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The Farm : Sassy Princess

The Farm : Sassy Princess for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by DAERISOFT located at #1013,10F,Byucksan Digital Valley 5-cha Gasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 08513 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Such a cute game.... You should also add Filipino language. Also, i hope the game will improve more on storyline and upgrades.
The game is great and fast paced, its cute and everything. I would advice that you should give the player an option if they going to use the last hp cuz its irritating to use combo uncontrollably and accidentally pass out making the crops either dead or not growing which breaks my heart especially if that crop is the expensive ones like ginger or the angelic herb
This game is so fun!! Really calm, casual gameplay, but ACTIVE gameplay so that you aren't bored. I love the pixel graphics, and the characters are sooo cute. I'm hoping I can eventually romance a character once the affinity with them is high enough hehe.
Okay game I'm unsure when the rent stops going up. It's kinda insanity he keeps raising it and coming back I thought it's be once or twice and he'd be gone but nope. And maybe she would get options to purchase a house and where on earth do I get a fishing pole? These things I can't find info for on the internet lol
I will rate it a 5 star if the rent didnt double every single time. Maybe a couple hundred but doubling is going to get to hard to fast I think. I am willing to update my review if it gets better as I go. It is hard to stop playing so far.
I really love the game but of course there are some down sides, the rent which goes higher as the game continues, please fix it by adding some plot or giving a reasonable amount. Over all the game is great and ks open for a lot of improvements, make it big!! Add more features like seasonal events, make the map a bit large, give us more content, the game is really lovely.
Could use some work, kinda sucks that the seller accepts 2 fish the tuna and eel. And the rent sucks even worst like after 3-4 months the rent increase to the point where you just don't pay for it and it's game over. Horrable. Needs work is the fishing didn't know how it worked after a couple of tries. Is there even option anymore; name for the "princess" it's just princess, that's it. Sometimes SUCKS and sometimes doesn't. Would've give 3 ๐ŸŒŸ. Map is horrible, no room, not enough adventure. ๐Ÿ™
Seriously great !! Plus the cuteness of pixel it also kinda give a relaxing vibe for those who play it to kill times. Anywy I hope u can continue to make the game better! Maybe add up some local villagers events every mont like harvest festival, fishing festival and suchh.
This is such a cute game! But if only the seeds will be "one pack, two dirt" things like that, cause im tired of trying to buy seeds, plant them, harvest them, and buy it back, its hard but overa the game is great!
It's really good! I love every farming mechanics so it reached its potential. The world and characters are cute too. It would be more interesting if there were some sort of enemy mechanics like pests and how the princess should get rid of them.
I absolutely LOVE this game!! It's very cute, easy to control and the story is funny lol this game kinda reminds me of Stardew Valley and I'm happy that it does :)) my review is not much but I really am loving this game so far ๐Ÿ˜ thank you for this very nice and cute game ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š have a good day/night everyone!
Really fun game. Characters are adorable. It's pretty fast paced and the scenes are cute. It's challenging, which is good, it doesn't bore you at all. But I wished there was more scenes with the bachelors and maybe events around the town, I think that's what it's missing. But it's a pretty nice game to play if you wish to pass time. Love it. <3
The game it's cute and I really like it because it's kinda different from others farm game, but I give it just 3 stars bcs it becomes slow in the story development and kinda boring over time because can pass weeks in the game with no missions at all. Could be better more missions in the game or maybe more interactions with the NPCs and I agree with others opinions here, would be cool if at some point we could stop paying the rent or maybe it stops in a single prize at least.
I've been looking for farming apps to play and I find this game and fell in love with it after I finished some tasks. However the story is kinda plain and quests are kinda limited. I see it as harvest moon and its totally great!. Invest some more with other feature and side quests or more plots and characters? I would like to spend real money here if you'll add more spice to game. Overall I am enjoying it๐Ÿ˜„โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ’•
I really like this game. It's super addicted and challenging. Plus this game can be play offline so I can play when I at rural areas.
Super cute! A portable version of AC, but much less likely to be bullied by your neighbors. (As far as I know)
I love it xD I've only been playing for like, a day but I love it already! I was kinda annoyed when the day was only like 5 seconds or something but I found out I can actually upgrade to make the days longer , which I found pretty cool! Maybe I'll come back to edit this response in a couple of weeks. But as far as I know, it's a great game!
