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The Legacy 1

The Legacy 1 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game collected every thing for bonus level. When I went to activate the bonus level I needed to pay. So no bonus level for me.
Enjoyable game, haven't come across any glitches yet, I think one or two previous posters didn't look hard enough and gave unfair ratings because of their laziness/stupidity.
My expierence good.,until I have to download again removing all of my purchases. I will NOT buy from your company again. However, thank you for GREAT game play. It is an EXTRODINARY GAME!!!!!!
Great game. The puzzles aren't hard. Graphics and sound effects are superb. Game flows nicely. No problems occurred. This is my kind of game. Many hours of enjoyment. Thanks for the free game. Keep them coming. This is my 2nd time playing . update...3rd time playing. 4th time playing. Lost lands, darkness and fire and legacy games...I've played them all. I can't say enough good things about them all. I wish u would come out with new games.πŸ₯°
Excellent game.You can ,with some thought, work out the puzzles without using hints. The gameplay and graphics are also very good.
Excellent graphics, decent storyline, lots to do, not too much backtracking required, no intrusive ads, suitable for all ages, puzzles a little on easy side.
Like the game, but hate the hopping around to find one piece and then go to another place for another one piece. Very frustrating to figure out, plus to get anywhere you almost have to buy coins, no cool. Very long and drawlen out, i started to lose interest because you feel like you will never get to the end.
Some levels are mint others just too much tracking back and forth through old levels. Apart from that it's a great adventure game
How do you go back into the game to collect more objects, when i press play it wants me to start all over again!!!
Wow! I mean wow!! A very good game, one that get you thinking and keeps you on your toes. I found it quite addictive and there are no video ads, and no worries about cost either. This certainly must have taken some work to put this together and it will be my privilege to purchase the bonus level once I have enough credit, as the game and delelopers deserves it.The menus are easy to navigate and everything is well explained, (except perhaps the moving back to previous room.) So download it now!!
Excellent game with nice theme and effects. Sensibly challenging, without being overly difficult. I haven't paid anything so far, so if it's completely free, they deserve ten stars!
Most times I dislike mobile games for either simplistic repetition or the pay to win, however... in this you follow story completing tasks and puzzles very underrated, I had great enjoyment 😌❀
Great experience! I love the whole concept of the game. However, I've been playing these games yet they all have the same introduction of the game. Like the protagonist always get to the other worlds by some magic or portal, or they will always go back because of some sort of a mission. But then, kudos to the creator! Hope you could improve more in twisting the stories you have. Afterall, it's great game!
I am an absolute fan of the games in this genre and I am an avid video game collector I beat this one in 1hr and a half. My favorite series that you do is Lost Lands. Great job
Awesome escape type game. Didnt want to pay for the bonus game though, too broke and have no bank. Still, graphics and everything was absolutely amazing🀟
Not bad.. not that challenging, but relaxing to play. Nice story, puzzles are easy but fun, music is good. Only criticism: they want you to pay for hints and also to pay for the bonus chapter! I'd rather pay 2 bucks for the game than pay for a bonus chapter of a game I successfully completed! How is it "bonus" if you have to pay for it ??? However, game kept my attention for a day or so.
Nice so far. Good puzzle solving. Frustrating hint mechanic when you're frustratingly stuck and you need 3 hints to JUST get to a location, then a new hint will only refill after 5 minutes of actual game time, so leaving and coming back to it resets the timer. What am I doing for 5 minutes when I'm already cross that I've missed something!!?? No idea on the timer that kicked off on one of the puzzles either. It got to zero well before I solved it.
Very awesome game. This is one of the best hidden objects escape games I've ever played and to think this is free to play from start to end is amazing. I also loved the background sounds and those cut scenes when you made progress throughout the game. The puzzles are not too hard and not to easy just enough for my brain. Thanks devs for this awesome game.
Excellant game and experience!!! My first experience with this line of games....just finished this one and off to see what else these developers have out there!! Thank You!!!
