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The Land of Alembrume

The Land of Alembrume for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Evariste Boussaton. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
When's episode 4 coming love this clone of zelda link to the past absolutely love it has the potential of being better than Link to the past it's all the same characters besides the playable. Give it 5 stars if it was more than 3 episodes. Is that all it has haven't got to the ending yet? Be cool if you could have him get different clothing equipment and or even hats btw like a wizard's hat and be really cool if you could find a wizard's staff. Be like playing zelda as a wizard, awesome
This is one of the most amazing games I have played, it is just like the Nintendo Zelda, ya know, like the one that was pixled that the green dudes would attack you and you had the running boots PERFECT GAME FOR OLD DAYS NOT MEAN I MEAN IT! I love it
There is a glitch right at the beginning of the game. It happens when I try to clear the hill of bushes at the farm to get the milk needed to leave the village. The text box that the task is completed doesn't show up so you never get the milk. Please fix it, I'd love to play this game. :(
This game is a jewel!!! The game that introduced me to the LoZ series was Link To The Past, and this game brings that same feeling of nostalgic, classic style rpg gaming and for free. Definitely a game worth playing!
pretty fun game with a simple story line so far. however, for some reason I am unable to equip any other items than the flute I started out with.
Still waiting for the 4th episode. Umm one last thing. The last part (spoiler) which is the dragon... I already finished the whole episode... The game should be automaticaly saved after I kill the dragon but it wasn't save. You can't run in the map freely. You just need to quit.
awesome game. it's like zelda and that's just what I was looking for. it's a little glitchy but otherwise it's good. I'm stuck however, on the part with the will-o-wisp. I've tried SOOOO MANYY TIMESSSS & looked at the YouTube walkthrough and I've done the exact same thing they did to no avail 😥😣 I guess I'll have to delete it because it's a waste of space if I can't go any farther. would love to play more though
Great Game Experience But The Part With The Will-O-Wisp is Completly Broken I've Watched How To Do It On YouTube And Still Doesn't Work... And There Should Be A Better Walkthrough or Game Guide On Google
Loving the game, but theres an open door in the prison that a glitch won't let me go through that's stopping me from playing. please help. want to keep playing. great game orher than the glitch.
If you enjoyed Zelda from back in the day, you will love this game. One of my favorite droid games, can't wait for the release of episode 4. The game can be a bit glitchy, so be sure to always have a couple of recent save states available. Great game to use with a bluetooth controller.
So many bugs and no autosave, I had to completely start over 4 times because of getting stuck. A fun RPG despite the bugs.
great game but I'm stuck..just got my sword upgraded and back at the castle. it wont let me through a door..I get stuck in the wall. have retired a bunch, restarted...nothing
this is great, loved legend of zelda on snes and love this game. i am having trouble fighting the dragon, cant see where the dragon fire is going. i think it's a Z-Axis issue, it appears under the ground. help me devs, your my only hope!
It is nice to see a game that throws back to the days of the first Zelda and Final Fantasy games. Retro graphics are awesome. Game controls could use some work but still giving it 5 stars.
I wasn't able to exit menus (like the quest log), forcing me to restart the app, which lost all my progress, which forced me to tap thru all the dialogues and sit thru all the slow cut-scene walking again. Also, getting lined up to talk to people is finicky.
As I CLEARLY said in my original review I know what to do i know how to do it iv watched the ONLY video online on how it's done I was so frustrated. Your puzzle needs fixed if I've spent more time on it then the first half of your game p.s. iv seen the stars on the wisp evey time and jumped then the window to jump is either to small or it's broken
was enjoying it enough to start looking for my Bluetooth game pad but in Gerards house, after receiving the flute I got stuck on dialog screen and can only press an invisible d pad button overlay up or down to scroll. Either have to start over and figure out what causes the dialog screen to pop up and avoid out or finds something without such bugs.wanted to like out but can't with such a glitch no way to save progress or escape overlay of past dialogs with characters.
has a few glitches but still a great game so far. Had to restart the whole thing though bc after I got a key I died and then everytime I opened the box I only got a bag of coins. sucks but still a great game. wish I could find a walkthrough online also bc I forgot how I did certain things lol
Great classic RPG. Waiting for episode 4 :) Great job overall, encountered some bugs, like stuck in some terrain after jumping etc but those are ignorable.