Angelic herbs are bugged. Controls are jank. If you're going to put in complex combo controls then remove tiles that remain watered for more than one day, it makes multiple Criticals nearly impossible.
Fun game only issue is after spring 20 every other new day doesn't load or give a add, just black screen. Have to reload game each time.
I love it. Its cute & adorable. Nice game to just zone and play. The only thing I'd wish they'd fix is that rain doesn't seem to count towards watering certain crops (like mushrooms).
What i like about this game is that you don't need to wait for the energy to recharge or pay for more energy or whatever, I love that is pretty simple, but the more you level up the more hard is to get money, and my mushroom keep dying:(
Its a cute and chic farming game. I enjoyed playing it for some time. I love the small animations through the movements and the flow of the story, its fun, hope others will also enjoy and appreciate its beauty.
I love this game. Got hook right away the game played is easy and the background music is relaxing BUT there is some issues. Like not a lot of info in the seed u buy like how long well it take to grow and the days seems to go by fast to the point I wake up and water then sleep? Not enough daytime.
I'd never heard of this this game, and didn't know it had earlier versions, but now I wish I had! What a sweet and entertaining little game! I love the rpg aspects! The frequency of the days changing is neither too fast, nor too slow. I've not one single complaint. It's a pretty perfect game.
Altho cute, it was repetitive and frustraiting. Energy in balance went quickly. Night hits you like a face slap. The controls are a bit sincitive. Missed my little home area and could not sleep. No options to fix
Like, I really like it it's fun, there's always new quests and things to do, I just wish some thing like a way to stop the rent, I mean it's the much! And if you fail to pay you fail the game! And I wish there was a more engaging way to interact with the bachelors as once you get to 100 I feel nothing much happens, but really is a lovely game, I'm looking forward to it's further evolution, thank you developers!
I'm not one to stick with a game for long, but it seems this one is the exception. The story is funny in a creative way, that also complements the cute aesthetic of the game. Example: A member of the royal courts wears a dinosaur costume so that he isn't recognized my the main character. The game is very cute and has some hidden aspects within the panels, though it is lacking in some ways. I believe if the creators gets the chance to bounce ideas off some fans, for feedback, it'd be even better
Needs more content but it's cute on its own. It's fast paced like Harvest Moon and the rent keeps on rising every month. I'm on year 1 and the rent is almost 100k pams. Also, it needs more events and dialogue from the bachelors. I maxed out Sam first and saw the event but I'd like to see Hans and Ian's too. I already maxed all of them.
I started playing and I loved it. The cute pixels are one of my favorite parts, and I have encountered no problems. Considering it's a mobile game, it's better than most I've seen. It's a great game ๐Ÿ‘.
I would have given this a 5 star if the rent doesn`t go up everytime. It`s riduculous to spend that kind of money for a rent, when I could have save that money to buy an upgrade. And please the ads, it pops up everytime I go to sleep. That`s annoying, really.
I did'nt thought this would be soooo good! This is actualy funn than ever! But..there is oneee problem..there is not much of Quests or anything..its just no quests from them. but anyway the problem is alright.and the princess too!its just so cute too!for that i give it 5 stars!but its alright to the problem.
It's a cute game, but my complaints are that the days end too quickly and I'm also not thrilled with the Pachulo character and the whole "charge her higher and higher rent until she heads back home" bit.
I love this game, but the rent is crazy which I can't handle it! I mean, I can use the pam for other matters but I have to use it for rent. I thought the rent will be stopped if I build the house, but it's not. Sorry, I won't do something useless, uninstall it.
I usually don't like farming games much. But this game has actually captured my attention. I literally play it for hours. There's so many cute aspects to this game, and I really like its style. Im at the part where a puppy comes to your farm, and I still need one more mushroom lol, but I hope he can be my little farm dog. :) My only complaint is that sometimes while doing combos, I accidentally hit too many times and waste my energy doing something I didn't want to do.
Prices are a little over board. Rent goes up ever month and if you don't pay the games over?? ๐Ÿ™„ Quests are way too easy, there is no challenge at all.
