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The Fish Master!

The Fish Master! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is quite fun but you have made mistake by giving hell of money offline unless you want people to not use is and you reduce the money you're collecting for each fish , I'm playing since now and to buy fish without being offline is impossible because you need millions of millions and I just reach 70 fish to hunt when I reach 1 million in a second offline
I love to fish it is wonderful to fish online I can catch so many fish and make so much money it is wonderful game.
Best game in my life it is super fun to play and there is a other like on cool math called Tiny fishing.
it is a good game to waste time with and has potential, but when you choose the option not to double your money and not watch a video, get a kinda annoying when you still get the videos which you have to watch. Way to many ads if this is changed then I'll happily redownload but till the ads are gone with the no bonus option I won't play.
Okay, so I'm going to pretend there aren't any ads in this game seen as just about every other review mentions how many and frustrating they are. The game is fun for maybe 30 minutes. I ended up keeping it installed just to collect money through off-line earnings and see if there is a cap. However I'm up to $1.6 million and it seems to be bugging out. Some days it'll give me no money, other days. $500 million over a 24 hour period, other times a little $2 billion. The length caps at 300 meters so you won't always be finding new fish to catch. I haven't capped out the amount I can catch yet, I think it's at 64. Give the game a go if you really feel the need to pull in some fishies, but be warned, you will very likely be disappointed very quickly.
Absolutely atrocious, I played for half an hour, went pretty well, went back to work, headed home, opened the app again, then it started crashing my system ui and glitching out my phone, if I could make the stars go negative, I would, because that was just ridiculous
Game is excellent and a good time killer, however there are SO many ads that it's impossible to enjoy. Every other time you cast your line down, you get an ad. Every 7-10th time, you get a 30 second video ad you cant close out of. Terrible. Developers are money hungry and care more about profit than enjoyment for the game
It's really easy to reach the bottom and there really is no point to the game after that. You need hundreds of millions for one upgrade while you only get 5-6k in one fishing so the only way to get the money is through earning offline, and I think that sucks. It used to be fun. Please add an update.
As soon as I started playing I was addicted to the game. But I gave your app a three rating because as you fish it vibrates, normally I don't like it so I turn the vibrations off, but on your game that isn't an option so I would really appreciate if you put an option on there that you can turn off the vibrations. Thank you
The game itself is okay. However beware that it forces you to select provide user data as on selecting the option to stop user data from being gathered doesn't allow you out of the option screen. Also you will notice that you can collect a lot of money, once you have upgraded, by not playing. So in short the app collects your data and gives you a big reward for doing so. Just exactly is it gathering?
The vibrating of the phone at EVERY catch becomes annoying very fast, you can't use the app without them not collecting your data. If you try to switch it off, you cant leave the menu. Worst game I've played in a long time
It's so stupid. Before I play the game everything is working fast on my phone but as soon as I play it my whole phone starts lagging and I can't get on any of my apps. On top of when u do get the game working I can't move the fishing line to get more fish.
Fun, calming and addictive. Save yourself a headache and pay $3.50 for the optional ad experience. Nice to play on the go and I'd like to compliment the sound track, but either I can't find it or there is none, though I'm not looking hard for it. Throw a playlist on Spotify and enjoy :)
This game has so much potential. it's already a fun game to play, it just needs to add more things for the player to do like upgrading your boat or your fishing rod. Maybe adding a shop with more items. Giving rewards when a certain score is reached by the player. if these features were added it would be much more fun and i would give it another star.
An ad every time you cast the rod. I might get 10 seconds of game play in every minute. I uninstalled within ten minutes of installing. Don't waste your time on this. Run, run far and run fast....... Its a shame though, the game is actually quite good. Clearly a sell out developer.
The game is good when you first begin. After playing for a while, though, having upgraded the offline earnings a bit, its almost pointless to play the game. This could just be me, but oh well. Then, after leaving it for a day, i open it to collect my earnings only for it to freeze my entire phone. I literally had to restart my phone when this happened (on 2 separate occasions). I've since uninstallled the app because it's impossible to use without freezing up my phone.
Too much ads. Why do you need to put that much ads. This game is a waste of storage. So don't play this game anymore and give it a 1 star plz. After 2 catches you get an ad it is so annoying. Voodoo is the worst company to make mobile games. I just wanted to have fun without that much ads in the game. So don't play this voodoo crappy game.
