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The Cube

The Cube for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by All3Media International Ltd located at 168-173 High Holborn London WC1V 7AA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Had 6 goes and completed it twice. The other 4 times I got to 100.000 and lost because 1.I sneezed 2.a bird flew at my eye 3.fell asleep while on toilet and 4 a man shouted at me so I got scared and threw phone in river....needs more games...If your going to pay for this then be warned you have to pay 70p for more games! 8==✊=DπŸ’¦ 😝
I bought the game and i dont like it ,but i cant get a refund.I appreciate the fact you gave me a refund since i had to buy it twice becuase it glithced out, but i would be more grateful if i got a refund since i dont like the game. Thank you so much i appreciate the fact that your the only game that listens to my complaint
All 4 profiles have the same tasks to complete which makes the game unchallenging. If you want to add new tasks to the game you have to pay more. The moving controls are a little difficult to manage such as tilting the phone to view and pick up the balls and also the arrow to move to where you want to drop.
It didn't matter what I did but all I got to see was the audience. How can you play a game when you can't see the cube game. Don't buy this game. I want my money back
Would like more games as I keep getting the same ones over and over again were is the one that u have to put blocks up or Roll the Ball into a hole Etc... Please get more games as I've already got 250k 3 times last time was with 6 life
The game is horrible and why haven't u gave me back my refund? I want it back ur quick enough taking it from us but as soon as someone has a negative feedback ur slow as hell!!! Other people r going to read this and not going to look good on you so hurry up NOW!!!! πŸ˜¬πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
frustrating as Multisphere will not allow me to complete game no matter how i have tried game won't open and also my daughter having same problem. not installed on sd card. come on the makers if cant dolve this problem after so many people stating the same stop taking their money until sorted.
Extra games are too expensive. Can be difficult turning screen to count squares etc. Why can't we put our names in profiles ? . also it would be good to have the option to take turns between players instead of having to watching one person play all their goes at once. Still not a bad game good graphics and sound.
The games quite good, some puzzles are tricky. There are some quite difficult to figure out with tablet physics but overall worth Β£1.50
Great app but I got to the Million pound game and I simplified and it crashed, PLEASE FIX THAT GLITCH!!!!!!
the game is good but the cylinder wont slide up to release the balls in the challenge multisphere. so unable to carry on if that game comes up
Doesn't even load on my tablet.. Pay money for ir not to work!! Disgusting just a way to make money!!
Absolutely loved this game from the moment I brought it, and I'm so glad to be able to switch between the classic and modern versions of the show. The only thing I'd like to bring up is that since the latest update, I've noticed that games seem to repeat themselves in Challenge mode, commonly Circumvent and Reaction. For example, I'll complete Reaction for the 50K game, then the 100K is Reaction again in the same playthrough. Other than that, a really good game πŸ‘
Brilliant game. Always loved the cube. But, they need to fix the simplify bug because whenever you press simplify, the game crashes, doesn't simplify and you have to start the whole game again. I was on the Β£1,000,000 game. I simplified and it crashed so please sort this out!! Thankyou
The game is great, just whenever I try to simplify, the game crashes every time. Good game overall though..
This instructions to play each of the challenges on here are hard to follow. What's missing from this game is the guy (woman?) in the white suit actually showing you how to do the challenge before each one begins. Where is he/she? I have this game on Nintendo 3DS and it is much easier to understand what you are supposed to do because the white suited guy (woman?) appears and shows you, just like on the t.v show.
Not a bad game but precision is beyond a joke. Lost all lives on that and no matter how high or low the ball will not land in the tank so either update it or take the pile of trash out. I will add another star if this gets sorted as it's beyond a joke.
U too can actually get to play in the cube!! N play some of the hardest games known to the entire uk! U can pretend phillip schofield just told u how to do it without even being in the studio! Find out what happens after the break... πŸ˜‚
I've given it just 3 stars, I found the games virtually impossible to complete so I eventually removed the app in the end πŸ‘A BIG THUMBS UP TO THE APP DEVELOPER FOR MAKING SUCH A SUPER APP THOUGHπŸ‘
Clearly didn't expect it to be the same as it is on the TV, but this was ridiculous! It actually gave me vertigo just looking at the screen. You should be able to remain in a static position not rotate like you're on an axis!
Rubbish! The game does not fit on the screen making it impossible to play!! You can't see the buttons or the timer so you end up failing the whole time!! You can't rescale the screen to make everything fit so it's pointless downloading it!
This would be way more fun if used with virtual reality headset... Ive always wanted to feel what it feels like in the cube
Needs so many more games! Shatter needs to be updated All levels need to change their difficulty as Β£100k is the same as Β£2k. Also multisphere is too easy. Also i can never play balance on the real. Tower is too difficult, as when I complete it just lets the tower fall. Aldo Axis no longer has the blue button
Absolutely poor it freezes on the name of the game as soon as i open the app ive uninstalled it and installed it again but still same thing and nothin happns after so i cant even play the game to see wot its like its the show that made me download it and now it doesn't even work not happy about it if there woz a option for 0 stars i would click on that instead of clicking on 1 star its a waste of time and a waste of storage
Needs so many more games! Shatter needs to be updated All levels need to change their difficulty as Β£100k is the same as Β£2k. Also multisphere is too easy. Also i can never play balance on the real. Tower is too difficult.
Cant even download the apo its dtupid saying i havent enough storgae i deleted everything off me phone and its still saying i havent enough storage
Incredibly unresponsive on some and the fact you also have to turn the cube around to get some of the games working mid play makes them impossible. Got refunded.
Great game, my only moan is that you need direction navigational buttons on all the games so turning your body around is quicker and more realistic. The Million Pound Cube has gone and is replaced by the Β£250,000 version, is it a glitch.
This game can be fun, but I can't find fun in it. Tower's blocks literally push themselves off despite being balanced fine, and on rhe pole one my character ALWAYS goes a few steps off the path a draw, causing it to go out of the space. The physics in this game are infuriating and I hope to see them fixed.
Great game, my only moan is that you need direction navigational buttons on all the games so turning your body around is quicker and more realistic.
Paid apps always seem to have problems,camera needs to be worked on,some levels are failing because can't move the camera properly.
Can you add more games since The Cube has over 100 games and can you add 'the body' to demonstrate the game as well to make the game to have more experience.
After I updated the app, there were 6 game problems. Drop Zone, Multisphere, Navigate, Reset, Tally and Tower.
This game is a piece of shite the camera is too far zoomed in on the game so you can only see half the game so you can't complete the game as your supposed to be. This game needs taken down as it's false advatised saying what it does in the description. I want a reimbursement of my money i have payed for this shite other wise i will take this further ok
The game needs improvement, but it is still pretty realistic; aside from a few bugs and glitches, (Multisphere, for example) it was very enjoyable. Other than that, there needs to be more games because I know of at least 136 games (I haven't even watched the last eight episodes of the ninth season) and there's only 20 or 30 something in the game. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome.