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The cat's meow town

The cat's meow town for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PipeDream located at 경기도 용인시 수지구 광교마을로. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good game! But I have 2 requests, first off, every single time I open something in the game like my achievements it will open the butler tab thing can you get rid of that? Second is the one that really bothers me, please make it easier to get diamonds without having to buy them!!
I like this game because you can only play it for a little bit every day, so you don't get quickly burnt out on it or feel like it's a chore. The chats with the ~chats~ are cute and relaxing, and the way they critique every new food is also adorable. I only wish you could touch to pet the cat, maybe groom them or throw a toy? Fluffy wants pets. I can see it in his eyes.
This is one of my favourite game at the time. It's very simplistic but I'm still able to enjoy so much from it. The stories as well as the personalities of each cats is very interesting. I love this game!
The cats' stories are really sad, but it makes me love them even more. I like the game doesnt require my active attention.
Started crashing recently, apparently some kind of update, I reinstalled but all my data has been lost
Getting enough diamonds for more cats takes a long time if you don't pay, but it was hard work well spent! I enjoy every minute I'm on this game. Usually just visit for a few minutes a few times a day. Very cute decorations and adorable cats! The stories are very nice to read as well
Its such a calm game...I really love it....The animations are so cute but the store is such a chaos.. I want it like real organized store not like a raffle that its hard to find the food that your cat loves.... Its also hard to earn money... Can you pls add like a small mini games to take our time while waiting for our kitties to be hungry...Oh also make sure that the minigame gives you money. Overall its 3.5 but okay you'll get 4..Good Luck On The Updates
I love this game and it's cute. I would also love to watch the ads but almost none of them will play. Edit: i just came back to the game once again, i reread the memoir for Fluffy and cried again, not only because I was touched by the story but because I realized what type of world i live in, i don't know why this game gets me every time but i love it.
I love them game. All of the cats are adorable, and you can customize the rooms for each cats a lot. There's also lots of different things to feed the cats and each cat has their own back story. The only thing I dislike is the cost to buy a new cat. It's very difficult to get 100 gems without spending real money. I had the game for over 3 months before I was able to buy another cat. Now I have 3 adorable cats, but I wish I could get more in less time.
I did enjoy this game, and though I don't like having to 'grind' for gems to get a new cat, it was good! I do recommend maybe lowering the price to buy a new cat. A problem I'm having is that the game is suddenly and constantly crashing. It basically just kicks me out and says that the app stopped. I would appreciate it if you fixed it.
I like this game a lot, but since the latest update, I can't open the app anymore :^( I'll change this to 5☆ if this can be fixed, I just wish I could keep playing. EDIT: works again! I love it!
They should fix this game it wont let me enter the game IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED I LOVE CATS AND I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!
Very good idle game, heartbreaking stories. I LOVE the art, classy, chill, one look at it and I just want to touch them. Can you make petting available? Give us several heart bonus? ;)
Very simple, very slow moving game. I've been playing it for over a month & still only have two cats. Of course, one could advance w iaps to go faster. I keep playing as I can see this game has potential. I enjoy the graphics as well. The button choices on the side of the screen aren't well explained, nor is much of anything else in the game. It isn't too hard to figure it out on your own though.
Relaxing game. Nice art and dialogues. The little memos and the memories of each cat is adorable. It is exactly as advertised. Unlocking the third cat onwards and buying lovely decoration for the rooms will require a lot of in-game purchase of Gems; but it is definitely worth it if you enjoy the game. :)
Honestly love this game. It's very calming and sweet. I wish there were more cats and I'm excited for them to add more.
Edit- I first posted this in June, still no reply in October. :( I loved the game but because it won't connect to my google play, I can't recover my save file or the real $$$ I've spent. It doesn't even give me an option to link. I had 6/7 cats and fully furnished rooms for them.
I love this game so much. At first it just seems like a cute relaxing game to decorate rooms for cats, but as you go on the cats "remember" things about their back stories and you get to know them and it becomes really emotional and touching. Highly recommend, the music is relaxing and I love the vintage aesthetic of the graphics and it takes a bit of time to save up gems to buy more cats but it's very worth the time and effort.