BAIT AND SWITCH, FALSE ADVERTISING I downloaded this game because I love Five BN games. The game clearly said (free-to-play) but about 30% of the way through it says thanks for playing the trailer, click to purchase the game. I am quite upset at being duped.
A mesmerising and very addictive adventure game. The puzzles are manageable and interesting. The developers have spent a lot of time on the graphics and that it is free is greatly appreciated.
Too many "riddles" that have nothing to do with logic..just click every inch of your screen until you find something..though, it's oddly addicting and enjoyable
I have been PLAYING ALL your Games, Lost Lands, Darkness and Flame, Etc. and I Love them.....but.... The THING That just PISSES ME off COMPLETELY, is that your Exit Back Button is BLOODY to close to the Puzzles!!!! if your working on a Phone, you hit the Exit button all the Time, and remembering the Pattern, or Configuration of a Puzzle, 90%Of the time you have to START all over!!! and the Map and 10 Pass or Hint once, is also TO CLOSE to the edge of the screen! very Frustrating.B2G
Awesome! Can't stop playing! really makes you think and more challenging when you don't use the hints. Love this game!
Fantastic game! Great story line, puzzles not difficult to figure out what to do. I had no problems at all. Great job!!!
Awesome game!!! By far the best of the best with excellent graphic, controls, game play, puzzles and storylines!! We'll done I would highly recommend all the games!!
I love playing these quest games however I have run into a glitch with the mosaic puzzle in the forgotten gates. I put it together several times but it won't acknowledge it being completed.
Excellent story line and puzzles but 1 star less because hints are limited and forced to buy hint which i didn't. If the free hints can continue it is good. Also when tapping on the puzzle or find, it should tell a hint as to what artifact can be found where in completing the puzzle. Excellent graphics and bg music.
Love this line of games. Good stories. Good puzzles. Good graphics. Definitely expect to spend a little on hints but the game is fun so it's worth $5 in my opinion
this is the kind of games I love to play. They make you think that's one thing I like the most. Please keep making games like this. Thank you.
Very good game, im having fun playing this free game. Thank you! The only problem is the gear game i couldnt pickup the gears that easy not sure why. The story line is very nice but i havent finish game yet.
very enjoyable game. perhaps not the best, I measure games against "True Fear: Forgotten Souls" I and II, my personal favorites. Nonetheless, this is a great game, thank you for creating it.
Very entertaining. Everything worked well with no glitches for me. Good balance of hard and easy puzzles. Good graphics and good story flow, I only got stuck a couple of times but mostly because I wasn't paying attention. I hope you release more games like this one.
I am a big fan of Five BN games and have completed lost lands, darkness and flame, etc. but this game is so glitchy. The gears are not moving and I can't further without doing it. I really don't know what to do and can't progress in the game now.
Great fun so far!! Good mixture of puzzles - some nice and easy some head scratchers. Keep pen & paper handy as you sometimes have to remember sequences!!!
Really loved this game, and yes you have to move to go back and forth from one location to another to collect items, but you can use the map to zip there. I would love to be able to collect all morphing objects and artifacts; maybe 1 day :), nothing to grumble about and big bonus its free.
Really great game! Graphics, storyline...and that fact I was able to complete the game without a walkthrough or buying any hints...
Your all games are superb, have mind blowing creativity😍😍😍. I enjoyed all ur games like drakness and flame, legacy, new york mysteries and lost land. I request u to add new parts or create new game like thisβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• it's such a excellent hard work. I plated many escape game but still not play like these. Amazing
I really enjoy your games, if only I could cross credit coin purchases over to the others, I'd probably buy coins more easily. It sucks to make a purchase, and have credit left over that is wasted.
Cool game as much as I have played a little confusing at first but got the gest of it and keeping me up at night.
Good game. Not too much back and forth action. No "energy" system. Some comedic lines from the characters.
I'm usually not one for these type of puzzle games however this one I found to be captivating and fun! Recommended for sure!
