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The Legacy 2

The Legacy 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game has been installed and says open but every time I hit open it does not open it flashes away and I need that fixed I don't know why it's doing that can you please help me as soon as possible so
I have the four-digit code but it won't let me type it in. Nowhere else to explore. The hint shows me the thing I've just been trying, and further hints give nothing more on what to do there. A terribly, terribly, terribly badly designed puzzle. Zero stars for the game, one for great graphics.
I'm really enjoying this game! I really like the storyline and the puzzles are just the right difficulty. I recommend this to you
I love this game, for a mobile game it has so much story. there has been a lot of thought been but into this. Thank you
Brilliant grafic work details excellent takes me a while to find the clues but is achivable with lots of patients.it is a pity that you only have a few clues and when they are gone you have to buy more of them. The story line is what makes it interesting for me.
The puzzles in my opinion are reasonable. This is the second five-bn game I finished without using any hints, the first is lost lands 1. Some minute gameplay mechanics do bother me. Many times I'll memorize the pin or sequence, immediately go back to the puzzle, only to be reminded I need to bring the note containing the written solution. Five-bn's later installments tend to become abnormally convoluted. I hope they can retain the intuitive and reasonable gameplay on most of their games.
Fun challenging game. The difficulty is average (not extremely difficult yet more difficult than beginner). It has been a while since I last played these games. Didn't there use to be a setting to get more information from the map like if there was a puzzle to still be solved or whether or not a hidden object was found?
Very good I'm enjoying free to play games not very often we get something free well done 5 stars from me thank you
Great game all around. Not easy nor hard and story is great. No problems at all. Download and try, you will enjoy. Thank you
Like the games but every game like this is same exact puzzles just using diffrent themes for them played 7 diffrent games and everyone was same puzzles through entire game..
I love love love Five BN games. They're easy (but not too easy), they're FREE, there are NO ADS, the gameplay is great, the graphics are amazing, the characters are lovable, and the settings are mystic and wild. I highly recommend every single Five BN game. I have finished "The Lost Lands" and "Darkness and Flame". I am now on "The Legacy" and am looking forward to "New York Mysteries". Thank you Five BN games for your awesome games 😉
I love bn games. But is there a glitch? I solved the constellation but nothing happened. Am I missing something? *Yes, I wasissing something! You have to make sure you do ALL the stars!
Great game, great puzzles. I have played this game and I am looking forward to playing more!!! Thank you
Excellent top 5 of all app games I have played great puzzles to solve good adventure game. No hidden extra to pay for other levels so far.
Nice story line, beautiful graphics, and I can actually find my way around and solve the puzzles. This is one of my favorite games so far. I can hardly put it down.
I love all of your games.. But please, give us a complete series. Like example.. I want to know what's gonna happen next to Alice's adventure in Darkness and Flame
Loved this game. Storyline was gripping to the very end. Graphics and sound effects were superb. Lots of puzzles and HOB's to solve, some easier than others but were imaginative and not boring. The game was a good length and was free to play!! Some hints were provided, but did not need them to complete the game. Did not mind paying the extra £1.80 for bonus game as the game was so good!! Looking forward to playing the whole series of The Legacy games!!
Interesting game. I rather like the story line. The puzzles are simple and fun. A good game to play to past the time.
Great game adventure. Beautiful graphics and fun games...so enjoyed this one. Thanks to ALL the developers!!
Not a patch on the first game. The hints should be renamed statements of the blindingly obvious. Time to uninstall I think.
I have played several hidden object games by 5 and enjoyed them all, easy control, challenging puzzles, good graphics and stories. You can purchase a bonus chapter after you clear the main one, but I have not yet. Great work 5bn!
Very nice game. And I can say that Five Bn always brings an incredible story for game and critical puzzles to solve thats it. WwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
Really fun game but ruined by bugs that freeze the game during puzzles and make it unable to continue forcing me to uninstall the game and what's worse is both times it's happened near the end of the game after hours of game time lost. This has now happened to me on two separate games from this developer and is the reason I will never spend a penny on these games which otherwise I gladly would do for the bonus content until it is resolved.
