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The Grand Mafia

The Grand Mafia for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by YottaGames located at ROOM 901 YIP FUNG BLDG 2-12, D’AGUILAR ST CENTRAL, HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Explicit Language) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoy the game just takes forever to do upgrades and hard to get and find diamonds. Makes it hard to be able to defend oneself when huge accounts continually can move into it city and just attack everyone. Doesn't give others a chance to be able to grow. I believe you need to have servers for the giant accounts and others for the smaller or u may lose players like you have. Just my thoughts and opinions but there should be some type of regulations in my opinion.
It started out good but with every update comes a problem first my game won't let me enter keeps exiting had to keep reinstalling now i can't even open it again just stays in loading screen for ever waste of data and money if you've spent any unless fixed
Its really a fun game but i feel bad for the players that really grind and try hard for the p2w players im not saying that the game is bad im saying that the game is very easy for the p2w people i want a game that is fair for everyone else but its a fun game
Good game, only negative about the game it cost $$$ to level up quickly. Maybe have a weekly half price day.
Im liking the game, the only reason i gave it four its the purchase orders it keeps asking me to do for special characters, meaning if u have money u will outrank people soon and that it keep sending notification to my phone. I need my phone to sleep also as it will kill my battery. Besides that im liking it
Most of the time it's great to play, but if you don't have real cash to spend, it can be really slow at times, waiting for things to construct, or finish, also, other players can be very aggressive and can destroy you in the blink of an eye, I think the developers should put a limit, depending on your level, of how much damage can be done to you in a battle you did not instigate. For anyone thinking about downloading this is a "civilisation" game, with battles.
Awesome and gameplay with lots of options for upgrades of all kind even as low as .99 cents but for a pay to win game it's fare and slot funner than the other games like it!!
The game look good because it is good man this is a nice game. Its difficult to understand in the bigging but obce ypu get the point what is happening you will enjoy it. Nice one.
What a waist of time this is, you have to play online, there should be a free play option so people can get the feel of the game befor playing online but it not for me.
I was just curious to see if the game was like the ad depicted. It's actually a very enjoyable simulator. I would classify it as addictive if you're into games like this.
I saw the ad for this game while I was playing poker and I'm COMPLETELY hooked on this, after only one hour of playing!!!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Well done to the game's developers. Highly recommending this game to all my friends and family!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Too pay heavy and if you don't pay you definitely won't win. The game is also pretty mediocre and doesn't contribute anything new to the genre. Gameplay is also pretty bland making it hard to stay interested. On my server most factions (guilds) are dead, player base is dwindling and it is for good reason, in my opinion.
Graphics are behind the curve, game play is behind for its genre. As a long term vet of these games looking for a new one to play I have to say they appear to be another no service cash grab. I got a different pack than what I had intended to purchase and sought a refund. So they sent me a ban threat and demand letter. I used the refund to get the pack I wanted originally and let them know they could take back the other. They demanded repayment via paypal which violates the google play ToS.
I've downloaded this game at least 5 times, and EVERY TIME that I've tried to boot it up, it tells me that it cannot because of a *LOGIN ERROR". HOW IN THE WORLD CAN ANYBODY PLAY THIS GAME, IF NOBODY CAN'T EVEN GET PAST THE OPENING CREDITS?! FIX THIS MESS SO WE CAN ENJOY PLAYING IT!!πŸ˜žπŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€πŸ‘ΏπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©!
The game is so slow. Even if you paid the game still slow. Imagine after 3 unit upgraded to tier 2. Nobody know vehicle unit take 4 days instead of 2 days
Another amazing game easy to grow, fun communities great players. Easy to learn game. If you think mafia city may be a little difficult then you might like this better.
It is very similar to Mafia City. The game is good and interesting. Now, there is so many new events and free stuffs for newbies to pick up. Besides that, at the current rate, there will be 2 servers for every 4 days. It can be p2w but if u wanna stay f2p, u can.
Is very good game...Just, if you see that is good idea to create one building for Gold (to upgrade the gold) you know exactly what I mean. Very nice game good work, is crazy you want to spend a lot of money. Keep going guys!
