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Is a Puzzle game developed by EDGES LLC. located at 東京都文京区白山5-28-20. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it actually scared me to the point I had to think of something else just to sleep, the only problem is when I click on each letter it doesn't show up. for example the paper that shows up in the kitchen I click on it and it doesn't show up, I've tried restarting the game but that doesn't work either
A TERRIFYING horror game not for the faint of heart. Extremely realistic effects with frightening visuals.
This game is perfect if you want to be scared by images from discreet places. Wonderfully spooky atmosphere, and the puzzles are challenging. However, it would be great if things didn't have to be checked constantly.
Love the spooky atmosphere! ❤ And when jumpscares coming out I am totally shook 😂 But this apps, is totally recommended to anyone who love to experience the horror 👍
Nice story and controls but i cant see whats written on the paper, its always blank. Y'all should be considerate and make changes cause not everybody knows how to play sudoku :>.
Its ambience is spooky and does a very good job spoopin ya and the puzzles are HARD I mean hard.well not all them but the sliding puzzle I cant do.the graphics could be better tho otherwise good game
Good job! The game is so great just like other people playing and I feel it! It's so scary and I have try it. It's so good because of the quality and you make us playing withthe full of fear and my heat beats fast!
Just terrible. Cheap jump scares aside, the found clues not being visible and not being able grab objects you discover makes the whole experience frustrating. Is really disappointing because it looked promising. I've played bad games and this :(
Unplayable due to clue papers coming up as blank windows. Renders the entire game completely useless. Uninstalled.
The scares were cheap and even if we clicked on certain objects to zoom in it would not. However, the atmosphere was nice.
I've played this game before and when I downloaded this game again, the letter didn't showed up for some reason. It was fine during my first time playing this. Please fix this^^ thank you. Good game btw. I really love the scary vibes that I'm getting. The puzzles kept me busy for a while.
I played this back then when I was younger, puzzles are not that hard, I reccommend playing this when you have time to pass, it's a jumpscare type game so if you don't like that maybe don't play this but still I think people can handle this.
i don't usually get scared while playing horror games but this? it scares me i made it into the house but i had to unistall it because i was too scared
Very good except for the fact that you cant read some of the notes (wich takes away from the gaming experience and the story). I didnt get too far before deleting it but yeah fixing that bug and any others you can find would be awesome. Thank you.
I have no idea what I'm doing. Look at the mail, look into the mailslot, press the bell, touch lock, frustratingly touch everywhere. Nope, just stuck at a door, weak. Also, whats with games choosing to mode vertically? Why, everyone knows horizontal makes more sense and is better.
Love, love this game. Good scary game. Some things that I could not interact with and was a little confused on why. I've only played through twice though, playing again to find differnt ending. Thank you for the game.
fun n challenging i like this game a lot but i cant seem to get passed the pic frame after u get inside the house, i used my hints n it jus says check the family phonto over and over, n i keep clicking on it n nothing is happening. i dont know wut im suppoased to do or find to get passed it n ive been stuck there for a long time. wut do i do???
Really fun, really creepy, but then I had to do a whole sudoku puzzle. Not worth using a pen, paper, and a lot of time just to solve one puzzle in this game.
great game, didn't get the story though. I got this year's ago and couldn't figure it out, just beat it. I didn't really like the end either. great game!
For those complaining about the pig puzzle, it was a challenging and persistent task. I myself liked and loved it. Not everything will be easy. But, overall this game is brilliant with the story line and concept! 5 stars.
It was spooky but it was missing all of the story pages. And then it freezes so I couldn't even confirm that I beat the game. I had to watch a walk-through to help what was going on.
I really enjoyed the game and I completed it in a day. Truly amazing. If has many mysteries to keep you going. And I highly recommend it.
anime_queen_123 this game was the best horror game Ive ever played .the whole game is so great so is the story. but the ending....it was good but I could of been better but anyway. love this game. and I really think anyone who loves horror should download this ASAP 😊😊😊
The scares are pretty good. The puzzles are difficult. I just wish the toilet puzzles were a little more clear in what you had to do. I had to look up a walkthrough for it. But other that, I had a really fun time playing as I'm 🍗💩. Also none of the note ever appear on screen and no translations are provided for them so most of the story went over my head.
Most of the letter or object can't be seen or read, it's kind of a turn off half way playing the game. The scare factor was good, the rest was fine except for the bug, really fix it please
I like this game everything is perfect and please relive the 2 part of this game I really enjoyed to play this game and I hope this next part is coming very soon and I am waiting for the part really enjoyed the game 😊😊😊😊
So far it's the horror game I had liked and finished. I think there is the part 2 right? I just wish the story plot is clear.
Played through the whole game & loved it! A short but good little puzzle horror game! The game's eerie atmosphere is amazing & the sequence of events is really good! Well done ^^
The game's slightly broken; when I tap on any piece of paper I find, nothing shows up. Luckily I didn't need to know what was on them to progress. Also, after the ending I can't tap on either of the buttons. The picture puzzle sort of broke the pacing for me because I'm terrible at those sorts of puzzles, and so I was just staring at that for a while. Lost the horror feeling while doing it.