Excellent game. The puzzles are very good. They get harder and harder. The graphics are also very good as is the story line.. I've got 3 different ones on the go because they're so involving and I can't wait to find the next item/clue.... I count the hours until I can finish work and carry on playing.....l More more more
Another brilliant game, I have played a few of these and cannot wait to play them all. No gliches, great graphics and better still, no ads. Ok you might have to purchase some coins for hints but I think it's well worth it.
Like it! Good graphics. I played it glitch free on an older device. No ads. Have to pay if you want more than five hints or want to skip puzzles. Suck it up cupcake or figure it out. Not many games out there anymore that are ad free. I am actually impressed.
These games are my favorite. Shorter then their other ones, less rooms to navigate to. The mini puzzles and hop games are all different. Awesome game.
Another amazing game by FIVE-BN GAMES!!! Their (free to play) versions are the way to go!!! Sure there were some glitches along the way but you're getting an amazing game with fantastic graphics and easy controls for FREE!!! No hidden fees... Absolutely loved it!
I love and enjoy all 5-bn hidden object games! I'm pretty sure I own almost all of them maybe a few got past me ,but not forgotten. Just wish the newest ones could be a bit cheaper, after alI I have about all of them ! Even a bogo deal or % off. As always keep doing what you do ! keep the hidden objects coming. 😆
Absolutely amazing game. One of the best games I have played. The Legacy series are intriguing !! I am 72 yrs old & I have been playing adventure games like this one for many yrs & believe me when I say this one is one of the best out of many. Give it a try it's free unless you want to pay for extra hints, etc. It's worth a few cents. I can't put it down, the housework will just have to wait 😉😉
Welcome to a new dimension! Excellent artwork, great music and sound effects as well as convincing voice over acting. There are tons of minigames, some originals, some not so original but still entertaining. The storyline is intriguing and keeps you interested throughout. Definitely a must play if you are into high level HOPA games.
Great storyline. Anything related to ancient cultures be it Mayan Aztec or Egyptian is fine with me. Puzzles are moderate and graphics are impeccable to Aztec or Mayan art. Make more like this please!!
If you've played the other games and got the hang of it, this one's pretty easy. Didn't need hints. But this game is better than the others since you didn't need to go back and forth between locations. Pretty straightforward.
Was moving nicely, but the number code on the missing artifact is completely unreadable. Either make it possible to magnify or shed more light.
Could use instructions on game mechanics. Gave up in frustration simply because unable perform basic actions. And you want me to pay before I can even work thru the tutorial ?! The second star is for decent graphics.
Your games are so awesome. No ads interrupting play, good videos, interesting storylines, colourful settings.
Awesome game, just like the last one by 5BM I played. Interesting story, interesting puzzles and just downright enjoyable. I'm still stunned that these games are free and have no ads. Great graphics and cut scenes too. This game is easier than the last so didn't need the amount of hints that I bought, but still don't mind supporting the developers as they're awesome game develepors! Thanks for yet another great game!
It's fun and keeps you on you toes, making you check all your surroundings and directing you just enough to allow you to work out what you need, and it's a well thought out story line too.
realky enjoying the challenges in the game and story line. Brilliant and looking forward to the next chapter!
Enjoyed the game until. Got all the pieces to get the septor. Put in object and nothing happened. Now i can advance b/c the task isnt complete even though i did everything correctly.
I like the game but i don't like that once you finish the game you have to pay for the bonus chapter you should be able to play with the purchased coins that you bought..I think if you didn't spend them.would give 5 stars but was disappointed with that outcome.
