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The Infinite Black - Free MMO

The Infinite Black - Free MMO for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by www.Spellbook.com located at 4319 S National Ave STE 128 Springfield, MO 65810. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love playing ! Been playing for a long time ! You can join a corporation or start your own. Earn credits and bd. Get Achievements and Rewards. You can fleet up with friends in some pvp . or do invasion s. Have a great time! Im lilbadbacon in game :)
Great game but not new user friendly.I've played for about a week and learned after level 15 you can't play in gray zone meaning you'll have to fight in pvp zone.Big guilds won't have you because you don't have the gear so you'll have to join there alt guild which is basically dead.If your willing to spend $$$ then its a different story.Solid game but like I said not beginner friendly
My friend invited me to play the game and I just had to rate it, I love this game. Highly recommended 10/10 5 stars (:
Simple game with lots of depth, not the prettiest graphics but that doesn't matter. Hunt with friends, form alliances, get bigger ships, better gear. There's lots to this game. Love it. Ign SydSloth if you need someone to farm with
The ultimate time waster game. Huge grinding mmo, made account 5 years ago and only started playing again. Friendly community. Great game if you can play at work. Time will fly Hold-R1B pleaseeeeeee
Still has potential but this game needs some serious changes... The game community here seems pretty toxic! There is NO safe way to earn credits for better gear after lvl 15. Large player packs hunt the border zone shooting anything on sight so you'll lose almost everything. Join a corporation? Most salty vets treat new players like a corporate spies. So your mostly ignored and left to fend for yourself. The player controlled economy is ridiculous! Friendly/helpful players so hard to find!!!
This game is my favorite way of spending time when I have it. My corporation members have kept me around and I dont think I'll ever stop!
Game looked promising until you reach lvl 15 then whack can't farm in grey and get mugged in black by either jumping into unexplored sectors with big npc,s or Corp hit squads then all your farmed resources gone and a wedge of you cash too . Levelling up is very slow aswell played for a whole week and still not reached lvl 16 , not come across any decent weapons as yet , a very very very slow grind of a game have now delete it lvl up to slow
Stephy817 Grey server Enjoying the 8 years ive been playing. Absolutely love it. Work on that tibX! Thanks Stephy817 grey server☺😘
Great game, easy to spend hours on it. It would be great to have new players to join so it's more active
HELP ME!!!! I just saw in the pictures that i can have an avatar!!!! Is that right!? But iv never seen such thing in the game! Help me pls... help me find it
Moderators are biased towards enforcing penalties on cheaters and scripters, if you pay enough $$ they will ignore your foulplay even upon complaints received. Not Recommended.
Mods only log in to ban or nerf players if you get too good the other ally will mass email against you and the mods act on that. Don’t play if you get good dispite all the proof you can have they will just take it all take and ignore you. Like they are doing to over half the player base atm.
Just what is this? Obviously not for new version of Android nor friendly for newer devices. Don't bother downloading if you have either.. it just doesn't work! Uninstalled!
My experience with TIB goes way back. Maybe to when it first came out. This game is honestly the best free game that i have ever played. I have never dropped a dime on the game and im doing excellent. My name on there is ChaosInducer. If you need a start off in a alliance. Just pm me! Ill give you money to start off and a invite to our alliance Royal Empire. The Infinite Black is a very good game to play. I hope you enjoy it too!
It is a good game that you can spend a lot of time trying to get better ships and gear but it will require joining a corp and spending some money to advance. But I still enjoy the game.
Simple graphics but fun and addictive game! Players are welcoming and encouraging (for the most part) making it not just another pay to play. In depth auctioning system leads to great gameplay with huge fleet vs fleet battles.
I just got it, and so far its pretty good. It is a little hard to understand at first, but as you go on, you get the hang of things. As i play more, ill update this review.
Love it! Very unique and addicting MMO. And thank you to the devs who recovered my lost account with 0 hassle
Game was great 3 years ago now MODS have abandon us and keep lies up to drag out that they havent provide any proof of a tibx for 2 years . They have taken advantage of the die hard tibers
Addictive, fun, and challenging. The player base keeps it fun and social but the core game is due for some updates and revisions. I enjoy playing but would love to see some movement from the devs.
So this game is amazing, it is a little slow to get going, but the time invested is worth every minute you play. You can play this game solo, but it is best experienced with a group of people. New Hotness is on its way!
Great grind, requires a decent amount of time to become competitive pvm and a long period of time to compet pvp. But very social and fun. Algiebear
To all the naysayers, you're morons. It isn't p2w, although you can p2get ahead. You get free BD(paid currency) at certain level. Yes, join a corp. Not only for protection from the few bullies, but for the friends you make and the advice they give to help you. Hint: at level 10 you get 20 BD. Use those to by repair drone and fighter. Stay away from spaceball (roulette) unless you know what you are doing, and even then, stay away from spaceball. 😆.
Its okay game weird user interface as i cant really tell when things are moving foward and the ship movement is odd too is there anyway to see youre ship fighting instead of a flashing screen and a little text at the bottom
Game has been abandoned and the company scammed people into an expansion and disappeared after almost two years of waiting
Hey can I ask what is different between 2 tib the red and blue infinite black just to know btw it's good game good job
I've always loved the game. I don't see why some "new" people are having issues at lvl 15. It's not hard nor have I ever had a problem surpassing lvl 15 and getting good gear either by grinding or just buying them from players. Im a solo player but I think what they might be missing "last time I played" is you are allowed to make up to 10 accounts and make your own solo hit squad. If your flying around in a single ship you arnt going to get anywhere. BD is not that hard to obtain.
Pay to win for the most part ( better ships and gear cost you).The maker is a turtle to change up the game ( needs new weapons,ships etc).The players are very aggressive against new players most of the time( so try to join a group).WISH THE OWNER WOULD SELL GAME TO MAKE IT BETTER.
Its been a great time killer, love where its not a time based game just fly around kill stuff and lvl up, ive had a blast and played it for years.
This is an okay game. The corp friends are what makes it better. You can also find this game in steam for pc. Phone app is slow and choppy for me but the game has a great concept to it. Feels like a 2D EVE online. Not many players anymore. Developers should put some money into advertising a bit. Bound to get new players from that. This is TrustyZombie on the grey server.
This game I have been playing for many years took a break for a few years and now back in it. There are great people in this gaming community just right now there are some issues. To put it frank it will be hard for a new player to start and get into it, if your more of a solo player and can run multiple accts this game could be for you! -Pacosn
been playing the game for many many years on and off always catch myself coming back great game! grey server Cane1994
In game name Kingroaster. Been around since early Beta when there was only 1 server and no gear just stat points. Long live Tib!
Devs and mods are biased, hateful people who try to dictate the out come of pvp, player survival and gameplay depending on which "side" pays them more money through IGN purchases. There's no real updates on the game, development is a loss cause and most of the player base are toxic. Wouldn't recommend this game to anyone
First of all. Great game. Secondly... Toxic people will call people toxic. Wingers will winge. And boring people will get bored. Time is your greatest resource here... You have to really put some in to get anything out for free, help yourself by saving bds, and credits, joining a corp, and putting the time in having fun. And if ya see me around ... say Hi \o
Lol just put up a review about the cheating that goes on in the game and it was removed, do not play this game and definitely don't spend cash. Check my edits for my first review, if you can.
Back after 4 years and game still aive and going strong. Awesome to see everyone again...great people. -skiddles
Great game, great community. Started 8-15-19, was worried i found this gem too late. It's not too late, its not dead, it's not dieng anytime soon.