Wow. Very fun UPDATE: Still a fun game. I have no problem spending a lot of money to have any chance of winning. Fine. What I DO have a problem with is that the players are "bots." Support and devs are non-existent. Report a bug (which they have a button for) and get ZERO reply. Sucks. And no fixes. Total BS. Wake up dummies.
Great game, lots to do, but confusing for a 64 year old to work everything out but there are lots of tutorials to help you
Gave a few phone games a try recently as I was curious.. Come to find out I will stick to PC games that aren't pay to win. this is about as pay to win as possible. you will fork over money left and right to survive, and be tempted to spend your kids college finances to win. To win, pixel wars. Game companies like this should be torched..
Clearly false advertising, this isn't the game in the ads. To all the people complaining about losing money to these dishonest developers...what other outcome did you expect? You were stupid enough to give them your cash in the first place in an ad generator, this isn't even a game, lol. Look at all the generic responses to the reviews, they clearly couldn't care less, you're paying them to play their ad generator...
I don't recommend this game at all. It doesn't deserve even a 1 star rating. To get anywhere in this game you better have a thick wallet to keep dumping money into it. For me it is the only game I've ever tried that you can spend money buying items. Then other players can rob those items.
Playing a week now, can see that I will have to buy coins because the progression has slowed to a halt. Also, opened two gifts on two consecutive days and got 1000 coins but they didn't show on my balance.
I play on city 31, which is less than 60 days old. There are already players on there with 80 mil influence and I am only 3 mil without paying. This game is all about paying to win, meanwhile the bigger influence players are stomping out the low levels. It is killing the server out before it even gets a good chance. Tons of people I know have quit in the last 30 days or went to other cities.
So boooooring, slow and expensive, nothing ever really happens, you just tap, tap, tap the same things everyday, and if you don't spend loads of gold on liquor, you can't advance! ##UPDATE## Having now got the standard reply from the developer, it is clear that they don't care what a person's opinion is of the App, so I have now deleted it. Save your time and download a better game to play.
Fun game. A bit confusing with all the task and buttons that must be pressed. But I'm just starting, so in 2 weeks I'll give another review.
I like the change of pace this game delivers; I was getting burnt out from all the high fantasy games of the genre. The soundtrack production is quality, and meshes perfectly with the game. Kudos to the developers.
Good game, my experience so far with 1 month of playing which is not long has made my opinion more exciting to speak out, good content and events, a lot to do with investment and buildings can be upgraded to level 25 easily, I like the gameplay controlls, suits me fine, can't wait for updates.
I love this game. The graphics, plot and fighting/quests balance each other out perfectly but the only reason I'm not giving a 5 star review is because the app wouldn't open for me and I had to unistall/reinstall in hopes it'll kick start everything. It didn't I had to start all the way from the beginning with a new character. I spent money on my old acct and was hoping I'd still have it. I don't want to waste what I have I've worked hard for what I have. My enforcers are in rare. Pls help!
This is garbage rn. The newest update have sooooooo many glitches. Im not able to see properties, stuff on the map, when you click to collect resources is off. I think with the resources it should automatically collect at capacity at a certain level. Resource buildings (depot, banks, jewlery stores) are very scarce
I have a account linked threw Facebook with my main account and I spent alot of money on it and I made a second character and thought I was on my first so i accidentally bought a pack so I asked for a refund and got told from gm in city 92 that they would restrict from logging on to that character but now I can't log into any of my characters can't you just erase my second character that I got the refund on since ud make more money off of me on my main account anyway instead of losing a customer
Game lag is incredible. Support does not exist. Events are shady(information super unclear mostly about exact time). Pay to win a lag = This game.
I give this game 6 stars. I like the many features. I love how you can design things. I would Developer to make the Picture profile access free
UPDATE... THEY STILL HAVE NOT FIXED THE ISSUE. PURCHASED KILLER QUEEN PACK FOR INHERITED SNIPER RIFLE. DID BIT GET.!! DO NOT spend money on trying to level up. We had a kill event and expecting to get attacked out my troops in safe house for 12hrs. 6hrs later they were all dead after attack. 12hr safe house means what?? All the money poured into game to help get my troop levels and influence up gone. Messaged GM and no response on why it happned. Good game but beware spending cash.
Great game, it's very slow paced so generally the comunity is mature (in the long run as they don't quit) a lot people put a large % of there pay check into this game! So be warned this game can be brutal, but patience is key. City migrations and 12hr shelter is a great feature for f2p/ small spenders who plan to play for years, yes years.
