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The Final Earth 2-City Builder

The Final Earth 2-City Builder for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Florian van Strien located at Bisschopssteeg 359 3584 SG Utrecht the Netherlands. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's seriously a good game. If you enjoy management and city-sim, give it a try. Otherwise, it probably isn't for you (but you would still like it more than most other games)
I remember back in my times of middle school, playing this game on Coolmath games. I loved the game , you can manage your own sci-fi city and the updates in the game made it so much better. The only flaw at the time was that every time I stopped playing, I had to restart because I was at school. But, when we lost Adobe Flash, it really made me sad that we lost this amazing game. But, when I saw this game on the store, I couldnt help but install it, I would recommend it to anyone, just try it.
Hi Florian, how are you doing? I have to say, your game is awesome. Keep up the good work! Suggestions: 1. Add the new update to the computer version of the game on itch.io 2. In the eco farm, some changes must be made. For the left, you have to grow a tree, then farm the fruit. The top-right is for root crops, which don't need cleaning, and the bottom-right are normal. 3. We should be able to build landing ships at 100 quality, so people feel like they're in space. Wood house can upgrade to 100
Thought it was good until I ran into multiple bugs. Sometimes the workers will just decide not to mine and then all of a sudden you don't have stone and none of the workers are mining stone even at 80% happiness. So far no way to fix it so deleting the game as its just useless.
I'll give the game 5 stars. Beat the campaign in a few hours though (3 levels). I'm doing the free play but I don't like that there aren't objectives. Yeah, some things give you quests or whatever but I don't really see the point. I would like new hazards and difficulties and stuff. The free play doesn't seem to have things like the campaign did. I dont know how old this game is but I look forward to seeing more of it. Will probably still play on occasion. Not much incentive for me at the moment
simple and clean, very well thought out. ads are available if you want the help but, are in no way required. the 8 bit graphic style and menu driven commands are intuitive and easy to pick up. dev's hit a home run with this. a suggestion: art could be upgraded I would happily provide free of charge if you wish.
I spent a week playing this game off and on. Beat the entire game, and although I seemed really easy to me. I've always been really good at resource management games. That being said, this game is pretty strategic. I love the whole style of the game. Keep it up.
City policy on schools says it will improve "eduation" with reduced class sizes. Not bad game but feels like it could use more things to do and more scenarios. Maybe some new ways to make building require strategic planning... Eg, factory next to a house, will reduce quality because it's noisy.
Once my pop reach 5k+ game start lagging and at 8k+ pop it unplayable lagging because soo many people running around please fix it and just suggestion add bulk counter 1 running 10 car 100 truck so they dont eat ram too much or simple add setting that only show 10% of the actual people. That was quick answer wow Is that because use too many teleport or the building its way too crowded?
A cool little game, you can sink some hours into. The city your build feels relatively alive, considering the very pixely style. Edit: I accidentally removed one of my transport stations. It would be nice to get some kind of notice if that happens, like a little red window in the corner saying "Transportation issue" or something else depending on what's the problem when the people can't follow their routines.
I had a blast tuning my world into a perfectly balanced, optimal traffic megalopolis. Thank you for building this game. Suggestions: highlight buildings should display count. Permit destroy building without collapse of all above buildings to make a hole.
It didn't take long to finish the story part of the game and it was great. There are realy no ads and I'm sooo glad to see that in a mobile game. And while the "story" mode is a bit short I can definitely see the potential in free play/sandbox to continue playing even after you finished the story mode. The artstyle is nice, clean and simple. It is a great game and I highly recommend it to anyone wo wants a break from money hungry, add filled mobile games.
An actual real city builder game. No developer greed, no in-app transactions, no ridiculous wait times. It's a real game on mobile that would also succeed on PC, which is rare to see these days. Amazing work developers. This is how you make a city builder game on mobile.
