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The Last Maverick - Survival

The Last Maverick - Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO OU PLC located at Harju maahond, Tallinn, Prohja-Tallinna Iinnaosa, Randla tn 13-201, 10315, Estonia. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
GAME DOESNT WORK ANYMORE, DO NOT BUY THIS! waste of time, devs trashed this and it had loads of bugs on every step when it was working.
It's completely a rip-off from last day on EarthπŸ˜‚. When the hyena dies, a cat sound effect turns on. What the hell is going on. The animation is like a ragdoll, a dumb one. As I could say it, a trash game.
I like the game but I agree with the others that the glitches such as losing your items all the time is frustrating to say the least. I don't know if it is worth the time to continue. Have developers responded to these issues at all?
This game u cant even place the chest on the ground i would have given it a one star but i can see that the creator put in some work in it
Lost many resources when i tried to craft or upgrade my building. Many bugs and enemies can walk thru wallsπŸ™ƒ
Wow this game is very cool I like it I think the people who made the game is very talented good job. πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„
Got a sword when I went to arm myself with it it would not and just disappear. Samething happen when moving stuff to a chest. Also have hit the auto button by mistake a few time. There is no instructions at the start of the game to help u get started. Ended up removing the game
I love your game, but it needs some updating character needs to level up more, more opponents and please fix the bug at chest and items, it disappears sometimes
Please add guns and roof.And make the wall and roof invisible when my character is bellow or above them.And also increase map radius cause verry boring with having a limited space to roam. I love since its playable offline and online :)
The game is ok it needs an update because I've created some workbenches and they are not showing up. Plus my things i put in my storage box are not showing up, butwhen i go to take something out it's doubling them up. Please help...
better than survival evo for me, i hope they make the camera movable and if you walk on the edge it will not auto put you on map
The time of unlocking other islands just keep on counting and there are some bug issues on creating and upgrading my house nice graphic love the game but uninstalled it can you fix it cuase i will download it again if you update it and fix those bugs.
As a ldoe player this game has a lot of promise,but need to fix the bug that removes stuff you put in storage chests, its realy anoying as you work hard to collect it,get this fixed and you will get 5 stars.
The game is okay and alright but what I hate about it is that if you die you lose all equipment and weapons please fix this problem
I collected a lot of resources tried putting them into a chest an they all disappeared into thin air. Also tried to put resources into other such as sawmills and campfires and it did the same thing. Highly disappointed.
If you've ever played the zombie survival game from these devs then you've already played this game too. Except this one has awful animation, the controls are too sensitive, and the sound is horrid.
This so so bad I cannot even play because I die every time I hate this the islands are so small I cannot build anything DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME it's so bad
I Uninstalled the game because I couldn't get back in to play it. When I press the play button it takes me to this screen.
Cool game, great concept but Lots of bugs. When transferring item from inventory to storage chest items disappeared.. That was a big turn off for me.. Had to uninstall after losing hours of grinding 😑
Game is so poorly designed and an obvious reskin as is so many other iterations of the base game. Took 4 days of grinding to find enough rubber to make a furnace and once I placed it I could not access it. Had inventory disappear on me after several crashes. Don't waste your time on this game. There is nothing of substance to the game.
The time of unlocking other islands just keep on counting and there are some bug issues on creating and upgrading my house nice graphic love the game but i need to uninstall it, can you fix it cuase i will download it again if you update it and fix those bugs.
Simply sends me to this here play store page when I attempt to play it Which is baffling cause that's where I got it on my device in the first place.
Wow um. Okay? This game is terrible πŸ˜‚ Oh god. Okay, so firstly you start with NOTHING. Quite literally. Dropped in a world with no shelter or equipment, already being attacked by wolves and humans with swords. The sound effects are PAINFUL. The graphics are fine, but the animations are a laugh. It's fun watching a man fish slap a tree until it's chopped down. Bad bad bad game. Just no
The game itself was not bad, but so many items vanish when you move them. Would you buy a game that doesn't work ? Like all the others here, it's the fast buck they're after, not long term players.
Can't see what's in my chests or use the campfire or water purifier! PLEASE FIX THIS or I'll be forced to uninstall and never EVER download any of your pathetic excuses of mobile games!!!
Good game. I like it but I don't like I can't change a men to a women. And I do not like waiting for the island to unlock to go to. I wait for a few days for update on this game hopefully they fix and change something.
Downloaded the game and opened it. Hit the play now button and it just closes the game. Waist of time.