I love playing these total free version without a hold up of a purshase option. I can play through until the end.
absolutely excellent, I had played the free part earlier and was delighted to see it free to play. thanks so much guys
I love these Adventure hidden object games and play a lot of them but for some reason all of the games by this creator after playing for a few minutes or pausing for a few minutes I come back to the game and the cursor is one inch off to the right I've never been able to finish one of their games because of this problem whether I bought the game or played the free to play games it doesn't matter it's happened every time and only with your games please tell me what I'm doing wrong
Amazing plot i love it but i think i need hint sometimes where i can't get it without gold, even though we get 1 gold in 5:00min but i like to have more hints. Fantastic and one of the beautiful adventure game i love it. ❤️❤️❤️💛💚💙♥️🖤 thank you
I love this game,sometimes l hv to leave as l cannot find the necessary part, l hv a break and go back. It's great that its free to play l do not mind the adverts as you need to earn a living. But thank you so much for this enjoyable game, l hv tried quite a few and quite pretty fast. I am 80 yes old, and l hp that there is much more to it. Great graphics also and really interesting. Thank you so very much.
Loved the game. Thank you for a wonderful free game. Good graphics, easy controls, clear mini games. A joy to play even on cell phone.
Another game with a glitch that doesn't allow you to pick up an item to progress in the game. Also in Lost Land one. Another game deleted. Smh.
A good mixture of adventure, puzzles and hidden objects with excellent graphics. Inventory is unique to each chapter so this narrows down where objects need to be used and thus makes the game slightly easier.
When I played the game the 1st time around, I finally broke down & bought some hints (coins). Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I only got to play about 60% of the game without having to pay 30 coins or $1.99. Which means I purchased the hints at the end of the game. Not having 30 coins, and not willing to pay the $1.99 for the bonus game, I started playing the game over for 2nd time. But the 2nd time around, I got as far as Rocktown when the game just completely started over. Won't be a 3rd!
It was really good navigating through various places to get things done. Only thing is sometimes we have to remember about a lock or a storage space from the 2nd location whose key or release mechanism was available in the 10th location, which was a little challenging to do so.
This game is a lot of fun but unlike basically every other game I've played by this company I finished this one in one sitting and didn't even use up the 5 Free hints. this one just seems a little overly simple and super short.
This is great casual play. Not too hard and not too easy either. This is very hard to put down. New puzzles keeps it entertaining. :) I'm glad I got this game.
YES YES YES!! The story line, the graphics, and the puzzles are the best i can't believe i have a new fav game in five bn games besides lost lands ♡
Story line is interesting, puzzles range from easy to challenging. Some require lots of steps to solve, which I really enjoy. Graphics are decent. A terrific game that doesn't require any real cash to be spent. Definitely recommend!
Best full game I've played in years. You can find everything in this game and finish it it's not impossible like some games , where the clues don't allow a good game experience. But this game is fun to play!
To the fools saying they put $24+ into the game: you could have bought the full version for $6-$7 (or less when on sale), which comes with unlimited hints. This is the free-to-play version. If you keep a written walkthrough open in a tab on your device, you can easily consult it when out of free hints, and not pay a dime. I appreciate the opportunity to play for free!
Love these games very much, they make you look at everything in the scenery, and you get rewards for your keen eyes, story's are great, voice over top notch, I could go on, but I'll get back to my game, keep up the great work you guys&gals. A fan, Jimmy Brown.
Excellent game. The whole game through and through, i liked every single part. I didn't feel like I wanted to give up (like some I've played before). I will definitely tell people about this game. Hopefully I can find more like it.
Not my cup of tea, not enjoying the game play. Dialogue stilted. HO descriptions too small. Nothing very new or exciting imo
Played the full game!! Brilliant!..... Seen many people complain about buying coins to help them but just ASK GOOGLE!! That way I don't really mind paying a small amount for the bonus game 😀
These games are amazing. The storytelling, graphics, scenery, and characters drag you along side them into their world, often making you lose track of time. The puzzles challenge your mind and force you to actually think instead of when you play those mind numbing games. It keeps you interested. Frustrating at times, yes. But over all, five BN has awesome games. Thank you for challenging me. (Needing to buy the extras is a tad bothersome though)
Loving the game, only part is the hints. Once you've used up your free ones, you have to purchase more. Other than that, I'm loving it.
