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The Last Door: Collector's Ed

The Last Door: Collector's Ed for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Phoenix Online Studios LLC located at 8124 Pershing Ave. Clayton, MO 63105. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So glad you guys finally updated the game, and it works on all new devices! Such an amazing game. 5 stars!
Played this series years ago and loved it. It's great to be able to replay them, and the mobile version works perfectly.
Legitimately one of my favorite horror game experiences of all time. The episodic story plays out like a binge-able T.V series that you'll never want to put down. Somehow, in spite of the retro-styled graphics, the game has one of the most engrossing horror atmospheres I've ever been immersed in. Can't say enough good things about it. Part 2 completes the story and is just as good. Really wish this one had a true successor.
!! Trigger warning !! I havent played much of it yet and it seems interesting but you should probably put a trigger warning in the begining. Many people who are looking for new games could possibly have had known people who passed from suicide or have attempted to do so themselfs... Please take into consideration that this can cause some people to hurt themselfs
Sometimes background music doesn't stops when it suppose to stop and collapses with other background music in chapter 2 as long as I unlock the coffin. Thank you for the upgradeed graphics and animations, nicely done.
I loved this game. No major bugs, nothing that couldnt be fixed by closing and reopening the app. the story was unique and engaging and the graphics were spooky and quite beautiful I their simplicity. Nicely done.
Amazing game. Feel a strong resemblance to Blasphemous during gameplay, then found both done by the game kitchen!! Definitely recommended, great music and atmosphere. Enjoy the adventure and escape every minute.
What's the point of this game? Yes, I know what the storyline is supposed to be somewhat, but the character just walks around not interacting with anything plus the graphics are super low resolution which I know is part of the appeal but for a mystery/adventure game? There's no inventory box, no hint at what to do or how to go about doing....anything. I just don't get it I guess. I definitely don't recommend for serious adventure/mystery game lovers.
Good 8 - bit graphics with atmospheric music and meaningful plot. Story is COMPELLING and the pacing of the reveal is PERFECT, the soundtrack and the puzzles are great... just a MASTERPIECE music is very atmospheric WONDERFUL OPTION IN THE MENU. I've never seen it before: dyslexia-friendly font! Small jump scares even though the graphics are simple. Very impressive!! Needs an update for latest android software. Android 9
I love and Hate the game at the same time. Giving you one chapter and then asking you if you what to go on or not.... like your not. Love the game the music the atmosphere very good game this worth every cent. It feels like a movie only you have to move around love it. Also the intro one if not theeee best I have ever seen in a game wooo.
Absolutely love the series. I'm also so happy that it works on newer android versions again after the update!
Nice game but after one chapter you have to pay 😒. I am willing to watch ads but please make it free. And also the pixel graphics are way to big, I can't even see any character's face πŸ˜•. But nice sound effects ☺️. Please make it free soon!
Even though I couldn't get past the first part of the game, I did play it a while back when I was like 8years old!:) Also, by the 5 stars you see..I LOVED THIS GAME. I am always into mysteriouse and dark scenery games with story lines like this one! This deserves my 5 stars for sure! Also, just you know I had a LG Tablet.
When I clicked for playing the 1st episode, then it just appeared a black screen and I couldn't click anyhere??? I tended to play trial then I would buy full vers, but if this situation still happen, maybe I will never play again although the plot seems quite interesting
Absolutely love this game, worth it to keep letting it unfold to the very end. Creepy and satisfying without any hack'n'slash. A thrilling mystery from start to end.
Very engaging and immersive! You just get caught in the eerie atmosphere of the game. Would've been 5 stars if not for the crash at Chapter 4. After crashing, I no longer could open the game πŸ™
I love it. The storyline is rich, the chapters' difficultly are increasing as the plot goes. It needs both of your creativity and critical thinking at the same time. It's a worthy pilot season.
After I finished the game, I started again and while I was playing episode 1 again after a while the screen went black and now I can't play the game anymore, because every time I open the app tbe screen gets black... It would be nice if ypu guys could fix this problem.