I actually love this game cause u can play while offline but its lagged and when i upgrade my home it says that insuffeint even i already have the tools and at the same time they lost what happen hope you can fix it
Playing half way. The game is fine. However there has a lot of glitch. 1) The game wont start until press cancel (X) on the 1st screen. 2) My item missing frequently when I put or arrange my storage. 3) Too long waiting time for water refill (1hr per can)
Your Raft is in your hands and with it – your Survival! Craft! Evolve! Survive! From the developers that brought you a true hit of the survival genre Survival Island: Evo comes a new action adventure The Last Maverick: Survival – an original story-driven free online ocean raft survival game! In The Last Maverick: Survival you find yourself as a lone survivor on a raft stranded deep in the depth of the ocean after a horrible shipwreck. Your raft and your skills are the only means for survival! E
Hello developer, are many games like this but have something unique I like it more weapons and crafts will be great ,and now critical issues aim system needs improvement everything respawn if you get outside the map is great for me but is a issue after all,graphic need improvement worth playing overall... Coins are kinda useless in store for some reasons, problem priority 1 is aim system I miss the enemy t times before I hit him once... Not talk about sometimes I can't hit him at all Good luck with this
This game has invintory problems where your items disappear when you try to move it from your invintory to a crafting table
Graphics are unusual! Your NPC runs around jerking like he is having an ecliptic shock or something! Graphics and game play are EXTREMELY simple.
Great game but please improve the game when the tree's we cut will fall not disappear and the stone we mine will crack and add more things to craft
I Like It But I Need More Items To Craft And Just A More Developed Game And Theres A Huge Glitch Where When I Put Any Of My Items Into Something Or In The Storage It Disapears And Doesnt Come Back
LISTEN UP! I Love This! Gives Me A Pirate Feeling. I Also Love It Because It Works & LDOE Doesn't. Kefir Ripped Me Off & They Have Very Bad Contact Support. But PrideGamesStudio Always Makes Me Happy. They Have A Copy Of A LDOE Game & This Is It. It's Even Better Because It Actually Works & It's Visually Pleasant To My Eyes. Those Who Can't Open This Game, Just Have To Find The x Button & Press It. Don't Press The "Play" Button. It's A Bug That Needs To Be Fixed. The Game Will Work After.
the game is good but the only thing that I hate is the lack of control option when building things such as rotation botton for the wall and other item and a toggle botton so you can toggle to grab and transfer the equipment from a place to another
It's an incomplete, glitchy Survival Island 2 rip-off with some elements from Last Day on Earth thrown in for good measure. The animation is weird, the combat system is a mess and things keep vanishing. Seriously not worth my time.
Loved the game. Spent a lot of time in it. Would have rated 5 but there are some small bugs and need to add some some objects and other stuffs. Plz make an update for it.
Not bad,such a good survival game but you should be work on graphics and controls.you should add avtaar for character, add women in game
Can you add screwdriver and guns and everything was disappearing when I putting them to chest please fix this bug
This is soooooo bad its good. Kinda. The movements an sounds sooo bad...they are funny. To get into game even you have to click x vs start and no intro... 10 yrs behind, but funny bad.
The best game.maybe need A bit of improvemnt. But trully awesome btw. I found somebugs whenever i need to put my items in chest it disappear then i need to reload the game again. And my armor wont last long. Plssssss
Fantastic game but there are no real players and it takes a lot of time to travel from one island to another
Downloaded but will not load. Uninstalled. Tried one more time. Got the game to run, but it will not let me use a chest that I created. Will not install again.
All I wanted to do is play but it said no10 times I have it zero stars and I paid but it took 15Β£ away it's a rip of
There is no way this developer is serious with these games. At level 18 you can craft all items. Ton of resources missing from the game. I think they just pump these games out hoping to make a dollar before you realize it's not actually a game. Once the rating gets low enough they make a new one. The paid and free versions are exactly the same. I would just not play anything made by these guys.
This game is like last day on earth, but the problem is when i put my resources to the chest it will just disapear and i cant also craft a bag pls fix this
Top job guys. Excellent game. Can't wait for an expansion to take past level 20. Thanks for fixing the furnace. Permanent island boundaries are a bit of a pain. Timed islands are not resetting, ever (the one with all the spiky barriers). Would also be cool if you could block.
This game is so bad that it doesn't work, there's so many bugs, do not play this waste of a download.
The top down view does not go well with the current building controls of survival evo 2 nor does it work well with fighting. It mildly annoying and confusing. It might not be for people that have not played the other versions but that's not the case for me.
I like the game but in travel to island to island will take time it will take 4 ours To travel an island And yez there is a speed buy it will low drop And wait 2min to reginarate
Has 2 many glitches I was up to level 23 had several things unlocked & 10 full crates & then I didn't play for 2 days & when I went 2 play again i was down to level 3 lost everything I crafted & collected including my crates & house & everything I had crafting when I left it was like starting completely over from scratch I'm gonna uninstall it cus it seems others have made the same complaint & it hasn't been fixed yet
I have played a lot of similar games but this one is the worst. Not ready. Full of bugs glitches. I preferred the RAFT version of this game but devs decided to make a money making game similar to Last day on earth. But this one is not even close. Waste of time. Deleted and forgotten.
Good enough for me,3 stars because There some things they need to fix can they fix the levels in the game the limit is 20 while the the things to craft is greater beacuase every time you level up you only get 1 learning stat can they atleast make it 2 every Level and level limit should be 30/50.😊😊😊
Hello team. I like the game and the graphics. Right now I will give you 5 stars but I hope you will fix the things. I had a bug when you start the game and goint on the first survivels island. when you kill some pirates the things they got in inventory are referencing the same object. I go to a pirate and he have 10 things in inventory. then I go the other and he have exactly the same amount of loot in inventory like the other.