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The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by FlukeDude located at 71 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4BE. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 1.6 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game isn't very good, but it was the inspiration for the game Geometry Dash, which is one of my favorite games. Metaphorically, this game is a carriage pulled by horses, and Geometry Dash (the paid game) is a self driving Tesla car. Geometry Dash evolved from this game.
It is exactly like the PC version, minus the fact it only has 1 level, I said something similar on my review for Geometry Dash, if this game didn't exist, GD wouldn't either, the only thing with this is... unlike Geometry Dash, this game really is impossible for me. Which is funny considering in GD I beat FingerDash like it was nothing. BUT! To be fair, in this game, the physics are different and unlike in GD, in this one, you have to have atleast 99% accuracy in your jumps or else... splat!
Why did I waste money on this junk when there's geometry dash it has more levels is very cool user made levels and same price which sucks
again failed on my Samsung galaxy tab keeps telling me to retry or buy it in app store which I already dis. please refund my money.
No way to disable sound. Wanted this as something to do while listening to a book and the music is bad, loud, and repetitive.
i love this game but it wont let me play with sound. it says music detected and to turn off music? there is no music. doesnt make any sense. how do i fix this issue. thanks.
i paid money for this and i can have a game called Geometry Dash for i think the same price that has wayyyy more levels and you're telling me i have to pay to get more levels!!?!?!?!?
Just like Geometry dash but very repetitive, this could have been better with some other game modes but I like it. If this wasn't here I am sure Geometry dash wouldn't have been either. 5 stars cuz why not? A good game to keep you busy not bad for 70 cents in the US and R10 in South Africa
I like it... but there's a reason I like Geometry Dash more... that reason is, Geometry Dash actually has stuff in it.
Idk what it is but the game hurts my eyes on the mobile like a Dickens. Can play on xbone but not here.
Wish I could reply directly to ol' Robert over there but I can't. This game came out 4 years before geometry dash. Way to prove a stereotype, boomers like you don't know how to google simple information or use computers
I have had this game before and its addicting with the music, but I have the s9+ now and when I have the full screen mode turned on it looks blurred on the right side where the navigation key is at. Game is good though.
I've been playing this for years and it's fun and it's worth the one dollar especially if it was more money on console
The more you advance the more the beat goes. It's very addicting, simple and fun but at the same time 1 mistake and you start over. Nonetheless it's fun and I encourage anyone to try it.
I spent money for this game i was alright with it at first but then it got boring i have to also buy level 2 3 and 4 i spent money for 1 level uhhhhh
I don't normally leave reviews, but to all those saying this is a Geometry Dash ripoff needs to know that this game came out before Geometry dash. The impossible game came out in 2009. GD came out in 2013. This is a classic and will always be 5 stars in my book. You pay money for the nostalgic experience for this game, not the levels.
Wouldnt even let me play the game and waseven licensed so really im still stuck with no impossible game to play
Loved the game for years but sadly I'm experiencing Lag all of a sudden even though it's an offline game?
It's a great app but the screen won't rotate. Because of that, when my headphones are plugged in the get in the way of my hand and I can't play the game properly.
I first played this on a friend's phone and it ended up being the first app I ever bought myself. I liked it a lot, personally, because I can be picky about the controls on rhythm games and this one fit great. I never felt like it was off beat, it played very smoothly, and was overall just very fun. I really liked the practice mode idea as well. And I liked it more that Geometry Dash (since I see others recommending it). For 99 cents, I'd say it was worth it.
Ive loved this game for many many years. Ive always loved the music and the challenge the game gives. My one complaint is that it hasnt been updated to fir the full frame of a Galaxy S10 and the resolution is just not up to par by todays standards. For the time the game looked and played great. Now it really only plays great. If the game was cleaned up and given a full screen mode to take advantage of the newer screens on the S10 it would be so solid.
It again failed on my Samsung galaxy tab, Keeps telling me to retry or buy it in app store which my Mom already did, I just want to play a game similar to Geometry Dash,
Just downloaded because I missed this game but the music is a little off timing wise which makes the level annoying and the fact that when I used to have this on PS3 I had access to all the levels and on this I have to make a second purchase to access a level other than Level 1 is why I instantly wanted a refund. What a waste, this game was so good before.
I absolutely love this game deffinitly lived up to the name "impossible" and to everyone who said it's a copy of geometry dash this was made first so technically geometry dash is a copy of this
While I Applaud the Developer for this Game...it is a RipOff of ALL Geometry Dash games. The Controls & GamePlay are the same as well as the Overall FUN! Factor. But, this Games Graphics are Very Mild compared to the Latter. Overall, it's FUN, But there are Better Apps, with a Better experience.
Just as I remember it. Hard as ever. Also some people were saying that the music is delayed, but that's only because if you press the tab button then go back into the game, then it will be delayed
Game of my childhood most perfect in every way possible ❤️ With only three options for input slight mistake and oppsies bring obliteration, this will be recovered from and people get gud in a fair game of hoppity hippity.
Ok, I just have to set something straight here. This is NOT a Geometry Dash clone/rip-off. In fact if you read the Wikipedia page for Geometry Dash, its creator was inspired by THIS game, so technically Geometry Dash is a clone of The Impossible Game with added new features.
One of the very first games I bought on Android back when I had a Samsung Galaxy Prevail (800mhz cpu and 400mb ram). I am happy to say that after 9 years. This game will run smooth on modern phones. Runs perfectly on my Galaxy S9. finally.
Thanks for making this game your fantastic and the layout is great as well again thanks for the game and I hope you have a great day