This game is amazing its combo of my two favourite type of games mystery + pixelated and it makes an amazing experince
Will not run. Installer says it is designed for older versions of Android. Am running Android 10 on a Galaxy S10. Force closes every time I try to launch it. Looking at other reviews, this appears to be a common occurrence.
WARNING! IF YOU HAVE AN ANDROID PHONE, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! This review would have been 5 stars if it weren't for the fact that it does not run anymore on the newest version of Android and is thus unplayable. My review will remain 1 star as long as the game remains unfixed.
Very wonderful game, it is very thrilling. The music is amazing, it is worth every penny! It has a wonderful story, perfect for people who love a good mystery (like myself) I wish more games like this existed
This game is beautiful but at the very start the player is forced to make a character kill themself. So you know, when you try to kill yourself your life instinct kicks in at the last moment, and it is a great effort to go through with it rather than change your mind. Success is usually from doing it quickly, because the longer you pause or think alone at the end the more time your life instinct has to convince you to stop.
This game is super rad for a number of reasons (the story is compelling and the pacing of the reveal is perfect; the music is very atmospheric; the graphic design harkens back to early 8- or 16-bit games - which is distracting for the opening playable cutscene but your brain compensates nearly immediately), which has led me to play it repeatedly, but I've newly discovered this WONDERFUL OPTION IN THE MENU. I've never seen it before: dyslexia-friendly font!! Well done, Game Kitchen. Well done.
Please update the game; I still have never found a game that has beat the experience of this, and I'm saddened it won't work :'(
After the last update, I arrived at a point in the game (the telescope) in which the screen went black and I could not play anymore. If I close the app and restart it, the screen remains black and no interaction works. It seems that other users experienced the same problem.
Awesome game! I loved the great music, I loved the story like a Lovecraft story and the indie style. Good job! I would like a third season.
Couldn't play, just keeps crashing. Pleaseeee fix so I can play. I loved part 2 of this game, that one worked fine. As soon as i can play it ill change to 5 stars
The same as many other people said, it is only working for older version. Hoping that the developers make an update to this game. I'm really looking forward to play this game, just watched its small gameplay in youtube's recommendation and i liked it. Really hope that they read this and make an update. Though the season 2 works but still want to play this first. Still rating to 5 star :)))
Excellent point'n'click adventure. The free first chapter is not even the best one, and that's quite something. Lots of interesting ideas and original narrative. It's amazing what is accomplished with the lowres graphics style in terms of ambience an immersion. Highly recommended.
Edit : it's finally working on newer Android devices. It's the best point and click adventure I ever played without the annoying part of this kind of game like try every thing on every thing or illogical puzzle or repetition of text when what you doing is wrong just a red cross and insanely good sound effects and music Thank you for great game
I seem to be having problems with the game telling me that it was made for an older version of android. It wont run and instead stops when i try to open the app. This is truly dissapointing because i really love the game and bought it when it first was released
I have problem i can't find the silver key i watch videos on YouTube and the key was forwarded the door and door is close so they can find key while when i play the door was open so where was the key :D
I personally love this game and played it on my previous phone, but when I switched to my new phone on os 9.0 pie this game didn't work. My phone said that this game wasn't supported on pie and the developers had to update the app to support it. Great game 5 stars for the game, but pie support would be nice.
Well. This game was the creepiest which I have ever played. Good 8 - bit graphics with atmospheric music and meaningful plot. But I was to scared to try other episodes. Really scary game. Try at your risk, especially with headphones...πŸ˜–
One of the best games in its genre. I LOVE it & I've replayed it many times. It has wonderfully well-written story with its own interesting original characters & lore. The 8 bit style graphic is simple but so well designed. And of course the music! The soundtrack alone is a masterpiece. Overall it has a very immersive atmosphere. Now the gameplay itself is pretty simple, point & click at objects, combine items to advance the story but still requires some thinking without being too difficult.
Great story, wonderful soundtrack. If you play it in the dark with earplugs it will give you goosebumps.