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The Deer God

The Deer God for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Crescent Moon Games located at 488 Charlton Road Ballston Spa, New York 12020. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Kept Getting Stuck At 92% No matter what I did I was stuck at 92%! I tried everything! But nothing worked :(
Great game, I played the free version a few years ago and I loved it. And now that I found it again I bought the game, though I was very disappointed when I couldn't finishthe game because of the bugs and I'm stuck in a loop. =( I'm sad to say this was a waste of money and I want a refund.
i completed everything but my precent stays at 92%. i got all the elements and relics and every item, i killed all the bosses too and yet i still cant progress. and once i did get the relic and went on the relic thing, all what happened was the deer god saying one life left and me dyeing.
Its alright. Basically a running game since you just gotta run right. Bosses are cool. Survival aspect with hunger bar. 4☆ because there is no ending. It stops at 92% without ever being able to complete.
The Deer God has an amazing plot and graphics. It has this aura of mystery and it's pretty interesting. Now, there is a big "but". It is riddled by bugs. They are everywhere, no matter what you do. From not being able to jump correctly, to falling out of bounds when the crocodiles attack (or don't), to ending in an infinite loop of dying and reviving, it is nearly impossible to play. And when it's possible, it's no fun at all because you can never know when bugs will be back.
I had a lot of issues. I don't know if it's my fat fingers, but I cannot control the deer. I do not understand the choice of graphic and I want to turn off the music, but not the sound effects. I also have a hard time understanding the objectives?
So I was honestly looking through new games since I got play pass, and honestly, I love this game do much, it keeps you entertained, the graphics are beautiful, but it can become frustrating when you die.
A really good game, although I still have problems on how to end it. I have 2 save slots in which one of them was unable to generate another platform so I could proceed. Basically, the world didn't go on a loop or anything, the platform just ended. If I walk through it, I'll fall out of the map and somehow went back to a random spot until I run back there again to fall on the same spot. *spoilers* The second save was really frustrating, I managed to insert the last relic, but nothing actually happened. I've searched it up and after that part you were supposed to choose to be a deer or go back as a human. So I quit the app and closed it and then opened it again, nothing changed. I can't seem to activate the altar. Would be a lot more fun if it was not this buggy and glitching.
Awesome game, pushes you to think outside the box, gives you an amazing game play with a big world of story. Haven't been this invested in a game in a long time. Thank you
This game could have been one of the greatest android game out there if only it had been polished a little. Collision bugs, quest spoilers in the journal, and a lot of other little problems are making it hard to recommend. Yet, I still like it. It's just not as good as it could have been.
I really love this game! but who is this person who said that it makes farcry 4 look like a petting zoo? man thats a really bad review.
This is very good game, but i noticed some glithes that u guys cant ignore: whn u die first time thre comes "one life left" ok. I tried to finish this game, but every time i kill the eagle and go to the althar then it suposed to give me a choise right? But every time i put this last golden-plate to altar it sais "one life left" it wont let me choose And after that i even cant do anything bc the last golden-plate is already at altar and i could not end the game as it use end. Can u pls fix that ☺
This game is very unique, and its mechanics are deceptively deep. The one thing you really need to keep in mind, however, is that this game DOES NOT HOLD YOUR HAND!!! Despite having quite a lot of interesting mechanics (from what I can tell), only a few are ever really explained to the player, and even then the explanations can be somewhat cryptic. Most people will HATE that, and even I find it quite frustrating at times. This is an exploration game in many senses of the word.
I paid for a game that doesn't properly work. It's incredibly short (about 9 minutes of total gameplay) and when i arrive to the (i suppose) final scene with all the relics on the altar nothing else happen and there is nothing to do. The graphics and the idea itself of the game are really great, i loved it, but in my opinion doesn't worth the money. If the creators will fix those issues I'll be happy for them to keep all the money, But until then, I'd like to ask for refund.
Can't get past the first screen. Not sure if it glitched or just really not intuitive, but the game isn't special enough to make me want to figure it out in either case.
Beautiful game to look at. Controls are clunky and it's not always clear what you need to do. Gameplay is awful, you can get stuck somewhere and have to wait to starve to death, sometimes I respawned as an animal that couldn't jump. Some parts are so fiddly to get around and are mostly down to you landing in the right place by chance.
Thanks for fixing the red deer glitch. But i find out that there is new glitches now. 1. All the sand in the game is just colored black now. 2. When i die first time there wont come that "one life left". And when i finish the eagle and go to the althar, then it suposed to be giving me a choise, but there only will be that "one life left" and nothing else. When i try to go again it wont work any more, bc the "golden thing" is allready in althar. Its my favorite game. Can you pls fix that :)
You can barely see your character on the screen, and the controls are terrible. You're constantly falling off of cliffs and I have no idea what the 3 bars represent at the top of the screen. One is probably health, another hunger? Idk this game doesn't explain much. At least I didn't directly pay for it. It's on the game pass.
