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The Impossible Test SUMMER

The Impossible Test SUMMER for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by PIXELCUBE STUDIOS INC. located at PIXELCUBE STUDIOS 420 Main Street East Suite #558 Milton, Ontario, L9T 5G3 . The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it but it will be better if we had more lives. I am stuck in the tap the highest match and the tap the icecream in the correct order dosent make sense
Mvccm are flavors for mint vanilla chocolate chocolate mint. So that is what u do for the ice cream one. Shame your device for explosion click match for the match one and I'm stuck in the rain
To do the can one u shake the device. To do the ant one u shake the device. To do the mowing the lawn one you use the arrows to move the lawn mower and then drive it over the word lawn. Hope this info helped :-)
Loved the game but way too many ads.just get rid of some and I will rate 5.I understand u need them for the money tho.Also for those who are stuck on the exploding can won shake the device to make it explode. The ice cream won is easy. Just follow the pattern it gave u before the can won. MVCCM means the M letters is the green won the v is vanilla and c is for chocolate. The water the seed won is simple too. Get the word water and put it on the cloud then drag the cloud over to the seeds.Hope this helpped.
Love it! Those who hate this is bcuz of the ads, or they can't answer even one trick. Quite easy. DOWNLOAD, ok?
Cool game, a bit of a challenge, very fair and fun....my cup of tea! Only prob is the ads. It is like they are made for you to press them by popping up straight when you die! *groan!* but to all those people who say it ain't fair coz they don't know how to do the task, that is their own fault! Not the game!
Uh huh, bout the ads, I don't really wanna play it. I will give 5 stars if you remove most of the ads and replace with with no other than nothing. Oh-yah, and I can't get past Make the can explode. Sorry, uninstalling!
What do you do for the one that says "How many matches weren't there?" HOW DO YOU DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!.... otherwise it's a cool game... for the pop bottle one you shake you device for the marshmallow one you drag the marshmallows towards the sun,for the "highest match" one you touch the word "matches"...☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
For the first one you press snowflake for the second one you press anywere for the third one you press the beach ball as many times as it says in the discription and then press done for the third one you touch the secpnd flipflop for the forth one you shake your device
How do u make the can explode!? I memorized the letters b4 it and that didn't help, I have tried a lot of thing and non of them worked!!!!!!
If you need help on the water one you drag thw word water and then drag the cloud to the seeds and watch them grow. Oh and I need help on the how many matches were there so if you already passed that just PLEASE TELL ME THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION!!!!!! :(
As soon as you you fail, you're forced to watch 20+ second ads. It is also extremely laggy unlike the apple cersion of this game. Not happy.
So good. For the surfboard one u have to swipe it left and right. For the tallest match one u just have to press on the word match. I'm stuck on the one where it asks u how many matches there were. Also how do u get past the TIMER? Please help???
I love this game!! It's a little challenging, but I'll be fine. I don't get the too many adds tho..... There are hardly any adds on my device.... So suck it up or don't play the game.☺☺☺☺☺
For all you guys who don't know. Tap the highest match "tap the word match." Make the can explode "shake your screen." How many matches weren't there "tap the time." Your welcome, can I have my like?
Amazing game! But, its really hard. The reason why I got this game is because I thought it would be fun, and it really is fun! This game is like The Impossible Quiz! Really great game. Five stars!
Q1 snow flake on right Q2 tap anywhere Q3 tap ball how many times on the number in queston Q4 2nd thingy Q5 nothing just memorize Q6 We will shake the phone Q7 gren white brown brown gren ice crean color (memorize flavor) Q8 swipe many times the board until its clean Q9 press word match Q10 IDK just catch it Q11 Put all marsh mellow on the sun (near) Q12 put word water on cloud put cloud on seeds Q13 catch some Q14 2 3 1 in order swipe it up Q15 click the time Q16 press the sun until dark.
Can exploding thing makes no sense so can't get any further. Being forced to watch 20 second adverts is a disgrace.
It stupid and hardly work also when you press the right button on the how many matches where there you have to press it hard and all weird so thats my rate and comment and I give this 2 stars not what I expected at all also tooooooo MANY FREAKING ADS THEY NEED TO MOBE THOSE ADS
It's a very fun game, but the sheer amount of ads makes it almost unenjoyable to the extent that I don't want to play it.
How the hey do you get past the one that says how many matches weren't there? No one is giving an answer on the reviews. So frustrating but overall fantastic game. Definitely impossible.