Just another pay-to-win spin-off of mafia empire. Nothing to see here, just big spenders taking over cities. Dont play it if you dont like spending money. Oh, and I saw another review where they were asking for the money back as a reply to their rating. 1 star, only because i cant give less. **EDIT AFTER RESPONSE** The copy/paste response has nothing to do with my review. You only solidify my reasoning.
Kinda Confusing at first, you have to pay close attention, read a lot and ask questions. Still learning, but it's loads of fun and very entertaining...GM feature doesn't work outside of General questions. You have to go to Facebook or Discord for answers, so if you are impatient like me, forget it.
This game is amazing, really addictive since I started playing it, good RPG story line and campaign it's worth the download !!! You will love it too
Not much different then the first version, which is truly unfortunate. This version seems even more p2w then the 1st. Like most of these games, very repetitive. Graphics are nothing special. Just wish they would take full advantage of a game that could be more. Please don't respond with generic auto responses.
Utter useless game, dont give the rewards out as promised, money orientated game, safes in event dont give you the prizes they say , when you ask them they say you did it wrong, how can you get it wrong when you got it right, so 1 star, you pay through the nose to get big, devs are con artists, pay to win game, rewards aren't that good, better games out there to play than this one, so one star
Welcome to the end of the war game genre. Don't bother with this game unless you live where the packs are cheap (China, Taiwan etc) as they spend, then don't take their overpowered bases to a suitable city. They're too chicken s**t to fight against players their own size.
If you think that having a never-ending list of tasks that only require tapping a button to complete, this is the game for you. Not one bit of fun. After upgrading your mansion to level 11, you hit a wall unless you pay real money to buy fake resources. They battles take no skill, and are just more screen tapping. Pretty "babes" that reduce women to sexual prizes only make it worse. Most BORING game I've ever played. So many ways to pay for something that's not fun
Excellent game,good game play with excellent rewards graphics also great, don't need to spend if you work (play) regular.try it you will enjoy
I enjoyed the game in the last couple of weeks I've spend some hard-earned money on it! Then for some reason I lost 600 K faction coin in which the developers say I spent them which I didn't cuz I was saving for an international teleport!! So if they're not willing to make it right then I am willing to speak the truth about the game
In the beginning it was fun. When I started to play the games it seems fun, with many of job task to do. But when it getting to upgrade troops T3 and above it took 5 days to be done and more. Not included many players are spending their money to reach 50M influence and attacking others day by day. War event are held almost everyday with big possibilities of loosing troops and resources. Mostly the players moved to another city or quit.
Lately the game has been very buggy for me. None of my buildings will load and a bunch of other features aren't able to be used. Can you fix this?
Kinda confusing what to touch but the golden βœ‹ is a big help as to what to touch, if it wasn't for it I probably would have stopped playing by now
Awesome game lots of side games, plenty of room to build without having to pay to win. A little complicated it seems at first but not too long it comes natural. Awesome really awesome. I've read some of the negative ratings and noticed that some people are blaming the developers of problems that are not coming from the game. Like the try again or diagnostics window thats coming from your service provider. Shame that this games ratings suffer because of this and the like. My rating still stands.
Its a very good game and loving it its one of the most addictive games i played so far theres just one problem if you guys just could at a extra que to training units like other games I would love it becuase your training like 6 hours while you want to train another unit... But this game is awesome and ill recommend it to my friend
A well-designed game with its own little theme I've seen mini games like this however I have to admit getting a little bit of role-playing going occasionally is fun around here however the community really is the only reason for that sometimes role-playing does not go well and results in a few fights regardless it can be fun just depends on the community or perhaps servers
False advertising. Game is nothing like the ad for it. Becomes a pay to play to succeed and otherwise is like all the similar games.
I love the concept, but I'm upset that a custom Avatar costs $, when most games give that for free, also irritating that you're forced to join an Alliance to hit level 6, to create your own Alliance... Also there seems to be a bug or something where if the leader goes to sleep it's triggering an option to kick them, that's a huge issue, most games transfer leadership after the leader hasn't logged in for a week, not 6 hours. Love the custom Packs make more of those.