One of the best mystery puzzle games the only thing better are the same series lost londs all 7 games plus legacy 6 more and boy buy the coins man does it help
I love the game, but everytime I turn around, I have to pay to get understanding. It a good five star game, but not if I have to spend money at every turn.
I get excited playing this game from the first one to 2nd one. The story line makes me get interested in it, also the puzzles and some kind of mystery going on. 😇
Good graphics, puzzles instead of stupid games, only have to go back a couple of steps for more clues.
Great game! Not too much back and forth, which is frustrating in some of these games. The puzzles were just challenging enough without being simplistic. More like this please!
Graphics, sound, story line, and puzzles all make you games far superior to the majority of other games out there. A pleasure to play.thank you👍👍👍
Five-BN make some of the best point and click action games for phones, and this is one of them! Check out all their other titles of you like this one, I've played them all in the past week, totally addictive.
Amazing graphics and an adventurous journey with marvellous puzzles. Excellent and probably the best game of its kind I've ever played
I barely made into the game until I was stuck on the star constellation the map hint given and what is on the screen do not match up and if I want to skip I have to have a certain amount of coins which are not given in the beginning or I have to pay to skip. I love challenging games but I dont like being stuck forever, if I cant proceeded in the game I dont wanna play and I dont have money to pay.
Excelent! Just like all Five BN games. Beautiful graphics and well thought out scripts. Looking forward to seeing more games like theese!
I love playing all 5BN games; the graphics are awesome! Never any glitches. And best of all FREE! Keep 'em coming people. By the way when can we expect to see more NY myateries?
As most games from 5 BN I enjoyed it very much. The plot was good, riddles not too easy , the graphics just fantastic. It runs on my old tablet without a problem. Recommendation!
Really enjoy the game however every 5 min. it crashes and I don't always get to resume where I left off. Frustrating
I really enjoyed this game. It had some challenges, but none that were too frustrating. Thank you for the free play.
This was my first entry I played from this company and it convinced me on all levels. I then followed it up with Legacy 3 and Lost Lands 6. While it is not as sophisticated as Lost Lands 6 I would recommend it as the perfect one for new players. The puzzles are pretty easy and it has a wonderful flow to it. The drawn environments are absolutely gorgeous and I often found myself zooming in on the pictures and just observing all the wonderful details for a while.
Very good game. Lots of puzzles, morphs and hidden objects. Some unique hidden object variety types. Free to play til bonus level which is $3. You get a couple free hints and then have to purchase them. If you are patient in problem solving, you don't need hints.
Lost lands, darkness and flame and the legacy. Are one company. Bcoz of the same graphics. I licked the game. I don't think if new york mysteries is nice & adventurous game!.
Great game, super fun! The puzzles are very easy in this one, or I'm just getting better at doing them, lol
It's fun, lots to explore, but playability is frustrating sometimes and I absolutely hate that you can't earn hints, you strictly just purchase them after the initial batch. And while I'm obsessed with five b-n games right now, I'm so frustrated that game credits don't transfer over to their other titles. Ugh!!
Forget about hints -- find yourself a walkthrough online. It's the only way to finish any of these. First, it's impossible to keep track of where things are. It's not a matter of going back one or two steps -- sometimes you go back to nearly the beginning. I'll remember the item that needs to be opened, by the time I find the key, but can't remember where I saw it. Second, the places where things are hidden is totally random. Why would a key to a chest in bedroom be found in another village under an altar? Third, you must use the specific item, regardless of what you have in your inventory. Even if you have a knife, you have to use the pottery shard to cut open the bag. And, finally, many of the actions are needlessly complex and unrealistic (I know -- it's a game). You can't pound the wedge in with the stone in your inventory. You have to insert the wedge, cut open the bag of sand (?), so that the beam resting on it falls on the wedge and drives in into the stump. That wouldn't happen. The bag would empty too slowly.
Great game, but sometimes the hint just miss the point. Adventure and hidden object game, absolutely game that i love. Thank you, this is my 3rd five bn game after lost land 1 and 2. But i think lost land is better than the legend. But this one is good too. Thank you for your hard work creating a lot of wonderful games with stunning scene.