This game, apart from parts being like in a mini movie, is as good as high price paid for games. Makes you think as not always straight forward. Great so far, has not frozen either. I would recommend to anybody who likes a challenge, gets that lateral thinking going. Took me a while before i realised you can expand some views for close up search items.
Not free to play. I ran into a puzzle I could not solve fairly early, and so tried to skip it. They wanted 10 coins to skip. I only had five. Either buy more coins,real money, or quit and uninstall. I quit and uninstalled.
Great game, just the right amount of being a good challenge without being impossible. Highly recommended.
Good story and decent graphics. Difficult enough to be challenging, yet not too difficult to be frustrating. Well Balanced game.
These are very good games. Great stories and puzzles that are not horrendously difficult. Good graphics. A lot for free. Buy the extra chapter to support this team.
I can see the improvements they made from the prev predecessors and I love the end results. Gameplay and controls are smooth. Animation is way better and graphics are pleasing. Overall a nice experience. Can't wait to play the whole series. Kudos BIGFISH! πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ
Three stars for now I just started playing it has kept my interest I've played it everyday for the past 2 weeks
Couldn't even get past the first challenge because the items that needed to be combined... would not combine. Argh! I was hoping I had found a new game that I would love. So disappointed
I really really love this game.... loving all the puzzles and and mysteries ...and the graphics is really in another level...the story line is totally good... overall everything is good ...... perfect, for me it's 5 star ⭐
Unable to move one of the puzzle pieces in which you need to unlock the next thing by taking the snake block to the button. So frustrating to stop because of a stupid glitch in a game. Similar such issues were in other five BN games, but not such as this where you can't even move it an inch even when you have tried everything. Literally everything. Now can't even proceed anymore
Great game. The puzzles aren't hard. Graphics and sound effects are superb. Game flows nicely. No problems occurred. This is my kind of game. Many hours of enjoyment. Thanks for the free game. Keep them coming. This is my 2nd time playing.
I give it two stars because 1) the annoying back button in the middle of the inventory box. I have lost count on how many times I accidentally clicked the back button while playing the game and 2) I can't move the top brick on the snake puzzle (the one with the sliding bricks thing). I had to check the walkthrough because I'm not sure if that brick really is unmovable. I can't finish the game and it's very frustrating. I hope you fix it because I really enjoyed the game.
Thoroughly enjoyed the game, challenging at times but that's part of the fun, have downloaded another already
only problem: dialogue sound coming and going. otherwise a very engaging and enjoyable game with interesting puzzles and not too hard. game hints are handy but the 5 min waiting time is annoying because if your phone goes to sleep, the countdown stops. ugh! These games are a huge battery drain so only play them if you can quickly recharge your phone.
I like this game but. The back button is annoying tf outta me, accidentally clicking while trying to use the inventory. And I'm stuck on the puzzle with the bricks as well. Can't move the top one infuriating the heck outta me as well please fix i love it but just a few minor fix up please.
Love the art work and the fact that you interact with the characters and don't have to do so much reading. Keep it up and keep the games going.
Great job guys as usual. I love playing your games. They are so visual, and the story is so good. The puzzles are fun and engaging, and not so hard that you give up. Keep up the good work. And keep them coming.
I've played all parts of The legacy, Newyork Mysteries, Darkness & Flames , Lost Lands... All are amazing and best adventurous games. Stories are outclass. Love them all. Waiting for more games.. or is there any that I've missed? πŸ€” 🀷 Do tell me if I skipped any adventure... Waiting to play...
Excellent, completed and only used 1 hint (felt like cheating!) Good mix of puzzles, not too difficult. Recommended.
Glitch at the end. The mosaic puzzle is not working, the four edges does not lock in place! There's no way to skip the puzzle without paying for more coins.
I like the game...but not being able to watch ads for coins is frustrating because there are some place i have no idea of what to do...and the game with the gears...i cant get a couple of them to move...im beyound frustrated right now so I uninstalled it
Great graphics, challenging but doable puzzles, good story with positive, female lead character. Overall, great adventure game.