Let me tell you great things of the game, I never enjoyed a game like this this way before because, spending real money in game opened a new world for me and you if you only spent some money, on some packs you will get benefits and lot more then you can image, true thing.
Was working great but now I can't upgrade any of my properties or troops. It looks like it's responding when I press the button, shows a icon like it's working but nothing. Please fix! Thx
All you do is follow the highlighted area to do anything. Follow the bouncing ball..got bored after doing this for 5 minutes..uninstalled.. if you want to be micromanaged during the game this is for you.
Why doesn't the private chat work ?? You think something as simple as that should of been fixed already
I like this game, it's just like the others, tho, with a slight difference. It takes way too long to train your crew. With your training centers, you can only train the same crew in all the buildings. It would be great to train a different crew in another building. And upgrades take 11 hours??
After Installing the game it show me "get game package info failed" and unable to login. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the game but it shows me the same error.
It's a thing I suppose. Always upgrading to get to the next thing to build. While being actioned off with adds to others that your doing something come ruin it! GTA all day and some upgrades take several days. If you like waiting and clicking then here.
They game is nice. Some similarities with Mafia City obviously but extending the time where a new leader can take over from 6 hours to 48 hours would be nice.
I had an issue and they resolved it pretty quickly. Addictive team war game. Find the right team and you will have a good time. A good team is active in game and in chat, has your back, and has leadship with some experience playing to help you learn correctly. The game is much less fun solo
I have had a glitch where it's saying I have enforcers moving in the city when I don't. I have completely closed the game force stop and done all kinds of stuff. Reached out to the GM and reported a bug numerous times and nothing has been done. Would give it 0 stars if I could. Do not download this game until they can fix their issues. :Edit after response: I have done both...
OK SO... the advertising is way off! Customise cars??? I've been playing for over a year and am yet to find that part of the game...oh unless they mean the skin of your crew as it travels and you have a spare $30 in change somewhere. After level 23 (I am lol 25 the highest) it takes 14-30 days to upgrade buildings etc. The game has no story line past level 10 and is purely about waiting unless you have money $7.99 minimum. Yoto would make wayyy more money if they dropped the price.
Good game, a lot if pay to win but dont mind grinding leveling up slowly. However I play games to relax, not to stress about it and this game gives me stress about the constant attacks from guilds. Players 20 levels attack me constantly. Even when I am not playing the game. Generally I dont not give negative reviews but this game grinded my gears. Not recommended uif you are a f2p player playing for fun.
The game was great and awesome and even pre-registered. However, sadly, there is harrassment going on. I have to quit and uninstall (with tears) due to relentless attacks being done by higher players. I just want to enjoy and grow -- yet this is what I get. Good luck for those who will play. This is "The Cat" formerly from [GFH] and now a free spirit. You may have reason and rebuttals, I have evidences. Thank you for those who have been nice to me during the duration of my gaming. Farewell.
Ads for this game are VERY misleading. I tried it for a few hours, got past the initial missions, steamed off some costumes, and came to realize that the gameplay wasn't going to change. I don't care if you're hiring 3rd-party advertisers. It's the responsibility of the app owner to vett and verify the work of their contracts. Uninstalled. Update to Dev response: You're missing my point. Gameplay is nothing like the top-down RTS Age of Empires II clone the ads all over YouTube display it as.
Tutorial is easy to follow, the tasks have a go button so even if your forget it helps you along the way. I've made so many friends playing this game its amazing some are even my country and state neighbors. The chats are translated which is great for my friends who speak different languages. The group chat apps you can link to the game do not translate or it costs to translate so many words but thats OK if you have Google translate. The graphics are clear. Wish you could zoom out the map more
The game has very good graphics and it could be a lot of fun to play if it didnt have players that harrassed and bully you constantly, I have only played for 1 week and I needed to quit, my group was constantly attacked everyday for 3 days by rich players. And were harrassed in there inboxes and made to feel uncomfortable. For no reason . Alot of people quit in my group , in the last couple days because of this. I will not waist my money on game, with players like this, I am uninstalling app.
I Love The Graphics and The Story Line. I am very familiar with Mafia City. So The Grand Mafia is easy for me. Awesome Game. I Absolutely love it!!!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
Great building/Strategy game, and very fun! Does get tempting to spend money, although it's not needed, but it will make you grow quicker if u spend $25 a month to keep 2 building slots..
