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The Conquest: Colonization

The Conquest: Colonization for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Epic Devs OOD located at ul. Kapitan Raicho 56, office 15 MALL GRAND 4000 Plovdiv BG - Bulgaria. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoyed playing this game but I can only give 4 stars since there are few bugs that render it impossible to collect all of the in-game achievements. Few suggestions; the troop bonuses for each tribe need to be fixed as they make no difference in battle, the only noticable difference is the income bonus. A larger variety of tribes to choose from would be nice, maybe even let us play as the natives. Finally, more and larger maps to choose from, or even a random map generator for free-play mode.
I hope ranged troops can fire shoulder to shoulder and not only those at the front rank can fire. But except for that, this game is awesome.
Best conquest game on ANDROID!!! Searching for years I found this game and it blowed me away!!!! Highly recommend this to everyone and well done to the creators,have fun and good luck!!!!
Wouldn't even load the first level. Was always stuck loading at 70% and would stay there forever. (I gave up after waiting for 5 minutes)
Won't start, I try beginning a campaign and it freezes on the loading screen, I waited 13 minutes before exiting the game.
Has not been updated since 2017, when it obviously has several things that need fixing. The main two are it's extreme difficulty rating, even on the easiest difficulty, and it's loading issues on newer devices. On top of that, when you click on the "See our other games" link, in app, it opens up a search for the app designer, in Google play, which comes up empty. This is very poor service towards their fans, and if they need to justify the expense of fixing it, they can charge for the app.
So disappointed in this game,who puts ads right when the game starts and literally freezes the game so I can't play it
I played this game ages ago and loved it, but while it still works on my older phone, on my newer tablet the levels won't load. Please give this a new update.
Great game ! but what is the highest score possible in the game?? Plz answer ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„I played till I got max population and 18 max max max citys but I got only 5600 ummm not sure if it was 5600 but anyway, it is a great game but there is a bug in conquesting the capital of a tribe I thing the tribes name start with gur guar or something Plz fix it ๐Ÿ˜Šandddddd I think I beated the game 4 or 5 times anyway...you still reading? Good good thanks for reading ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜€โ˜บโ˜บ
New player, no tutorial. The control is terrible, I need to click on the left empty space of the button that I want to click on. I played this game around 7 years ago, and stop playing when I lost my phone, that time, there was chinese language setting and now, just the moment I click on setting button, I will be forced out from the game and I couldn't even change language setting.
Wouldnt load after the commercial thst popped up during the game load screen, before the gamr began. Tried seversl times with the same outcome. Not sure how good the game even is.
it's an awesome game but If you could add more diplomatic options and give as the freedom to play as the natives in costume maps it would make the game a lot better
Total gesture fail. Looks like it was written with an old gestures framework and it just doesn't register 90% of your taps, rendering the game unplayable. Looks like it might have been fun otherwise :/.
Great game but I kinda wish the fighting had a little bit more randomness to it butt I do see why you did it the way you did because it suits the game type
I'm not that into the Colonial era in Americas when it comes to strategy games, but this game is an exception. Highly recommend games like this. However it has some issues that also occur in many games, such as when you're large enough you can just stackwipe your enemies, like "You survived this 10-man pile? Get ready for another 10-man pile!" And to balance it there should be some improvements on AI or new features, like the enemies would take sides if they recognize you're growing big.
Game is cool . But too simple for players. Nothing can help in war except numbers or little higher troop . No research or forge to make better weapon . Lack of tactics in battles . If u add heroes its will be great . Totally game is fun . Please improve it and add more campaign maps , More buildings like mine . Idea is great need you work and update it to make better game . I will wait for it and download it again
very fun game, only downside is that I wish you could do somthing l8ke custom maps and the nation benefits don't really give you the advantage it says it does, but other than that it is a good game great for passing time.
It's a really good game. I would even say my favorite. The only thing wrong is the map movement is really janky but still really good.
Looked interesting and well made but unfortunately after choosing a faction the game plays an ad then gets stuck on the loading screen with the progress bar at 70% (seems like a common problem). As this game has not been updated since 2017 I hold little hope of ever playing it.
Horrible for new phones! I love this game but PLEASE update it for ghe new generation of phones!!! The buttons are all wacky and the screen is off. (I have a pixel 4 xl)
The 1st campaign won't even load. I hope the devs see this and fix the problem. I used to play this game on my old phone, and it was great, but now with my new phone, it doesn't work. I look forward to having the game fixed. Until then, my 1-star review remains
hi, i am a fan of epic pirate story.. i would like to request a part 3 of it, i like the concept of EPS 2. can you make another one, where you can select your gender and can recruit crew members with different characteristics? and instead of building houses at an island.. could you make it right at your ship?
It is addictive. The new world empires will rise. And I like the custom map idea so I dont have to keep doing the boring freaking campaign.
Game used to be great! But now it's just constant ads and now I cant load the damn game anymore. Smh, money over quality I guess.
I love this game. I've been looking for a game like this for a while. It's quite challenging, too. However, I don't understand why some of the natives use firearms instead of bows. It's not historically accurate. I don't have any complaints otherwise.
Make more games like this please it was FUN, played this game 3 years ago then move to PUBG, I came to play store and saw that it was still here so I think maybe add some more games please
playing on nexus 5x and the game lags as hell.. the map view ir very choppy, when i get into the town view its ok. dont think the graphics are too high for my device. deleted the game after 30min only not to get a seizure from the choppyness...
This game is really great! Easy to play, hard to beat. Although it quit working when I upgraded to android 8 (Oreo) so now it won't load.
My game wont load pass the map loafing screen. The loading bar stops at 75% Would love to try thus game. Please help.
It wouldn't let me into the game, I tried 7 times and on the 7th I let it load for ten minutes. I've seen this on many reviews so this NEEDS to be fixed I might try again on the next update but it looks promising.
This game is very good and I've played it on nearly all my phone. I was happy to download it again on my Huawei P30 pro BUT there is a calibrate problem or something like that.. no matter if it's on the menu screen or in the campaign one I've to clic a bit more to the left of the button like one centimeter to the left. So, you, the devs? Do you plan to fix it in a further update?
Pretty decent game. You should definitely add Portugal as an empire option. You should also add Africa and Asia maps.
more games like this on phone would be great. please expand and develop more. maybe another game based in europe? or feudal japan. please do develop this has a lot of potential
So your game is dumb because every time I try to get in the game it freezes or loads a tiny bit then stuck on that screen I have a Motorola phone and I can't play I will give better rating if you could fix your game.
Very good game, loved pretty much every minute of it. however it would be great if there was an update that added more factions, fully randomly generated map (rather than just campaign maps) and possibly instead of playing as a preset faction maybe we can create our own faction? Not sure, just thought that would be a pretty interesting addition. Very good game overall.
The first campaign would not load this game is easyly a 5star. Fix bugs more updates your last update was 3 years a go so just do it
I get in for the custom map thing, and guess what , it's unavailable, I don't care why, uninstalling.
this is one of the worst games I have played. I can never get past the second level. I have tried to 25 times and nothing worked tried every single character possible and still nothing. And the people on horeses are glitchy one time they say 1 turn and they end up in a wait 1 turn sign again, thats when I am defeated. The time given to you in level 2 is impossible due to 4 bad outcomes that stop you every time and the power you cant get is very slow going.
brilliant game one of the best I've played so far! could you possibly add a customsation option so you can name your towns and areas you explore just a suggestion of course