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The Crafters 13

The Crafters 13 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by akseno2 located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like it it's amazing it has all the resources as Minecraft to. But the ad breaks are OUT OF CONTROL. if you hate ads DON'T PLAY I GET ADS EVERY 1 MINUTE. that's the terrible thing about it.
Amazing game. Bit different from minecraft But, i would say that it is better than minecraft.i play this with my cousins at my house when they come. Excellent Graphics and concertes and different and better than minecraft. I should say to the people who play minecraft (paid one) please look at this app. This is free and better than minecraft. This is a much better game. Thank you
I love this game but when my Wi-Fi or mobile data is on ads keep popping up every 2-3 minutes and that's ok , and I can't make an end portal even when I make them correctly
It does work, but it does not "download" the texture packs. Please fix this. P.S. It saved my skins and nametag when I cleared its MBs (obsolete data)! I am going to cry because I am so happy!
It is just like minecraft but the textures are different. But it is good, you know. You can try it if you want and after playing you will always go to give 5 stars. I hope you will download this app.
This app is Minecraft original one but for free and the graphics aare changed and also we don't have server option that's it it is awesome I recommend to download this app.
Great game but can you add in the end and pistons i love doing redstone and the nethermupdate with the cabes and cliffs update then it will earn 5 stars
Burn ur game. Just burn ur game. I hate ur game. An ad every 20 sec. I don't want to pay for no ads. But if I click on my inventory I can never get out! It always takes me to pay no ads. I threw my phone out of my home and it didn't fix one year! It happened because of ur game......
I like the game put... Sometimes I got logged out like alot of times. I don't know why. Put the game is so cool it's kinda bit like Minecraft.put I can't make a End portal.
This is the first my game is beautiful and it Minecraft 😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
The people says this is amazing but I don't hate any ads if you like this ad 5 stars and comment with us
Nice game almost like Minecraft but now a days I am facing a problem while opening the game , the game crash and say report developer. why this happens?😭 Plz do something I want to start my youtube channel on this game plz do something quickly,πŸ™
This game is so so much fun but it could also use a different edit πŸ˜• Please make it mltiplayer. And it takes forever to load !! But other than that this game is so soo FUN!β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ oh and it is kind of cute
I like it but my cousin has the right thing but mine is not like that there is no title please fix it cause it's not working
This game looks cool but to many ads and it keeps stop working but my internet is fine fix it or I will hate this game forever >:(
To anyone the ads is to give money to the creator and the other employee and think it s good game but need to less the ads abit so far so good but it will be cool if u can design the shied like minecraft and it will be cool to have tip button so it will explain some of the thing like what the dragon egg for?i love it and i hope u download it too
I LOVE THIS GAME... but please add netherite armour and the nether update But its still BEAUTIFUL this game has a bug that made me SO MAD 😑😑 its when I entered a stronghold I didn't find the place where we can enter the end so please fix it!!! 😑
Please, If you accept my request, give reply. My heartiest congratulation to make the game. But I think the graphic, I mean tree, grass, stone, thus full nature should be as minecraft graphic, I know there is texture packs. But in some phone, the packs doesn't activate as mine. Add bee, fox, chain, cave & cliffs update, blue crystals, red crystals, nether update etc. Add weather like summer, rainy, winter, spring etc. make female birch tree. In winter the tree will produce pink flower vines etc.
It's good but it needs an update. I want this game to have fox, axolotl,etc. And can you please fix the bugs. The trident and elytra don't work:/
Why I spawn in a random world with no mobs . I like the before update. But the update is not like this
I really like itit a copy of minecraft. But Igave it 4 stars for the ads there is a solution its to turn wifi off but wish u coukd fix it by yourself some ppl need wifi on for emergency❀️
If you hate ads your in the right review just turn of wifi on phone or mobile data i use this not to get freaking raid shadow legends use that if u hate ads
It is a good game this is one of the few minecraft games u can play that have a similar updates as minecraft but I voted 4 stars because of the ads I drowned a lot because for that 😀
This app is amazing it just look like Minecraft but with another texture. My problem is that when im about to press "x" to exit the inventory it will press the "No ads" icon, It keeps doing it even im pressing the "x" one. Maybe you will move the icon pls and also there's ads even tho i turned off my Wi-Fi. I still love the game but it has problems.
Was pretty nice, had all minecraft items except for chains, i hope y'all update this with the chain :D, i'd really love that, So far haven't had any problems too, but my only complain is the purchase 'no ads' is too close to the 'x' and its kinda frustrating, i hope you guys remove or move it but not there, but I'll rate it 5 star, this was one of the most closest, i mean not closest but like minecraft, the texture can be different but i guess ut can be changed with texture packs Anyways luv ya
It doesn't look like Minecraft to me I want command blocks but I like it so much 😜 and I can't put a banner on the sheild
I love this game it's just like Minecraft it even has the option to make the graphics a lot like Minecraft one thing I request is that P L E A S E make the End portal actually take you to the end it would be so cool,other than that I love this game!😁
Ive played all if your games and this is a new one! I love it so far!! Soooo yeah also to shimla Or watever your name is umm gurl just turn of ur wifi and data easy Bc its an game you can play offline so playing offline works better 😀
I love this game but i have 1 problem..... ALL MY WORLDS DISAPPEAR! i dont know why but i am super bummed out, but overall its a pretty good game
I liked the game but I just want some things like nether update and we can actually go to the end and caves and cliffs then it would be nice !! That's all the game is good
It's fake version of The Crafters 13 causes bad performance and no longer available to update the app because of a first version of Unity engine might be no longer supported.