Playing this game for about a week. P2W game, will ask you to top up to get something that should be given free. you can have 2 workers on the game and in order to get one you have to subscribe to get the 2nd builder. Next, you can't earn free energy for playing. they will still ask you to recharge to get energy and continue playing. Enforcers info, they cannot provide better enforcer stats for you to use which will lead to doing top ups for upgrade. Game is money hunger and totally expensive
The all in all gaming experience can be better & is quite boring. The game needs better improvements & there's so much potential this game has. It's bland & not very fun or exciting. Upgrade the graphics to be better & make the gaming experience much better. This game seems like it was a rushed job to get it out there quickly. Do better & make it better if you wish to draw in more people & have better rating & reviews. Make this game more realistic w/ the graphics & gaming experience. Improve it
Very addictive, loads to do and very generous in rewards etc. Best game I've played in ages. Was only going to try for a few days and 3 months later in still hooked.
Pay to win. Lots of players are already well established having spent god knows how much on this. If you're not willing to spend money there is no point playing
The game was nice until I deleted it course it took a lot of my data away . I searched for an offline game and downloaded it and to my surprise it used data . This is not the first time yottergame has than that to me even when I downloaded another tipe of mafia game from yottergame it still used data. So why don't they make a mafia game that I will not use data to play. But apart from that the game is nice
This game is totally addictive. If you like mafia city you will loves this. Only reason I'm not giving it the 5stars it deserves is because in the babe section there's only woman to chose from for the guys but no guys for the ladies to choose from. If you can do something about this I know for a fact you will make a lot of female players very happy
This game is too money hungry. You literally have to spend alot of money in order to level up your underboss and everything else in the game that takes a lot of time to do when you're not spending real money. If you don't mind spending money, then this game is for you. Other than that, it'll take a lot of boring hours to upgrade all your buildings, resources, soldiers, etc. Speed ups and gold bars can run out which will cause you to have to spend money to get a lot more. I'm done with this game.
It pretty good game but the developers never respond in a timely manner. You message them today and you won't hear back from them for maybe 2 weeks. Also they need to add better updates like gift mode to help your alliance members grow like all the extra building material that players don't use should be gifted to fraction members. Events are repetitive and cities are dying out they really need to merger servers appropriately
This game is really slow and boring and not at all what appears in the ads. Before replying with a canned answer, I am sad you are sorry I feel this way. I really have no intention of trying The Campaign, Kingpin or Babe's Game. They are essentially reskins of the same game. I don't plan on reconsidering. You had a chance and literally put me to sleep playing the game. Uninstalled.
UPDATE: previous review gave three stars. Things have gotten worse. Not only is there NO support for this game. GM, VIP GM, VIP line, discord gms are unresponsive for days at a time until they say they can't help. The game servers were down for over a day with no communication from devopers until shortly before it was allegedly fixed and compensation offered was equivalent to nothing. The game performance has since continued to deteriorate. Spenders beware. Find a game where the developers care.
Great start. Game is complex and has a lot of moving parts. It is definitely a pay to play model but you can make it without having to pay money. Just may take some time. Good luck!
The app deleted my wall repair speedups, which I had been saving for weeks. I ran in-game diagnostics and reported the issue in-game to the GM. I also followed up with the developer on their discord channel. They replied that the server logged the use of my wall repair speedups at specific date and time. I provided in-game screenshots as evidence that no such action occurred on my end. They didn't respond for days. When I readdressed the issue, they simply said sorry, the system shows it was used. I spent over $3k USD. The game is filled with glitches like this and the game developer shows little interest in addressing it or providing any customer satisfaction. Even to those who p2p. Don't waste your money or time. Very dissatisfied over something so simple and essentially zero cost to the developer to address. I'm not spending another cent on this game or any game from Yotta.