I believe it is a pretty cool game and I enjoyed playing it. The only problem I encountered is the fact that I already beat the game and there's nothing else for me to do other than install the game :-( . But the good news is I get to install more Voodoo games! 😁
So I downloaded this game to check it out. I like fishing. So it crashed the first timed I played. I restarted my phone. Tried playing again. It still crashed. I stopped all my apps. It began to play but I couldn't see the fishing line and it froze and crashed. I uninstalled it
It's a great little game I really enjoyed when I got to play it. However, there are so many ads and most you have to watch 5 to 10 seconds before skipping it. If they decreased the amount of ads this game will be so much better.
It's alright. I love the simple graphics and initial gameplay, however as you progress, you don't get new fishes despite going deeper. It starts to get boring. I would recommend this as a time killer but definitely don't waste your money on it and just play without wifi. Keep in mind that I beat this game in a day or so, so the $2.99 isn't worth it
It's fun to play at first, but extremely lacks challenges and the skill aspects of gameplay. For every fishing turn, the score would be same whether you try your best, or do nothing. Big& and easy to catch fishes have more score than small ones, which drains the gameplay.
Didn't feel like playing ad: the game, anymore. I uninstalled within five minutes, the bosses were way too hard, they kept popping up and forced me to watch the horrible things they have done and wanted me to do. In the end, how I killed the ad was simply to uninstall and clean it entirely off of my phone :)
Too many adds, have reached the max depth and they have the same fish over and over again. The only good thing about the game is the offline earnings. It was interesting for a while until I "beat" it by maxing it out.
I used to love this game but now I'm up on a higher level I don't get the bonus cash from offline I either don't get any at all or less than what I'm meet to get a minute for being off line. The ads are non stop and so annoying I'm getting to the point I'm just going to uninstall it. Such a shame
This game is only fun for the first little bit, but eventually its just repeating the same thing once you reach a certain depth. And the adds on this game are ridiculous, i have to turn off my Wi-Fi just to play it normally otherwise i have an add after every go. All around its just a bad app
Starts off great and is addictive but gets a bit tedious and samey at the 50k mark across all skills. Seen a few YouTube videos of the game maxed out and the biggest fish is the whale. There's no sharks sting rays or any other exciting changes. Max depth 350m, 166 fish etc.. You'll love this game if you love adverts every other round too...
I absolutely love it. It's easy to get good, great controls, outstanding graphics, and just an overall amazing game. I would recommend downloading it to anyone who is looking for an amazing game to kill time and get addicted to.
Well this game used to be somewhat fun till the offline money quit working I think it takes away about 10% of what you should get. Fishing sucks because at max depth and I am now catching 60 some fish you only bring in several thousand when it takes hundred millions to upgrade. Now the ads you can spend $4 to remove them but why do that for a broken game. There game Go Fish works better there are more fish to catch and it actually works.
If you are able to get past the ads, it gets boring quick. Earn more money not playing, but there is nothing to spend your money on, aside from making even more money. Would like deeper levels, fishing guide for fish, ablity to upgrade boat/gear/fisherman and to turn off the vibrate aftwr you catch a fish.
Way too many ads. Everyone expects to watch ads on a free game, but OMG this game has a lot of them. After you fish, you have the option to claim your money, or double it by watching a video. Even if you click on the button to just claim it, you end up having to watch one anyway. Installed and played for less than 10 minutes before the ads became too much to bear. Way to ruin what could have been a decent time killer.
The game is complete garbage it makes your phone vibrate every time u hook a fish then after all that u get an ad everytime. Found out you dont even need to play the game u earn more money being offline than actually playing. Plus there is a max on how deep you can go but u can see fishes below. Game is just stupid and a waste of time.
It is fun to play HOWEVER, the maxing out on depth is very disappointing. What is the point of playing when you max out so quickly? As for the ads, thankfully I read review which said turning off the wifi you dont get the ads so that is not an issue. I would have loved to give this game 5 stars but the game lost its value when you max out on depth.
If you give us the option of watching an ad to increase a reward, don't make us watch the ad regardless if we select not to.