I love this game it is really fun and I love the storyline the music is so happy I just love everything about it but can you make the days longer because I sometimes am farming and then it's night time and just now I was farming and then it was night time so can you please expand the night please.๐Ÿ˜Š
I fell in love with this game. The game is cute, funny, and interesting! But the rent is so expensive... I wish the rent is more cheaper than now. And also, I want to get moreee events like riding horse, swimming, cooking, tomato festival, and something more attractive or cute! Thanks ^_^
I love this game the gameplay is very good and fun, the graphics are so cute. I really enjoy this game but I don't know why lately every time I play this game for a long time, I will be forcibly kick out from the game and it say that the game is stoped working. What should I do to fix this problem? I really like this game
Really fun game!! The only thing is that some things are confusing and not very clear on how to do them. It also doesn't tell me how to get a fishing pole at all.
Amazing game. There is much more than meets the eye and devteam did it without pushing thousands of ads per minute. There is a nice progression feeling to the game. I loved it.
The game is simple but very addictive. OK button need to be placed a little bit higher. Also, please separate toggle for BGM & SFX, the music kind of disturbing. Thanks.
This game is great fun, a lot of work has been put in, and it's quite addictive. The only issue is the rent keeps climbing almost too fast too handle. When you play a game and level up, it's supposed to get easier as you go along. Instead it feels like it's getting harder to keep up. I'm not sure if I will continue playing much longer, because of the lower levels of satisfaction as you progress. I think that would be the main thing to be improved on. Perhaps an investment on a house instead?
I love the overall game and all, I just wish there were holidays or events such as the neighbors/bachelor and the princess birthday and holidays like year end festival, christmas and more. I really love this game and im looking forward in the future updates.
At some point its impossible to get a good amount of money from the box (after he refuses to get C grade veggies) and rent keeps going up at an inreasonable degree. Looks like a very poor concept that wasnt thought through well enough. Especially since you cant directly control the quality of whatever youre growing, so a seed that costed 1/2 thousand coins a pop youd have to be forced to sell to shops directly which doesnt cover the cost of the seed at all.
Loving it so far! The story is super cute, and can see where some of the inspiration came from stardew valley, one of my favs. If an expansion to the map would be really cool. Otherwise, Keep doing what your doing game creators!
Well, at first it was fun! Until the rent part that's what keeps annoyed me the most! It keep raising for every month even after the free mode! I mean, how do I want to collect and to keep up the 10million pam just to pay to that STUPID Prince William 3 for that, huh?! That's why I can't give you guys 5 stars, that's for sure! And I don't even get it with that cow balls 1 and 3, like, SERIOUSLY?! WHO'S CREATED THIS MONSTROSITY?!
Its a fun game but there are things i really want u to add 1, whenever it says game over it come repeatedly come and i can't play it anymore so i have to reinstall it 2, the rent are really many and sometimes not effortable 3, the place is sooooo small so pls expand the map size . This is all i want so i hope in future u'll think about it โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Šby the way its a really good app thank you.
Very fun game which reminded me of Stardew Valley. I would have loved to see more quests and tasks to work to, but all in all, I think this is a fun game that will keep you busy for many hours. What I especially liked is that I wasn't bombarded by apps like in some other games. It made the experience a lot more enjoyable.
I love this fast-paced farming. I keep getting really annoyed by the dog running into me when I'm farming though. Also, I have trouble seeing the lure when fishing at night. I wish the monthly fee you pay went towards the town instead of just disappearing into palace man's pockets. People say this game is hard but I had no trouble with it. Overall, this game is fun for a bit but I wish there was more to the plot.
Three stars because although the game is fantastic I think it is so annoying when I am trying to save money to make a house and the guy who "owns the land" takes so much money from you and if you don't you just have to go back in the kingdom. I think the guy should feel pity while see you adorable like mary. Next is that you should add more places. I'm just bored seeing the same stores.
I love the game concept, however my character is too laggy after level 15, also I hated the rent concept, it could be better if it's a fixed value or investing that money into something else like building own home. Also, I tried to reset my game as a guest and I couldn't find an option for it. Devs, please fix my character lag issue and consider my thoughts.
good game.Exciting at first but annoying when time goes by because you MUST WATCH an advertisement everytime you finished the day or everytime you sleep.I only play the day in this game for 5 min.then an ads must be watch.Then another thing that is not good in this game is the upgrade of the House.1st you have an umbrella to sleep on.When upgraded,u have a bed to sleep on and a house.nothing more.then when upgraded,u got a radio that WASNT sure what weather will be tomorrow.Upgrades r pointless.
