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The Last Door: Season 2

The Last Door: Season 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Phoenix Online Studios LLC located at 8124 Pershing Ave. Clayton, MO 63105. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Absolutely loved this game I don't usually pay for games but I was definitely willing to contribute after playing the first episode.I thought the story was intriguing,the character and story arch was different unlike what I see on the mainstream circuit of game's it definitely stands on its own.How this isn't a movie yet is perplexing
I was so happy to find that my favorite 8-bit, point and click, horror/mystery game had come to the Play store! Love the storyline of this game series! After I had finished playing season 1 on my laptop, I was desperately waiting for season two to come out so that I could continue the story. I am super glad that it is now available on mobile! If I could change one thing, I'd say that each individual episode is a bit pricey, but overall, The Last Door one of my absolute favorite games! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
It looks like this app isn't supported any longer. I ran into a critical error that wouldn't allow me to continue in the game so I went to their forums and tried to submit the problem I'm having, but my account was never approved and my question never posted. If you look at the threads that are there they are all very outdated, so it's obvious that the developer is not even visiting that site hardly at all. So now I have a piece of software that I paid for and that I can't use. Because of this I strongly advise anyone considering paying for this application to reconsider.
Excellent game that captures perfectly the lovecraftian atmosphere it wants to set with top notch writing. The whole series reminds me of the first time I played the very first Alone In the Dark. Not being a big fan of pixel art, I have to admit this one pulled me in and never let me go. Nice work.
Best game ever. im not kidding its not just a game. The music OMG best soundtracks i ever heard. i wish if only make a new version of the game new season thanks for make me play like this awesome game.
Wow. Really enjoyed playing this game. Didn't quite have the same atmosphere as the first one but still it was a great game to play. To the Developers: Job well done guys. Keep up the good work & looking forward to what you doing next.
Paid for the game and enjoy it immensely. However, in chapter 2 there is a bug - I cannot attach the lever to the machine in the attic. (Checked online walkthrough and bug in my app confirmed.) Reinstalled game to see if it would fix the bug and ran into the same issue. Unable to continue chapter 2 and do not want to skip ahead to chapter 3.
The story was incredible had to play all episodes without dropping my phone..... Would like to see more of these
I'm waiting for The Last Door Season 3. I like it I'll give 5 stars to it. Please make more games like this
Brilliant old school game with an excellent storyline. I would advise playing the last door first to fully understand the story and underlying dread that is laced throughout both games. Very well done.
the story is interesting enough with heavy reference on Lovecraftian Mythos,a unique combination of retro comical pixeled graphic and the gloomy haunting piano score plus eerie sound effect. i encountered a bug on episode 2,this game always forced close when i tried to entering courtyard with 5 statues in Wright Manor,the problem usually fix itself when i restart the game though ,it just a minor annoyance but maybe you can fixing on update?
Absolutely excellent series. Really good puzzles + storyline and frequently gives you a bit of a scare. Definitely one of the best games I've played on mobile but it would also hold up on pc or whatever aswell. It also has excellent music that really adds to the drama + atmosphere, fairly essential to have the sound switched on.
Having played the first season's episodes, I can only say, this is the rule breaker, where the sequel is even better than the first season! Lovecraftian aura, great riddles, well written and with a soundtrack out of a movie! My only complaint is: I would be happy to have some harder riddles on the next one. (You ARE going to make a next one right?!)
the story is very intriguing. fix the bug on chap 4, i cant play it thoroughly. the mechanism that shows which is interactive is amazing. helped the game a lot.
Ran into a bug at episode 2 (the lever that would place). This caused me to be unable to move further into the game. I checked walktroughs and i'm doing it right, it's a bug. So it's like i trew my money away, spending it on a game which i can no longer play. Love the series, but absolutely don't recommend buying the extra chapters.
This game is brilliant. Reccomend to anybody who is a fan of pixel art. Although sometimes the objects you need to pick up blend with the backround making it hard, almost impossible to see.
Hands down one of my Top Ten Faves in the point and click genre! The storyline is masterful, and the music is top notch! Have to say i think i preferred the game controls of the first season a tiny bit better, they are much the same, just subtle tweaks that i don't feel were needed. Definitely worth the small cost to play the 3 other episodes! Why are you still reading reviews? Download already!
Love this series, but bought the full game and it still won't let me get past the paywall. It says there's an error when I try to unlock it, because I already paid for it, but it won't unlock.
Awesome story line. It can take some time to get the game mechanics down, but this is a must-play game for lovers of the point-and-click genre.
Very good story intensive game with great pixel art style showcase, I recommend everyone to try it atleast once if you like playing adventure/mystery/puzzle games.
This game has been fantastic! I don't think I have enjoyed a story driven game in a long time like this. Each event was just full of mystery, excitement, and suspense. The series has been great, I honestly wish I could encounter games as good as this more often.
Maybe it's for you but there is nothing I like about this game. Minecraft style graphics made it really difficult to closely inspect anything. Nothing for me to love when there are so many other great free games available.
Great story. I experienced lag and bugs with the first season, none with this one. I'll probably play the whole thing again at some point, this is like a good book that sticks with you after you've read it, you'll want to read it/play it again.
The Last Door is such an involving, enjoyable game so I'm glad it's on mobile now. The first season was a bit buggy (lagged or crashed) but there's nothing wrong with the second one so far. Good improvement!
One of the best games I have played in a very long time. Definitely a breath of fresh air from the same old same old! I literally could not put it down until I finished it... It's like reading a horror novel except you actually get to play through it yourself! Definitely an excellent addition to the last door series!
I really enjoyed the previous installment and liked what I got through in this one. I did not like needing to pay to continue the story. Perhaps in the future an option will be added to continue the story by watching ads. Unfortunately for me I'm not in a position just spend money on the story even if it is pretty good.