This is the BEST!!!!!!!!! I really loved playing this game it's so scary!!! This I think best horror game I've ever played!
very great! It did take about two hours for me to finish that flying elephant puzzle thing, though (then again I might just be dumb)
It is so boring, clicking the same items over & over again until something suddenly jumps out at you... totally pointless
I love this game and i love the second one.the aesthetic for both games is wonderful. Please translate the jusou 2 to english i want to know the story.
Amazing Horror Game !. Great Scary game!😱😱😱 100% Recommended for all those people thinking that they aren't afraid of Nothing!😂😨 Well.. Then try this Game.. Lets see you pass this! I dare all of you people.. be it Men & Women.. To play it at NIGHT!⛺.. WITH EARPHONES! / HEADPHONES! ALONE! I DARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Hope there will be Scary Music!.. or something to give the one trying this game a biggg Jumpscare! Needs updates!
Just wow! I thought I'd seen it all. How wrong I was..For me, this game seems to be a homage to Silent hill meets the Grudge. The red shoes...Jumpscares aplenty...Creepy children's drawings...Scary atmosphere and opressive ambiance; this game has all the tropes of well loved Japanese horror films/games. You gotta use your little grey cells too though so it's not a cakewalk. My only gripe is that it's too short. Be warned: this is very scary. Not for children!
Too short and there were some problems regarding the notes. However, it was quite interesting to play.
It's definitely eerie at the start but once you get the hang of it, you won't be scared anymore, this is a jumpscare horror game. In my phone, I can't read the message in the notes because it didn't appeared, or it might be just out of the screen. So finished the game but did not quite followed the story very well.
I played this game for the first time few years a go, and its been being a must for any of my phones till now. Not only the graphic, story, idea, and playability, but there is one factor that I like about this game, but I cannot tell the detail here. I once heard the story similar to the game. Lets leave it at that. Now, feedback: I'd rather sugest more endings, and also please fix the "invisible note bugs". Thats all. Thanks to the Developers for this simple, yet great game.
One of the best horror games I've ever played! This genre is very fascinating. Quite interesting with various puzzles to solve, bloody rooms to explore and the background music couldn't be any creepier. Just a small distraction - a box in Japanese pops out suddenly and doesn't seem to go away even after tapping. Otherwise, really enjoyed the scary experience. Good job! :)
i absolutely love this game!!!! the graphics are good, its not laggy, the jumpscares are great and so is the story line! i also have heard of a secret ending... dont know if there really is one but its a great game!!!
Just baffling. No logic involved whatsoever. Randomly tap things until you've tapped enough things to be let out of the room. Some things you have to tap multiple times. The "hints" are just as odd. I'm currently stuck in a bathroom and I have no idea what I did in any of the previous rooms to be allowed to proceed. Not a keeper.
Great game, uhh...there are some of the notes that are unable to be read but ig that's okay. Other than that, it's kinda scary. Also I hope there's a new update. Idk why.
If you grew up with horror than this is a very lane game but if you're not use to horror than you will be scared
The graphics are amazing, along with the jump scares. There was a glitch for me, but otherwise that I definitely recommended it.
It's a amazing and adventurous and so scary game . I had not seen this type of horror game which have this type of graphics and scary scenes . I love it this game
Cool, good, horror, and awesome. I already search a game like this for a long time. I like this game.
Its ambience is spooky and does a very good job spoopin ya and the puzzles are HARD I mean hard.well not all them but the sliding puzzle I cant do.the graphics could be better tho otherwise good game. Edit: nothing to do with the game itself but this is a year later and I've literally been looking for this game everywhere and I finally found it I'm thinking about re-downloading it
1 of the BEST SCARY GAMES EVER I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH NEVER SEEN A THING LIKE THIS BEST POINT AND CLICK EVER SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love that a cat head falls and I have not finished the game yet but I know the cat is the main character! I ♡ this game <3 love it!
This game was great, but the notes after you solve a pacific puzzle, the notes dont pop up, and you can't read it. Please fix this bug, much appreciated, thank you.
very, very short but engaging. the puzzles were a little tricky and the sound was thrilling. the graphics are nice and the atmosphere is well done. Its just very short, and no real story telling, i beat it in under an hour. hope i can find more like it.
I absolutely love this type of game! It's mysterious, creepy, scary, and fun. I haven't experienced any problems. Awesome game!! ❤️
The scary game is amazing but however it's a bit but it's good but one problem is that when I try to get coins by ads it doesn't work I think it's broken.....
Devs...I cannot read the articles that I click on hence the 4 stars. Good thing I did not need them. Good game. Solid structure. You must have patience when playing this game as it is not for those who get pissy when we are 15 steps ahead and the game is lagging 25 steps in reverse. There is not alot of idle chit chat...I was expecting a little more, but it was just enough.