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The Impossible Game Level Pack

The Impossible Game Level Pack for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by FlukeDude located at 71 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4BE. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 1.6 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is great, I beat all the levels years ago and decided to come back and see if I still can, but the level "Chaoz Fantasy" is glitched and impossible to beat. The second transition to upside down doesn't happen and when you get to the black floor after the five triple spikes the jumpable blocks go into the floor, making it impossible to progress
I have a hard time playing this game because the music plays slightly later than it should, making it out of sync with the rest of the game. If there's a fix, I haven't found it.
love this game but it says music detected and i have no music playing. it will only let me play with no sound! how do i fix this issue! thanks
The game is good and all but geometry dash seems kind of easy and i keep failing in heaven at the part where the blocks go down at the left side of the level and after that i raged so hard and decided to play geometry dash :(
there is a bug on level 2 where during the purple stage the screen doesnt flip upside down making it impossible to complete the level. i have reinstalled, updated phone ect. nothing helps, please fix and we can go back to 5 stars!
As much as I want to rate it 1 star for the rage factor (JK), when playing, this is actually an awsome game. Even when I fail every step closer to the end of a level feels like a milestone reached.
Overall, it is a good and entertaining game. But I removed one star because the level titled "Heaven" takes nearly 30 seconds to get into the fast-paced, difficult section. So everytime you die, you have to suffer through a slow and boring 30 seconds of jumping over single triangles. It made me just not even bother trying to beat that level because it's so infuriating.
There is a bug where on practice you restart. BUT HOWEVER I PLACED CHECKPOINTS no 5 until bug deleted
Love the game! First time playing it PS3 and I enjoyed it and was excited to see it for my phone! So thank you 😀😊
Does not jump higher correctly.. it will immediately jump again and drops when I continue pressing sometimes.. is my favorite game to play. Need a controller
bought this for Samsung galaxy tablet and it just fAILS keeps telling me to buy it again! please refund my money.
For some reason, the speed of every level is massively increased to the point of making it completely unplayable Edit: Redownloaded the app and now it works great
Don't even buy it it starts lagging when you jump and I got to the end and I lagged to fall and die. in a offline game really wow😑 and you lag almost every time you jump over a spike comment if you notice it.
guys it to easy its not hard at all its just broken dont buy unless you want a screwed up game get geomitry dash it will be worth your money and time
Half of the times I'm playing, the game just bugs. In level 2, where the screen is supposed to flip it only flips half of the times and when it doesn't the game is just completely bugger.
Been playing this game on and off for the past 9 years, you really need to make a comeback FlukeDude with this!
I absolutely love this game. I first played it almost a decade ago and have huge nostalgia for it. Unfortunately the legacy code doesn't mesh too well with my current phone and the frame cap sometimes goes away. It makes for an interesting challenge but I wouldn't recommend it for people unless they want to see the inspiration for geometry dash.
I love this game but I think it hates me. I always thought I was good at games but I just can't tell anymore..
i know its a really fun game but every time i launch the app it says music detected and disoables the games sound/music telling me to either play with out sound or close ny music. my problem is i have no music playing ive tried force closing bith apps uninstalling and reinstalling and sane problem persist...
This truely is an addicting game. But what I dont understand is WHY is the game pack not in the same apk file? Why not merge the two together when you purchase the add-on like so many other apps do, that way its one app not two apps!
Love this game since I bought it for my symbian a long time ago. Please make more levels! I can go trough level 2 and 4 totally blind (if u master this game u know why I cant make it trough the 3rd level blinded) And would be nice to have a fast forward button, u know, for an actually impossible version :D
Hurt me Hurt Me HURT ME...what a fantastically irritating piece of shimmering success. Get this app...I dare you...but get the wife and kids out before you start playing. It's maddening... 'WHERE'D YANKEES PUT THE LIQUID DRAINO' maddening...but you will love it. I chuckled at first, then I started tensing up, my pupils dilated and my breathing slowed and then I found myself talking (quite loudly) to the thing. Best BLAST for a buck.
The third level, heaven, is made pretty much impossible on Android. Compared with the PC version, the triple spike platforms at the begining of the level have just one tick of empty space, opposed to the three ticks on PC. This leaves not enough reaction time to jump in time and certain death. Really dissapointing but the other levels are ok
Ya, triple spikes are really sketch in this version, on the 3rd level "heaven", there's a section with 8 consecutives triple spike jumps, and whether you make it or not is completely rng, as you can hold down the jump action and go over the first 5 only to die at the 6th one, or die at the 3rd one , or the rng gods smiled upon you in a way that you were able to make the frame perfect first triple spike jump successfully in a way that u can just hold the jump action all the way through.
The best one yet! Heres the problem. Flukedude, you need to make a comeback! Like these levels get repetitive to play over and over. Dont get me wrong there fun, but you seriously need to make a comeback. I emailed your service and it said flukedude no longer makes levels for the impossible game. Kinda sucks :/
Good game but bugged. Detects music when none is available and the only options are to play with no sound or quit the game. Just play the damm music regardless!
5 years of playing this game And i love it b/c it refers me to geomerty dash and i got inspired to play this game I think 0.99 is the best deal ever!
Alot of rage happening but it's a pretty much a fin game to play and many attempt to pass the level that you are on
Dont know why this doesnt come with the main game. As I reviewed on that one, I enjoy this a lot. The new songs in this pack were enjoyable and I liked that everyone had it's own twist to the route.