Cute but can you please make the HP higher and the watering can capacity a bit bigger. There were also a few bugs in the game but overall I like playing it. It would also be nice if the control was joystick
Super fun! Addictive game! It reminds me of Harvest Moon and I loved those games. I went ahead and purchased some inexpensive content and it is well worth it :)
I'd have given it a 5 star if there was an option for loading game even after the princess falls asleep . The game is like harvest moon . Easy game play, interesting and cute . You can get and upgrade your own house, acquire fishing rod , earn fast if u grow many gold crops .There are bachelors in town to grow ur friendship through gifts and minigames . Suggestions for the developers: please add game load options , kitchen and recipes, storebox, house item to buy ,tv etc. for more fun.
Really cute and fun farming game, haven't figured out how to get a fishing pole, but I've been playing for hours, and will keep playing xD looking forward to seeing more content and updates
So, it was my fav game, I used to play it everyday, but the interest became alot. And the demanding of coins for a simple colorful ball is beyond imagery. How am I going to finish this mission if the interest is huge! Unbelievable.
so much fun I'm addicted I just wish tho that when Ian comes to build our home that Pancho doesn't ask for rent because it made me stress so much and when I paid my rent for Pancho I didn't really have money and then there was a other payment even more expensive so I would appreciate if out chacter could be like sorry I'm saving up for build a home is it Oki if I don't pay rent? But from then on out this game is amazing!!
It's very cute, but I wish the characters were a bit more charming. The MC is full of personality, but the others are just kind of.. there. Haven't gotten too far yet, so maybe my review will change.
this game is constantly trolling you and giving you disadvantages. there are very expensive seeds that will wither the moment they experience one rain drop. this is bs. the combo move is bs and makes you faint all the time, to make you watch stupidly long ads. the translation is hot garbaggio. quest givers of course only ever want the most expensive crops you got, so making money is slow and tedious. this could be a great game, it has potential and promise.
Most of the games today can be played offline..especially if the wifi is laggy. Since it is a simulation and a single player game. If you are middle of the game farming and suddenly disconnects..just log out of the game. Pretty sucks. This game can be good if playable during offline.
It is very entertaining game. Though its an online one, i really loved the theme, graphics and the sound effects but one thing i just wanna concern. You should less the ads when sleeping coz it was really disturbing and annoying for everytime she sleeps it always popping up a lot of ads. Please work on that it was really a good game. โ™กโ™กโ™ก
The biggest flaw is that the game's clock moves too fast (the day changes in 1 minute or so). It's a fun game, but I can't handle the speed.
It is good but its missing a really big detail, maybe add more items to help with farming like sprinklers and tools that cover more area and really just all that kinda stuff but otherwise its mostly good!
Super enjoy the game! Characters are cute, story is engaging, gameplay is fun and addicting, and the fast pace keeps my attention! The fleeting days and limited HP forces you to strategize your gameplay! I completed the "main story", but I accidently skipped the credits, is there a way to view them again? Also I recieved a "Love Scene Bonus", is it about going out on the swan boat, or was there a scene during the credits that I missed? All in all, excellent game! Highly recommend!
This game is all about children exploit. A father force marriage on his underage daughter; A hardworking girl only eat lies for living; A muscular man trade her product using *PAM* which can be found by digging everywhere. A village with people passing letter to communicate while walking distance is neligible. An oldman collect ever increasing rental of land that belongs to nobody.
The game is fun for me and has lot of potentials, there are some problems such as the weather radio, angelic herbs, and time. It's hard to predict when will it rain with radio, what does it mean when "maybe this weather" and can't "can't guarantee this weather" is it a 50 50 chance? Predicting the weather is hard. Does the angelic herb die when it rains? Then growing them is quite a gamble, the radio doesn't really help with knowing when the rain will hit. The time is just quite flows quickly.
I rarely rate and write review for apps or games. But this game really helps me relax. Very casual and the quests are not demanding nor stressing. + the graphic is cute. Way to go, developers. Thankyou a lot for creating such game!
It's fun and simple. I had a lot of fun experimenting and playing the game for hours. It does get boring after a few days of playing, there's nothing new to do except doing quests and farming.
I love this game. Usually, I easily get bored playing games. But this game is very cute and addictive. It make me want to keep playing. Nice job for developer and team.
