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The Crypto Games: Bitcoin Tycoon

The Crypto Games: Bitcoin Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Black Bears located at Russia, Tambovskaya Oblast, Tambov, Studenetskaya 9. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice app I must say but if I can withdraw I will change it to five star because many app have wasted my airtime so now I am very careful so thanks for the app
Please my question hear is that is that how we will keep on playing the and there is nothing to cash out? Because for now I cannot rate more than one star since thare is no any benefit from it since when I have started playing the game I don't even understand what I am doing then I have to realize that I am building house office etc so please what is our benefits in this game ?.
When I had a black out /black screen,I had uninstalled,app/game,after a day,Then after re-installing,I was in league 17,Then going over my numbers I had been bumped down to league 20,less numbers on the green ,less numbers on the blue ,less numbers on the purple ,also my blue credit was back up,not at 40,I was just short of 80,000 taps,now I am at 77,332 taps or so,the only difference I had done was change player name from [email protected] to rezboi,would that have caused,the black out then reset me.
This is really a big scam. They advertise that bitcoin can be earn from playing but there is no bitcoin to be earn. There are tons of ads and i can't transfer to another phone when i change phone. I feel that it is really programmed in such a way that we as player watch ads to help them earn $$$. They are liars. I think Google are their associate and collude with them by allowing them here.
this is in the records side for this scanned but when call of the wild side to be safe than Google per best my setup and the best business ideas for this and all of the world markets it thank you
Fake and fraud, in the video it says we can cashout or transfer the money. However there is no such thing with this app. The 5* reviews are all fake. Its kind of click bait. Don't install.Check the Video at .11 it says you can cash out. However in on the reviews below, they mentioned that you cannoy cashout. Fraud and click Bait.
I love this game, my only problem is being unable to exchange it to real money. I can't even find the doubled arrow shown here in the game itself in order to exchange it to real money. Pls try to add it to the game so friends will stop asking me questions when I invite them to play the game.
DO NOT INSTALL! Endless ads at almost every click you make. Wanna see player rankings? Here's an ad! Ads should be optional, NOT automatically after almost every action you take. Also, you buy some artifacts, just to have a 2-hour virus to shut it down. Wanna get rid of the virus? Guess what! Spend some in-game points which you can buy with real money! Get outta here, here's your well deserved 1 star.
Love this game over all. Couple things. How do I cash out? 2nd I just bought a 9.99 card and didn't get my 1750 points. How do I get my points? But loving this game. Done. No customer support got new phone lost everything. On class 32. Can't cash out anything so rather spend my time with real pay outs and what not. Later but it is a fun game. Wish there was a real mining game like this one.
It's an interesting game But to improve the game, try to implement a plan that is real money withdrawal that encourages users to participate and play.
withdrawal not available and becoming a bit bored by the game now. it was alright at the beginning but I think I will loose it for something worth my time.
It's a cool game I would rate it 5 stars if it was a earning game I mean to say if you can actually earn real Bitcoin currency or real cash it would be the best game other than that is flawless but that's the only reason why I didn't give it a 5 star rating
I love this game and I've been playing it for 1 day. I just have a few questions Is this like real?. Can I sign up to have like a real user?. Thank you.
Is just a game and fun was looking for some money 💵 rewards something how long should one play to earn some thing
TO EVERYONE READING! THIS IS A GAME< YOU WILL NEVER GET REAL MONEY FROM THIS!! so not the worst i've seen, pretty decent incremental game. I'm sorry that everyone keeps blasting you with 1 star rating thinking that this will get real money, wich is very ludicrous expectation, but, i do honestly think that you might want to put in the desriptions some kind of disclaimer in the first line or two so it can be seen without expanding the details.
In store it says earn bitcoin but there is no bitcoin to be earned. The idea sucks. I thought the game was really low budget and only worth playing if I got bitcoin. Then I found out you don't get anything. The game is junk if I could give no stars I would.
Your not going to win anything, all the wins are awarded to the design team . After trying the game and spinning the wheel and it said you win it gave me "0.000000 " that's nothing for anyone who doesn't no how much I one. Fake fradulant app . Not uncommon here on the store . Seem like Google doesn't care about false advertising as long as they make money. Organized very well.
Fun but gets repetative, if there only was an auto-collect feature that would make the game more fun..
