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THE LAMP: Advanced

THE LAMP: Advanced for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Playground Games Inc located at 서울특별시 관악구 남부순환로 1529, 402호. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
For an indie game, this game sure is great. So far I'm loving this game.. It's just that the life system gets in the way sometimes.. Overall: amazing
Very nice game overall. Awesome graphics, interesting back story, challenging puzzles. Really pumps you up when you finally crack the problem after sacrificing tens of attempts just to find the pattern. (Especially the boss levels) Only downside for me is that the ending of the story is a bit anticlimactic. The story was brilliant and engaging; really wished it had a conclusion to do it justice.
I love the game but.... when your fighting a boss they need multiple hits and I need one. I think we should at least 2 hits for the your first companion and as you get a higher level one the hits will go up and max out at like... 4...5...6... not higher than that or it won't be challenging but as I said, I love the game, but please take my advice.
I watched 8/9 ads playing maybe a couple minutes, meaning more ads then playing the actual game. Controls feel unresponsive and cluncky. Every single time I died I had to watch an unskippable ad, almost like a punishment. (Making me think that the badly designed controls are on purpose.) This game annoyed me very fast. If you're going to put ads in your game put it at the beginning and endings of levels, not in the middle of them.
Cute little puzzle game. Has a few control issues, like wasting light when trying to speed through dialogue or trying to jump too fast or trying to light a lamp in a weird spot, but all around a fun and interesting game.
Love it. I give all ratings 5/5 except control (4/5). I use button type and sometimes the bulb shot to left-bottom side although i don't want to, and it often happens when i'm teleporting (i can hear the sound when the screen fades), which is wasting my shot gauge. Other than that is really fine, i'm currently in chapter 3 will be happy to finish it soon. (although i don't wish this game ended sooner, already hooked with it)
I like the game it fun and so challenging but I lost at chapter 2 at first game.. can you give a hint button,what we need to do.. I was lost when find the fifth lamp..when we going down that have a gate..that make me stress
Some chapters have difficult levels. Moreover don't start again from initial point after death. And there shud be a health meter; no instant death plz. The game is great however.
It was ok. It just isn't for me , it needs quick thinking, and I was looking for a game that you can play mindlessly. It might be for you, might not. Also I loved the story!! 😁
The game is good, from the graphics, story and controls. Though, I don't like the fact that you have to pay real money to get a good bulb with unlimited life..
Game is good, self entitled peeps should stop complaining about ads, you didnt pay for anything anyway, and where would the developers get their income from?, still, too much ads is not a good thing. and the game seems to expect perfect control... on a touchscreen which was never a good medium of control especially in boss battles, more platform puzzles should be the priority
for some reason, the screen doesnt light up unless the lamp breaks... can you fix this one... I cant play it at all, it also tends to hang up on the intro
The puzzles are clever, but the hardest part of the game is controlling your ball of light and tapping on faintly sparkling regions on the screen. I figured it was suppose to be more of a puzzle game than a poorly controlled platformer, so it's okay.
I really enjoy this game so far. The graphics are beautiful, the music is peaceful, and the controls are easy to understand. However, I got stuck at chapter two in the first episode when trying to find the 5th light object. It has me continue on and fall in darkness. I don't know if that's a glitch or a part of the game but it's a little confusing. Great app though! I love the puzzles.
It's amazing, overall. I like the design of the game itself and the story is great. You can really feel its atmosphere (even in menus) and thrill of each challenges per stage/chapter is good. Though sometimes, I thought, what if it has a better touch response thingy. I'm not sure if it's a hardware thing or a software thing but I know you can optimize it. -Using Acer Z630-
This game is beautiful and very interesting. The story is cliche; however, the graphics are very nice, and I like the fact that the creators did not do the basic "good vs evil" nonsense. They added a slight twist to it, which I like. Love this game. 🖒🖒🖒🖒
I thought the first of entering a game in the menu was scary because of the sound but when I played it already, it wasn't. The game is comfortable,fun & cute. Keep up the great work! 😉👍👏💎💎💎💎💎💎
This was an awesome game with a great back story with cool puzzles. They're not to challenging, so if you want a very hard and challenging puzzle game than this isn't for you, but if you want it laid back and chill than this is definitely a game you should consider downloading.
The game is very good. Mysterious game. I really liked the game. But every time when i go for a add it says that you are run out of add. Without watching it i can't get more stars and also i can't go to 4 Chapter. So how i would be there.
I really liked the idea of the game and all and I would give it a 5 star, however, the controls prove to be quite a problem in passing some levels. For example the 2nd map, level 6 controls are very difficult to manage and there is no checkpoint in between for the last part of the level. I am not the only one to have issues there. Also, I have purchased two light balls, however the app is requesting I buy them again :(. Good thing one of them is selected now so I don't have to repurchase. All in all, is a very nice game with lovely graphics, but you will find difficulty passing some levels because of movement controls. By movement, I mean that sometimes the buttons don't press , and other times the area around the button is too small for me to click it while my attention is focused on the action
The atmosphere of the game is really great. As for the game itself, every time you feel like it's being too repetitive, it'll throw something out to surprise you. So, it's good. And so are it's looks.
I already finished all the chapters and levels. At first it may not seem so hard but the last part is so difficult. I enjoyed it so much. Great game.
This game is absolutely amazing but how do you complete level 4? I might not be looking properly but I'm a bit stuck. Help?
Challenging and fun a well made game! Some of the puzzles are glitchy though. I can't get passed the first level chapter 2 I just end going through a wall then falling in darkness forever.
I like this game.... But sometimes controls are difficult to handle. you should give some hints. And The chapter 4 part 3 not understanding how I will clear it.
Great game, but the ads ruin it. Fair enough, watch an ad for another life but when it's, die - watch an ad, want another life - pay or watch an ad, would not surprise me if you have to watch an ad to see settings. I understand you want to make money but this is just overboard. Uninstalled
Story looks promising but gameplay ruined it. Controls are buggy and the 3D-ness of the game is too laggy. Boss levels are also hard in a way that I don't know what to do about them? Puzzle parts are not bad, clever even.
This game has pretty visuals, pretty music, pretty everything. A big problem for me though, are the boss battles. First, you have no idea what to do because there is nothing that tells you what you are supposed to do for each boss. So, I was left there just repeatedly dying. Second, you have to hit them so many times. The Chapter 1 spider boss was nearly impossible because I only had three lives and I had to hit him like ten times. It's too many times. This makes it tedious and frustrating. I think that it should only be you have to hit them three times. Then it would be more fair. Right now, I am on Chapter 2 level 4. It's the one with the giant vase. I know what I am supposed to but doing it is way too difficult.
I like puzzle games. This is one of my favorite!! This is so cool especially at night. It is simple to understand but hard to master. Some people complain about how frustrating or difficult it is. IF YOU DON'T WANNA LOSE THEN TRY TO BE BETTER GAMER!!!! I'm looking forward for another awsome game of yours!!
I'm stuck on chapter 4 level 2 because I keep dying and it requires a level of precision that is incredibly difficult to achieve, being nigh impossible. That seems like something that would need to be fixed in the next update, another half second added to the time the opening is open would be such a huge help because I'm always just that split second too slow.
I am having problems with the game. Unless it's supposed to stop Light from completing her dialogue with the champion in the first level and then point to the lamp and nothing happens when clicked on.
Paid for game only to have to pay for extra lives or wait for cooldown. That's crappy behaviour and I feel ripped off. Game concept ok but poor polish. Really puzzled by the high ratings.