necessary although some of the complexity of puzzles have had me think about it lol!) Awesome
I really enjoyed this game. Beautiful graphics, easy to navigate with so many interesting puzzles. I have purchased pretty much every one of your games, so it was wonderful to now have purchase options. Please keep creating versions I can play on Chromebook!
This game has so good graphics its u real. Keeps u entertained for hours and hours on end. Great story line. Can't say enough good things about this game. Its so brill
i have played all lost lands games and new york mysteries. this is the same, except, its in advanced mode with no hints as to which location has tasks or collection items to find. i am about a third done and have used minimal coins for hints.
really amazing story and no connection to previous one other than main character being same . so can be played anytime for fun
Too many bugs. I'm stuck trying to gather a 15th symbol an can't select it. Investing time to have it big gives it 1 star.
Hate it, but loving it also. Some puzzles are easy enough to solve, others require the use of the old grey matter.
I have really enjoyed playing this set of games. Very well done. Interesting storyline. Good graphics for a tablet game. No commercials. Really don't have to buy anything to play the main game. I would recommend it even for kids.
Great game, definitely gets your brain ticking into overdrive with the puzzles. Game is both challenging and fun with a great storyline.
The game is great in so far that it is challenging, graphics are good, only giving it four stars because you have to remember a bit much. It would be nice if the map let you know that a tasked needed to be done in the different location
Great game, great graphics, great story. Games are fun and challenging but not overly difficult. Definitely plan to plat this one again. Bonus chapter isn't of the same caliber and pretty short.
Very good gameplay. Enjoyable storyline. Some places don't come up when you tap them so sometimes you need to zoom in to tap something but this is so rare that it is not really an issue. Overall a lovely game. Thank you
Like tomb raider with all the puzzles and adventure, but none of the fighting; nice story and animated cutscenes make it feel like a console game; can be played all for free. A more entertaining way to get your required brain exercise. For me, this developer makes the best of the genre.
Very enjoyable. Goog story and good puzzles. Some puzzles I have had to skip due to hard they are, but maeby that's just me. Overall worth playing and your time.
if you listen very very carefully, you should be able to hear this game calling out for all of your money
I find this hilarious that you think these games are for young children!! You must be a genius or a complete liar. I love all the highly complex,time consuming and challenging games that still have to use the hints or a walkthrough. Great fun and good way of passing time through the lockdown. Want more please
Superb graphics, good game play, not too much backtracking, puzzles generally not to complex, nice variation on hidden items, no interrupting adverts, can be played without internet connection. Collections add an extra element. Suitable for most, but there are horror elements. On the whole excellent. Bulk of the game is free, but if you want to play the end game seems you have to pay for it, not just complete main section as suggested - or do you have to collect everything?