Incredible work on this game guys. I was so impressed! Especially for a free game. So full, engaging and great story. Thanks so much
It would have gotten 4 stars , but I had to delete and upload it again and I've not got a map so I can't backtrack. Not good. I'm going to re - install and try it again.
An improvement on game controls and I didn't encounter any glitches. Overall, great. Puzzles could do with more variety.
Sorry I don't like hidden object games that are trials but I'll deal with it, but I really don't like to have to buy hints!!!!!! Deleting!!!!!
Good hidden object and puzzle game. pretty challenging puzzle that need a little brain power and trail and error. Unique art and story. It's a good game.
Great for an older game. Sometimes got confused by what the puzzles wanted me to do but there were plenty of hits and the storyline is great.
Hints is what is killing the experience. The graphics and story are at their top, but hints... You need at least three to help you out. And there are only about 10 free, with no way to replenish. And if you are ready to pay, that are about 10 eurocents a piece, which I find too expensive, considering the amount one needs during the game. The completed spots are removed from the game, so you can't step into them again. Nice. It would also be nice to mark the completed scenes (screens) on the map.
I love playing these kinds of total free game virsion. It is nice not to get stopped or stuck with a purchase option. I can play until the end.
One of the best escape games I've ever played. It is very fun to gather items and then return to previously visited places to solve the puzzles. It told one story and it was not just an escape game where all you do is explore one room, leave and then do it all over again. It was an interesting adventure where your goal was clear. I loved this game and I finished it all in one day. I shall now play the other games by 5bn games and I can not wait.
Having played all games ie lost lands, new York and darkness have found this one equally as good. Picked it back up after ages an now flying through it
i can't imagine anyone disliking this game. yes, the puzzles are a bit easy & the hidden objects, at times, a little confusing to find, the protagonist {to my mind, anyway} a mite+Β½ annoying . . . . but these flaws are put in their minuscule place by the engrossing, immersive gameplay & glorious graphics. not to mention: NO ADS!! i give it a good 8 β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† for excellence {only rusty lake gets 10}.
great free game. I found some bits hard. haven't used hints yet im at chapter 3. not sure if you have to pay for extra hints like other so said free games! so far really good
Love this game! Graphics are great, mini games are a challenge and once you start you can't put it down.
I'm very disappointed in this game. I like playing it however it isn't free to play that's a joke. you get 10 hints for 1 coin then you have to buy hints. the game does not give any advice on where to go or what to do so you have to use hints. uninstalling very unhappy.
I got as far as getting the sack of flour, then I couldn't do anything with it, and every time I hit the hint button all it did was draw a circle on the back button. I liked the game up until then. I thought it froze up on me so I uninstalled it and then installed it again but it did the same thing. Very unhappy.
Great game ! so many mini games and challenging puzzles to play. I am really enjoying playing this game..
Great game. The puzzles aren't hard. Graphics and sound effects are superb. Game flows nicely. No problems occurred. This is my kind of game. Many hours of enjoyment. Thanks for the free game. Keep them coming. This is my 2nd time playing . update...3rd time playing.
You make incomparable games. Love when you have the free to play option. Wish you had more games and with the free to play option. Keep up the amazing work. A pure joy to play.
Brilliant game very good graphics, storyline and just the right amount of difficulty to keep you interested. Will play more of these and happily pay a, small fee to help the creators. Nice job
I understand that there are glitch-less versions of this game that you pay for, but if you want a great gaming experience without the additional costs then the FIVE-BN GAMES (free to play) versions are the way to go!!! Sure there were some glitches along the way but you're getting an amazing game with fantastic graphics and easy controls for FREE people! Absolutely loved it!
Another great game by these developers. My only issue is that I nearly finished them all (completed the Lost Lands, New York Mysteries and Darkness and Flame series) and I'll have to search for something else :'( Haha. Tip for players: make sure your screen is bright enough or you will miss details. Have fun!