I like this game, it reminds me of my favorite games that must play with other console. This game allows you to choose the type of mode, I personally choose vast time. Now the issue here is, it is too fast for me ๐Ÿ˜…, I enjoy the story but I wish there's a way that I can change the mode while playing.
I really like the idea and story behind the game. The only thing that could be improve is the control for the movement is a bit difficult to control, even though I set it to the slowest it's still finicky. But good job for everything else!
Great app!, It really helps me with Quarantine, but its a little glitchy today i sleped ya know, in the game, it sends me a black screen, but i can still hear toads idk basically what it sounds at night, and im a little bored of this game, its probably because i am the type that likes multiplayer games, and also i get bored of games easily, tho besides that i wish i could give it a 100000000000/5 review.
Personally, I really love farming simulator games, and this one really hits home! The game is seriously addicting, because I've been playing for a total of 16 hours now and I just downloaded this yesterday. ๐Ÿคง Minor comments however, I haven't finished the game yet so I don't know how it'll end (if it will): mostly interactions with the villagers and the main storyline seems a bit lacking in depth. Also, if there would be more features to it, it would be perfect! Overall, I really like it :)
The game is cute yes. But the rent raiseing all the time sucks. Like all i do is get money for rent. Unable to enjoy the game anymore. That part needs to change or i will uninstall
Admittedly I had a bit of trouble finding the sales box until I explored a bit, perhaps a tutorial on where it is could be helpful. Also the further you level up the rent increases and I find it really annoying cause I don't want to live under an umbrella forever. I want to be able to customrize the interior of a house. Also perhaps an indication on the weather too. Otherwise I feel like buying the Angelic Herb isn't worth it. Even though I've tried like twice to grow it.
Gameplay is okay.. Farming system is okay.. But i think this game should add more evnt or maybe a secret event so it doesn't feel repetitive... Ouhh and I also miss the mining system in harvest moon fomt.. Maybe add mining system... And fighting system to defeat thug can be improve(not big fan of current system).... (edit*) and also rent system is useless.. Should be replace with something else like maybe upgrade house etc
I liked this game it would be better if i get coins from quests of villagers but its oka since i get seeds and also coins from watching ads . I usually uninstall the game fastly if i didnt like it . I think this game would last longer in my mobile .
Really wanted to love this game. Im a perfectionist and have to get everything right otherwise i get frustrated and start over, so the fact that you can't reset game data unless you pay 2$ is so stupid, I followed tutorials, uninstalled and reinstalled the app about 15 times, but ended up downloading the game on my old phone to restart instead. As soon as I got past my original save game level of 13, I realized how unforgiving this game is. If you plant angelic herbs and it rains, they die.
It's fun, but I feel really rushed and I barely have time to do any of the quests or look through all the shops, let alone actually farm. Basically, there isn't enough time in the day to do much, especially water crops, so they die, I lose, not that much too it. Please fix the time thing is all I'm asking?
It is quite a good game but as others have said, it's very fast paced. The HP goes down too quickly and it doesn't let you water your crops, I also don't see a pause button which would be very helpful consdering how little time you have. Overall, good game but HP and time go down too fast.
Its a pretty good game its not a pay to win you have to work for it its just a goodgame I love the story line hopefully they wi add more talking with the king the controls arent the best i wish we could choose to use touch or arrows pls add that if you wanna know im 11 yes 11 i love this game love the musice you should play it
Fun relaxing game similar to a simple version of Harvest Town, Rune Factory, and Alice Greenfingers. I really enjoy it.
I really enjoyed this game! Even though the rent does go up quite quickly there's usually no issue with getting the payments done as the stock buyer increases sales by % (like 3 in the first month but going up with each month; 12% in the sixth month). It's a really cute and simple game to play in my free time.
This game sucks up all my time! (And I mean that positively.) I rarely, RARELY, rate games, but The Farm is just too addictive! I can sit down and play this game for hours. This game is really fleshed out and although challenging, it is still simple and fun. It is the Harvest Moon-esque game that I have been looking for. My only wish is that each season came with its unique music and not the repetitive jingle. But overall, The Farm is a fun, well-made, zany farming RPG that people will love.