I love this game voodoo! I have downloaded another one of your games, helix jump, which I gave five stars and a good review as well! I find the two of your games very relaxing and addicting. I'm very sure that I will like every other game you make. I think you are very hardworking, voodoo. You deserve these five stars I've given you twice (the second one is from helix jump). Keep up the good work and never give up because I believe in you :).
Rate of adds coming in to my face R killing this game ! Game feels fun at the begginig but later you feel like it is pointles cause you dont feel like you are growing in this game.! When ever you upgrade lets say by 2x you get 2x more income and next upgrade costs 2x more the before - pointless !The only progress that I felt was that I was getting deeper in water thats all !
I liked it at first but now I am at the max depth and my money does not generate when I am offline. If I would have known that I would have just went for more fish but u can't catch enough fish to even matter to continue to upgrade.
Great way to pass the time BUT. it maxed out way too early. I paid to have no ads so i could play uninterrupted and get my line really deep and keep making more money. But it maxed out depth after 350. I havent maxed out my line strength but im assuming everything maxes out at 35 upgrades. It was ALMOST worth it. Super disappointed. Dont pay for this game.
Game is fun to play, but every 30 seconds a commercial is just too much. It's really annoying to have this much spam/commercial in a simple game. Reduce the amount of advertisements and people will play it longer.
Even though I like the idea behind this game, the vibration of my phone is very annoying. I cannot turn off the vibration and there is also no music. I would have liked the game more if: - my phone would not vibrate the whole time - there was an option to turn that off - there was some music or at least sound effects (splashing when the rod hits the water) -there would be less adds. (I understand that that is the way they get their money, however, playing an ad after every catch is very annoying) I hope you would consider these ideas and might do something with it in the future. Because, like I said I really do enjoy the idea behind this game.
The ads were really annoying however the 2 pound something I paid to stop the ads was really worth it for the time I put into this game. Because I catch 2 trains + a bus to get to work they are short journeys so playing this is great as being interrupted doesn't affect my game play. Excellent time sink once the few pounds have been paid.
This game showed potential, but is crippled by far too many ads, almost ever second time you collect your catches, you receive an ad, and to remove them is $5, way too steep. Also there is no way to disable vibration, which can get annoying considering it vibrates every time you catch a single fish. Don't waste your time, this one fails hook, line and sinker.
Its an okay time waster. Catch the fish, use the money to upgrade your pole and catch more fish. No real point to it. Has option to watch a video to double your money, which is fine, but you still get ads when you choose not to and you have to mash the back button a million times for the ad to go away. That part is really annoying, especially for a game where you don't really gain anything.
It's a fun game, but literally EVERY TIME I play, after I cast and then reel in every time theres an ad. If it takes me 10 seconds to cast out, then reel back in, theres no reason to have a 30 second mandatory ad after every time. It gets to the point I have to turn my airplane mode on just to play. Quite annoying. Yall have several games, no reason to be running this many ads. Fix it, and I'll reinstall.
#1 there's no way this game could be finished as I havent even maxed my line length and I'm already casting into emptiness and not seeing fish for a few seconds #2 $2.50 to remove ads is a joke like this game they charge this much and they dont tell you hey we didn't finish the game so.... #3 you don't even have to play the game to progress I can simply cast n let it feel itself in and make just as much per cast at almost the same speed as if I tried moving the line around I'm very highly dissapointed
I got 5 seconds of playtime. Pressed a button, it hooked a shrimp. Got a popup saying "collect" or "watch advert to collect x2". Didn't want an ad, so just clicked collect. An ad started playing anyway and crashed the game. I'm all for free to play games giving you the option to watch ads for better rewards, but if ads are forcing their way into the base game even when you aren't selecting them, it's a lazy invasive cash grab that ruins the experience. Not worth 20 seconds it took to download
overwhelming lag making game nearly unplayable. ads every second cast. no option to disable vibrations. I would've liked to enjoy this simple game, but being bombarded with ads and not being able to disable the vibrations was too annoying. uninstalled within the first 5min of trying to play.
Super simple game. Loved it till the offline earnings stopped working! Have sent them an email hoping it gets fixed bc that's how you earn most of your money in the game. But like most games I'm sure my e-mail will go unanswered! 🤷🏻