Well developed story, keeping you interested with a good mixture of puzzles and was fun to play. Really enjoyed it
Another great game by Five BN, and totally free to play... I've yet to play a bad game by these guys, before this I played the whole 'Lost Lands' series of games and there are 6 of them, they are excellent... the 'New York Mysteries' series are not bad either. Well done Five BN!
Brilliant graphics great story line. I realy love Theese games, lost lands nice mix of point and click escape game with mini puzzles. I'm so happy u give the full game for free as it is deffo worth paying for.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Again the game doesn't disappoint me since it's created by fine bn games. I love it the graphics, the story line, and the puzzles are easy to solve. I hope the creators will create more of the legacy game just like the lost lands.
It's a good thing this game is free, not sure I'd buy it otherwise. It's mid 90's-esque FMV cutscenes look out of place with the HD that often follow it. The items your looking for are also usually painfully small on a phone screen, so much so that detail obviously intended to guide the player can be lost. Best left to tablets with big screens.
end of Ch 4, moving snake across. stone at top right doesn't move at all. even using the walkthrough, it doesn't move. therefore unable to finish Ch 4.
Too many glitches.. Just five minutes into the game... I realised... It ain't playable... Even when u solve the puzzles correctly, it doesn't seem to work, whereas sometimes it works even when the puzzle solved is wrong... Not a good game... First time tried legacy, disappointed
Can you please be more consistent with your game naming? Some sequels are named with a number, some with a sub-title. I hate the free - to-play stuff, and buy most of your games outright, but is this legacy 2, 3, or a new one? It's not just this game, but many of them. I want to know immediately if its something to buy, or something I've already got. Can you please rename them all to something like (E.G. The legacy 3: Forgotten Gates [free to play / full / trial] etc.?
This game is awesome. Props to the creators for creating a free game with so much attention to details. There's no Ads in the game so theres no limits on how much energy you can use. If you can afford it I would definitely buy one of the bonus games. I should add, I never rate games but this game deserves some serious props to the creators
WOW!! I love this game. I am soo hooked on it, that Idon`t want to stop playing it. Thank you for your time and effort on makeing such a Wonderfull game.
Nice game but really don't understand the point of all the backstepping it's more frustrating than fun. Hints needs all of improvement. I used 3 hints at one point and it takes me to 3 different area's. Which neither of them helped..
pretty solid except one annoying puzzle in the raider hut where you had to spin dials to randomly move some bolts until they were in a certain position. had to click the dials a few hundred times and then i solved it :p otherwise, most puzzles are slightly on the easy side but ok, game length is good, no ads except tiny one a few times to buy coins (used for hints or to buy bonus chapter) i would say legacy 3 is slightly better but they are both very good for free games.
Really enjoyed playing for the most part, and game was functional throughout. 2 gripes: some puzzles take too long, and hints are useless (hints should have a verbal element with directions, not just glitter over an area).
A very enjoyable experience. The hidden items are not always obvious and the puzzles are a little tricky sometimes, but the game is a lot of fun, the right amount of challenge. I would not change a thing.
Really enjoyed the game however kept freezing on me every 30 min. and had to restart from where I left off (sometimes a few steps prior).
I've been playing 5bn games now for a while and absolutely love every one! They are all quite similar so once you get into playing them there are certain puzzles and mini games that you can work out without help. For all the people who complain about paying for hints these games can all be completed without paying a single penny or dollar. Just go to the game walkthrough on YouTube and watch it then return to the game with the solution. Simple!
Downloaded the game because I'm a big fan of five bn and have played their other series (lost lands, new york mysteries etc). However, this is mega glitchy, only at the 2nd room of the entire game and won't display certain features when you click on areas.... Just black screen or the game crashes. It also took 3 times as long to install than the other five bn games...
I'm enjoying so far. The backgrounds, music and everything is so beautiful. The puzzles are sometimes difficult but if you focus on it then it is easy. Hope to play more games similar to this in the future. Keep doing the good work πŸ‘.
Fantastic, original story, very challenging, love the choice to buy a hint or tough out the puzzles/what to do next!
