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The Infinite Black - FREE MMO

The Infinite Black - FREE MMO for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by www.Spellbook.com located at 4319 S National Ave STE 128 Springfield, MO 65810. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is awsome. classic mmo and the 2d grphics are fine cause it makes it a small game for older phones. people are really helpful and its easy to play. you can multiple accounts on different servers and play with your freinds. they actullaly care about players and its not pay to win either. everyone should play this game.
Get the new client not the old one. For some reason they're still side by side in the play store.. I hate to think of all the noobs we lost because of the crappy old client.
You actually have to email them for a forgotten password. it doesn't accept Google play sign in. I played this game a long time ago, spent money on it, and now I cant remember my username or password so it's gone. EDIT still a good game though.
Can't put it down. Great group to interact with that makes the game a real joy to play. I will recommend it to others.
Everytime i jump back in after year long breaks i hope to find a better more entertaining game. I'm disappointed every time. I started playing when blue sever was still young, about 7 years ago... It had not made any real improvements since I've started P.S. this game is brutal againt new players. Veteran players will kill you in seconds depite them gaining nothing. You have to join a group, and most of the big ones wont accept new players. Game is dead too last update was about 3 yrs ago
First played this in 2013 ,recently gone back and it's still the best game on a mobile, devs are very helpful
nice as an idea, but , totally unfriendly for new player , the big/old players own numerous of alt account make it impossible to survive an attack from them , and even in a corp I got bullied and kick out at the end because I didn't know their game rules. if I could, i would ask total refund of my money I paid for the in game items.
game was awesome 3-8 years ago when mods took interest and logged on to fix stuff . since game maker ozy stoped checking in and nothing gets fixed hard or updated . lack of new content makes this a drag and promises of tibx seem to be a lie .
One of the best games. Hard game and that makes it fun. Grinding is a must and that makes it fun. Great community. If you're a new player talk to people they will help. Every corp will give gear,advice and take you around. Can be overwhelming at first but you will learn. Get on discord and absorb haha. Devs are very good with communication you can easily email them and actually get timely responses. 5 stars from me.
great game community is so friendly and helpful the layout is nice and simple and its just over all a addictive game ! 10/10 devs
great game excellent user interface sound and graphics i have made more friends in one month playing this game than i have in the past ten years!
Played this game a year or two ago. i tried it now again. The game is still dominated by a older players. There is no protction for new players.It seems they actually hunt new players now and post "Noob Down" in server messages. Not reccomended for new players. You are killed regularly and cannot grow. I got tired of being killed by a bunch of high level players. You see a number of them - more than 10- jump in and you are dead before you can react.
this is a great game in between strategies and worldwide participation you can have a lot of fun and meet a lot of interesting people it rates five stars with me
I love this game I've been playing for 4 months now and I like it there's not alot of new content but the game satifys as a good game
Great mmo been playing since it started and it never gets old! Great graphics and a great community backed behind tib ! Hands down best mmo In Game name The3vil
I have played loads of games over the years but this one felt instantly dated. The google ads on the login page felt cheap and the visuals were poor. Plus its just pretty boring really. Worst game I've played so far this year.
The game is dead, this game used to be very good with constant updates and exciting things in the pipeline now nothing almost like WSG just disappeared.
Moderators are biased towards enforcing penalties on cheaters and scripters, if you pay enough $$ they will ignore your foulplay even upon complaints received. Not Recommended.
Been awhile since I have played(USMC) Lost my old accounts Gr3yskull and bonedancer. But alas I started fresh and I like the new look as well as the new specials and weapons. Would b nice to recover my old account but hey, what can you do...
This game is my favorite way of spending time when I have it. My corporation members have kept me around and I dont think I'll ever stop!
The ultimate time waster game. Huge grinding mmo, made account 5 years ago and only started playing again. Friendly community. Great game if you can play at work. Time will fly Hold-R1B pleaseeeeeee
New players have no chance against people that have been playing for years. I mean it was fun for a month, but then you get sick of always getting killed and setting u back constantly. Need to adjust game somehow to give new players a better chance. Alts should be limited to 1 not 21 (or whatever it is)
Revenue dried up from in app purchases so they held a crowd fund with promises to update. They have dropped a few more cheap (gameplay, graphics, story line, etc) games, but no The Infinite Black 2. It has been well over 3 years, and the devs still dodging the questions to an update. SCAM Company.
upon returning to this game after what seems like an eternity, there is so many new things in the game that leave me in awe because in my view, nothing visually has changed too much, it looks the same, but has so many more menus and different aspects of the game that you can lose yourself in, midbattle or in safety. whether it be the countdown timer for your shots being fired, or you see enemy ships and jump away seeking safety in nearby sectors. hiding. waiting. is it safe to go back out? TIB!!
I really like the game; however, at 15th lol you are really dependant on corps mates to group up and head out to farm. Soloing in the black can go bad fast if you run into the wrong npcs or enemy players.
Can't farm grey after 15 and can't farm black because your ignored.Can't farm rift because you don't have the gear.So literally all i do is ask if someones wants to farm get ignored then log off.The game is solid but I can't do a damn thing because no one plays with a new player
Backed the Kickstarter in 2017 for a massive expansion. That expansion has still not occured. DO NOT install this game. I have played this game for several years but the Devs have failed significantly in delivering on thier promise.
Pretty fun grind and loot game. Afraid of the multiplayer aspect a bit; after seeing full groups of ppl roaming around in youtube videos. Probably just burn all my resources looking for something shiny and go out in a blaze of glory.
Please enable mouse support in Unity! I use my tablet as a mobile workstation and thats the only thing IB is missing! MOuse/Keyboard support.
0-stars, Absolutely 0 support, broken promises for updates, don't expect any support from the development team.
This game is amazing. It has so much depth and content. Yes things can get a bit grindy at times but that's how these games work and it's so worth the grind in the end. I played this game for several years and took a little break and came back and fell in love with it all over again. Go download it now. Hmu in game -baconftw, grey server, TheHive