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The Curse of the Mushroom King

The Curse of the Mushroom King for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Bad Viking located at 85 Wellstead Way, Hedge End, SO30 2BH. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just one request.. pleaseee make moree games like this one. It's the only one that I liked from HO games of these types. The other HO games from other makers suck big time. I usually uninstall them halfway. But kudos to you, u are the only exception. 5 stars for sure!!! More Pleasee !!
Super cute and quick game. Humourous hints with a simple story line made this game fun to play... Just wish the app developers made more episodes.
I feel I would've liked this game, but the controls ruined it for me right at the beginning. The auto - advance dialog combined with click to advance caused me to miss some text boxes entirely
Hey, this is EPIC! Oh my gosh this viking is constantly hitting my laugh nerves. He is so humorous lol, I really enjoyed those lines he said while I am attempting to apply something. Overall, the game is tricky, or you have to be creative enough to play it. I stucked for quite a long time at armadillo and the bookshelf part. Can't wait to play episode 2!
Fantastic game! Super cute, completely free, and no adds. It's fun, a bit challenging, totally unique and quite humorous too. One of my favorites. I would love it, if you made more point and click games. Wonderful job!
I loved it!! Even threw some money at ya! Since it said episode 1, does that mean we can expect more?!?! I hope so. I love his sarcasm directed at the player. Fun
Enjoyable. Very cute. I would play more games like this. It's short but they dont ask you to buy the game or powerups.
Bad glitch with the speech bubbles either missing, repeating, or freezing so I can't tell what the characters want/need. Still missing bubbles in first conversation with MK. Even after today's update. 18/10
Love it instantly and tipped. Hope you'll fix the speech bubbles. The pixels are all jumbled, can't play until it is fixed.
Potential for 5 stars but falls short. Dialog issues make the game unplayable. Items of use are sometimes to hard to see on smaller screens.
Could've been a potentially fun p&c adventure. Unfortunately it is almost unplayable, speech bubbles freezing (oftentimes not showing up at all). You end up having to guess your way around. I gave up after a while. Please fix.
I loved it. The illustration style, funny dialogue and crazy puzzles. The drunk Viking who just wants to paint was a particular favourite. Hope little bad Viking will have more adventures in the future!
It's the best, silly, one day-mind boggler, you'd love to play if you were me.... It's a bit short....but it's all right.πŸ‘πŸ‘
Was looking forward to this but none of thr dialogue was showing up. It could be because my android "is a newer version" as it said but that seems like a big flaw. Nice graphics otherwise
The game was pretty fun and kinda funny, puzzles were, well puzzling and yeah. Pretty good game overall.
As others have pointed out, issues with speech bubbles. Either don't display correctly, or aren't there at all. Shame, as I was looking forward to playing this!
What a cute little game. I think it's absolutely hilarious. The Bad Viking is sarcastic and totally makes fun of you for trying ridiculous things. Like when I tried combining the fish hook and the crow bar. He said, "The fish hook and crow bar. Really?" or " You've tried that three times already. What makes you think it'll work this time?" Developers must be pretty cool and unique ppl to come up with this one.
Fun point and click adventure. Most puzzles made sense at least. Sometimes, other point and click games don't make sense when putting things together. Sadly, there is a bug in the game. I managed to finish the game without giving the mushroom king the baked beans. I gave the hot sauce and apparently, I've collected all the ingredients then credits. After watching a walkthrough, I was correct. I didn't do any of the puzzles for the baked beans. Oh well, looking forward to next episode.
I think I may have enjoyed this game but issue is I can't read the conversations that may have been useful for next step. Texts were continuously not present and if it is, it just doesn't make sense. Please fix it.
Cool point and tap feature, but I can't see speech bubbles 80% of the time. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing or what's going on in the game. Thought it was a phone glitch at first, but I restarted the game, same issues on the same scenes.
Was not able to play as I was told that the app was an older version and my phone did not support it. Bummer.
Nice and funny. Bit tricky enough not to get the game boring. Like the Vilking talks, really amusing. Hope there will be more scenes!
Would have given it a higher score if it weren't for the speech bubble glitch that makes it nearly impossible to play. Seriously, what are your developers doing? You'd think they'd be intelligent enough to read the damn comments and see there is a glaring issue with their app that basically ruins the game.
I love the sense of humor in this game, and the way the creative puzzles make you think. My one complaint is that it is so short! Hoping for additional content soon, or a longer sequel, or something like that.
Glitches aplenty and dialogs not showing up. The graphics look good enough and the few dialogs I can read are clever. A pity I cannot even complete the game because of the glitches.
Loved it. Quirky, funny, and devious-but-not-too-much. Managed to finish it without any hints or guide. I hope you make more such adventures... like a few sequels? β˜ΊπŸ‘
Super charming game! It's kinda short, but So delightfully quirky! The walkthrough ends up being a necessity at some points, as some solutions are so crazy they would be almost impossible to figure out otherwise. But, the walkthrough is really great too! It tries to give you hints so you can figure it out yourself, and only shows you the answer if you really want it.
I love point and click adventures, and this was a pretty good one! It was a little short, but it was free so who could complain? I got stuck a few times and had to consult an online walkthrough, but it has cute characters and mostly logical combinations/progression. Definitely a must download! (And tip them at least $.99!)