This is a very funny game of exploration... Made for those who love adventure, hidden objets and puzzles. It is locate in the old era of incas with tricky mecanisims. You start with 5 coins of gold wich will give you some hints. But after having use these help clues, of course ou can always buy others ones. Seems an endless aventure!
By the numbers but good to relax with very pretty . Art work is excellent and sound is atmospheric cut scenes work well to. Man from the future says I've tried 3 or 4 of this series now and I'm addicted the production values are really high the mix of puzzles exploration and meeting characters and learning their stories is excellent. Hidden object games have even been made less boring by having to manipulate the environment to find some stuff which you can then utilise in the adventure.soundπŸ‘
For future players...u don't need to light the fire with brush to light the stick. -Great game, nice graphics, good puzzles. Haiku games now have a competitor! Well made game. : ) Chur.
Enjoyed the puzzles. Some of the hints were too vague (aka useless) and I still got stuck. In the end I had to figure it out myself. That felt a waste of coins. But great work on the graphics and sound effects.
So far so good! No bugged puzzles, no time sensitive death mazes, pretty much everything I want in a hunt and peck adventure game. Great job! I just hope the later installments don't do what Lost Lands 7 did. 😐
Great graphics, relaxing, enjoyable & loved the adventure. Safe to say this a gem that's worth a play through. Great job devs.!
The puzzles and mini games are easy to solve actually, but the glitches are crazy!!! For example, the gear in the engineer complex won't budge from its original place, I had to keep on tapping on the screen, then the most upper right corner stone in the puzzle for cloud pyramid also won't slide at all!! I like these games but the glitches are too much, I won't risk to buy anything
Enjoying the puzzles. Have only needed about 4-5 hints and they come free regularly. You have to stay sharp as you go back and forwards between rooms. Just convoluted enough. Worth a go.
Love the game, but after you get to a certain area it says to purchase in order to finish. So much for free to play 🀨
I have enjoyed this game very much It was challenging and had a good storyline I plan to download the next one play this game you will love it.
Love these games. Great graphics. Hops not too hard . Please move the hint button and map button further apart as I keep hitting the wrong one. First class
Just the sort of game ive been searching for good storyline excellent graphics puzzles not to hard but will make you think i like the tomb raider narrative the atmosphere is the same dont skip the cutscenes it ties it all together overall an excellnt free game i would highly recommend it congrats developers my only short fallmis its shortness i would happily pay money for another game of this quality if it was longer please consider this developers ive had the taste want the mainncourse !!
Love all your games, but who's brilliant idea was it to place the back button in the middle of the damn screen on inventory box, can't tell you how many times I accidentally clicked on it and had to start the puzzle over, come on man
Well once again another game I really love. Not very taxing, yet hard enough to make you think, but just when you think you've got it solved, they chuck another spanner in the works. Don't try to think to hard, some of the hardest looking puzzles may prove to be the simplest to work out. Thanks for another great game. Merry Christmas and a happy New year to you all.
Just fabulous :) wow this game took ah day almost 2 to complete but it has been relaxing name jus perfect..wow im geytin bck on n seeing what else this creator has.. CAUSE IM READY 4 MORE. imma gon have to get that 1.99 unlocked..wow 5 def stars!!!
Very entertaining, beautiful graphics. Not too easy, but not too hard. Very addictive, I finished it in a regular lockdown day. ☺️
Great game!! Great graphics, fun story and ad free. Quite addictive once you get into it. Some pretty tricky puzzles in places which I usually enjoy but you do have the option to skip if you get stuck and have any coins (which you do have to buy after your first few, but the developers deserve whatever you can give!!). Only suggestion I have is giving the option to earn coins for hints rather than only being able to buy them. But really enjoying the game, definitely recommend!
I am really enjoying it, the puzzles are challenging and fun. Giving us good brain activity. I can't get enough of these games. Thanks for the awesome game.
A lot of 'running around' between areas to get needed pieces. Great story line. Interesting graphics. Doubt that I'll be able to finish all the levels because I am not that skilled, but I am certainly going to try. I am enjoying the game. Thank you.