You can't withdraw any funds from this game. They don't exist. So you're left with a game that is just tapping repeatedly and watching ads. Literally no point in downloading this. Riddled with typos. All 5* reviews are a sham. A complete waste of time. BlackBears should clearly state there is no way to make any money playing this "game", but then no one would fall for your microtransactions, right? Why use the term "mine bitcoin" if you're not trying to dupe users? Unethical crook.
Although the Game is pretty Good. But the reason I am giving 1 star is when your device resets or you change your device, all your progress is lost. This is the worst experience.
Have played other games by this developer for a long time and enjoyed them, this game was ruined for me by the overabundance of ads within the first 5 minutes. Sad because it seems like a fun game, but $9.99 a month in order to not be bombarded by ads every 30 seconds is absurd.
the game is awesome. No adds, unless you want a 2× boost for profits or a free spin. One issue I'm having (just being picky lol) is the clicker button not big enough and sometimes won't register that I'm clicking. Otherwise I'd give 5 stars for such a good time passing clicker!
I gave 2 stars because The game its self is pretty kool but it seems like something is a bit off. I believe they use the players phone in order to mine crypto currency for them selves. Mobile Phones don't mine much but imagine 40,000 phones using the app it adds up to a nice chunk of change with lil to no work. Oh also the ads are ridiculous why have so many ads to mess up the game?
The ads really are unbearable, and 10/month for no ads is a terrible price point for an idle game. I would GLADLY play, say $.99 a week to get rid of ads, because I get that you guys need to make a profit. And to be fair, most ads are skippable after 5 seconds. But if you play a game for an hour a day, with a 10 second pop up every 2 minutes, you get increasingly frustrated with it.
Means of withdraw of activities is not available on the platform. It's just keep on Manning and reply to mail sent for withdraw of activities was not received. It would have been one of the best platform to make money if the options are well spelt out for the users but reverse is the case because those I tried to share the platform with could not continue with it. Thanks.
I don't know if the game is good or not. There were ads almost every time I switched menu screens, and the only way to get rid of them is a monthly subscription the same cost as most AAA MMOs.
Very laggy and slow, has a lot of forced Advertisements that don't get you anything at all and there is pretty much 0 interactions with the game except buying new "/s" buildings and clicking.
Its a cool game and you get increments of bitcoin that you can invest and earn more. Thanks. I love it !!!!
Perfect I knowledge gained in joyless good game that give me good sense of knowledge and teaches me good basically skills and experience of how to handle business and build it and even to growth it
The game UI is not suitable for me. Hard to upgrade and build new building. Especially, there are so many pop up ads. And, it's an online game which is not really reliable.
Not a bad game alright time waster and not that bad to get through although I would like a way to stop the vibration that happens when I tap to collect the money and having the vibration while spamming the multiplyers is a bit annoying and will admit the ads that pop-up when doing something trivial like buy a single upgrade dose get a but frustrating but overall not a bad game apart from the bit obsessive Ada and the vibrations per tap ( I don't know if there is a way to stop it)
If you plan to download this, the bitcoin isn't real. It's a fun game, just dont expect any real cash. Many of the bad reviews are from people who can't read and didn't know that the bitcoin wasn't real. Its a good game for people who enjoy tycoon simulators.
"If can create a Game" that not only Black Bear can make Money but Players also make Real Money From the paid you get from advertising company 10:2 ratio There could be a lot of people glad to Play it, I quite sure Im the first one to play and share that Game( Player Watching and Playing time must be limited) ...Otherwise You need to think about your Players healthy and Earth'
Well it was fun until I just found out it is not real. You see I had mine bit coins at one time and I found out when I was waiting to for them to give my bit coins they had packed up and I never got them and they had 4 bit coins and I got nothing and I worked my butt off and i was devastated. And now I am effing mad if you make a game and use bit coins as a way To make money on your site then you should tell your players its not real. This is the second time. Xwave47
The game could be fun. But the ads are invasive, at the point I play as much as I'm watching ads. Everytime I'm doing a common upgrade I'm afraid to trigger an ad. Also everything in the game is focused to make you watch something. Basically, you want to play the game if you accept to watch ads again and again. You can't even buy something on the store that remove the ads. That mean even if you spend a lot of money you will have to eat an ads almost every 2 minutes. Not even a game.
Its not what I hoped it was im trying to make get real cash so far like every other fake game promising a payout im left shaking my head, yet maybe im wrong and if I am I will change my rating and praise the creator of this game for being real until then this is what I think so far.
totaly fake ... don't install. I'm not looking any withdraw option and it's only imigination with tons of ads. Very very poor