Its a very beautiful game, but there are many glitches, sometimes my deer gets stuck in a rock and sinks down into a hole and cant get out because ya know the rock is covering it, this one time the whole entire game world got cut off and half of the world was normal and the rest was white. Overall its a great game 4 stars
I like the story and the graphics but thats about it. Controls are ok but a bit buggy. Also i was supposed to get some kind of bark after the third relic to give to a witch but i dont have it apparently. The game keeps looping back to her house but for some reason she just turns me into a frog. Please help
Weird and not very fun. I don't even know what I'm doing. Run right and jump over things. Does food make me grow? Should I fight? Do I have abilities? I'm supposedly 20% through the game and nothing has happened.
the powers malfunction and dont work, different saves = new issues like no powers. a loop. glitch. stuck in an area. no ending. lack of mission completion because of a loop. your defenseive powers not working. eneemies killing u why the game freezes. you need to fix this game. it seems great but in the end screws us over for our money.
It could be awsome at some point,but theres something that make this game little bit annoying,especially the control button,it was too small and for some 4 inches phone user,its hard to click on the attack button,i hope u can make this game better,dev.
Genuinely lovely visuals and music sadly pair with poor SFX, way-too-twitchy controls and a general sense of ennui in this endless runner.
The pixel retro graphics still deliver and I really love the sound and music of this game. What takes me out of the experience though is the confusion if I really finished the story mission already since I already gathered the last relic and I still haven't arrived in the ending. That's why I will give it 3 stars due to some game progress bugs.
I got to play for a little bit before the game crashed and I can no longer open it, which is pretty disappointing for a paid app
I noticed that when i loaded a save, my offspring would disappear, though that was annoying the worse part was when I had reached the divine level of good, died with no deer skulls, watched the cut scene, then i was set to neutral, lost much of my quest progress and spawned in a platform. The stats on my save file icon remained the same besides to deer age. Otherwise, great game with very beautiful graphics (especially the lighting) and interesting puzzles.
Amazing game very perfect idea. A SO cool graphic and dynamic weather and stage change.cool day and night cycle.forest desert and even so much cute area .very detail idea of good journey.nice animals and hunters in the i think one of the finest game on play store.weldon i realy like to play very nice time pass game abd very addictive and the game is me fresh and cool.
This could've been a really great game, but as others have stated, the controls are really bad. Over half the time you hit the attack button or try to eat the food it just doesn't work at all. What a bummer.
The graphics are beautiful but tbe coding could be worked on. I guess i had a glitch or something but when i spawned it summons me as a porcupine or i glitch through the floor. And then do an update so where you are on the highest of cliffs, it pans outeard so you dont have to guess whats below you
I love deer God because it tells you a story and how it feels like to be a deer to teach a lesson 🙂
It's a good game with good story and a graphics! But the ending is completely unavailable for this version and from what I can tell, the devs haven't done anything about that issue. I definitely recommend it as long as you don't mind having to look up the ending in youtube or something.
the game is super addictive, the graphics and music are amazing as well. my only problem is that certain puzzles glitch or won't solve on different play throughs.
Where do I begin, I played a long time ago, everything worked great, no issues, and now, wth is this, it's so buggy, textures are missing, I keep clipping through things, AND THE ENDED ISN'T WORKING, I was excited when I got all the relics, found the alter, "you have one life left" okay? I have an extra life, but WTV, HA, nope, that was it, that was the "ending", a simple cut scene you get if you have no extra lives and you just died, trash and disappointment, smh, wish I could get my money back
This is outstanding! I am addicted to this game, it's tactical and absolutely beautiful! I really love pixel games, I have been playing for a year now, but we had to get it on this phone again because my iPad had been broken. Still, amazing game and graphics! I'll never quit this game, would recommend to animal lovers.
The game is so buggy that a couple times i got sent out of bounds when respawning, one time I respawned as a fox and that apparently wasn't supposed to happen, some puzzles would softlock me in a wall, and the ending didn't even trigger when I went to the pedestal the final time. Instead of the ending I got a white screen that said "one more life" and spawned me back in, which is apparently not what was supposed to happen when I looked it up.
When i beat the eagle and got the relic the deer said 1 life left as if i died and i didnt even get to see the ending. This happened twice on two save files
Oh comeon i was having so much fun and then the stupid deer clipped through the floor and died.. Fix the bugs people -_-
Repetitive boring game with inconsistent controls and an infantile attempt at a morality lesson. Shouldnt have bothered to try to finish it (which I couldn't, because the ending glitched).
Everything is good exept that we cant see our surrounding more i die because the camera wont show me where the hell the spikes are when im going down a cliff but i love your game