Fantastic game.. Totally addicted, can't put it down... Great story, great graphics... Brilliant puzzles, difficult but not impossible.... Love it
Not like other games misleading you into thinking that they are free to play. This one is really free ,except for the bonus level.
I like the flow of this game. About mid-grade challenging. Sometimes I was stumped. It made it just right as to be easy-going enough without being boring.
Finished this quite quickly. I did this in just a few hours. Maybe that's the idea. It is an interesting distraction, but it has relatively average puzzles. The graphics are very nice. There are, however, some areas that could do with looking at. I played this in a 10inch screen, but even then there were areas that were difficult to see clearly (even after zooming).
I really do love all of the games from these ppl. I've played Lost Lands 1-6 and just started The Legacy. This one was not as hard or long as some of the Lost Lands games but that's fine with me bc there was a few times the LL games would get really confusing and I'd spend a BUNCH of money on hints just bc I'd forget where things needed to go in the game. This game I finished in few hours and didnt even exhaust my free hints. I think I used like 4 . Anyways, i just love these games.
To get the crystal in the temple, I must first need to solve the image pattern. I think I solved it already, but the problem is, nothing's happening afterwards. As on what I saw on youtube, the patter that I solved should GLOW, but it didn't happen to me. thats all :)
Beautiful graphic and interesting story. All the 5bn games are enjoyable. However, I prefer to pay in one go rather than in game purchases. You should allow the option
The graphics are great. The puzzles are just hard enough to solve and carry the story. I'm new to this kind of game, and I'm enthralled! I'm amazed how fun it really is. The pricing for items is reasonable too.
I find this game quite difficult but I'm enjoying it. I have a problem in that I collected the brushwood but it's not available to put on the fire. Hope this can be put right for me.
Awesome game!! One of a very few I have really enjoyed! I guess it is a hidden object game but it is so unlike the typical HO game as this game is not repetitive at all. No silly mini games completely unrelated to the game. No ads!!! Funny how a game can be made without 'needing' ads. Thanks!
Thank you for making this game free to play. It wasn't too short like a lot of the other free games. More mini games would've been nice, but I appreciate the effort put into the visuals and storyline.
As usual G5 games are a lot of fun and great to pass the time away. Sometimes you have to really think on some of the mini games.
Great Game!! Intriging puzzles and great storyline. I love all of BN Games, and best of all it's free!
I purchased a bonus game and it wouldn't let me play it asked for the purchase again so I was lucky to be able with the help of a google play associate to cancel the bonus I payed for. Not inthused.But I can say that I love the game's!
Hint to other players... you can find the walkthrough for all their games online through Google. It has the solution for all the mini games and its great if u get stuck and don't know what to do next. Plus its FREE! Now about the game. I was kinda disappointed on how short this one was compared to Lost Lands and New York Mysteries, but fun none the less. Amazing graphics and story. Im hooked! LoL
Great game. The puzzles aren't hard. Graphics and sound effects are superb. Game flows nicely. No problems occurred. This is my kind of game. Many hours of enjoyment. Thanks for the free game. Keep them coming.
I enjoy all the 5bn games, interesting plots and the puzzles arent too hard in general. I do get stuck and have to look for walkthroughs for hints occasionally.
I am really enjoying the game play. The puzzles are mostly engaging and just difficult enough to give me a challenge. The reason I am only giving it 4 stars is that I had to uninstall it once during the final phase because of a bug. I collected both skulls to open the gate, but one disappeared from my inventory and it was not found in either of the original spots, so I couldn't advance any further. I sure hope it works the 2nd time through.
i liked the story line. mini game puzzles were fun. i managed to not use any hints. collection objects were easier to see than in other games i played
Very intelligent and well thought out, also very challenging. Look forward to more projects in the future.