A heartfelt and relaxing game. You feed the cats, talk, stroll, watch the shop refresh, or just stare at the cats while listening to the music. Sometimes I giggle looking at the cats sleeping or tap them though they can't respond. The music is really relaxing and warm, it makes you feel like home with your cats—perhaps that's because I'm away from home and I miss my cats back at home so much. I love the slow-pacing, since that means I don't have to get bored of it and uninstall it in a week. Heartfelt stories, beautiful graphics, relaxing music, what can I ask more out of a cat raising game?
Overall it's a cute game and I like the illustrations. But there's nothing much to do after reaching level 13 for the first cat. We will have to spend real money to buy gems to unlock the other cats to progress further in the game. Would really appreciate if there were other options (e.g. in-game achievements/missions) to unlock the other cats without needing to spend real money to buy gems.
It's a very laid-back and enjoyable game. It takes a while to earn enough for more cats, but each one has unique tastes and and interesting story. One complaint I do have is that a lot of the cat trees are too tall and cover up the wall decor. It would be nice if there were more short cat trees.
Great game, but I think getting to level 9 is very hard. I can't find the fried egg that I need in the shop. Can you help?
I love this game but I spent 100 gems to change a cat's name but it doesn't change the name in the story or if another cat is talking about them. 100 gems is a lot to only change the display name. Please fix this.
The newest update won't let me open the app ): I absolutely adore this game, I've been playing it for several months and have loved being able to see the different personalities and stories 💖
The apps is so relaxing and soothing especially after a long and busy day. The music is so relaxing and make me think of sitting in a cafe during winter night, however the music can be added more so that it can switches.
It's a cute game! There are a few small bugs (like not being able to read all the text for certain things) but nothing that ruins the gameplay. The cats all have their own personalities and memories, and they're all adorable. I didn't find it difficult to unlock the second cat, and at the moment I have 2. I check in on them every few hours, and there's always something waiting for me! The only thing I would change is having the cat's relationships stay consistent, instead of constantly changing
This game is super cute, and a fun idea, however it is definitely a pay to play game. Wouldn't recommend unless you want to spend money on it. Otherwise it gets boring and useless after about a week or so.
I came to appreciate the aesthetics not to feel. Great idle game. Love the looping music. I appreciate having my cat even more.
The app is now working perfectly again! Thank you so much, I'm so glad all my cats are still there xxx
Incredible game, I love it. it's one of those games you dont have to monitor all the time, and its forgiving if you take a break. Its adorable. I would like to be able to feed the ad brothers or something because they're so sweet.
I really liked this game. The cats are very cute, and I really enjoyed learning their stories. I will warn you though that their backstories are extremely sad, and I cried when reading them. The reason I only gave it four stars is because when I stopped playing for a day or two, all of my cats got sick and I didn't have any medicine. The medicine is super expensive, and you can't feed the cats when they are sick. It was really disappointing, so I just uninstalled the game after this happened.
The cats' backstories are unique and they all evoke sympathy towards them. Some of the stories (Yolky's, Bbuddy's, Kitty's and Ruff's for instance,) made me cry. The game is casual so you don't have to keep checking in. Also, the cats don't die because (spoilers).
The artwork is beautiful and adorable - all in a hand drawn sort of style. Each cat has it's own personality and likes. As you get further in the game the cats give you little memos and tell you about their lives before they came to live with you. The stories are very heartfelt and even sad (I'm a big sap and even teared up a little...). There was a lot of thought put into them. It is slow gameplay - but it's not supposed to be instant gratification like some games. There are plenty of opportunities to earn gems and gold without buying them with real money, although it will take some time. You can use the gems/gold to buy food, furniture, decor, and toys for the cats. You have the ability to really make a cute and different room for each of them. There are no ads unless you choose to watch some for gold or gems. I think this is a truly high quality game in a sea of gimmicky and flashy apps. I made an in game purchase because I wanted to support the makers of this game and not because I was being constantly asked by pop ups.
