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The Chess Lv.100

The Chess Lv.100 for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by UNBALANCE Corporation located at 1-3-5, Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
100 levels let you find the perfect match for you, you can gradually improve without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, plus you get an esteem of your elo points
The Game is good BUT sometimes after 4 or 5 moves it jumps out and you must start over the game. If they fix this problem it worth 5 star.
Amazing app, I have had it for years now. Whenever I upgrade my phone I install it and always runs smoothly. 10/10 would recommend
Lags on my Moto G7. This version is easy to navigate and looks good compared to the old version, CrazyBishop. But all of that doesn't matter because I can't play it without lag. So I reinstalled the old version and just have to accept the ugliness of the menus. Also, even CrazyBishop is not as fluent to play as most other chess games. I'm not sure what causes this.
Fun game. The levels seem very appropriate for your skill level. It will help you advance your skill level tremendously!
It's very helpful to increase Chess skills than other apps And there are 100 levels, so we enjoy it more than other apps
I really like this chess app. It's the only one I've found with so many levels. I like the idea of winning rewards like different styles of pieces and boards. Maybe add some game modes too. "Sprints" (Start at level 1, then go until you loose. No next button either. After checkmate, it's boom, next level or restart from 1.) Do it!! Hahaha! Thank you for the app.
In the beginning the app was good. Slowly this app started showing inappropriate ads which is not good for children or anyone in family. I uninstalled this App because of that. developers should take care while posting such ads.
A great game for fine tuning your skills. You are given the option of taking back moves and whole progressions, and can even ask for tips to make more calculated attacks. Whilst also having the ability to delete your game history, and start all over with more resolve. When you're ready to do without regress or assistance, this game will challenge the best of us. Especially since your computer opponent moves instantly, putting even more pressure on you to perform at your peak. Brilliant program.
Pretty good game. I like that you can adjust so many things. You can play black or white; you can pick the level you want to play against from rank beginner to master level. And it gives you a rating if you choose. Great game. 😁😁
Very nice game and it play means we will lost the game sometimes but we will win because we knows very well but now I will not use this game because it was bored so much now. I gave one star reason is this.
I did like this app but when I started winning sometimes it begin to shut down in the middle of a game this is very annoying . I assume this is something programmed into to get one to spend more money.
What an amazing app for beginner, intermediate and master level. It has helped me advance to the new level of chess,i can play with anyone with confidence
Fun to play with. It has so many levels to choose from. Excellent graphics and sound! Love the replay review at the end. I will keep using this chess app because it sorta plays like a human. (On the lower levels of course) Thanks Devs!
Plays a strong game that has a different style than most chess apps. It has 100 levels that range from total beginner to an expert. Its middle game seems exceptionally strong while the endgame is its weakest link. On all levels it moves instantly which is itself intimidating. It plays a trappy style that sets up 4 move combinations at times. Would love to know how it achieves so much with no apparent thinking time. Everyone should check it out.
Fantastic chess game. Lots of customization and scenario options, and it utilizes the ELO chess rating system so you can get your official world ranking chess score. Fantastic app.
Traditional classic chess with great flexibility to engage in a variety of levels according to preference. Highly enjoyable and easy to manage.
Great game just wish there wasn't an advert after every game. Hope this will adjust. I maybe put an advert every 5 games or so. Keep up the good work.
Appearance isn't very appealing but other than that I think this is a very fun app. Edit Mode in particular is very enjoyable and the AI doesn't disappoint in rated matches.
Really let's you know where you stand. I'm terrible. But working thru the levels begins teaching you how to play. Legit.
Excellent for all levels of experience. Learn at lower levels with hints and progress in skill through 100 levels.
I can't able to change level of the game and it also not responsible while playing.please fix the bug
Aap is just awesome at higher levels. One would be just happy to play with changed graphics and test ones skill
One of my favorite chess apps. Full featured with a 100-level AI opponent that makes it much easier to find an AI level that matches your strength.
Can't buy an ad free version. pfft that's really too bad. These are some really sick & invasive ads not unlike the old pop ups that were slowly eliminated over time..
I am an experienced chess player, and for me one annoying thing is that the engine does not resign. You have to play every game till checkmate, on weaker levels it means chasing the lone king with your pieces, which is a bit boring. Another thing is that the location of your saved games cannot be specified and they cannot be exported in a single file.
There are many stronger engines available, but I find it very useful for analysis and practicing endgame positions etc, with the added bonus of being able to save to memory
It's a great application for Playing chess. Also the Graphics årë aeosome. The adds are somewhat inappropriate for children and others in the family. There are a lot many Chinese adds. The producer must take care before Posting such adds.
Enjoy this game ! I made it to level 60 in three years,Then I started over after 6 months I am on level 31m today is the first time I have seen my added pieces appear on the screen after the game is over. I often have more than 2 queens, but the game is good practice if you want to compete in tournaments against people. The first 60 I did not use hints. I played the same level to test myself and prepare for next level, this time I tested hints a few times, hints are no good.
Excellent game, simple clean UI with some nice options and 100 levels to work through. Suggestions : option to alternate playing as black or white with each new game, and a way to remove ads would be most welome
Hi ... This is very useful app for students which are learning chess .... It is useful app for using tactics , moves etc... Even have many levels 1 to 100 which is quite good . This app can be played by the player ( opponent ) and with the computer also .... This usful for doing practise for chess with different moves or tactics....
Game doesn't work at all in my phone. Used to work properly for a year but now it just hangs and crashes after opening the app. I tried to check this issue with my other phone too. Same issue occured in other phone as well. Something is clearly wrong with this app !! Disappointed !!!
This is the best . Fantastic, the hints, statistics, choice of graphics, . Great for experienced as well as beginners. I enjoy the challenge.
My go to Chess app. I bought it for my pc, wish I could buy or include on a new license here. The absolute best chess trainer, very difficult above level 30, but I can beat it occasionally. Highly recommended, you won't need another programm.
Great overall. Annoyed at the ads though. I'd pay for this app of it had no ads. Love that you can create board positions for the AI to play against. Lots of learning potential and fun here.
I don't understand why I am not allowed to use my king the way I want to use it. When in check moving pieces to block the check is just as effective to remove check as moving the king. I have set up war around the king to win total game victory overall with less casualties than the escape plan allows. Stopping me from using my king aggressively is changing my hand in controlling my army and forcing only conventional ways to win or lose which has no freedom for surprise attacks! What's that????
Experience great. Everything i expect. I love that I can undo moves or get hints. I hate that the game locks out on checkmate. I want to undo a checkmate move as well. I find that frustrating.
I firmly believe that his game is very accessible and reliable to use . Step by step I was able to encourage my skills .
Highly recommended for all beginner and expert, the good thing's about this I can save my game after finished and watch it later to analyze my mistakes. I give 4 star for all efforts kudos to the developer of the game... PS. I hope update for the ONLINE PVP thanks....
This is a very fun game but also very hard and useful too. after I downloaded this game i could play with my friends and family. I got a lot of practice by the time I was playing and reached level 53/100. After you've passed lvl 30 the computer keeps getting better and harder.