This is a really, really good game. While I agree with the criticisim that this is not as scary as season one (although it certainly has its moments!) the unique use of 8-bit graphics, beautiful score, complex puzzles and genuine "what in god's name do I do now?" moments make it very worthwhile.
Perfect I love it. The controlls are smooth and no lag at all. Graphics on point. Overall amazing. :)
I have played video games since the eighties when the less important thing was the graphics. This game history is intriguing. And the graphics are surprisingly very good being that simple. If you love graphic adventures do not miss this game. If you love good histories do not miss this game. If you only like to press buttons to shoot everything that moves avoid this game.
One of the best games in its genre. I LOVE it & I've replayed it many times. It has wonderfully well-written story with its own interesting original characters & lore. The 8 bit style graphic is simple but so well designed. And of course the music! The soundtrack alone is a masterpiece. Overall it has a very immersive atmosphere. Now the gameplay itself is pretty simple, point & click at objects, combine items to advance the story but still requires some thinking without being too difficult.
I've been all over g play trying to find a worth wile adventure game, the story is gripping and engrossing. I finished the first season.... thinking that was that. But to my surprise there was another season! I can't put my phone down! Love the feel of this game. . Raw and gritty but it works on so many levels... tip of the hat to the composer too... can't have a game like this without a good score. Great job guys!!
a great series just as good and as thrilling as the last and thanks to it ill all ways remember follow people who look crazy it gives you rewards
I adored this game?? It was exceptionally well put together, i loved the charecters and theit development, i lived for the creepy lore it was overall amazing, i even find myself doing alexander for my 6 fanarts challenge uwu 5/5 totally worth the in ap purchase!
One of my favorite games of all time! I love the pixellated graphics, and Lovecraftian-style story! I wish they'd make a third season.
Excellent point and click that oozes Lovecraftian atmosphere. Not as robust as other games of it's type but the writing is fantastic and the music and audio are wonderfully moody. This will please any Lovecraft fan. Also, for those of you who can't unlock the full game, try turning the screen upside down. The touchscreen sensors for the "unlock" button only work in one specific screen orientation. Just an unfixed bug. Flip the screen, buy, and you're​ good to go.
You guys are the greatest for making this game.Every single detail is amazing,you guys really put some tought into this.Its definetly longer than the first season.There arent any jumpscares,the music makes some scenes feel dark and ominous,all the eps are smooth,the puzzles arent too difficult,the grafics does make things harder to notice but thanks for adding a system that can help us with that.And I feel like there is a secret in every ep that is really hard to discover.Also theres only one Ep where you can change the ending and all the others would just remain the same.This is the kind of game Ive always wanted to play.I hope you guys would create these kind of stuff soon because i would love to try them out.
Very fun! I could not stop playing all the way through until I finished season 2. My only issue that sometimes on my phone as I'm playing a mobile version it was hard to see some of the items that you needed to interact with, so in those instances I had to look up walk-throughs. but I still loved it and had a lot of fun!
I played this right after Part 1, I needed to know what happened next. I loved the graphics and the sceneries - you get to visit more amazing locations (not only buildings this time). The story continued to be gripping, although compared to the previous game, it did not make as much sense. I often understood what really happened only after I saw the retelling before next episode. In particular the whole Eilis Mor episode was very confusing (What happened to Kieran in the end? Who was the voice in the mausoleum? What was the shadow in the playhouse? Etc.). Also unfortunately there was less music than in the previous game, most locations were silent. But all in all - a very nice game and I'm hoping to see more from these guys!
I wish the first game would work for the later models. It would've been so great to play. Anyhoo, I loved and enjoyed every minute of it. The spooky music, the horror and cute pixelation. Please make a 3rd season. I will be looking forward to it.
To be honest I'm giving 4stars only because of the detailed graphics with an interesting story . But what made me frustrated is that I couldn't open the hatch with the key at final chapter. I re-installed but yet the same thing happened. For which I couldn't experience the ending from my own. I hope the developer fix tge bug
Loving the game so far! I wasn't sure if I'd like the graphics at first, but I think they actually suit the game well and objects are not hard to see. The story is really interesting to me. And gameplay is simple yet takes a lot of thought. I'm recovering from surgery right now so it's a great distraction!
the game is excellent, I recommend to purchase this if you like classic retro pixel games like the secret of monkey island old pixelated version amazing game well done, love the game
Sorry, I love this game, but this one is mostly hallways and cut scenes, I like more puzzles. I was disappointed:( I will still buy and play any more you make :) i loved the first 1!!
I loved Season 1 of The Last Door and was excited to find Season 2. Episode 1 was amazing, but... The Unlock button does nothing for me. It wont work. I tried flipping my screen but it still didn't work. :( I'd love to give the game 5 stars and would happily pay for more content, but it won't let me...
Although I didn't find out about this studio until after the games were out I will definitely help their next endeavour if possible. The team knows how to put a great game together. There's a good community if you get stuck as well. I loved the last door series and hope it is not the last game from this team.
I enjoyed this game, Although,,,, when i got to attic i couldn't apply the lever in the GRAMOPHONE, so no MATTER WHAT NOTCH I TURNED KNOBS TO...IT WOULD NOT CONNECT!!!!!!!! UUUGGGGGGH HAD TO REINSTALL GAME. TRYING IT NOW.I really HOPE IT WORKS BCUZ I LIKE GAME ALOT!!!!
I do not like this I just installed the game and when I press on the door liie it doesnt let me out and it really is fruastrating and I did not know how to fix it like it just didnt let me get out. But, I am in love with the music and the graphics could be a bit better but, the graphics are still nice I just cant get out of the door I am clicking on it but it doesnt let me out.