This game is really good!Having to manage a growing colony,following and observing citizens,and making your dream town!However,needs some improvements.I would like a sandbox game mode and a difficulty selector.These two can help.Sandbox to experiment,and difficulty selecting to either make it harder or easier.Overall,good game!
This game is just πŸ‘Œ. This is probably the best 2D game I've played in 2020 and 2021 followed by Terraria.The music is nice calm. The concept is nice. Many building to choose to from and can make anything u want with the free play mode. The scenarios are very intresting. I definitely want more scenarios or a final earth 3. It's probably the best game where u can simulate a world while it still being realistic and unrealistic and fun at the same time. I really recommend it.
Great space city simulator and how they incorporated ads in the game is phenomenal. I still see them from time to time but they are never intrusive and you can still play the game when the ads show up.
My first hour of gameplay was AMAZING And one of the reviews was right, It was a bit power-consuming But nonetheless it's all cool but i wish you could explore space and colonize/mine asteroids!!!! AND ONLINE TOO!!!
A fun and satisfying game. Beautiful in its simplicity and delightfully paced. My only lament is that I reached a pinnacle where things were all unlocked and I had it all running nicely... I ran out of things to do next 😒 The game is great though!
Fantastic game! Love the 2D building freedom and story line. It is not over run with ads like most free games. More than happy to pay for premium to help the developer, look forward to future updates!!!
This Is such a nice game... You spent time on it, and you care for our reviews! I would actually like you're own character running around that you can customize so you won't get bored easily waiting for money. (Ps: I love this game.)
Exactly how games should be made. Loved it going to buy it asap. Finished scenarios, finished a custom game. 2000ppl housed in villas. Would like to suggest a tile replacement option. Instead of deleting and adding the room I want, give me an option to rebuild the tile. Reorganizing my tower took a long time. But was worth it. Would enjoy some form of logistics management. Maybe labor jobs, upgraded to robots, then drones? Keep up the great work.
I'm giving this a 5 star because of these reasons: 1. Simple and fun game. 2. No very annoying ads when playing. 3. The concept is nice. 4. The visuals are pretty good if you like 8-bit games. In short, it's a really underrated game and I hope it gets more updates and content in the future.
The Final Earth 2 is a game of stockpile/crafting hierarchy management and city-builder-style population control (there are no computer chips without requisite metals, and no metals without enough people to go after them) ...but one of the ways I found this app transcended its genre was the simplicity of the pixel art (this is no Surviving Mars, and that separation is charming). Every upgrade modifies the tiny blocks in your city, and you can watch your populace scurry to their tasks. Fun πŸ™‚
I think this game is great. I don't give 5 stars easily. Ads are not intrusive, and although the gameplay isn't intuitive, it is well thought out and the scenarios help teach the player. Now I'm waiting for more scenarios/challenges!
i saw alot of positive Comment so i decided to give it a try and you know what i like it, it is a really good managing games i look foward to see further improvement. Very nice πŸ‘Œ It has a simple graphic style and simple gameplay not too complex, enough for a little relaxing and fun games. I recommend this game. If i have credit card i would happily pay 5 dollar to support the creator. but now i can support the creator through ads i don't mind it
I was playing the browser version, and realized how well the game works on touchscreen. I looked on the app store for fun, and it was actually here. Also if the developer sees this, I think it would be very cool if you added a teleporter as transportation either in this game or a future game.
Try this game. Nothing like it. It was exactly what I was looking for. Honestly just the effort put into this game is inspiring in and of itself Random suggestion, maybe a sanitation department? All those hallways that connect the buildings need to be maintained?
Nice little game. Not very challenging, but that's good something. Fun little people to watch running around. Would have liked more scenarios.
Wow! This is app is great and addictive! I definitely recommend you to go install this app! I love the small animations in the game and how the small moving people even have names and ages! This game is very addictive, I just installed this 2 days ago and I'm already loving it! Keep going developers, your app is great!