Having fun with these game, very cute animation, almost complete all the quest but stuck with the quest of visit ian and visit private ian, but so far i really love this game
Surprisingly engrossing for a mobile game. You can tell a lot of care went into it. Very cute, very fun. The best (free) farming sim on mobile that I've played! Hopefully it will continue to be updated, as it does become very easy without much to do later on. And there are a few QoL improvements that could be made. (Swap seeds without going thru menu, butterfly earrings more consistent, better visual for if rice is watered, etc.) But still really good!
Some plants dry up the next day even when it rains and you don't manually water them. Planted some Angelic Herbs, at least 5, all dried up. :/ Also the chaining is a little annoying since she doesn't auto stop before she runs out of energy so she tends to pass out on accident, costing you a day because of an ability that was supposed to help. Combine this with the looping music, constant visually annoying talk bubbles and tasks that pay nothing and you got a mediocre game.
The game seems simple, but it actually needs management to fulfill every targets. The map is so simple, i hope we have more places to explore. The 3 menus on the top left should always be available. It's such a hustle having to go out from shop to see which achievement we want to fill. And the pams should always be shown too. The inventory is kinda messed up, maybe we need extra inventory that we don't carry around, or different tab for things we want to use later/to classify things.
i really like this game to be honest but i have a slight problem with the app. i installed it and played for a good few hours but when i tried to press start it forcibly kicked me out of the app so i don't really know what's going with the game and i hope you fix it pretty soon cause it's a very cool game
The game is cute but the daytime is to short. The plants are very little. I don't know but I have nothing to do only care about my plants and after a while this can be boring
Unsolicited ads (after you sleep) make the solicited ads (buff and seeds) "run out" because it plays too frequently. Help me help you and disable those if you still want me to watch ads, otherwise I'll block all of them.
Love the concept. Easy to play and very entertaining. I ended up finishing the storyline and continued playing.
It's a pretty cool game I don't like all the ads and runs but I understand as developers this is how you pay to make your game better I also appreciate the nostalgic is me pretty good game all around
It's a fun game to me, the below will be the small curious and feedback 1. Would be better if the map getting expend 2. If the interact with the avatar in side can be more will be better, the relationship is like stop at 100 and nothing else I can do 3. Is it the additional price will stop at 15%๏ผŸmine one now at 15% and no matter how i achieve the target, the percentage is remain the same Hope there will be more updates for this game, cheers๏ผโœจ
Fun and very relaxing. Cute characters too. I just started playing it but I hope it offers more than just farming. But, for now I'm pretty satisfied with it.
The game freezes during Spring 19. Too bad, I really enjoyed the game and it was really cute to play. Not complicated and had funny characters. Any advice please? I tried uninstalling it and clearing the data and cache. Reinstalled it but still nah. The game's really good, hope it'll be fixed. Thank you
I like the game it reminds me of harvest moon that I've loved playing. There isn't any interaction with objects, that would be fun, increasing the number of quests, and small games inside would be great too. I just paid the first rent I can't say more but overall I like it
Its adorable!!!!! I grew up playing "Harvest Moon" on the Game Cube. The art is cutsie, you can have a family, you raise money to stay on the island.. Animals to care for.. Its got so many similarities with some different spins that make this game a really entertaining, educational for kids learning budgeting skills, and tons more. Thank you!!
I like the game, it's cute, the controls are easy and the music is nice. However, time passes VERY quickly, and it's SUPER easy to take too many actions when farming, which makes running out of energy easy too. I feel like the mailbox and wheelbarrow should be moved, or not have useable ground around them, cuz I keep accidentally checking the mail, or get a request to 'fill wheelbarrow with hay?' when I don't even have animals yet. Also, character movement is a tad too fast.
amazing pixel art. gameplay is a good pace but repetitive. the quests are frequent. the overall game is relaxing and a feel-good experience.
The game was really fun for a few weeks but it is sooo tacky. By tacky I mean the ads.... the ads between the games when the main character was asleep is sooooo annoying.Then the rent was getting higher everytime you played it. I can't get to the next season without paying this overprice rent by selling C or B level crops.
I LOVE THIS GAME. But i need more storage systems ๐Ÿ˜ญ.I grow too much until i maxed all storage before payday. im already on the unlimited side of the game so i'd appreciate if you'll upgrade the storage systems.