Super cute, if super simple. Love the art and music. Unfortunately, it takes absolutely forever to earn any gems. And it takes gems (100 each) to get the other three cats, and to get any decent furniture (avg 20-80 gems each). After the first few challenges were accomplished, I now get maybe 5 gems a week, if I'm lucky. It would be nice if the ad cat gave you a gem every time, but it's maybe 1 out of 5 times, if that. I get the feeling it's more a ploy to extend the short content.
Very cute and very heartwarming game, also a bit sad at some points but a really great game, I love playing it and there's no ads unless you choose to watch them! Thank you for making such a cute game!
Really adorable game with vintage style graphics... Love the unraveling stories, although a bit slow. The kind of game you just check in on a few times a day. I wish it was easier to earn diamonds without real $ though... because there are so many things I can't buy because the only way to buy them is with diamonds... And you need 100 diamonds to get your next cat, & getting 100 diamonds isn't easy! So even spending a few on something you want would set you back way too far! I want to decorate my cat's rooms with some of the better stuff, but they all cost 60+ diamonds! Plus money earning is also pretty slow. You can watch ads to get more $, hearts, & sometimes 1 gem, but it's just such a slow way to earn. I know they need to make money, but the game would be a lot more fun if you were able to earn $, & diamonds at a more consistent rate... & having options on what you can use to pay... Like each item could be sold for a certain amount of $, hearts, OR diamonds. That way even if I have to pay more in $ for the item, at least I have the ability to buy it even if I don't have any diamonds. It also would be very cool if the rooms all had a different layout. It's not as fun having all identical rooms, with the same places to add furniture & to decorate...
This game was so cute!!I like a graphic on this game!!But it's suck when you need a 100 gem for unlock another cat..But it's okay!I still like this game!😆😆😆
At first this game is just a really cute way to pass the time and decorate rooms for cats, but as it goes on you learn their life stories. I've been playing for a bit and it's actually become really emotional, and sad at times (death and loss comes into the stories) but it's also been really warm and fuzzy and wholesome. I highly recommend checking it out. Especially if you're a cat lover.
Very Peaceful game, I like the story of each Cats. They have events going on which.. they are very funny and cute while telling me their experiences outdoors. Sounds like they are enteracting to me like real cats and i have to feed them and take care of them like real, they are caring cats reminding me to take care my self too. So much fun like literally anti-stress or zero stress game. I really recommend this to my American Fiance and he likes it so much. 😇 5 Star..yeey..😍
I love this game. It's so adorable and the art is amazing. The reason I am giving it a 4 star is because buying the paid currency, gems, is quite expensive and they don't give it out much. A new cat costs $5usd and just a piece of furniture can be $2.50usd. If they even gave like 5 or 10 gems a day, that would encourage me and I would buy them if they were a better deal.
I love this app so much, it's relaxing calm and just super cute. The last 3 days it will load but then just close the app and I don't know how to fix it so I'm hoping it's just a bug.
This is a unique and beautiful game for a more sophisticated cat collector🐈 My few little request... Please make a way to take pictures and share and also a way for the player to interact more with each cat. This game is precious and touching 💞
It really is a stress-free, calming game that engages the player a couple of times a day. The gameplay gets repetitive after a while, but the repetitive routine adds to the carefree atmosphere. Gathering diamonds is meant to take time. I have not spent a single euro and have four cats after playing for three months. If you want to speed things up gameplaywise, support the dev by buying IAPs!!!
Not pay to play, but slow as sin gameplay. Super cute, simple. Sweet stories. Lovely art and music. Only decent way to get more than 3 cats (there's 8) is to starve them and get 5 gems per heal (must collect between heals). It takes 100 gems to get each cat. 20-80 gems each to get decent furniture. After the first few challenges you get maybe 5 gems a week, if lucky. Sometimes you get a couple of gems from the ad cat, but rarely. Just stock up on meds and toys. Worth it if SUPER casual is ok.