Damn I have failed to play this game.. Well it looks fantastic Buh it's failing to connect to the servers which is annoying me... I had to reinstall it 3 times but still the same actions of failed to connect to server.. Yet m even connected to internet. Tf is this please hurry n put ryt this stuff
If you spent money with this company, go to your bank and file a refund bc this company wont give it back to you, they always use automated messages. theyll shut you down and delete your game when you say you dont get it, or if you tell them you didn't receive items.. I had to cancel a purchase because it doesn't include investment or training. So because NOONE ever answers the GM (customer support) they shur down my account after all the other money I spent. I will be reporting them to Google
I've been playing for two days almost non-stop. I love it, though I'm already beginning to feel pressured into paying. However, I will not make the same mistake I made with Game of Sultans. I know myself to get bored with games pretty quickly, so that would be a waste of my money. Making the most of this game for free will require patience and some long-term strategies. This game is going to be on my phone for a while, I can tell. Very fun. And pay attention to the tutorials; totally worth it.
Awesome game, constantly wanting to come back and check out my faction to see how were doing. Love how u constantly get prizes to help speed upgrading everything. Thanks for making a good quality game.
Honestly the game is fun not money hungry I spent Β£1.09 in the game and it gave alot for very little and I've only been playing like 3hrs and I'm really enjoying it. The game runs smooth the story is actually compelling enough to where you want to keep playing 'miles is my favourite so far'. The turf war feels good the characters are refreshing compared to the lesser games and the map looks fantastic. That's my opinion and u think you should strongly think of giving this a try.
The game is great however one thing that could be made a little easier is transferring items such as gold and those that require purchases to obtain. Otherwise what is basically happening is the makers of the game are not allowing individuals to reach their full potential without spending money of which I have already spent roughly $20 and yet am still stuck at a certain point as much needed items cost rather high amounts to purchase. Some extra gold would certainly make me change my review :)
Been playing the game for about a month and had no problems but recently the in game chat system has become unuseable for me, i cant report the bug as the very chat system is the problem, everytime i enter message the message window shuts my phone keyboard gui down and if i keep trying to enter a message the game crashes and completely shuts down. I cant communicate with other people in my faction or the game developers. This is a great game but has now become a chore because of this problem!
The one thing thats good about this game is that the game isn't being ruined by the big money spenders (yet) the developers have this covered theirself, with all the ridiculous prices and events for a new game that is practically unreachable without spending big bucks.
Good graphics, nice game really enjoy it ..but the big issue with it is that when you opening it ,it loads for a few seconds and goes out completely and doesn't let you in ..and this happens after a while of playing ,after you've went out the game and want to go back in to play ...had to uninstall and reinstall to continue.... overall it's a nice game but the issue of not being able to go in the game after being out has to be fixed
Great game don't have to spend much if u don't want to customer support is ok they don't really care unless u spend it seems . Need more with events maybe city monster everyone fights for damage points. I have a few ideas to keep people busy.
Good game so far only have one problem it takes to much money to play so I go with the flow , do the best I can
I have been trying to purchase gold in the store but always get a Google billing query SKU details failed, error code 5. I hve tried contacting the game developer with no response. Very frustrating.
Lost a star because I'm going on day 2 of getting an error and not being able to open the game. Tomorrow it will lose another star. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled. Same error that it cannot open the file.
Been playing a while now and the developers are getting greedy every new task is either impossible or requires you to spend slot of money to advance. It really is making the game a bitter place. Unless have an open wallet don't bother the game makes sure you have to pay too get anywhere or it becomes impossibly slow might as well play something else.Other in game features are boring and not the point in game. Very greedy developers ruining a game that has promise. Who ever had most money wins
Fun and addictive! Needs a warning label that reads # Caution this game could cause you to not wanna put your device down because of how amazingly fun it is upgrading and exploring as well as helping others to build their own towns. Just so much to keep you entertained.
Pay to play. 25k gold for a 14 day shield? Fast leveling for sure. I am 3 years vested in another similar game. This needs some work. Fun in the beginning and good concept. But....not continuing.
The glitching and loading they don't contact u back if u have a problem with in game purchases either thru Facebook and thru the game it's a good game just don't get two invested
Was slow for a while until you get into factions but seems completely dominated by young people with parents money and turns toxic fast and very vulgar. The game is ok but very pay 2 win formula, and loses it's appeal fast, nothing like the ads, not worth the time you would dedicate to it.