I really like this game I even drew a little comic about it. It gets a little grindy but it's a farming game so that's a given. Cute art and diologue, well worth a play =)
I enjoy the game. But it would be more enjoyable if the rent is fixed to a certain amount. Also, a goal to achieve to get our own house as well fix it up. A storage unit would be nice. Maybe able to cook? Have our own store possibly? Able to create our own clothes maybe? There's a list of suggestions I could give u. Also, remove the push ads pls.
I'm in love with this game, the story is so cute and funny. It's also a great game to pass the time. I love how the princess got an attitude๐Ÿ˜‚. Im level 33 already and just played for 3 days, that shows how this game is catching. I also kinda like the way thay we go through a complete transformation from a princess to a simple farmer. Also if you are not good with time/money management this game can be a lottle hard. But even with the rent raising up its possible to enjoy the game ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
A very GOOD GAME...... BUT I think I have a few suggestions for the future update,1)We can explore in a cave where we can go mining and do some quest...2) We can have our own real home and also decorate it...I think that's all...... plss READ THIS...
It has been so good, even though I'm a noob One suggestion is to make the game so you can choose which gender you are. That's just about it.
This game is one of my favourite game ever! I really enjoy playing this game. Actually i'm in love with pixel game and farm, then this game have both <3 it will be fun if we can decorate our home someday.
This is a cute pixelated farming game with simple gameplay and storyline. Tips: 1) try to upgrade your tools and clothes when you have the funds so that you can increase your character's abilities faster 2) fill up your watering can before you go to bed so you don't spend your valuable HP on it in the morning 3) buy the most expensive, Prolific crops everyday so you are only planting the crops with most yield/most expensive and therefore get more money when you sell them in the box. ๐Ÿ˜Š Have fun!
I love the concept of the game, reminds me of harvest moon. What annoys me is the price of the rent. Is there no way to make it fixed at certain amount so i don't worked my butt off and nearly passed out for working too hard?
Honesty, I love the game. The problem is you use so my HP that you get nothing done and if you can't finish watering that day. Then your crops(afk your money) goes down the drain. So special seeds kiss them goodbye. It takes up HP to water and to get water as well, which makes it harder. Instead it should take HP to only make the patches, hoe them, and fish. Not to dig up the plants, water, and plant them.
Oh my gosh, I love this game, satisfying and cozy, a mini farming game you can play casually on your phone. It is exactly what I was dreaming of!
This is such a cute sweet little game, not really hard to play, and relaxing to pass the time. But after married with Ian, I've found a bug which I got a quest from him and I can't access it and can't talk about it inside our house. Could you please fix this? Thankyouโ™ฅ๏ธ
So far I really like it! It's so cute an fun, but I cant seem to get a fishing pole yet. Also it suck that I cant give gifts to anne or charlie or even elder :(
Game is cute which is only reason I'm bothering to rate. Repetitive level 1-15 the rent keeps raising last one 30k which takes time at my current level. Some skills are insane amounts of money given what you make . Nice rewards randomly from quests. Don't use lotto on rainy days anymore. 2k a pop and never get anything worth what it costs. Fishing about same feeling there. Will update review if it gets better.
I really am loving this cute game! But I just want to ask, or maybe its a bug afterall but even if I reach the maximum capacity of the warehouse for Burke to buy, it didn't trigger additional percentage, I'm stuck at 15% increase. :(
It is super fun. You know how in a lot of games similar to this one, you have to pay real world money to get further in the game? It is not at all necessary to get far in this game. Spending money on this game is something you would do simply to support to developer of this game. Very fun. Highly recommend!
It's a cute game, but I think the prices that you need to pay is quite expensive and it doesn't really save your vegetables if you fail that certain level.
I usually just write "AMAZING, good game" But this is a whole 'nother level. I LOVE how cute the girl is and how simple and dumb the story is, and not alot to read. I love and hate the the work is hard which is realistic... The fact that u need to wait 3-20 game days so it actually grows, and some plants die from rain or if u didn't water it. But seriously.... I recommend this game OuO
Very fun, and easy to figure out. I didnt think id like it at first but its worth a play, i gave it only 4 stars cause id like to see what else you add
It's a fun game, days go by too quickly, and whats with the constant increase in rent? Edit; 5 stars because it is a good game and it's still in development. I sometimes forget this rating is for game play, not all the things we personally dislike. Good game. Please keep updating. Lots of potential.