A little difficult to get gems, but not to the extreme. It's cute, easy to play, and still enjoyable.
I really like the game. instructions were kinda weird and unhelpful. the graphics are so pretty though and the story had me hooked right away. I'm not usually into idle type games, but this one is an exception. I wish there were part time jobs for gems or other ways to get them. Half of the items are bought with gems and new cats so if you want the most out of this game you will have to spend big or wait to earn them
I love this game, it's simple, casual and so cute! I just want to buy everything for my kitties and spoil them!!- But it definitely could use some improvements. I hope to see more ways to earn gems in the future as it is a rather hard thing to do currently. I also hope to see an update that notifies us when the cat is hungry or when a job is finished. Thanks in advance, and great job on making such a great game.
very cute game. no need to waste hours on it each day, just log in for a good 5 minutes each day (maybe twice a day) to feed your cats and talk to them. ads are totally optional. getting new cats at the start is a bit slow, but you'll get more eventually. besides, i think the in-app purchases are pretty fairly priced :]! i really recommend the game to people that like cats (and also those who have a little bit of patience...)
The art is pretty great and I like decorating. As others have said, you do not get the "diamonds" to get the next cat. You just don't. Without cats and rooms to decorate, there is absolutely nothing to do. I'd have no problem supporting the devs and making purchases, if I could actually spend those "diamonds" on the pretty furniture they spent time designing. I'm going to continue to play for now, but if you don't make it possible to get new cats, I absolutely will lose interest.
I love this game with all my heart. Perfect to play as a stress reliever and the cats are so cute it purifies my heart 🥰. Ruff, my fav lil girl, just said something about "puppy town". I know this is probably just casual dialogue but I would DIE for puppy town to be real!
It's such a relaxing game. The music is so nice and the cat's background stories are just so intriguing.
I love the game, but I cannot open it after I updated it few minutes ago... How can I play it again? Edited: Again, I really like this kind of games, and I still love it! Wait for reloading!
this app is really cute and fun, although, its really hard to get gems especially when i want a new cat. but this app's details is very cute !
This is an adorable game but very much P2W, it is hard to even unlock a second cat which needs 100 gems and is nearly impossible to get without spending money. A lot of the items in stores are sold in gems as well, which again, requires spending money. The game is cute but gets old pretty quickly since theres little room to move forward in the game without paying.
First I wanted to say a lot of nice things about this game. But do you really call it zero stress? The first ever memo is telling players that a cat's mother died and this poor little one was left alone. It literally broke my heart to see things like this in a zero stress cat-friendly game. It would be really awesome if cat stories were heartwarming not heartbreaking. Let's not make bad things happen to cats at least in a game.
Such a cute game, I love it so much and honestly have already spent money to unlock all the cats. I love how simple but customized it is, and you really don't have to pay any money to play this game if you aren't greedy like me, lol. The cats have such adorable but endearing and sad stories, it makes you want to keep leveling them up so you can keep on reading! Also they comment on every furniture change and every different food you give them, it's super cute! I hope to keep supporting this app
Can't open app after update // It's ok. I understand Thanks for making of this nice and outstanding cute game.
Hello again! Thank you for the help previously and I can finally open the game again! However, my progress has all been lost!! Is there anyway to recover my progress?! I took so much effort to make the rooms pretty already 😭
this def deserves more downloads, though I hope there was another way to earn diamonds faster because I really want to adopt the other cats! the art is great and makes me feel relaxed uwu
Very cute game! Though its a idle game, i could spend hours refreshing the store trying to find something i want haha The story for the cats are sad, but they usually end well i suggest this game for cat lovers who are constantly on holiday or people who have housemates who are allergic to cats. i dont have anything else to say about this game, its perfection for me!
Hello, no I haven't deleted the game data and ever since the update when the game kept crashimg have I touched the game. I've tried to reinstall the game to see if it'll come back but my data is still lost. It's a fun game, just sad that all my progress is lost now.