It's okay. Took around an hour or so to finish. At the end, I was given the option to play bonus level(s), but when I clicked on it, nothing happened. I closed the game and reopened it to see if it would work and the button for the bonus level(s) had turned gray, which means it is unplayable. Looks like the only way (hopefully) is to play the entire game AGAIN. Unimpressed.
I love these games but disappointed with this one as the codes are not very clear to see so for that reason I give only 4 stars
I really enjoyed this game. Relaxing not as hard as lost lands 1. I finished the game but they want you to buy the last chapter which involves spending money. Why would I pay for one chapter when you can get another game for free. I wish you could earn coins too. It sucks.
This is one of the best games I've played in a long time. It has a great story line, the puzzles are fun but not too hard or easy and the graphics and music are great!
Very entertaining, it's an enjoyable point and click with just enough puzzles to keep it from being dull. Interesting storyline loosely based on Central or South American culture - a bit different from other games like this I've played. You'll need hints, which after the first five free ones you'll need to purchase; I bought some, just as a thank you to the devs.
Brilliant, love playing this game, but alas no housework being done- well there's always tomorrow!! 😁
For me it s a very nice game with a interesting story... just to bad that whe dont get mutch free ints...
Love the subject and story so I'm enjoying it more than the other games. The map is very helpful. The 10 free hints is an added bonus.
Probably the best adventure /puzzle game you'll get. Free game download with the option of buying the bonus chapter after completion. Great big fish walk through if you need help 5/5.👌
Was enjoying it until she went down the well and that stupid constellation puzzle. You follow it and then no dots line up at all - and if you goof up, you need to fully exit the mini game, go back in, and hope you make it through. Awful mini game. I tried about 14 to 16 times and gave up.
I love these games like I love your Darkness and Flame games. Keep up the good work developers! You have what it takes to develop what people are prone to grow addicted to. Thank you!
Awesome game. Wish I had the money/coins for the bonus section, but the main game was great. 5 thumbs up. 👍👍👍👍👍
I've enjoyed the free to play games very much. The graphics and stories are good! Some clues are a bit hard to see playing on my phone, but overall I'm pleased.
Interesting game, fairly strait forward, easy to follow clues and understand the game, happy to give five stars
Loved the Game couldn't put the game down, I'm new to playing these games at 60 but enjoyed very much
I love the games this maker has. They are the best. If you need a clue it does cost you money, but you get some money at the beginning. The games can be challenging if you choose the hard sitting. Well it was to me on 1 or 2. I changed back to easy mid way. Love the graphics and the story. It gets a 5 from me.
2nd time around-not purchasing again; started playing again and it asked me to purchase. Well, I've already done so. When I click the link "already purchased?" it doesn't do anything. I won't pay for this game again. What needs to be done?
pretty good game, interesting story. A couple of times glitched to where you would tap on an object and it doesn't respond, even after multiple attempts. Also, you are eventually forced to pay for hints, which also is annoying. But its fun while it lasts :o)!
Loved this game. Breezed through fast but it was still challenging and super fun and interesting. Great story, great graphics. Bravo.
Good game so far, need to get into it more, though l am injoying the game very much.l have a funny feeling l have played this game before and injoyed it then, nice for any age , l am 75 and love it .
5bn games are suburb. I am playing on my tablet and I've had no issues. Great game with good graphics and easy puzzles. This is my 2nd time playing. Wish there were more Legacy games since I've played them all. Please make more games and thanks for hours of enjoyment.😁👍
Thank you, Five-BN games, for this free game! The only thing I wish is that I could play the bonus game as well.
i paid for the next part if this game and it never let me play it. i was charged for it so how do i get a refund or give me what i paid for.
Great game. I enjoyed playing. Loved the storyline. I thought that it was a great continuation of the original.
Would give it more stars but after finding all 6 masks its hit a glitch and stayed on 5 so I can't carry on. Such a shame as I was enjoying it