A big “thank you” to the developer of the game. I have not encountered a single bug so far. Some tasks may be a little tough but nothing is incompletable with a little practice. Have reloaded older saves many times, being kind of perfectionist, but haven’t lost my interest since. Moving around is somewhat sluggish but there is still potential in the game. Add more stories! Or weapons. Looking forward for more great adventures!
Great RPG in the classic style with the right amount of nostalgia without copying that one famous game people might remember. Game play is smooth, although the controls are a bit awkward. I kept missing the sweet spot and wound up running off cliffs. There were a couple of glitch spots where the character got stuck in a wall or a corner, but nothing consistant, and nothing a quick restart can't fix. Save often! The will o wisp puzzle was a little confusing, still not sure how i achieved it, really. The final boss in episode 3 was tough, but once you got the trick, it worked out. Some folks are complaining about the long cut scene, especially since between the controls and the difficulty, you die... a lot.... But that just adds to the nostalgia factor. All in all, great little game. Just wish there was more to play. Oh well, will have to start over!
Looks like fun, but there's no way to access this menu option they talk about so there's no way to save your progress. You have to force quit the game to get out of it too.
I'm sorry but the controls of the game totally ruin it for me. Walking around was hard enough, but then I had to run around fireballs and navigate islands on lava. When I got to the 2nd fireball room with only 2 energy left, I just ragequit.
i really enjoyed this game but only have one problem and thats waiting for the next episode lol great job and cant wait for more
EDIT: Take away diagonal on the D pad & make Link/bushes same size (take a look at Stories of Bethem). I love the story, the graphics and well pretty much everything about this game BUT i cannot tolerate dodgy controls (minus 1 star) and the frustration that leads to (minus 1 star). This would be a 5 star and above game if i wasn't continually trying to line myself up with everything and stay on a straight path. I'm zigzagging everywhere that even cutting a bush is frustrating!!Email Please
**** Update **** The game is working perfectly now!!!! Had a problem and it was taken care of quickly. You can tell Evariste Boussaton takes pride in this game. I would recommend that you try it out for yourself. Graphics: 4/5 Controls: 4.5/5 Story: 5/5 Saving your game: 5/5 replayability: 5/5 Overall: If you are a LOZ, Secret Of Mana, FF fan, etc... you would love this game which you can play for absolutely free! 5/5 Amazing!
Reminds me of Llink to the Past. Has that feel and vibe. But the screen needs to be bigger and my dpad isnt intuitive at all as he will walk in an entirely different direction than i point
i like this game but i think there should be a way to get armor and weapons as well as magic potions and equipment and a way to level up the hero and make him stranger and a way to learn magic and i also can't figure out how to kill the dragon either
Mobile d pad is terrible, that being said this is a very fun zelda like rendition i enjoyed it thoroughly but it is not complete, map doesnt unlock until episode 4 which when you press the icon it tells you. Dont let that confuse you the game is not complete yet, dev is working and if he continues on this path its easily one of the best retroesque games to play hands down....i do hope to see more soon! Story like zelda altp on snes but more enjoyable; And im a big fan of it.
Ok i have played up to the 3rd episode and i must say i REALLY DISLIKE the will o wisp part like seriously its gonna take more than one attempt or you cant succeed pls it would have been fine if you only had to follow the will o wisp with your eyes once but twice yeah no
There isnt any save feature on this game and ive had to restart the game twice. It says there is a save feature but there isnt. Other than that, great game. But uninstalling bc i cant go through another 2 hours of gameplay to get back to where i was😭
Phenominal! Thank you so much for fixing the game bugs. I tried playing this game a few years ago, but I decided to uninstall it, due to the gliches in the game at that time. I really missed the game over the years, and honestly, it's the best game in Google Playstore, so I decided to give it another try. So glad that I did, since all the game bugs are gone! I totally enjoy playing The Land of Alembrume. I rate it 5 stars because it really is the best game in playstore. More episodes please!!!
The story feels like it was written by a child. however, that isn't my issue here. the problem is the direction control. I was stuck for half an hour in the lava cave because the pad is too sensitive you can not only fall off the cliff into the lava, but bats are constantly attacking with no room to move or aim. could be better.