This game is amazing! I stayed up waaay too late playing this, like 4 am. The developer isn't a greedy money hound, and it shows. Almost no adds, and almost nothing to buy. The gameplay is really fun if you like city building games like I do, and there's NO energy, or sitting around waiting for a certain object to appear or timed unlocks. Everything is quick paced, but fun. Definitely going to keep playing and looking for future updates!
What a gem of a game. A pure city builder with an exotic sci-fi spin. The creator really loves this game and it shows. While the ads are unobtrusive, I went ahead and got the full version to show my appreciation. The only suggestion I might add is a tool that kicks everyone out of their homes so they'll change homes to the best place for their job. Regardless of that, 7/5 stars.
Decent game! Only problems I have are; the fact that after the 2nd scenario the only left left is endless sandbox freeplay, and it seems like the population wants to cap at 2050 no matter what you set it to
The games is really really good, I love it and I will say that this game is really addictive. I want to add new features like the following: name changing, culture and ethnicity demographics, religious buildings, fishing pond, livestock farm, animal cloning facility, animal store and more large house capable of housing many people.
Well rounded game in my opinion. If you are looking for a city building simulator, this game is one of the good choices. But if you're the type of player that goes for good graphics, this game is not for you as you can already see from the trailer video. There are some things that doesn't really make sense in this game but it will not affect your experience much.
I remember loving this game on browser. Still love it, but I'm removing one star because the ads often don't display the X to leave, and they let me no choice but to restart the game every time. Please, dear dev, fix that!
This game is good if you like building your own city it's just amazing. No forced ads absolutely perfect. I like this game a lot and it is fun I would recommend it if you like such games where you build your own city and you need to watch your recourses
I haven't played much, but I love the art and the idea. I plan on exploring more later, but so far, I greatly enjoy it in general: art, idea, story, and gameplay/resource management. Good job!
VERY good game, no ads, and super relaxing. One issue is when I assign workers the game completely disregards how many people I actually have available. It would be nice if the game automatically told you when you don't have any more workers to assign. Everything else is perfect though, I think I finally found a near perfect game on the Google Play store!
WOW. This is the absolute perfect colony sim. Simple but challenging, completionist and free form. I love connecting gardens and shaping towers. The story mode is short but good, and the worlds have been endlessly enjoyable. I cant believe how ad lite the free mode is. Ads are only required when you start a new map, and optional for an impactful boost. Played for few DAYS with less than a dozen ads. Happily paying for premium because DANG it's just so cute and fun. I'm OBSESSED. Send help.
Very not for me....but those as like this sort of thing will probably love it. Bit too much management not enough other for my taste, but that's personal preference, not a problem with the game itself. The relative absence of ads, by the way, is an incredibly endearing feature...some ads is fair enough, but a lot of games are ruined by being more ads than game...this one avoids that trap.
I really enjoy this game since the first version. I value most the opportunity to create a complex city you can manage indirectly. And there is no war campaigns or criminals issue. It sound like a utopia, but I miss that in the real world. BTW, game goes well on smartphone.
Great game! Pain in the butt when you run out of resources. Stone just runs out or maybe it's a glitch. I had 78 people mining just to try and get off 0... IDK... You really have to make decisions cuz you will end up without any really quick. I would prefer to be able keep going but sadly there is an end to every world
Great game. No pay to win, no pay to play, no pvp, no always online, fun time-waster that gives hours of fun and replayability. A little heavy on the battery, and I do wish I could track upgrades a little easier, however that's nitpicky. I can tell the devs put a lot of thought into that as it stands. Easy five stars, was happy to pay the premium to remove ads.
Yoo this game is so good! :D i really like it! I know this game is good in the beginning but, i saw some few bugs and tweaks, here lemme tell, the first one is, when the childrens is going to the school. The knowledge isnt increasing, the second is, the workers only cares about the woods. Not the stone. the workers rather get more woods than stone. And my biggest prob is i cant build anymore cuz im lack of stones :( and my question is, is the pub, nightclub provides happiness? Pls fix it. THXπŸ˜™