So the speech bubbles also weren't working when I played on my Samsung Galaxy s6. So I decided to download it on my LG tablet and everything worked better there. So maybe a larger device is better? Anyways, I really enjoyed the game. Definitely need more similar games to this. Just need to fix the speech bubbles and smoother controls (since there was a lag). But it's free so.. Good job!
Some of the puzzles really cause you to think and frankly, I would have been dissapointed if all the puzzles were super easy and the dialogue isn't half bad either. Breaks the fourth wall a few times for laughs.
Awesome! Had real fun with the characters! The monologues by the Viking were spot on! The controls felt a bit buggy on the first screen - the viking couldnt move onwards to the next screen. After several tries, I finally got him to. And the artwork could be a bit more larger to the find the lever, for example. Other than that it was a great gameplay.
Liked it very much until I found I couldn't finish it as crowbar will not work on the crates please please please fix or advise me on what I've done wrong. Will change my rating as soon as this is fixed as it would then deserve 5 stars and a donation. Using a Samsung tablet.
great humour, really lovely graphics and interface works perfectly on android. thanks for making this game, please make more
very cute, whimsical story, good controls, etc. really enjoyed how the character reacted to some attempted combinations with funny stuff other than just "that won't work," that added a lot of extra fun. the guide linked was the perfect amount of helpful without automatically giving away everything too, in case you get stuck. overall fantastic game, definitely would recommend :)
Text box are either missing altogether or the text is partially missing. Just walking around randomly tapping things cuz I have no idea what to do. Uninstalling.
Played this for twenty minutes and uninstalled it. Clumsy gameplay & I don't appreciate the snarky comments from the main character! Not awful for a free game but it just wasn't for me.
Fun. I love point and click adventures like this. Weird that the crowbar and the scissors stay in your inventory after you used them while every other item disappears once you can't use them anymore, so I kept trying to figure out what else to do with them which took up a lot of time.
As other people have said, I'm having problems with speech bubbles now appearing or being unreadable, it's a shame, it's lovely animation and has potential
I would even purchase this game if I were able to see the speech bubbles from the characters. They either don't show, show as fire, smoke or just glitch all together. Please fix this.
Lovely little game, that has very clear goals and controls. The story is fine, but very short. But amazing for a free game: no ads, a fun world, I'd definitely reccommend playing it.
Really enjoyed this game, fantastic way to kill a couple of hours. Also like the tips jar in the corner as optional payment (I did tip) please please more of these games
Only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was the chat bubbles messing up. Otherwise it was perfect. Felt so much like the old monkey island games. Wish it could have been longer tho.
Most of the speech bubbles do not show up during "conversations" between characters. There are no voices, only speech bubbles, so having most of them not show makes it impossible to play. Uninstalling.
I enjoyed this game, but found it glitching A LOT. Textures of objects went in place of the speech bubbles occasionally, and it I really wanted to see what they said I sometimes needed to click on the conversations a few times before being able to read the stuff. Sometimes I didn't even bother. The game would lag, but it was good. If you want a funny Game that is nicely challenging, get this, but be prepared for the glitches :)
Awesome! It's cute, fun, medium difficulty, it checked all the boxes. My only constructive criticism is that a zoom feature would be nice, because some of the items you search for are quite small and very difficult to see.
It seems it would be a great click and play but I am having the same problem as other players. Speech bubbles freezing or not showing at all. It's no fun having to use a walk through for hints as to what needs to be done. Please fix then a 5 star rating is waiting for you. I have a Hauwei P9
The game was awesome I was I was a little surprised that it was there was no curse at all either way it's greatπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜
This is an animated point and click. Plus it has humor. Pretty good for a free game. Took a couple hours. Had to get a hint or two from the game's website because they were silly concoctions that you wouldn't think to put together to solve. That made it fun.
I am not giving any stars because when I pased over the cupboard that helps you retrieve the bottle from the water. The item was not there when I opened the door. Why can you not retrace your steps? This does not make sense. You can not finish the game with out this game piece.
I want to love this game. It looks cute and like I'd enjoy it. But nothing works right and 90% of the time the characters text boxes don't show up. I was hoping for an update that fixed it but no such luck.
I really enjoyed playing this game. I hope the developer makes more of this kind or adds in another story line. It's fun, it's free and if I had to pay to play the next one, I would!
Super cute, quirky and best of all it's completely free with no ads. It's a bit short but since it says episode one I'm assuming there will be another game.
Loved it! Can't wait for the next episode. Tricky but fun! Keep up the good work. I appreciate the "tip jar" as well, got a laugh and a bit of generosity. ;)
Loved the story line and the characters. A few of the puzzles were challenging which I loved! Generally a great little game. Bad Viking should be proud ❀
Fun game. Slightly challenging and very sarcastic. It was worth the time and effort to download and play. Dripping with sarcasm!🀣 like damn bra.
Brilliant game, I get so fed up of the cardboard cut out duplicate games on Google store, but then sometimes I find a real gem like this one. Bit short, but I understand there are limits to what small indie developers can do without enough funding
Can't finish the game since the crowbar won't work on the crates. Fed up with the lagging. Very disappoint.
Make MORE games like this one, pretty pleeeeease? It was so cheeky, lighthearted & intriguing that I never wanted it to end! β˜… Very well done, guys β˜…
That tip jar needs to add a funny hat or something... only complaint... would take no time at all to program in πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
As it stands, it's been over a month since the dialogue complaints began and they've still not been addressed. :-/
Although there are humorous parts to this game, it allows for no freedom. Everything is only accomplished one way. You cannot use random items as you wish, only as the developers planned.