Issue. I just started, first time player. I hit the compass in the top left of the screen and hit "dialogs' to see what happened and it shows all dialogue, but won't scroll and worse- it won't go back to game play. I had to close the app to hopefully start outside thst option. I LOVE its 99% similar to Link to the Past (Zelda), can toss chickens, the graphics are 100% LTTP. trees, flowers, all the same. Total Nostalgia. Love it.
Could not Exit out of menu. uninstall. 🙁 To clarify I meant I can't exit out of the dialog history pop up when I go through the menu. I can only scroll up and down a little.
It was fun. I enjoyed playing. However I pulled up the dialog screen and couldn't find how to exit it, wish I had saved before hand, I got stuck and had to start over.
Great Zelda tribute game. There are 14 half moon pieces to collect to add extra health containers. There are secret chests to find with other goodies. I was stuck on the will-o-the-whisp puzzle and the the dev was nice enough to respond.
It didn't save my game! actually it did work perfect and after a week I went back now about 6 hour of progress (all of it) is gone. it's acting like I'm starting a new game now.
i was playing the game it was good and all but i exited out and went back on and it didnt save any of the data i had played plus it took me a while to get to where i was at!!!!!
this game is great exceptfor its saving system. in keep restarting cause my saved spot has mods. I keep dying when ever I start the game.
I would love to play this game but when get my sword and returns back to the king it just stops .I waited and waited but nothing happened.I played the game from the first for like five times but nothing happened . verry disappointed ,so 1 star i deleted the game
*edit* I managed to walk around a lot to dive the dragonfly's bullets and eventually it flew a bit far off* I'm stuck at where you have to go east to the woodcutters forest.If I play my flute to the southern waters, a single large green leaf appears and I get kicked off it by a red dragonfly and die. I am so stuck can someone help. . It's a good game till episode 3. Everything goes downhill.The game is too glitchy and too many errors.Willowisp never gets any stars so you can't proceed.uninstall
Love the game. Devs addressed an issue right away. Movement a little squirly at times, most because of my big thumb. Hopefully there is more to come!!
It's an entertaining and well-executed Zeldalike, but it has some problems. First, the action and obstacle course sections are horrible to play on a touchscreen. Secondly, there are frequent game-breaking bugs, so you have to be sure to save often.
I could not get past a certain point in the game because I had one health and I needed to avoid certain traps by going down but when I go down the character goes so slow I can't avoid the trap and I instantly die and when I come back to the beginning of the trap I still have one health. If this was not a problem then this game would be great and would get 5 stars instead of one.
Cool idea for a Zelda clone but the controls are so horrible it makes the game practically unplayable.( Edit) I was too generous with my description of the controls. This game boasts the WORST controls of any game I've played, EVER. Happily uninstalled. Do better next time.
So much potential !!! Until the save/load system glitched my 2 times making the game unplayable and have lost all my progress. After getting to the castle with the black knight ( about 30 min from the start ) I saved my game then when I returned I automatically get killed and cant do nothing cause it happens so fast... that is sad cause I enjoyed the game wishing I could go further and see more of it. I'm sure nothing was intended so kudos for the work but you shouldn't put a glitchy product on the market before it's complete and not broken. At least it's free !
Looking for that hidden playstore Zelda clone? This is it. The devs did a great job recreating the feel of our good ol' Link to the Past, but with it being an entirely different game. I'm only an hour in, but so far I am hooked. The gameplay is top notch, graphics are familiar, and the story is well, actually present. My only gripe is the controls. On screen touch joysticks are always a pain in the butt, and its felt with this one. The precise maneuvering we remember on the SNES is lost here... But again..not at the fault of the devs. Its the bad that I'll gladly take with the good. For all intents and purposes, the game is as good as as it gets and is the definitive Zelda clone I've been waiting for.
Quest Instructions unclear, map unavailable before part 4, gameplay is disappointing as hell. Dead Game, no updates now, must've been abandoned for the sake of their lives.
Love it so far. I see a lot of sprites from the link to the past game, but I was honestly hoping for that. I just began playing, and so far my only problem is that the left to right walking speed is perfect whereas the up and down speed is incredibly slow.