Soothing music. Pretty art. Cute concept. Takes absolutely for freaking ever to accomplish anything. You play a few times a day, tops, as all you do is come in for less than two minutes, maybe watch an ad for a single diamond (if you're lucky). Feed a cat twice, read a memo, check a box to do a job, maybe try to buy something in the store with job money. But only food and furniture. New cats are 100 diamonds, which takes a ridiculously long time to get. No string interactions or gameplay.
Suddenly, it doesn't want to open. Keeps saying it stopped I had to uninstall it. I only have 2 cats, lvl 13 and 12 this game is cute, but it just.. stops
This deserves SO MUCH LOVE, the art is amazing, the game is amazing, they are amazing, and you're amazing. There's no stress you don't have to worry about not getting to them on time, or anything. Plus the stories of the cats are so chilling, sad, and heartwarming. I hope Pipedream makes more games.
When I first downloaded this app, I found it a bit boring (there's not a lot of action and progression takes time). I figured I'd uninstall it by the end of the day. Boy, was I wrong. Something about the pretty art style and relaxing nature of this game kept me coming back. I LOVE IT! I check on my cats every few hours. I'd recommend this game to anyone! The only thing I wish there was is a game guide. When can I unlock cat #2? Things like that!
Love the game, just got into room 2. With the recent update I can't get into the game. It just flashes and stays on my home page. Would have used 'help', but can't get there. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for being so quick and kind with the assistance. Working great now!
This game runs a lot better since I got a Samsung, I haven't had any issues with ads freezing or anything. This is also still my favorite game. I've long since finished the available story arcs but I refuse to delete it, it's just so adorable & relaxing!
Beautiful. Made me cry a lot. You can get enough free gems to unlock multiple cats (I got all but two without paying anything) but this game is so sweet I'll gladly support the developers. IRL my cat died a few months ago and I'd like to imagine that he's playing in a place like this now.
This game brings me a lot of joy. The art style is simplistic and soft. Beautiful. The gameplay is also simple but entertaining. The little messages and the stories of the cats' pasts are wholesome and enjoyable. I also appreciate the bits of humor sprinkled throughout the game. I honestly can't think of a single negative thing to say. I'm also currently learning Korean. Switching between Korean and English is a nice way to test myself sometimes. Thank you for this delightful game. 고마워
This is a really cute cat game I can't wait until I unlock more cats it's going to be so cute but I really love this app
Nice relaxing game to play one of the only games I haven't uninstalled, I like the stories of the cats lives before the passed away. A bit sad but characters are cute. And you dont have to spend lots of money to achieve levels.
A very atmospheric and relaxing game thanks to the fantastic watercolor style graphics. The dialog and stories unlocked with every level are also very well written. Tip: Unlock Bbeauty early as she's a charming easygoing cat who loves any food. Real trainwreck of a name haha but it grew on me after reading her story. As for the drawbacks of the game, the biggest is that you don't actually interact much with your cats. Mini games incorporating the toy supplies would be my suggestion. I also hope they'll have some seasonal events or storylines or the game would get stale quick. It's also really slow going to collect diamonds, which are required for unlocking new cats and purchasing most of the interesting items. The devs do have to make money tho so I'm alright with that. Overall, this is a lovely game with a lot of heart and charm.
This is a lovely game with characters that pull at your heartstrings. The play through is very mellow and you don't feel that sense of urgency that some pet games give you. That being said, the mechanics could use done work. More than once I haven't received gold from finishing jobs. You need gold to buy items for your cats. If that was addressed, the game would be perfect. There should be an option to sell items that you bought with gems. They just bog up your inventory otherwise.
I bought all the cats and lvled them up to the highest lvl... Lvl21. Can't lvl them up. Can't buy nothing new. Now what?! That's the end. Sad. What a small game. It needs to be expanded. Oh but if you get a new phone you get to pay more money to start over rather than keep the cats you already paid for.
I love the game it takes a while to save up gems to get another cat so maybe you could make it easier to get those without paying money but it's overall a great game you dont need to be whith your cat all the time and it's also offline which is great and I love the vintage feel and the music is so cute it's almost like a vintage lofi and it's an overall five star game👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