Just found this game and to be fair i'm well impressed with it. Good graphics, good gameplay, good story as well. The only thing that i don't particularly like is the upgrade waiting times ( i'm not the most patient person). 4 *
So this game is very p2w. I've installed it for about 4days and in those 4days spent about $800 on my account. I ran into a issue with a in-game GM. So I contacted the VIP GM (Which you are only given access to after spending around $600-800) The VIP GM you talk to via line. I fully explained my issue and even provided screenshots. As its line u know when someone reads your mssg. VIP GM never responded after reading mssg. This company does not care about the players, even if u spend $800.
Worst service ever they take your money but never help you out never listen to what people want spent 10k on this game and can't be ever satisfied don't waste your time and effort into it not worth it!! Tryed to speak with devs on discord but just erogant no where professional people just ignore you or not there to help with any matters this game should really consider changing their staffs and devs in here very dessapointed!!
This game is very realistic in concept but lacks the ability for solo advancement . I joined a faction became their leader only to find out it was a fake dead faction with few if none players who don't participant in events.And that really peeve me off.
Bought two enforcer packs last night, didn't receive any of my tokens you upgrade them but the game sure took my money. When i brought this issue up the GM said i had received them. I have several screenshots proving otherwise. Don't give the game money, they don't work to helping you out when there's an error on their behalf.
This is a decent game unfortunately you need to spend alot of money on defense. It's to bad they let extremely high level players attack extremely low level players seems you become farms for higher level players unfortunately I will be uninstalling this game
Pay to play, pay to win, can lose all the money you invest in troops. Big players will zeroed you and make you loose all your money you invested. When you spend enough money you are offer a VIP service which will give you advices on how to zeroed out players. MONEY SCAM!
As an old school gamer I am disappointed in the person that designed this game. And he/she must feel pretty good eating out in fancy restaraunts while us poor people are having rammen noodles and just looking for some kind of happiness out there. A game is not a game if you have to pay to win. Whoever thought this would be a good idea to develop can take all their cash and shove it straight up their corn hole.
Great and fun game when you want to kill some time. Perhaps add an option to promote your enforcers to capos or whatever and that makes them have new skills or something idk just a thought
So far so good. Firstly it is a very fast and captivating game. Very playable simply by taking the auto suggestions. On the bad side of that, there are many things that I still don't understand. Secondly, so far it is not P2P, will have to see if that changes at higher levels. Lastly the mechanics are very well implemented. Everything from the gameplay to the faction system is a smooth experience. Highly recommend.
Great game. Little slow but the game is worth it. Great features. Clear game design. Almost realistic.
I think five star because but this game is really fun and every as I saw a research log into the graphics are great it for yourself and you will see that mean team is in now just coming to other people and chatting my new friends
It seems just like your basic kind of game in this genre. I don't understand what's happening most of the time but as of now it seems to be working fine.
great just cost money to advance for example some if not most "enforcers" you have to buy them and as far as i can tell there is no other way to earn them along with alot of there things you need a free gold service with ads or what ever you need to do somthing a freeium game has never done and level the playing feld a lot more we are not all rich OR AT LEAST PUT ALL THE RICH PEOPLE IN THERE OWN LEAGUE AND HAVE TIERS BECASE 20$ IS NOT THE SAME FOR EVERY ONE
It's nothing like the ads which kinda made me mad but then again there never like the ads so I mean I kinda played my self thinking a game was going to be honest
Awesome and addictive...teaches valuable life skills such as honor, loyalty, communication, integrity, and even unity. All those combined are key pillars that made up the mafia, how could I forget the core family values that you nkust cant find these days unless your in the Grand Mafia....highly recomend grand mafia, it's the best game I have ever played on my phone....
The timeline for healing,investing,training etc is way too long and you need to spend $$$$ to speed up..which is super dumb and insane. I enjoyed it but now sorry i do not anymore. I have spend i believe close to $200 dollars to reach a level 20. Which is seriously dumb. Game admins also do not respond. Someone feedbacked about this issue and yet nothing is done.
The game looked nice at first. And I'm not only talking about the babes ;). But after playing a while it's become clear to me this game is no different from the thousand and one other run-of-the-mill games of this genre. Not only does it have serious pay-to-win elements, it also allows players of any level to raid anyone. The members in our organization average at about 300-400k and we were all bulldozed by one single guy rated in the millions.
Its a great game. Similar to Mafia City. But this game is awesome. Theirs a lot to do in this game. Thw story mode is great. Great job on this game!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