The game is awesome you have everything in it. Colourful beds, Shulker box etc. It's yet like Minecraft β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
I love the game but Crafters 13 will not let me open that anymore Will you please fix some people don't have to deal with the same so people don't have to go through what I do
Just like minecraft. One problem. I want you to make the zombies look like minecraft zombies. You know, blue ripped trousers, and green skin. If you do this, I will make my words of this game better. Thank you for one of my favourite games.
I am giving it five stars because i like it but itis crashing all the time when i opens it i uninstalled it 5 times and then installed it but its not working
Ok i get it its a ripoff of minecraft but if you can't handle ads just put your phone or tablet in airplane and boom no ads either way its a good game in my opinion.
I try downloading a server and it does not work at all it always says it failed also I hate the annoying ads that pop out every second
It worked great at first but now it won't load and every time I click on it so I can play it loads for a bit and then brings me out of the game I love the game but it's worthless if I can't play it
So it's better than other game like lokicraft and Lokicraft 2 it have all subjects like Minecraft have. But it problem is it's been so laggy and my device shut down and also when we are in creative mode map need time to load , some times it's lag on offline server . Developers need to more work on this game I playing this from long time to expecting that they Update this game. In my opinion I want to suggest you don't download this game until they not update this.
I lovee this game, its just like minecraft. One thing i noticed was that theres no fox but there is berries. Is there any way u can fix that.
My favorite game,I really like it,I dont care about the texture its just like real minecraft,pls add hypixel skyblock with real players,I'm just telling for a idea,you can add if you want I really love this game.5 stars for the game :D
Its just so good that if u can't afford minecraft then it is there to help u it makes me so happy.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.. But the ads just disturb u that it makes u to uninstall the game so to avoid that close your network or wi-fi...
Very bad graphics.too many adds and Every time u play u need to sign in which take atleast 1 hour. DO NOT TAKE THIS APP . WARNING
Love the game but please update soon !!! in the update add foxes we need foxes!!!!!!! also add new texture packs such as a realistic one .Lol the game is great otherwise
I was not able to play this game because it asks permission for my contacts, location, and pictures, and I was not going to take risks and give them that information. I have no idea why they need it. When I denied, it told me that I can't play unless I give them that information. Very frustrating. Please, please fix.
I like this game and its like Minecraft and add Minecraft 1.16 items too. And when u unistall this game. Can you get past builds?? Please fix that after taking things from inventory i can't click cross because when i click cross the ads will come. So i click the back ↩️button. Please fix that and why can't we craft in smithing table only tool smith can do????? And i can't change skin please fix that's why i gave 4 stars.....
This is the best game i have ever played. It is just like minecraft. It has becons, ender pearl, and many more minecraft items. I recommend everyone to download it.
Very good but you should have bee update so their is honey block for making red stone fore easy or add cave update or nether update any 1 or 2 update that you want.
I love this game soooo much it's exactly like minecraft 1.14 . When I play this game im turning off cellular data because of ad and If you turn off cellular data it shows only 1 ad and that's it. I downloaded foxy craft and it is trash game. I was playing bloxx craft and I didn't notice this game. If you do nether update it will be best game for me. ❀
First thing this game has all the things that Minecraft has but it did not have nether update but that is fine and all the haters I know how to get rid of ads . When you are in menu you just don't click the cross you click on the back button of your phone . With this solution you can play the game easily. And this game has very little glitch and by the way all years we are searching for free Minecraft download. Now we have a free Minecraft.
It's a cool game. Like Minecraft . And I like it . But when I try to click the X botton it shows ads . Please fix it .
Excellent just like Minecraft you guys should get this really. If you're searching for free Minecraft get this, there's multiplayer, tridents, Elytra. In short form, this game IS Minecraft IS but with a different texture I really recommend this game. Play with your friends. I just want three things only three things 1. Please add the wither storm to the game 2. Also add foxes to the game 3. Add every update Minecraft has e.g Nether update, Caves and cliffs update and so on please add them :))))
I love this game it's the best! But can you make it where we can just change our camera you know what I mean like the way we can see your person like the like from the back the front and normal.Why don't you make it like that?
I like it but my problems are the ads like if there was no ads I would be perfectly fine with the game Sorry but I'll still give it by for good work
I gave this game a 2 stars because I can't play is said there was something wrong with this world I tride a other world but still can't play it said the same thing so please fix it.
I love this game but there is some problems I build a house and I finished the upstair wall and a bar now it is gone this is the second time I build the upstairs and it is gone and if u don't fix it I have delete the game
It's 100% like Minecraft. It has almost everything like Minecraft including blocks. There are pillagers ravagers, enderworld, nether, and nearly everything but there is one issue that when I click on cross it automatically touches more that leads to opening of broeser.I can also play multiplayer by signing in. over all it is best clone of Minecraft but only the textures are different.
Wow... Amazing there is nothing bad in this wonderful app. This app needs 5 stars. I would have given infinite stars if there was a option! I was looking forward for a app just like minecraft! And for the people giving this wonderful app 4 stars because of the ads. I know how to fix it. It's as easy as a pie! Just turn of your wifi/mobile data. Now give 5 stars to this app. Each and every thing is of minecraft! Keep it up!
This is the best game ever for me but if I open my inventory and I want to press the x it always pressing the ads button