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The Elements: Sand Game

The Elements: Sand Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by IDKJava located at IDKJava 750 N Shoreline Blvd #41 Mountain View, CA 94043. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Simple Elments nothing really interesting. Not really good physics pr graphics. You can't make custom Elements or it will just crash. Boring.
I like the custom elements but I want that like custom element will freeze,melt into another custom element
THIS GAME IS SO COOL! I mean like you get to create an element that you want isnt that cool! Here is what I am feeling right now.😁
Its a really fun sand game, one of the best I've seen for mobile yet. I specially like making my own elements that is something unique, though something I do wish for is being able to make my custom elements turn into other custom elements under temperature conditions, ie making a wax element that is solid at room temp and liquid when heated, but seeing as I cannot make it turn from my element solid wax to the other element liquid wax it kinda defeats the purpose.
I have an sd card mounted but it always says no sd card found Also can you please add a feature where i can save without an sd card pls i cant make elemements. (This happened again)
I've been installing this game on my phones for years now, possibly even since this was a new app. It's been like a test: phones used to slow down badly when too much was happening onscreen, but each upgrade made it a bit better. Now it's silky smooth, no matter what I try. This is one of the best time wasting apps I've ever had and I've spent countless hours playing and experimenting with all the different elements.
Why can I not use custom elements as the lower element for other custom elements Also 3 different purchases for all the features.not cool For such a simple game quite priceg
Pretty good please add more elements and radiation plus more electricity and ma ke it so you can use custom elements in a custom elament editor please
Great Game, But Add A Way (Like a New Tool) To View The Heat Of An Object, Or Heat It Up\Cool It Down, That (Or New Materials) Would Make It A Five Star.
it would be better if i could take the elements i have created and make them interact with other ones i create and can edit the already created ones
There are other sandbox games out there, but this does something way better than the others: CUSTOM ELEMENTS!.... however the drawback is you cannot make a custom element reference a custom element when melting and freezing, so to me it felt like a perfect unique feature half done, if that was added, so one could for example... make "lava cheese" melt into "mozarrella" and freeze into "cheeze blocks", it would be worth spending money on and add a whole new level of fun
Feb 2021 amd it keeps crashing. When I click Fix Me....nothing happens except for a blank square appears on my screen. Update????? Will someone please explain what the ants and mosquitos do? The termites tear up wood which is awesome....but what about the damn mossys and ants????? I use this game to relax before bed....fun!
So I paid you $5 for the space pack and it's still locked and demanding more money. I want a refund, this is glitchy and unacceptable. Fix this before someone decides to make a much bigger deal out of it than just asking for a refund. If you say someone will get something if they give you money and you don't provide it that is false advertising at the least and maybe even malicious at worst.
With a Samsung Galaxy s5 mini device I am not able to run this game smooth. I am not sure if the game is just made like that or it is an actual problem.
This game is great. The element creator has a lot of potential, but make it so custom elements can melt into/freeze into/ interact with other custom elements, and make it so you don't need an SD card to load/save them
I play with falling sand sims a lot, and this one is one of my favorites. Custom elements are fun, especially if you are replicating elements from other falling sand sims. Creating new elements this way almost becomes a puzzle through trial and error, which adds even more replayability.
Please add features change colour (on contact whith costom and bult-in elemens) and glow ill be reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyyy happy if you could. Ill rate this app 5 stars
Very fun game I used to play a lot a few years back. Unfortunately on my current device, the application oddly crashes after using termites on wood.
Why on earth this app needs access to so much information is beyond me. A shame too, because it looks enjoyable. Maybe don't harvest my data, then I'll give this game five stars.
Ised to be one of my favorite apps with no adds! Lost stars recently dir unnecessary permissions and advertisey popups. Why ruon such a great game!! 😢 😡
This game is great. The element creator has a lot of potential, but make it so custom elements can melt into/freeze into/ interact with other custom elements.
love this game cause you can see what will happen in real life #⃣1⃣💯💖💖💖💞💞💋💖💯#⃣1⃣#⃣1⃣
I can't make custom elements.It always crashes. So PLZ Fix it. Also if needed my Android is version 2.3.7. And it also says SD Card inaccessible.
Hey, I haven't been able to access the sharing feature for a long time. I haven't brought it up until now because I assumed there were other people having the same issues... Every time I go to the sharing screen, it says I'm having a network error and to check my connection, even when I'm connected to Wi-Fi or 4G mobile data... Please fix! I miss it!
IDKjava you should definitely improve this app, I've been using it for years and I'd like to see it get better over time. EDIT 1: Nice, I've played this since highschool I'll keep it all in mind because you will definitely hear from me again 👍
I liked this game. But one of the sad things was it was way to glitchy for example when I tried to use my custom element I went back in to the sand box and it would not let me select it it would not even let me select an element so yeah that's why it's only 3 stars
That's the only problem, cause I cant save elements. I have an sd card mounted, yet it cant recognize it, yet my phone recognizes it. Please fix this, id be more than willing to give 5 stars, only this consistant issue with this app specifically stops me.
Cool and I really injoy it but you need to add a little bit more science and put pls upgrade the game with a tutorial and show what everything does and make sure you deffintly put more free 🔧 s.sorry but i dont want to buy anything.I hist want to test and create.thx
I think this needs a zoom anyone else?*Uninstalls* also the wallpaper (live falling sandwallpaper)not the best
It's a great game but a bit plain after a while so if you can could you add more features and stuff and elements plz
It's great but there are a few glitches like how custom elements don't seem to affect elements given the option for that element to be melted, destroyed or something along those lines.