I beat or finished the game in 24 hrs but boy was it fun and challenging. I only wish I could have played it for a few more days. Oh, and it can be played without spending a dime. πŸ˜‰
I've almost finished the game but the 'mosaic puzzle' was not working, i've tried it 2 times already but it just does not work, please fix it developer😊
Very interesting. I can't stop playing. Puzzles are a little hard, but overall I am enjoying playing!
Great game! Throughly enjoyed this. Puzzels were interesting and relevant to the storyline. The artwork was beautiful. The storyline is good too. Its a complete game, not one of those annoying pay to finish. It has a few free hints but even if you get stuck you can buy more if you need too fairly cheap, I got by on the 5 free ones and managed to complete but some puzzels were a head scratcher. And no ads!! Totally recommend it and now I'm off the play some more from these lot. Well done!
This game is interesting and amazing, nevertheless i dont like the time restriction before the shaman was kidnaped ( i only needed 20 seconds more ugh), also it happend maybe 3-5 times that i already clicked something and it didnt work, also after i finished the game i wanted to find the last couple of morphing objects i missed but it just started it all from beggining :/ but ignoring thoose small facts i am impressed how much effort was given into this completely free game, thank u for that!
Love all the games these guys make. This one I believe was a little harder than expected..but I loved it. Edit: this may be the shorter one not the harder one? Sorry, I played about ten games in a row by this developer and haven't done any reviews til now
Easily I've of the best, most enjoyable mobile games I've ever played. Great story, fun puzzles, and no Ads. 10 out of 10.
Would have been a great experience to play, except when I got across the bridge. How do you get the object from the monkey in the tree? And how to copy the beetles pattern without getting it wrong. I had 7 /10 coins in inventory at bottom of screen, but the hints won't work? Please some help would be greatly appreciated. 😭
Awesome! Great graphics! Interesting storyline! Challenging and fun! Great game! I play alot of these type of games and this is a good one!
Nice hidden object game with well-elaborated mini puzzles. The graphics is great, I liked especially the story movies. There is no energy in the game, so you can play until you want. The only level what these hidden object adventure games can't jump is the realistic story build. Why would we drop an item what could be useful even later, and who tell us which item to drop and which to keep? ;) I suggest this game to anyone who likes puzzles and adventures.
Enjoying the game so much, love the history of the Mayan . Every new segment is as great as the lsst. Color , puzzles and storyline is awesome . Keep up the great job developers
It's a good puzzle game and it does not require to watch ads or have pop ups every 3mins to buy stuff! Highly recommended!
I'm playing lost land (1-6). And started Darkness and flame (1-4). At last i'm started the legacy. Each of the game they have outstanding and amazing story.
Amazing! The story, the mini-games, the graphics... I'm really enjoying the whole game, especially this type of HOPs. Enjoyable, original, intriguing. I highy recommend it.
Very fun and time consuming. Some are easy some are not. That's what the coins are for. Ut if you have a little patience and tap around a bit you may not need them. Take a break if your frustrated and come back with fresh eyes. It works. Lol. Enjoy!
Generally enjoyable. However, the developers need to figure out that when the plot takes you to a point of no going back (like after shaman gets taken), you should not have to GO BACK to find solutions to the next puzzle (like the hose)... If you have to 'cheat' and use the map to bypass the point of no going back, it's ridiculous, non intuitive..feels like a cash grab for hints... Hints need work. Sometimes it takes multiple hints to actually get the hint...
I loved this game and would like to play more. Unfotunately in my countfy there is no way of paying for them. Is there any chance of you letting us play for free?
Enjoyed the game, had fun. Similar to Lost Lands series but story line not as engaging. Good enough game that I will continue playing the series. Thanks for the free play!
Excellent graphics, exciting and well-made video scenes. Engaging puzzles, and the way hidden object play is incorporated is interesting and fun. Thank you!
Wonderful graphics, good puzzles. Really enjoying this game. Finished the game really really enjoyed it. Please one little thing, could you not have so many level, but more good puzzles. Thank you. On the next one now. Also it's a bit mean to use 10 coins for a hint, when you don't have many to start with.